The best hair clippers in the UK 2023

The use of a hair clipper allows you to save a lot of money. In fact, only 4 out of 10 men go to the hairdresser in the UK. For hair and beard, or even the whole body, choosing the right model is a question of brand (Philips, Babyliss, Panasonic...), price, cutting quality and autonomy. For you, we have compared the best hair clippers for this year.

Babyliss Pro FX862E 1

Best value for your money

Babyliss Pro FX862E

The best hair clipper in 2021

Cutting hair has never been more fun with the Babyliss Pro FX862E. Highly maneuverable and efficient, it accompanies professionals, helping them to express their talents to the fullest.

67,92 £ on Beauty Coiffure

The Babyliss Pro FX862E hair clipper is designed to ensure optimal cutting results. It is equipped with a 45 mm cutting head with stainless steel blades. It offers an incomparable performance thanks to its direct drive motor. You can easily make different types of cuts thanks to its 5 adjustment positions (from 0.6 mm to 3.0 mm) and its 8 cutting guides.

To ensure a comfortable use, this device has an ergonomic design. It is both light and offers the user a good grip. In addition, this cordless clipper has a long battery life. If you are a professional hairdresser, it allows you to be operational for 75 minutes without having to recharge it.

Kuster PW-225 2

Best value for your money

Kuster PW-225

The best entry-level hair clipper

The Kuster PW-225 clipper is a must-have for headache-free hair styling and will save the recipient the trouble of going to the hairdresser. It combines robustness, versatility and efficiency, what more could you ask for?

31,92 £ on Beauty Coiffure

The Kuster PW-225 clipper is perfect for the needs of the professional hairdresser. It features a retractable ceramic cutting head that can withstand intensive and long term use without any problems. The head is adjustable and offers great versatility as it can be used to cut both hair and beard.

This device allows a freedom of cut thanks to its 4 comb shoes provided (3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm). For more convenience, it comes with a cleaning brush, a support base, oil for cleaning the blade, a charging transformer and two interchangeable batteries. When fully charged, this cordless mower provides 75 minutes of autonomy.

Panasonic Er-GP82 3

Best value for your money

Panasonic Er-GP82

The best high-end hair clipper

The Panasonic Er-GP82 is a little gem of technology. Add to that a modern design and a pleasant use and you get the perfect tool for the professional that you are.

159 £ on Beauty Coiffure

The Panasonic Er-GP82 mower incorporates the innovative X-Taper Blade2.0 that can guarantee a longer life. The blades are made of the latest generation of materials, namely Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) and titanium. Their X profile allows professionals to achieve a perfect cut. In addition, a linear motor with constant control ensures precision and cleanliness in the cut.

With this unit, you can perform a variety of techniques with a 5-stage adjustable cutting head. Corded or cordless, it has a cordless life of 50 minutes thanks to a powerful Li-ion battery with low environmental impact. To recharge, simply place the unit on its charging cradle. One hour is enough to recharge it completely and an indicator shows you at any time the remaining charge.

Wahl Legend 4


Wahl Legend

The best corded hair clipper

The Wahl Legend professional clipper is just as suitable for barbers as it is for professional hairdressers! But it's also a trimmer that's suitable for home use. The best talents deserve the best machine!

88,80 £ on Beauty Coiffure

The Wahl Legend professional hair clipper is equipped with a fixed chrome cutting head and an adjustment lever for a near perfect cut. It offers a cutting length and width of 0.5 to 2.9 mm and 40 mm respectively. It is the device indicated for the realization of soft gradations and homogeneous cuts. Powerful, it embarks a motor with oscillating armature V9000.

