The best goalie gloves in the UK 2023

In soccer, the goalkeeper is one of the most criticized players. He is nonetheless indispensable, since the fate of the team rests in his hands! And to make decisive saves, reflexes alone are not enough: you need quality gloves. For you, we've searched for the best goalkeeper gloves in 2020.

T1TAN Goalkeeper Gloves 1

Best value for money

T1TAN Goalkeeper Gloves

The best goalie gloves in 2021

These T1TAN goalie gloves are very stylish. They are designed to ensure optimal practice and cushioning on contact with the ball. They adjust to your hands in no time and protect them at the same time.

55,92 £ on Amazon

When you want to master the game on the field or just practice, you can opt for this pair of gloves offered by T1TAN. Not only are they very ergonomic, but they also fit your hands perfectly. They are also very comfortable thanks to the components that ventilate their interior.

The fact that the gloves are like a second skin helps you to better calibrate ball throws and interceptions. They are very light and can be worn in summer or winter.

Sportout 2

Best low cost


The best entry-level goalie gloves

If you're looking for cheap gloves with great protection, these Sportout gloves are for you. Their latex palm offers exceptional strength.

16,64 £ on Amazon

Designed for all-season use, these Sportout gloves with non-slip material grip well during stops. Handling the ball becomes easy, whether it's windy, snowy or rainy. Available in several sizes, from child to adult, they are very easy to maintain as you can clean them with a simple damp cloth.

Made of breathable material that keeps your hands dry, they make your workouts or big games comfortable. EVA composites combined with latex give these gloves a long life. They also have a double elastic strap with velcro to protect your fingers from impact.

Uhlsport Absolutgrip Hn Pro #294 3

Best high end

Uhlsport Absolutgrip Hn Pro #294

The best high-end goalie gloves

Stylish and durable, these Uhlsport gloves are designed for goalkeepers who want to excel. With them, you can stop any shot with ease.

71,99 £ on Amazon

These mixed gloves provide both performance and protection. Uhlsport wanted to offer high design sports equipment by integrating the innovative Absolutgrip technology in these gloves. This technology provides enhanced cushioning and weather resistance.

Made of neoprene, these gloves improve freedom of movement during games or training sessions. This material also has the ability to keep the hands dry for several hours, allowing the user to stay competitive on the field. The HN Pro #294 was designed to provide more comfort as it fits snugly around the fingers and wrists.

Goalkeeper Gloves Fits T4 4


Goalkeeper Gloves Fits T4

Goalie gloves with excellent protection

For playing or just practicing, the FitsT4 brand not only offers grip, but also comfort, safety and style. Designed with special materials, they are suitable for any season.

28,72 £ on Amazon

Like most goalie gloves, the FitsT4 pair has a grip that grips all surfaces. That way, you'll block shots better. The padding is neither too bulky nor too thin, and the seams are flat for greater breathability.

The materials are designed to give an excellent experience with every use. They are more resistant to wear, more flexible and elastic. These gloves fit perfectly on your hand for greater control. This pair is two-tone and has a stylish design. The finish of these gloves is both protective and stylish.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best goalie gloves

Any specific needs?

The best goalie gloves in 2021

The best entry-level goalie gloves

The best high-end goalie gloves

Goalie gloves with excellent protection

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Comparison table of the best goalie gloves

