The best ground coffee in the UK 2023

Coffee is by far the favorite drink of the French. More than 8 out of 10 of us drink it every day! It can be enjoyed in pods or ground for the purists. It's a good thing, this comparison deals with the second category. Discover the best ground coffees through this guide.

Pellini Top 100% Arabica Decaffeinato Naturale 1

Best value for money

Pellini Top 100% Arabica Decaffeinato Naturale

The best ground coffee

Produced in the highlands of Central and South America, this ground coffee will be the perfect grind for a Moka coffee maker or an espresso machine.

8,42 £ on Amazon

This 100% Arabica ground coffee releases aromatic notes, revealing a fresh bouquet with caramelized and chocolate notes. The contents of the 250 g can are made from noble vintages grown in the highlands of Central and South America. During the roasting process, the cafeteros have selectively extracted the caffeine from the coffee beans by means of carbon dioxide, a natural element found in the atmosphere. Thus, the aromatic profile of Pellini Top 100% Arabica Decaffeinato Naturale for Mocha has remained intact. As the name suggests, this coffee is compatible with Moka coffee makers and espresso machines.

Jacques Vabre Notes from Bahia Brazil 2

Best value for money

Jacques Vabre Notes from Bahia Brazil

The best entry-level ground coffee

Brazil's unique climate provides ideal conditions for coffee growing. Notes de Bahia Brésil by Jacques Vabre bears witness to this through the subtlety of its taste.

2,02 £ on Amazon
Illy Intenso 3

Best value for money

Illy Intenso

The best premium ground coffee

This strong tasting ground coffee from Illy is the result of the combination of two varieties of 100% Arabica coffee. Hard to resist despite its full-bodied taste resulting from an intense roasting.

31,20 £ on Amazon

Those who love strong coffee should try this Illy Intenso ground coffee. It gets its strong taste from the combination of 9 different varieties of pure Arabica coffee from Brazil and Africa. Its slight bitterness with chocolate notes is very popular with coffee lovers. Savor the espresso offered by the preparation of this ground coffee Illy, with a unique tone due to an intense roasting. You can enjoy it cold or hot, depending on your preference. Illy Intenso ground coffee is suitable for traditional espresso machines.

Lavazza Il Mattino 4

Arabica and Robusta

Lavazza Il Mattino

A great combination of Arabica and Robusta

For an intense and velvety espresso, choose this combination of the best Arabica and Robusta coffees. A generous taste to enjoy at any time of day.

4,40 £ on Amazon

Italian coffee expertise comes to your cup with Lavazza Il Mattino. This very intense ground coffee has a velvety mouthfeel. Its fruity flavor and nutty aftertaste make it unique, giving the consumer a full sensation of freshness. The generous formula of Lavazza Il Mattino ground coffee will prepare you for a hard day with its intense character. This brand preserves the image of perfection in each of its products, and Lavazza Il Mattino is the proof.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best ground coffee

Any specific needs?

The best ground coffee

The best entry-level ground coffee

The best premium ground coffee

A great combination of Arabica and Robusta

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Comparison table of the best ground coffee

Pellini Top 100% Arabica Decaffeinato Naturale 5
Jacques Vabre Notes from Bahia Brazil 6
Illy Intenso 7
Lavazza Il Mattino 8
Pellini Top 100% Arabica Decaffeinato Naturale
Jacques Vabre Notes from Bahia Brazil
Illy Intenso
Lavazza Il Mattino
Produced in the highlands of Central and South America, this ground coffee will be the perfect grind for a Moka coffee maker or an espresso machine.
Brazil's unique climate provides ideal conditions for coffee growing. Notes de Bahia Brésil by Jacques Vabre bears witness to this through the subtlety of its taste.
This strong tasting ground coffee from Illy is the result of the combination of two varieties of 100% Arabica coffee. Hard to resist despite its full-bodied taste resulting from an intense roasting.
For an intense and velvety espresso, choose this combination of the best Arabica and Robusta coffees. A generous taste to enjoy at any time of day.
100% Arabica
100% arabica
100% Arabica
Combination of Arabica and Robusta
Taste and aroma
Refined aroma, sweet and delicate taste, with a fresh bouquet of caramelized and chocolate notes
Smooth, round in the mouth, with vegetal and slightly fruity notes
Deep, full-bodied taste with a slight bitterness
Intense but balanced, with a velvety texture
250 g
250 g
250 g
250 g
Highlands of Central and South America
Bahia region in Brazil
Grown in South America, roasted in Italy
Asia and Africa

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Buying guide - ground coffee

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How to choose your ground coffee

Choosing the best ground coffee is not always easy. Here are a few criteria to help you choose.

#1 - The variety

In general, you are probably familiar with two varieties of coffee. On the one hand, Arabica, originating from Arabia, is the most cultivated in the world. However, it is more subtle and less bitter because of its light caffeine content. Robusta, on the other hand, contains more caffeine and therefore has a more pronounced and bitter taste. These two main varieties are distinguished by the altitude at which the coffee is grown, which gives them their specific characteristics.

#2 - The intensity

Thiscriterion determines the character itself of the ground coffee when it hits your cup. The various methods of preparing ground coffee define its intensity. The finer the coffee grind, the more flavorful it will be. The longer the ground coffee is brewed, the stronger the solution will be. At a certain temperature, the flavors of the ground coffee can disappear.

#3 - The grind

This criterion is reflected in the fineness level of the ground coffee. The ideal texture is still fine ground coffee, which will dissolve easily and provide a strong taste to the drink. If the grind is coarser, the contact period between the water and the particles will be longer and will require the use of a filter.

