90 Christmas gift ideas for boys 12 to 13 years old

Everyone, especially parents, is on the warpath as the Christmas holidays approach. Finding the perfect gift, making the event unforgettable for your children is not always easy, especially if you have a teenager. What should you get them? Will he like it? We've selected 90 Christmas gift ideas for boys ages 12 to 13 to help you. From toys to board games, from new technologies to books and comics, it's all there! And there is something for every taste and budget.

The circle of 17 1

The circle of 17

6,08 £ on Amazon

This is the story of a man with amazing powers who meets one of his kind. Both of them try to discover the secrets of their gift while being pursued by an organization eager to take their power. An exciting Christmas gift!

Percy Jackson - Tome 1: The Lightning Thief 2

Percy Jackson - Tome 1: The Lightning Thief

6,32 £ on Amazon

With its captivating story, this book will surely please your teenager. It tells the story of Percy Jackson who discovers one day that he is the son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. Now he is accused of stealing Zeus' lightning bolt.

A Fortnite mission where you are the hero - 99 to 1 3

A Fortnite mission where you are the hero - 99 to 1

7,12 £ on Amazon

Does your teenager love the world of Fortnite? By browsing the pages of this book, he will be like in a game where he is the hero! Alone against all, he will have to make the right choices to succeed in his mission. It's as if he was immersed directly in the game!

Encyclopedia of Animals 4

Encyclopedia of Animals

15,96 £ on Amazon

Here is an encyclopedia indicated for children who love wild animals! They will enjoy about 2000 photographs and 600 cards with very detailed contents informing about the habitat of the animals, their environment, behavior...

Mineral rocks, precious stones 5

Mineral rocks, precious stones

18,32 £ on Amazon

If your toddler is interested in the world of rocks and fossils, this encyclopedia is sure to please him! Besides the beautiful pictures, he will benefit from a wealth of information and explanations that will not bore him, quite the contrary.

We walked on the Moon 6

We walked on the Moon

9,20 £ on Amazon

Does your child love Tintin? Follow the adventures of the famous reporter who flies this time with his friends to the moon on the first lunar rocket. Will they return safely to earth? Nothing is certain! A great classic that will surely delight your teenager!

Children of the Resistance - Volume 1 7

Children of the Resistance - Volume 1

8,76 £ on Amazon

François, Eusèbe and Lisa are 13 years old and resist in their own way the German army that has taken over their village. An exciting story that will keep children on the edge of their seats from the beginning to the last page.

Frnk - Volume 1 8

Frnk - Volume 1

8,76 £ on Amazon

This book will captivate your little ones. Frank, a 13 year old boy escapes from the orphanage in order to find his parents, but accidentally finds himself in the Prehistoric era via a space-time rift.

Asterix at the Olympic Games 9

Asterix at the Olympic Games

7,99 £ on Amazon

With this book, Asterix and Obelix will take your children on a new adventure with the irreducible Gauls. This time, the two friends, accompanied by villagers, intend to win the Olympic Games to face the Romans.

Asterix in Brittany 10

Asterix in Brittany

7,99 £ on Amazon

If your children like to follow the adventures of Obelix and Asterix, they won't be disappointed with this book. The two friends travel to Brittany to help their Gaulish friends face the Roman army.

Swan and Neo - Brothers T01: We like you! 11

Swan and Neo - Brothers T01: We like you!

8,76 £ on Amazon

If your kids already know Swan and Neo as Youtubers, then they will love this comic. With a lot of humor, the two brothers are keen to let toddlers know what their everyday lives are like!

Create your own comic book 12

Create your own comic book

4,79 £ on Amazon

Nothing better than this comic book to let the child express his imagination. For that, he has the right to 100 pages of blank scenes. It's up to him to fill them in and create his own comic book according to his desires. Who knows! Maybe he will become the next Hergé!

We are not quiches 13

We are not quiches

13,12 £ on Amazon

With this book, kids will try great recipes with a touch of humor. They will also learn the basic techniques under the guidance of the Pipelettes.

Simplissime Fun recipes for kids 14

Simplissime Fun recipes for kids

11,16 £ on Amazon

This recipe book will delight little gourmets! No more than 6 ingredients per recipe, beautiful illustrations, recipes that are simple, easy and quick to make. This is what they will discover. A book that is both fun and instructive to enjoy alone or with friends!

Bleach - Volume 01: The Death and the strawberry 15

Bleach - Volume 01: The Death and the strawberry

5,52 £ on Amazon

This action manga is ideal for teenagers. It is the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, a 15 year old boy who received supernatural powers from a Shinigami. Overnight, he becomes a demon hunter.