Aside from the power, gain precision by using the 8 Premium counter combs provided (1½ mm, 3 mm, 4½ mm, 6 mm, 10mm, 13 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm). Your Wahl Legend clipper comes with a cleaning brush, blade guard, barber comb and a bottle of oil for blade maintenance. Corded, you won't have the same battery life problems as with a cordless product.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best hair clippers

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The best hair clipper in 2021

The best entry-level hair clipper

The best high-end hair clipper

The best corded hair clipper

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Comparison table of the best hair clippers

Babyliss Pro FX862E 5
Kuster PW-225 6
Panasonic Er-GP82 7
Wahl Legend 8
Babyliss Pro FX862E
Kuster PW-225
Panasonic Er-GP82
Wahl Legend
Cutting hair has never been more fun with the Babyliss Pro FX862E. Highly maneuverable and efficient, it accompanies professionals, helping them to express their talents to the fullest.
The Kuster PW-225 clipper is a must-have for headache-free hair styling and will save the recipient the trouble of going to the hairdresser. It combines robustness, versatility and efficiency, what more could you ask for?
The Panasonic Er-GP82 is a little gem of technology. Add to that a modern design and a pleasant use and you get the perfect tool for the professional that you are.
The Wahl Legend professional clipper is just as suitable for barbers as it is for professional hairdressers! But it's also a trimmer that's suitable for home use. The best talents deserve the best machine!
Minimum cutting length
0.6 mm
0.8 mm
0.8 mm
0.5 mm
Maximum cutting length
3.0 mm
2 mm
2 mm
2.9 mm
Blade material
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
DLC reinforced
Number of guides included
Cordless operation
75 min
75 min
50 min

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Buying guide - hair clippers

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How to choose your hair clippers

Before buying your hair clipper, take the time to check all its technical characteristics. Indeed, in addition to the basic criteria such as the price or the brand, this cutting device will also have to adapt to the intended use (hair and beard or hair only), to your hair type, to its length... In short, here are the important parameters to take into account:

#1 - Blade material

Most basic clippers are equipped withstainless steelblades. This is a good material, often self-sharpening, rust resistant and able to keep an excellent edge despite the passage of time. Many high-end clippers also use stainless steel blades. But they are coated with titanium or carbon fiber to improve longevity and performance. Finally, there are clippers withceramic blades. In addition to being very expensive, they are extremely sharp and do not dull easily. But their fragility makes you fear the worst in case of a fall.

#2 - Corded or cordless?

There is no significant difference in performance between cordless and corded hair clippers. However, cordless models rely heavily on the battery while corded models offer less maneuverability. Choose what you want between the convenience and total freedom of movement of a cordless clipper or the ability to keep cutting hair until you're really done.

#3 - Cutting height

The cutting height generally ranges from 0.3 to 25 mm. A good clipper should be able to cut hair in 3 varieties of lengths: a close cut, a longer cut, or a short back and sides with a longer cut on top. Some hair clippers offer adjustable cutting lengths via a dial on the side of the machine. Others use guide combs or shoes, which you slide over the blades to adjust the cutting length. Others combine the 2 possibilities.

#4 - Easy to store


a hair clipper that comes with a storage bag or case

. If not, buy a case separately to avoid scattering accessories. Some clippers have a detachable cord, so you can store them without wrapping the cord around the unit.

#5 - The cutting shoe or guide

This part allows for an even haircut. Rigid or semi-rigid, the shoe should clip on and off easily. In general, it is numbered from 1 to 8, the first corresponding to 0.6 mm and the largest to 25 mm. You will have to choose the guide according to the length of cut you want, even if the differentiation is not always easy. That's why some clippers offer color-coded shoes.

Maintenance of a hair clipper

The best hair clippers 9Top brand hair clippers are extremely durable appliances, withsome models lasting 20 years or more ! As Ivan Zoot said, "Hair dryers and clippers don't die, they just get murdered."


Any professional hairdresser will tell you:lubricating the blades of a hair clipper will make it last for many years. That's because lubrication reduces friction, so the blades won't snag your hair, overheat or burn your scalp. Some clippers even last a decade without a drop of oil!

For the best quality of cut, opt for a5-step lubrication. Before each use, place a drop of oil along each side of the blade and a drop in the middle as the blade rotates. Then place a drop on each side where the lower moving blade rubs against the upper stationary blade.

Tilt the mower to facilitate the flow of oil, being careful to avoid the engine. Then turn the mower off and gently dab the excess oil off with a tissue or towel, being careful not to snag any fibers or paper.