#4 - The roast

Roasting translates into the cooking of the coffee beans. Its ultimate goal is to release the coffee's aromas and thus develop its flavors. The more the coffee bean has been roasted, the less caffeine it contains and the fuller the taste. Conversely, lightly roasted coffee has a high caffeine content and is more acidic. In this regard, artisanal roasting gives more appreciated results than industrial roasting.

#5 - The aromas

After the various treatments it undergoes, ground coffee can be associated with different aromas or spices that will enhance your taste buds: pink berry, citrus, flowers, etc. A certain variety of flavored ground coffee is currently invading the market. To decide on your preferences, you should taste each variant, you will recognize the one that suits you as you experiment.

How do you properly store ground coffee?


As an instant product, ground coffee requires delicate storage. Neglecting this point unpleasantly influences the aromatic richness of ground coffee. Above all, be aware that contact with oxygen is the main enemy of ground coffee. The air in the room is enough to degrade its initial flavor. Humidity and light, even worse, are also to be avoided.


Basically, ground coffee doesn't keep for too long because its freshness quickly fades under common conditions. If you absolutely must stock up, we recommend only getting the equivalent of your weekly consumption at most.

However, if you must store ground coffee, don't remove it from its original packaging. In fact, you should even enclose it with a clip or rubber band, and then place it in an airtight container. This container should finally be placed in a strictly dry place and not exposed to light and heat.

Ground coffee or coffee beans?

Ground coffee

Ground coffee, as its name indicates, has undergone various treatments before ending up in your cup. This means that it is ready for consumption immediately, so there is no need for complicated procedures. Ground coffee is defined as instant coffee, which you can immediately dissolve and drink. However, you will find it difficult to detect the quality of ground coffee at first sight. If you need to judge its reliability, you should taste it, only then you can make deductions.

Coffee beans

With coffee beans, you still have to grind them with a machine before you can enjoy them. You then have the advantage of choosing the grind you prefer. With coffee beans, you already have an idea of the quality of the product when you open the package: the smell that emanates from it and the homogeneity of the beans are convincing indicators.


Between ground coffee and coffee beans, you will simply choose the one that seems more convenient. In everyday life you will probably prefer ground coffee, quick and easy. On the other hand, if you want to sit back and enjoy the delicacy of coffee, coffee beans give you more ample right to varied textures and flavors.

The benefits of coffee

The preservation of our organism

If you want to live longer, know that coffee contains energizing, stimulating, and also antioxidants that would have the effect of prolonging the life of certain vital organs. Drinking two to three cups of coffee a day would be beneficial for people suffering from kidney problems.

Against headaches

With only 250 mg of coffee, the pain (headaches) can effectively disappear. In the case of severe pain, taking paracetamol with coffee is a good idea, but avoid forcing the dosage.

Stay young

Besides the benefits of drinking coffee, did you know that coffee can also be used on the body? It ensures the hydration, suppleness and firmness of the skin. The antioxidants contained in the majority of coffee, polyphenols, are very powerful and have the advantage of being very well assimilated by the body. They protect us from skin aging (wrinkles, dryness, loss of firmness, appearance of spots, irritation, dullness).

Stay beautiful

Caffeine is also known for its slimming effects. Indeed, it tones the figure by smoothing the skin. It helps to fight against cellulite and orange peel skin thanks to its "fat burning" effect and its draining virtues.

It revives the hair

Concoct directly on your hair with a dark color revives and gives shine to it. In addition, it stimulates their growth.

What is the price ground coffee

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

2 £ to 10 £
10 £ to 20 £
more than 20 £
Price range diagram


Beauty & Wellness

Ground coffee is used in the field of cosmetics and care, especially in the treatment of the face. It removes impurities and serves as a moisturizing mask. When used as a soap, it softens the skin and regenerates dead cells. If you are looking for dark tones, ground coffee is also a perfect natural hair color.

Air Purifier

Ground coffee is said to have an absorbent property. Pour a small amount into a bowl and place it in the right place or in your refrigerator to get rid of unpleasant odors. Thus, the smell of ground coffee will replace all the unwanted scents in your home.

Coffee Maker Care

To enjoy the best flavors of ground coffee, you should descale your coffee machine as often as possible. Indeed, the deposit of limestone alters the taste of coffee if you persist in not maintaining it.

Water & Coffee Combination

This is a detail that you may not pay attention to, but it determines the quality of your cup of coffee. When brewing, consider using spring water or filtered water if it comes from the tap. High chlorine or lime content will alter the taste of the coffee.

Boiling Water

Do not pour boiling water over your ground coffee. You will lose some of the flavour and you will end up with a bland coffee. Also, never boil coffee, maybe warm it up. But also, keep an eye on it at all times to remove it in time when it reaches the ideal temperature.


Which ground coffee to choose?

The best ground coffee depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there right now.

What are the benefits of drinking coffee?

Due to its high concentration of phenolic acid, coffee is said to have preventive properties against diabetes and cancer. Some recent studies also show a reduction in the risk of stroke.

What dose of caffeine should be respected?

Respect the dailydose of 400 mg of caffeine per day to avoid harmful effects such as stress, aggressiveness or sleep disorders.

Is drinking coffee bad for sleep?

In fact, caffeine has a disruptive effect on adenosine, the regulatory messenger of sleep in our body. Thus, drinking coffee at a late hour could disturb sleep.

Would coffee stimulate concentration?

As an energy drink, coffee provides a good dose of vitality and postpones the feeling of tiredness over an interval of 1 to 6 hours.


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Pellini Top 100% Arabica Decaffeinato Naturale 9
Pellini Top 100% Arabica Decaffeinato Naturale
Jacques Vabre Notes from Bahia Brazil 10
Jacques Vabre Notes from Bahia Brazil
Illy Intenso 11
Illy Intenso
Lavazza Il Mattino 12
Lavazza Il Mattino


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