T1TAN Goalkeeper Gloves 5
Sportout 6
Uhlsport Absolutgrip Hn Pro #294 7
Goalkeeper Gloves Fits T4 8
T1TAN Goalkeeper Gloves
Uhlsport Absolutgrip Hn Pro #294
Goalkeeper Gloves Fits T4
These T1TAN goalie gloves are very stylish. They are designed to ensure optimal practice and cushioning on contact with the ball. They adjust to your hands in no time and protect them at the same time.
If you're looking for cheap gloves with great protection, these Sportout gloves are for you. Their latex palm offers exceptional strength.
Stylish and durable, these Uhlsport gloves are designed for goalkeepers who want to excel. With them, you can stop any shot with ease.
For playing or just practicing, the FitsT4 brand not only offers grip, but also comfort, safety and style. Designed with special materials, they are suitable for any season.
Latex grip Neoprene palm and wrist padding Silicone back of hand
Eva and Latex
Patented AbsoluteGrip latex and Neoprene
Latex Dumbex Elastic foam, breathable components
Recommended surface area
All surfaces
All surfaces
All surfaces
All surfaces
Gecko Grip Removable protective finger padding 360° adjustable protective strap
  • Improved finger protection system
  • Backbone latex foam padding
  • Double wrist protection
  • Semi-negative cut
  • Stain resistant black color
  • AbsolutGrip Technology
Removable finger guards Double wrist protection Elastic wrist bandage
Type of washing
Mixed hand wash
Hand wash
Hand wash
Hand washing

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Buying guide - goalie gloves

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How to choose your goalie gloves

Several criteria must be taken into account when choosing the right goalie glove for your needs and your level of play. Here are a few that will greatly influence your choice.

#1 - The Grip

This first criterion is very important, as it ensures your safety and protects you from accidents. It is the technique used to manufacture the palm of the goalkeeper gloves. This is reflected in the thickness of the foam inside the fabric used to make this part of the glove. For an outdoor game, a thicker foam is recommended. If you play futsal, a stronger foam will grip the ball well. But there are also stronger foams with graphites that are reserved for use on synthetic fields.

#2 - The fit

The cut of goalie gloves can be classified into three main parts. The gun cut is a cut that provides the gloves with a line close to baseball gloves offering a more precise grip. The inseam cut is a snug fit that makes the gloves feel like they are glued to the fingers and ensures a more tactile feel. Finally, the regular cut is a positive cut and are very much adopted by many wicketkeepers, as it offers a good freedom of movement.

#3 - The wrist fit

The wrist is the part that must be protected at all costs. Thus, it is advisable to choose a support that extends the palm, such as latex that allows easy donning for more ease on the field.

#4 - The breathability


if your gloves do not stick to your fingers, its intensive use can cause sweating inside. Choose gloves designed primarily with breathable fabrics. Gloves should also be lightweight so that your hands are well ventilated.

#5 - The glove size

You need to know your hand size, wrist circumference before buying your pair of gloves. At the limit, you can opt for a standard fit with adjustable closures on the wrist that offers you the possibility to adjust them. Avoid gloves that are too big and slip through your fingers and avoid gloves that are too small and squeeze your hands.

Goalkeeper glove size guide

The best goalie gloves 9

Size is one of the most important criteria for choosing gloves. These guides will help you choose the size of your next gloves:

Sizes Hand circumference in cm
4 15
4,5 15,5
5 16
5,5 16,5
6 17,5
6,5 18
7 19
7,5 20,5
8 22
8,5 23
9 24
9,5 26
10 27
10,5 27,5
11 28,5

Classic cut or hybrid gloves?

Classic cut gloves

Negative, flat and Rollfinger seams are the usual cuts of goalkeeper gloves. If the first and the last are used by most professional goalkeepers, because they fit the hands well and are more airy, the Rollfinger cut, which is more common in the United Kingdom, increases the contact surface with the ball.

The flat cut and the negative cut are more commonplace, i.e. without any great finish. In addition, the gloves do not protect against the elements and wear out quickly. For the Rollfinger, it's the price that's the problem, because they cost more.

Hybrid cut gloves

Hybrid gloves are accessories that combine several types of stitching. Currently, many brands are adopting this new technique for the manufacture of their goalkeeper gloves. As a result, the gloves provide you with more comfort, grip on the ball and are much more breathable.

However, the materials used, as there are several mixtures, can be troublesome. The different cuts are also likely to hamper the performance of the keeper if he is not used to the use of hybrids.


Classic cut gloves are suitable for outdoor use and are ideal for beginners looking for the best goalie glove. Hybrid gloves, on the other hand, are for professionals who are used to experimenting with different materials.

Why buy goalie gloves?