Most manufacturers also recommend wiping up loose hairs after a haircut with a stiff brush. Ifyou run out of lubricant, use edible oil. However, avoid non-food lubricants to avoid a skin reaction.

The motor

Many magnetic motor hair clippers have a large adjustment screw on the side. If your unit starts to make a stranger sound than usual, take a medium or large Philips head screwdriver and tighten or loosen this screw until the noise stops. Then continue in the same direction another half turn.

In the course of its life, a hair clipper of any kind will be subjected to countless impacts. But a single drop onto a hard surface like concrete or tile can cause irreversible damage to the motor. Be careful not to let the unit slip out of your hands.

In case of a fall, immediately inspect the blade for deformation (steel blade) or broken teeth (ceramic blade). Both types of damage can cause skin injury. If the blade is not replaceable, you will have to throw away or recycle your mower and buy a new one.

The different types of hair clippers

If you think there is only one type of hair clipper, you are wrong! In reality, they can be distinguished by their motor: magnetic, pivoting or rotating.

Magnetic motor hair trimmer

This type of mower requires little or no maintenance.

The name "magnetic motor" is due to the presence of an electromagnet. This motor drives the blades very quickly to ensure a very smooth cut on fine and slightly textured hair. On the other hand, the magnetic motor clipper will have trouble with thick and coarse hair.

Designed for the general public, this device provides an extremely smooth cut on fine hair. However, the extremely fast blades tend to heat up the unit. If you plan on occasional use and simple cutting at home, the magnetic motor hair clipper should be of interest.

Swivel motor hair trimmer

Pivot motor hair clippers areup to 4 times faster

than magnetic motor models. This type of clipper has a high cutting speed and a low blade speed, which greatly limits the risk of overheating.

When cutting, the blades move in both directions, which means you get double the number of strokes compared to other types of clippers. If you have thick hair or want to cut it when it's wet, pivoting motor hair clippers are a great option.

Rotary motor hair trimmer

This type of hair clipper is popular with professionals for its versatility and rugged design. Intended to serve all day without the risk of overheating, this type of model is distinguished by its light weight, power, sturdiness and low-noise operation. It is the only type of mower with adjustable speed.

Suitable for all hair types, it can withstand intensive use. That's why its price seems to be quite high. Buying a rotary hair clipper means choosing versatility. This type of clipper works equally well on both thick and thin hair.

Professional hair clippers

Generally, it is a pivoting motor clipper or a rotary motor clipper. Most hairdressers use both types in order to cope with all eventualities. Magnetic motor clippers, on the other hand, heat up quickly because of the high speed of the blades. This is why it is not recommended for intensive use.

Hair clippers or hair scissors?

Hair clippers

The hair clipper is the latest generation of hair styling tools. Although the first models were manual, the hair clippers have become mostly electric. Its ease of use is its greatest advantage. With a hair clipper, you can get a man's haircut without any real experience in hairdressing.

It is possible to set the height of the clipping beforehand and to use a comb clipped to the blades as a clipping guide. This means you can use the clippers on your own hair with little risk of error. The clipper also saves a lot of time with an excellent performance. However, you should know that the clippers are not very effective on long hair, except in some rare cases and depending on the type of hair.

Hairdressing scissors

The hairdressing scissors remain essential in the hairdresser's toolbox. They allow to realize all the cuts provided that you have the hand. Handling the scissors on the hair requires a particular know-how.

In the hands of a good hairdresser, a pair of professional hairdressing scissors can work wonders. It is much more difficult to get good results with novices. Also, cutting hair with scissors takes time and careful finishing.


If you don't have any special knowledge and experience in using hairdressing scissors, it is always better to opt for a hair clipper. The risk of mistakes is much lower with this type of hairdressing equipment. You will also save more time and still get very good results.

Why buy a hair clipper?

Easier to maintain a beard

It's much easier to maintain a beard with a hair clipper. That's because you can manually select and adjust the height of the cut so that your hair is trimmed evenly and beautifully. You'll see results on the first pass, which will shorten the amount of time you spend trimming on a daily basis.

Better haircuts

The hair clipper makes it easy to get classic men's haircuts. Its very fine blades will also help you achieve more complex cuts with lots of nicks and patterns like those currently in vogue. This device is also ideal for finishing touches such as contouring to the lines of your choice.