Dragon Ball Z - Part 1 - Volume 02: The Saiyans 16

Dragon Ball Z - Part 1 - Volume 02: The Saiyans

6,08 £ on Amazon

Fans of the Dragon Ball Z universe will certainly enjoy this book. Goku gave his life to suppress Raditz. Before he died, he confessed that two very powerful Saiyans will conquer the earth in one year. Picolo, Gohan and the others must be prepared for this!

Marvel Avengers - The encyclopedia of superheroes 17

Marvel Avengers - The encyclopedia of superheroes

12 £ on Amazon

This encyclopedia will delight little fans of the Avengers universe. They'll get valuable information about their favorite characters, the connections between them, their equipment, etc. And as a bonus, the illustrations are beautiful!

Riddles for kids: more than 300 riddles for smart kids 18

Riddles for kids: more than 300 riddles for smart kids

4,79 £ on Amazon

Smart kids won't be bored with this book! They'll find 300 hilarious puzzles and riddles. So they'll never know when they're on a road trip or at home.

Joke book for children : 200 funny stories 19

Joke book for children : 200 funny stories

4,79 £ on Amazon

Your toddler will be laughing for a long time while reading this book. No less than 200 charades and riddles await him. Fun times ahead that he will share with his little friends. A book that will also please the apprentice humorists!

Difficult Riddles For Forty Children 20

Difficult Riddles For Forty Children

4,79 £ on Amazon

Does your child enjoy solving puzzles? The more difficult it is, the more they like it? This book is for him! It offers no less than 300 riddles and puzzles to have fun. What's more, the whole family can participate. A moment of sharing and fun guaranteed!

JBL GO 2 21


27,99 £ on Amazon

Does your teenager love music? This mini speaker will be a perfect companion. It is easy to carry with its compact size. The device delivers quality sound and has Bluetooth connectivity as well as a built-in hands-free kit. Finally, it is completely waterproof!

JBL Go 3 22

JBL Go 3

31,99 £ on Boulanger

You'll enjoy music more when you use this speaker. It guarantees quality sound and punchy bass. It ensures long-lasting use with its 5-hour battery life. In addition, the device has Bluetooth connectivity.

Fire HD 8 tablet 23

Fire HD 8 tablet

79,99 £ on Amazon

With this tablet featuring an 8" HD display, your child will be fully entertained. It has a RAM of 2 GB and an internal storage of 32 or 64 GB expandable. Its 2.0 GHz quad-core processor ensures smooth operation even for video games.

Nintendo Switch 24

Nintendo Switch

230 £ on Amazon

This console is a must-have for video game fans. It includes 2 Joy-con controllers in red and neon blue. You can connect it to the television set thanks to the docking station giving you the possibility to have fun with your family.

Xbox Series S 25

Xbox Series S

239 £ on Amazon

Your teenager will be thrilled with this 100% digital next gen console. It offers a smooth gaming experience with ultra-detailed 4K HDR images. It comes with a 512 GB SSD for loading your games in record time.

Nintendo Switch Lite 26

Nintendo Switch Lite

200 £ on Boulanger

Playing video games will be a pure pleasure on this console. It has a 5.5" touch screen, 32 GB internal memory and a Wi-Fi connection. You can play for 3 hours without charging it!

Nintendo Game&Watch : Super Mario Bros 27

Nintendo Game&Watch : Super Mario Bros

33,59 £ on Boulanger

If you are a nostalgic gamer, this console will make you relive the classic Super Mario Bros. During your games, you will gain in precision thanks to the + controller. During your breaks, you will enjoy its 35 different animations.

Game Xbox One Electronic Arts FIFA 22 28

Game Xbox One Electronic Arts FIFA 22

47,99 £ on Boulanger

With FIFA 22, the player will live a very real experience! With 17,000 players, 700 teams and 30 leagues to choose from, the choice is vast. Take control of your favorite team and compete with other players.

Game PS5 Ubisoft FAR CRY 6 29

Game PS5 Ubisoft FAR CRY 6

47,99 £ on Boulanger

This game is a must-have for action-adventure fans. You play as Dani Rojas, a fighter whose mission is to overthrow the dictatorial regime of Antón Castillo. But to do so, you must unite different revolutionary factions.

Nintendo Switch Game - 51 Worldwide Games 30

Nintendo Switch Game - 51 Worldwide Games

31,99 £ on PicWicToys

Find the great classic games on Nintendo Switch! With 51 games to choose from, you won't be bored! You can have fun with up to 4 players and compete with online players if you want.

