48 Christmas gift ideas for children aged 6 to 7

In order to buy the right toy for your 6 to 7 year old, you need to know what his interests are. This way, you can be sure that the toy will hold his attention long enough and that he will not put it aside as soon as the packaging is removed.

The question remains, though: once you've narrowed down your gift idea to an area of interest, how do you make sure you find the best toys and gifts? How do you find the toy that will hold his attention without driving him crazy?

Girl or boy, they deserve to get the toy of their dreams. Whether it's for Christmas, for their birthday party, for gift exchanges, that game has to be unique, fun and funny. Among thousands of games available on the market, we have selected the best, fun and creative ones. It is up to you to choose the game that is compatible with your child's growth.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids 6-7 under €15

Diamond mosaic 1

Diamond mosaic

8,14 £ on Amazon

Let your child discover more surprises with this diamond mosaic kit. 5 cards with stickers are present in the package, where displaying different characters. 4 colors of stickers to choose from are available for your daughter to choose the color of her glitter.

Simplified card game "The battle of the animals 2

Simplified card game "The battle of the animals

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Give your children this card game, playable in pairs with beautiful and fun illustrations. While playing, they will learn to count with the help of the colorful illustrations. Whoever has the smallest animal loses the trick and whoever has the largest wins.

Educational game "Words". 3

Educational game "Words".

5,72 £ on Amazon

Enjoy a fun time playing with your little one. Help your child piece together words, learn to read and memorize the names of fruits, animals and more with this educational game.

Educational game "First readings 4

Educational game "First readings

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With this game, train your child to put the syllables together so they can find the name of the animal on the card. It's easy and fun. A self-correcting system with colors is included in this game to allow the child to locate and play independently.

The veterinary clinic's rescue buggy 5

The veterinary clinic's rescue buggy

7,92 £ on Amazon

This rescue toy includes a real mini country picnic scene, a quad bike, 2 Lego Friends mini dolls. The new January 2021 version includes a puppy. With the accessories included in the set, children can lift the tree with a chain or the quad, use the walkie-talkie, free the puppy, etc.

Wooden board game "Jenga" - Game of skill 6

Wooden board game "Jenga" - Game of skill

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What kind of Jenga player are you? This is the original wooden block stacking game. The game consists of removing a wooden block, then placing it on top without tipping it. You can play solo or with others. Easy to take along, it is the ideal game for family outings or with friends.

Coco 7


8,86 £ on Amazon

A Pixar nugget, Coco is a film to watch with the whole family. Children and adults alike are amazed at the cinematic quality of this timeless animation. It's a bold invention that goes where other producers are afraid to go at the risk of disappointing the audience.

"Olivia's electric car" - Construction and eco-education toy for 6 years and up 8

"Olivia's electric car" - Construction and eco-education toy for 6 years and up

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Teach your child to be co-responsible as a child with this LEGO toy set. It includes an electric car to build, 2 dolls, a puppy as well as a wind turbine and a charging station. He will be able to invent lots of exciting and adventurous little stories while playing with this wonderful little toy set.

100 classic games" game case 9

100 classic games" game case

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Here is a box of board games suitable for the whole family. It is composed of 100 games for children, but adults can also participate at any time. It is a great gift to give to your toddler since it is made of plastic material, this game is light and the pieces are not likely to break!

Imitation game - Kitchen utensils for children 10

Imitation game - Kitchen utensils for children

10,39 £ on Amazon

Your princess has a thing for the world of cooking. Make her happy by giving her this 20-piece imitation kitchen kit. It's a gift she's sure to love. The mini size works best for kids and encourages them to have fun.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids 6-7 under €30

NERF Elite Disruptor 11

NERF Elite Disruptor

12,80 £ on La Grande Récré

NERF Elite Disruptor is a highly educational toy that is ideal for calming your teen's temper. By playing with his friends, he will begin to learn control, be more inventive and acquire good reflexes.

Magnetic wooden math learning box 12

Magnetic wooden math learning box

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This magnetic box helps your child learn math. Through puzzle games, they practice addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. The sticks will help them count and make geometric graphs. A little extra, the clock display will help him to know the time.

Frog Scale Game - Basic Math 13

Frog Scale Game - Basic Math

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The little frog is the best math ally for your little one. It helps him to count, to make calculations and to know the colors. As he gets used to this game, it will be easy for him to be the first in the class. 100% safe and ecological, this game has polished and smooth edges to avoid injury to little hands.

Triominos Tour" Board Game - Goliath 14

Triominos Tour" Board Game - Goliath

18,39 £ on Amazon

Easy to carry, Goliath offers a fun game for the family, especially the little ones. Triominos is also a gift for any occasion.