It's not mandatory, but it is recommended that goalkeepers wear goalie gloves. Goalkeeper gloves not only give you a better grip on the ball, but they offer protection and cushioning for the fingers, palms and wrists. Some gloves offer additional protection for the fingers through the use of flexible "sticks" that run along the fingers in the gloves. Some gloves offer the additional padding of thicker latex.


When you choose a more expensive glove, you expect that you are buying a product that will last longer; however, this is not necessarily the case. The most expensive goalie gloves are designed for grip and protection, not durability. They won't last as long because the best material for grip (stickier) is not as durable as the cheaper materials because it is softer.


The thicker the glove, and especially true with gloves that have both inner and outer latex, the harder the glove is to control and handle. Good finger protection also adds to this problem. A child 12 years old or younger should not use a 6mm palm, as the latex is very thick and ball feel is diminished. Children that young need to learn to use their hands to catch and not rely on the gloves to do it for them.


There are different goalie gloves for all weather conditions, all skill levels and even some that claim to be for specific field conditions. That doesn't mean that an aqua palm glove won't work in dry conditions or that a giga or mega grip glove won't work in the wet. Different palms are used to provide maximum benefit in certain conditions.


Finger protection has become popular in recent years and is now a trend for all 5 fingers. Originally it was only available for 4 fingers. Some gloves have sticks in 4 fingers, some have sticks in all 5. Some goalies buy gloves with removable sticks and only use the sticks in certain fingers and some buy them after a finger injury and only use the stick on that finger while it heals.

The best brands of goalie gloves

In our opinion, the best brands of goalie gloves in 2022 are :

Ho Soccer

It is the number 1 in goalkeeper gloves. This brand has gained notoriety since the reference goalkeeper gloves have been worn by many soccer stars. It manufactures gloves packed with technology and very comfortable.

Less known, this brand has been able to impose its style in the soccer world. If it is more absent on the field, it makes the news by sponsoring talented players.

The German company has quickly imposed itself in the world of soccer. It has developed gloves for several famous goalkeepers.

Nike is the reference in terms of high quality sports equipment. It has a wide range of goalkeeper gloves, so more choices.


Properly storing your custodial gloves

Do not let the gloves touch the palm after cleaning. You should store them in a well-ventilated space at room temperature. Also opt for a glove holder.

Removing mold from gloves

Gloves tend to mold from the inside if they are wet. Let them air dry after washing. However, avoid exposing them to too much sunlight, as this can dull the latex.

Maintaining gloves


care of your gloves will extend their life. Thus, avoid standing up leaning on your palms to reduce the risk of abrasion. Also, get in the habit of washing your gloves thoroughly after use and applying a light towel or cloth pressure to them before drying.

Washing and cleaning gloves


hand washing for washing. Lightly scrub the areas you deem dirty. You can use washing products, but you should remember to rinse the gloves properly. Definitely do not make the mistake of washing them in the machine.

Buying two pairs of gloves



two gloves, one for your practices and one for games. This way, your gloves will last longer and their performance will remain intact.


What is the best type of product?

The best goalie glove depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there today.

What is a goalie glove?


a piece of equipment used to allow goalkeepers to optimize ball handling. It also helps prevent impact and shock from balls during a shot. The palm being the most important part of a goalie glove since it is in constant contact with the ball.

What are the main roles of the back of goalie gloves?


back of the goalkeeper's gloves provides better support when clearing the ball. This is called fist release. Usually, this part is designed with rubber or silicone which are soft, but strong materials. On this part is glued the closure which also protects the wrists from injury.

Why use an internal reinforcement on the back of gloves?


internal protection is mostly used to recover from a past injury. It is not recommended for permanent use, especially for children, as it can hinder movement.

What to do for your first gloves?


great players tend to moisten their gloves a little, more specifically the palm, before each match. This gesture allows to soften the material and to catch the balls easily.


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T1TAN Goalkeeper Gloves
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Uhlsport Absolutgrip Hn Pro #294
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Goalkeeper Gloves Fits T4


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