Greater maneuverability

Hair clippers are much easier to handle than razors or scissors. With this device, you can trim a beard with great precision and ease. You will also avoid the risk of injury as hair clippers are safer and are designed to minimize cuts and nicks.

Easy to maintain

Hair clippers do not require any particular maintenance. All you have to do is clean the shoe and blades after each use. Regular washing may be necessary. Some clippers are waterproof and submersible, which makes washing even easier. You also need to lubricate the blades and that's it.

An investment that pays off

For a professional, the clipper is the number one choice since it offers a very high performance compared to scissors and razor. It allows you to finish a cut much faster, which allows you to make more cuts and therefore bring in more money. For a private individual, the purchase cost will be paid back by the time saved, but also by the quality of the result and by the ease of use. Buying a hair clipper is an investment in your comfort and, of course, in your daily beauty.

"Nails and hair are given to men to provide them with a constant occupation. - From Alexis Tolstoy

The best brands of hair clippers

In our opinion, the best brands of hair clippers in 2022 are :


Babyliss was founded in 1960 by two French hairdressers. Bought out 25 years ago by an American firm, it continues to excel in hairdressing appliances, especially hair straighteners. You can buy a clipper from this brand with your eyes closed.

Remington is also another heavyweight among manufacturers of appliances for shaving, hairdressing and hair removal. Beard trimmers or hair clippers, the American brand knows how to do. A sure value and often reasonably priced.

Panasonic belongs to the Japanese multinational Matsushita. This brand is among the most important manufacturers of electronic equipment and appliances in the world. Hairdressing professionals love its Panasonic ER-GP80 and Panasonic ER-GP82 clippers.

Everyone knows Philips for its Philips Advent line of TVs, pulsed light epilators, shavers and clippers. The Dutch brand is used to offering very well-made multifunctional hair clippers. You'll be spoilt for choice!

The German brand Braun specializes in men's shaving, women's hair removal and skin beauty. It is also the world's leading manufacturer of foil shavers. No matter what type of trimmer you're looking for, Braun has something for you.

What is the price hair clippers

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 40 £
40 £ to 80 £
more than 80 £
Price range diagram


Use a mirror.

If you want to cut your own hair, make sure you have several mirrors on hand to check the back of your head.

Don't cut too short at once.


can always cut it shorter, but you can't grow the cut hair back. Start by trimming a small length, especially with a shoe. Then increase as you go along until you reach the height you want. Don't cut directly to that height, because you'll still need to style the cut (bobbed, layered...)At the very least

, line up the ends to get an even, straight cut.

Wash and dry your hair.

Make sure

your hair is clean and free of hair products and other contaminants before the cut. Also make sure it is thoroughly dry, as wet hair is harder to cut and is more likely to clump in and around the clipper blades.

Cut slowly and evenly.


you're cutting, move the hair clippers in slow, steady motions and in the opposite direction of hair growth. This will catch as much hair as possible, cut it efficiently and give you a smooth, even cut.

Brush your hair in the opposite direction.


using your hair clippers, brush your hair in the opposite direction to reveal any irregularities you may have missed



What is the best hair clipper?

The best hair clippers depend on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

Can I use a hair clipper to trim my beard?


, clippers can trim a beard as long as the hair length you're after doesn't exceed the maximum clipping height offered.

Are there standard hair clipper accessories?


Generally, manufacturers make special accessories for each hair clipper model. This is the case for clip-on cutting guides, but also for charging bases for models equipped with rechargeable batteries.

How do I choose the right cutting guide?


choice of cutting guide depends on the cutting height you want. Generally, a cutting height (in millimeters) is displayed on each comb delivered with your hair clipper.

Can I wash a hair clipper with water?


if the manufacturer allows it. It is important to know that the modern hair clipper is an electric device that can be damaged if it comes into contact with liquid. For some models, only the clipping head can be washed with water. Others are waterproof and can be completely immersed, while others simply do not tolerate water.


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Babyliss Pro FX862E
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Kuster PW-225
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