Magnetic educational game Janod -French version 15

Magnetic educational game Janod -French version

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With this educational game in book form, the child picks a picture and puts together the appropriate letters to make a word. This book will allow the child to both play and study endlessly as other words can be considered to enrich after mastering the words associated with the 16 illustrations.

LEGO City 60280 - The fire truck with ladder and miniature figures 16

LEGO City 60280 - The fire truck with ladder and miniature figures

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Kids will be able to lift the ladder on this fire truck with the fire hose, store firefighters' tools in the truck's compartment, and make up stories with Freya McCloud, the fire chief from the animated LEGO City Adventures series. After construction, the truck with ladder measures over 9 cm high, 16 cm long and 7 cm wide.

Ecological toys made of sugar cane 17

Ecological toys made of sugar cane

14,79 £ on Amazon

Do you want to pass on the eco-friendliness to your kids? With this little girls' dinner set, your princess will have a smile on her face. Made from sugar cane, each piece is fully recyclable and non-toxic.

Poupon avec 5 fonctions 18

Poupon avec 5 fonctions

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Nenuco is the perfect doll for your daughter. She will surely love this doll because this little baby cries, laughs, sucks the pacifier and his thumb, and can say "mommy" and "daddy". Your daughter will so love this soft-bodied doll, who wears pink pajamas with a hood and cat ears.

Educational game "I learn to read". 19

Educational game "I learn to read".

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With this kit, your child learns to read and write in no time. The self-correction helps him to play freely. The child learns very quickly to write and read simple words of up to 5 letters and to compose 90 different words with the letter token boards.

Kidisecrets" electronic diary (FR) 20

Kidisecrets" electronic diary (FR)

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Your daughter will be more than happy to receive this gift to keep her secrets safe in this lovely diary. Only she can play the melodies and sound effects. A 4-digit secret code will be required at opening. A notebook and a felt pen are included in this kit to keep her secrets.

Building set with tools "My retrofriction car". 21

Building set with tools "My retrofriction car".

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This construction kit is specially designed for little car lovers. Instead of one car, he will have three, a buggy, a quad and an off-road truck. Nothing more fun for a boy than to play with! Apart from building, your little one can have great adventures.

Magnetic letters and numbers for children 22

Magnetic letters and numbers for children

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Increase your child's creativity with this magnetic number and letter set. They can have fun while learning new words and combinations. This set includes 182 magnetic letters, 50 numbers and 30 symbols. It's a perfect gift to learn and have fun at the same time.

Wooden stacking blocks tower with colors and animals - Nene Toys 23

Wooden stacking blocks tower with colors and animals - Nene Toys

16,79 £ on Amazon

Reinforce the creativity of the little ones with this stacking game. Awakening, coordination and fun will be at the rendez-vous. With this game, children from 10 to 11 years old will have a moment of sharing with their parents.

Playmobil - Transportable House 24

Playmobil - Transportable House

23,84 £ on Amazon

The idea is great, instead of a house that will be immobilized in her room, your daughter will be able to take her dollhouse everywhere she goes. She will be able to spend the vacations at the grandparents without missing her favorite toy.

Set of 100 wooden games 25

Set of 100 wooden games

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To avoid the child spending his time on the phone and console games, offer him this wooden multi-game set that will allow him to expand his thinking skills. This kit includes 100 games, 54 cards with childlike graphics, a booklet explaining the rules, and various accessories.

Jeu de construction "Camion de pompier" 26

Jeu de construction "Camion de pompier"

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Meccano comes to the rescue! Your little boy can assemble the fire truck by himself. The purpose of this game is to improve the child's motor skills and creativity. With this game, your little one can spend hours manipulating 150 pieces for his creations and inventions.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids 6-7 over €30

Construction toys 27

Construction toys

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Your little genius will love these 550-piece building blocks, complete with a manual screwdriver, an electric screwdriver and a wrench. Using his creativity and imagination, he can assemble and assemble the pieces to make cute robots or a multitude of vehicles.

Walkie talkie for kids 28

Walkie talkie for kids

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Equip your kids with these walkie-talkies for outdoor activities, hiking, adventure games or just for fun. They have a range of up to 3 km, features a flashlight and a backlit display for added convenience. This game comes with rechargeable batteries and a charger.

Intex inflatable pool 29

Intex inflatable pool

26,40 £ on Cdiscount

Specially designed for family games, this inflatable pool is a delight for children and adults alike

Interactive frog game - Hammering toy 30

Interactive frog game - Hammering toy

See price

This hammering toy helps develop your child's hand-eye coordination. It will improve their reflexes and help to have better agility and short reaction time. It includes a total of 38 levels of play that get more and more difficult as the player progresses.

Cooljoy 117 pieces - Magnetic building blocks 31

Cooljoy 117 pieces - Magnetic building blocks

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Want to give something other than Legos? Buy this set of CoolJoy magnetic building blocks. They are held together by the power of magnets. Kids as young as 4 years old love to play with them and these blocks can bring any imagination to life.