PlayStation 4 Game - Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot 31

PlayStation 4 Game - Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

47,99 £ on PicWicToys

Notice to fans of Dragon Ball Z characters, this game will keep you glued to your screen. You will relive the history of the main characters like Goku, Vegeta or Gohan! You can also fight or simply do activities such as fishing.

AKAI Professional MPK Mini MKII 32

AKAI Professional MPK Mini MKII

103 £ on Amazon

With this mini master keyboard, your teen will be like a real sound pro! It features 25 mini keys, 8 backlit MPC pads and 8 Q-Linkp buttons to mix to your heart's content. This device is equipped with an analog stick to control pitch and modulation.

VTech - Kidizoom Smartwatch Connect DX2 33

VTech - Kidizoom Smartwatch Connect DX2

47,04 £ on Amazon

This new generation selfie watch Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 blue is the trend if your kid is a bit geeky. Spoiled by this new technology, he can take pictures and record videos in selfie.

Fitbit Ace 3 activity bracelet 34

Fitbit Ace 3 activity bracelet

49,59 £ on Amazon

This activity bracelet is perfect to motivate your child to move properly. Thanks to it, he can know the number of steps he takes every day as well as his active minutes. You can also evaluate the quality of his sleep and correct certain habits.

JewerlyWe - Children's watch 35

JewerlyWe - Children's watch

7,19 £ on Amazon

JewerlyWe children's watch is especially eye-catching thanks to its brightness and multifunctional tasks. In addition to being water resistant, it can be given for any occasion. An excellent watch for the little sportsmen!

HyperX KHX-HSCP-RD Cloud II Gaming Headset 36

HyperX KHX-HSCP-RD Cloud II Gaming Headset

61,56 £ on Amazon

Never has a gaming experience been as immersive as with this gaming headset! It's specially designed for pro gaming. Enjoy virtual 7.1 surround sound and the comfort of memory foam!

Sony Pulse 3D Gamer Headset for PS5 Wireless 37

Sony Pulse 3D Gamer Headset for PS5 Wireless

79,99 £ on Boulanger

Using this wireless headset, enjoy high quality sound while playing your favorite games on the PS5 console. Compatible with PS4, it comes with a microphone with noise reduction. You can adjust the equalizer settings via the PS5 menu!

Monopoly - Fortnite 38

Monopoly - Fortnite

18,39 £ on PicWicToys

The Fortnite model of Monopoly offers more freedom throughout the game. Stay in a safe place and become an owner without paying anything.By protecting yourself from offensives, you will increase your life points.

One Piece Monopoly 39

One Piece Monopoly

23,99 £ on PicWicToys

For the great pleasure of its players, Monopoly never stops diversifying by creating its One Piece version. Inspired by the manga of the same name, all the characters are represented and they are the key elements of the game.

Monopoly - La Casa De Papel 40

Monopoly - La Casa De Papel

23,99 £ on PicWicToys

Monopoly is available in a La Casa de Papel version and features the most memorable scenes from this Netflix series. Proudly navigate the board of this board game with cards that represent your favorite characters.

Burger Quiz - The New Game Box 41

Burger Quiz - The New Game Box

18,39 £ on PicWicToys

The famous Burger Quiz game show comes to your home with the new Thousand Questions Box. Answer the different riddles and win all the game's challenges by challenging the other team.

Mystery House - Gigamic 42

Mystery House - Gigamic

25,59 £ on PicWicToys

Experience unique adventures with the Mystery House game and explore every corner of the old haunted castle. The 3D support and the application compatible with your phone or tablet will immerse you in strong emotions.

759 pieces puzzle - Escape: Astronomical Observatory 43

759 pieces puzzle - Escape: Astronomical Observatory

13,59 £ on PicWicToys

Take the time to assemble the pieces of Escape Puzzle from Ravensburger and discover the secret behind this escape game. With family or friends, each game will be a real moment of joy.

Dragon Ball Z Travel Trivial Pursuit 44

Dragon Ball Z Travel Trivial Pursuit

10,39 £ on PicWicToys

Whether you're just curious or an avid fan, you can learn all about the legendary Dragon Ball Z manga. Trival Pursuit Voyage cards offer a series of questions with answers. Mergers, crystal balls, and most of all, a good time will be had by all!

Trivial Pursuit Travel Friends 45

Trivial Pursuit Travel Friends

10,39 £ on PicWicToys

The famous American TV series Friends is summed up in cards with questions and answers. Contained in an easy to carry box, these cards can accompany you on your travels.

Colt Express 46

Colt Express

23,99 £ on PicWicToys

Colt Express is a unique game that puts you in the setting of an American Western action movie. With cards in your hands and a train as a battleground, you move bandits to attack.

300 poker chips case 47

300 poker chips case

27,99 £ on PicWicToys

Without looking at what is inside, the design of the poker case will undoubtedly fascinate you. Apart from the dice, chips and cards in the case, the variety of colors of these is nice to see.

Pokemon Poke Ball Kids Sweatshirt 48

Pokemon Poke Ball Kids Sweatshirt

19,99 £ on Amazon

This long-sleeved, hooded sweater for gamers features a Pokémon pokeball pattern and is designed for kids. Available in all sizes, it can be worn on all occasions, due to its unisex black color.

Pokemon Tee Shirt Child 49

Pokemon Tee Shirt Child

14,39 £ on Amazon

Make your little boy smile by giving him this long-sleeved T-shirt featuring Pokémon characters. Made of cotton and with various patterns, the T-shirt will make him feel like a Pokémon.

Nike FCB Breathe Stadium 50

Nike FCB Breathe Stadium

24,58 £ on Amazon

Belonging to the prestigious brand Nike, this FC Barcelona home jersey is a jewel for the supporters of the team. It can be worn during a match, a training session or a night out on the town.

Nike Kids T-Shirt Netherlands Ground 51

Nike Kids T-Shirt Netherlands Ground

14,15 £ on Go Sport

The Netherlands Ground model of the Nike T-shirt is highly recommended for boys who love round ball. The softness that can be felt while wearing it makes it a great sportswear and casual wear.

Liverpool FC T-shirt 52

Liverpool FC T-shirt

See price

Made of polyester, this T-shirt is the perfect gift for a Reds fan boy. A gift that not only retains the sweat, but is also aesthetically pleasing thanks to the embroidery that covers it. The article is available in several colors and sizes.

Sweat Shirt Multisport boy ADIDAS LOGO 53

Sweat Shirt Multisport boy ADIDAS LOGO

30,39 £ on Go Sport

The Adidas sweatshirt with a prominent logo on its face is reserved for athletic boys of all disciplines. Aside from the comfort and warmth, the black and white colors really reflect the Adidas brand.

PUMA POWER FZ Jacket for boys 54

PUMA POWER FZ Jacket for boys

35,99 £ on Go Sport

This long sleeve hooded sweatshirt from the famous sports brand Puma is for boys. Exuding elegance and a very attractive look, it can be worn with pride on any occasion.

Jacket Multisport boy ELLESSE HALE 55

Jacket Multisport boy ELLESSE HALE

31,99 £ on Go Sport

The Ellesse Hale jacket for boys is compatible with the practice of several sports. Its various elastic parts are essential and make it resistant to the movements of the wearer.

CHAMPION RIB CUFF Multisport Pants for Boys 56

CHAMPION RIB CUFF Multisport Pants for Boys

19,99 £ on Go Sport

The Rib Cuff Pants from Champion are very popular in the sports world. Being a product that is aimed at boys, it offers at the same time, lightness and a way to keep warm. It is available in several sizes.

Eastpak Pinnacle Backpack 57

Eastpak Pinnacle Backpack

45,76 £ on Amazon

The backpack made by Eastpak Pinnacle is very practical for each of your trips around town. With a front pocket and two compartments, you can take along what you need on a daily basis.

Galaxy Backpack 58

Galaxy Backpack

28,78 £ on Amazon

Follow the trends of the time and turn to the Galaxie backpack for boys. In addition to its ability to carry multiple items, its bright color glows at night. This bag is useful for school and travel.

Usamyna Bookbag - Backpack 59

Usamyna Bookbag - Backpack

See price

Usamyna Bookbag's design is beyond perfect with its smooth zipper closure and convenient pockets. So it's very comfortable, can handle heavy items and breathable not to mention easy to wash.

School backpack College 60

School backpack College

See price

Durable and eco-friendly in nature, the College Backpack is covered in high quality canvas or nylon. It is a handcrafted product that is well finished to make it more durable. What's more, the straps are adjustable to the wearer's convenience.

Fortnite Kids Banana Bag 61

Fortnite Kids Banana Bag

15,99 £ on Amazon

This Fortnite multi-pocket fanny pack is perfect for your young teen's tastes. It's a must-have for travel, walking or biking. This accessory can carry toys, snacks or small personal items.