Playmobil 9464 - Fire truck 32

Playmobil 9464 - Fire truck

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This Playmobil fire truck has a working water cannon, a light and sound module (2 x 1.5V AAA batteries required), a trailer hitch and a control module. Its roof is removable and its cabin can accommodate up to 4 characters. In all, it measures 28 x 13 x 16 cm. As a special feature, the truck can be combined with other Playmobil toys to enrich the stories.

Apollo Super Blades X Pro 33

Apollo Super Blades X Pro

55,96 £ on Amazon

Comfortable and adjustable, these skates are designed for beginners. They come in several sizes (S/M/L). The little extra for children is that they light up in several colors when you roll.

10-in-1 Kidizoom child camera 34

10-in-1 Kidizoom child camera

45,52 £ on Amazon

With this Kidizoom camera designed by VTech, children will no longer have to envy the camera of the grown-ups. They'll have fun capturing all the subjects that interest them, and start to develop their passion for photography.

Carcassonne Big Box Asmodee 35

Carcassonne Big Box Asmodee

47,92 £ on Amazon

Do you like tactical and construction games? Build cities, abbeys, inns, roads with Carcassonne! The Big Boss allows you to extend the game with great extensions.

Arendelle Castle (The Snow Queen 2) 36

Arendelle Castle (The Snow Queen 2)

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Your little princess will be asked by Elsa and Anna to build their castle. With this set, your little girl will certainly have fun assembling the pieces! Various accessories are included in this set and the furniture is easily movable in all the rooms to delight your little princess.

Hape - E3000 - Wooden workbench for children 37

Hape - E3000 - Wooden workbench for children

62,62 £ on Amazon

Made of wood, this workbench designed by Hape is both sturdy and scalable to accompany your child until he is 6 years old. Apart from that, its design is ultra safe with careful finishing.

Hudora Big Wheel 205

Hudora Big Wheel 205

71,46 £ on Amazon

Supporting up to 100 kg, the Hudora Big Wheel 205 is very robust and light thanks to its aluminum composition. The handlebar is fully foldable while the height is adjustable up to 104 cm.

Réveil enfant Urban Hello Rémi 38

Réveil enfant Urban Hello Rémi

71,99 £ on Amazon

Connected to your smartphone, Rémi can be transformed at will into an urban hello nightlight, a baby monitor, an alarm clock and an mp3 player. Thanks to its evolutionary character, it can accompany your little one from birth to adolescence and beyond.

Casulo H2S Longboard 39

Casulo H2S Longboard

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This longboard consists of a 7-ply rock hard maple board, high quality polyurethane wheels (72 x 51 mm), and a 2.4 GHz wireless remote control.

Osmo Coding" interactive educational games - Complete set for iPad 40

Osmo Coding" interactive educational games - Complete set for iPad

See price

With this magical iPad, kids learn how to set codes and play with them. It includes fun, award-winning educational games. With this game, kids develop interactions between their iPad and the actual game pieces they handle. The games in this iPad are designed for beginner to expert levels.

5 practical learning games 41

5 practical learning games

See price

Here is a trilingual educational learning kit for Fire tablet, allowing an immersion in physics, math or languages. This kit is perfect for developing the intellectual faculty of little geniuses. The games in this tablet and the voice output are in English.

VTech Storio Max XL 2.0 42

VTech Storio Max XL 2.0

115 £ on Amazon

This is an educational tablet for children with a 7-inch multi-touch HD screen. The VTech Storio Max XL 2.0. Although limited, the internal memory of 8GB is expandable up to 40GB via a micro SD card.

Clementoni X-Clempad 43

Clementoni X-Clempad

130 £ on Amazon

Suitable for children between 6 and 10 years old, the Clementoni X-Clempad is equipped with applications and educational games to stimulate development. It connects the real and virtual worlds.

Bikestar BMX 16 inches 44

Bikestar BMX 16 inches

152 £ on Amazon

With its compact and sleek design, this 16" kids BMX is perfect for a first real bike. It seduces by its robustness and the small reflectors which act as lighting. A real little walking gem!

Nintendo Switch Lite 45

Nintendo Switch Lite

See price

With the Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo has managed to make its flagship handheld console even smaller. It is compatible with all physical and digital Nintendo Switch games.

Smoby 640001 46

Smoby 640001

183 £ on Amazon

The Smoby 640001 combines 4 games on one stand. The multifunctional table is extremely stable and has a modern look. It is the ideal table soccer for those who play with their family.

Trottinette électrique Suprem 3.0 47

Trottinette électrique Suprem 3.0

295 £ on wegoboard

Approved for the road and secure (horn, powerful brakes, LED lights), this small folding and light vehicle offers a very good quality/price ratio for 30% less than the competition.


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