Nike Air Max 97 62

Nike Air Max 97

111 £ on Nike

This Nike Air Max 97 has a new design that appeals to children. As these shoes offer comfort and elegance, they will not fail to make its effects at school, on the street and during its sports sessions.

Adidas Forum Low 63

Adidas Forum Low

60 £ on Adidas

Trendy and comfortable branded shoes that are sure to make an impact! From the athletic fields to the street, this Adidas Forum low will stay comfortable with its innovative technology and contemporary design.

Puma Future 4.4 FG/AG 64

Puma Future 4.4 FG/AG

20,08 £ on Go Sport

Having a high-tech cleat is the dream of every little footballer! This pair of Puma soccer shoes will accompany your child in his development, both during training sessions and matches

Nike Superfly 8 Club FG/MG 65

Nike Superfly 8 Club FG/MG

43,99 £ on Go Sport

These Nike sneakers designed for speed will awaken the talent of your future star. This equipment combines comfort and performance. It adapts to both natural and synthetic terrain. Its spikes offer a perfect stability.

Adidas WC2018 66

Adidas WC2018

13,99 £ on Go Sport

Take your budding soccer star back to the World Cup 2018 atmosphere! This Adidas soccer ball is the perfect gift if your little boy is a soccer fan. Your child deserves the best!

Trek Precaliber 20'' (20'') 67

Trek Precaliber 20'' (20'')

239 £ on Alltricks

This children's bike offers the possibility to ride in an ecological way. Well equipped and of a reasonable height, the risk of accident is reduced. The aluminum used for the manufacturing of its frame ensures its longevity.

Rockrider ST 900 24''. 68

Rockrider ST 900 24''.

240 £ on Alltricks

As an all-terrain bike, this kids' bike is designed to be ridden anywhere, without any worries. Its construction material makes it light and easy to pedal. Its equipment is of the latest generation.

Giro Thermor child helmet 69

Giro Thermor child helmet

31,99 £ on Alltricks

There's nothing like a cute helmet to complete the protective gear for your budding cyclists! This Giro kid's helmet with removable visor made of polycarbonate will make a great gift if your child loves to pedal.

O'Neal Kids Long Gloves 70

O'Neal Kids Long Gloves

11,99 £ on Alltricks

This pair of Junior O'Neal gloves designed with a durable and flexible material will protect your child's hands during their short bike rides. It is equipped with a Velcro closure for a perfect fit at the wrists.

Buggy RC ANTAPRCIS 1:14 71


36,79 £ on Amazon

The performance of the remote controlled buggy from ANTAPRCIS exceeds the expectations of children. With its four-wheel drive and powerful battery, it can cope with any type of terrain.

Beleev Skateboard 31x8 72

Beleev Skateboard 31x8

31,99 £ on Amazon

For those who are daring and show balance, the Beleev skateboard is for them. With a maple wood deck that is as wide as it is stiff, even beginners can get into this fun game.

Lego 21044 Architecture Paris 73

Lego 21044 Architecture Paris

31,92 £ on Amazon

Traveling without moving is now possible thanks to this construction game. It consists in assembling several pieces to make appear the emblematic monuments of the French capital.

Nightmatch LED soccer 74

Nightmatch LED soccer

23,99 £ on Amazon

Nightmatch has no shortage of ideas to impress you with its illuminated football. The device inside activates to give an orange and black LED light when the ball is in motion.

LEGO 42100 Technic The Excavator Liebherr R 9800 75

LEGO 42100 Technic The Excavator Liebherr R 9800

285 £ on Amazon

The Liebherr excavator from LEGO is a children's game that embodies the modernity of our time. It is remote controlled by an application and can perform all the gestures of a real excavator.

Electric scooter Micro Mobility Micro Merlin II 76

Electric scooter Micro Mobility Micro Merlin II

559 £ on Boulanger

The Micro Merlin II electric scooter is an essential tool for getting around modern cities. Both a game and a means of transportation, it has a braking system to ensure your safety.

Micro MobilitySparrow XL electric scooter for kids 77

Micro MobilitySparrow XL electric scooter for kids

200 £ on Boulanger

With all the features that children need, this electric scooter is practical and safe. Qualified as a hybrid, its acceleration is carried out either with a gas pedal or by the child's foot.

GeekMe Gyropode 6.5 Inch Self Balancing Electric Hoverboards 78

GeekMe Gyropode 6.5 Inch Self Balancing Electric Hoverboards

143 £ on Amazon

The GeekMe electric hoverboard has everything to please you and attract the attention of passers-by. It's state of the art, with automatic balancing and a Bluetooth connected speaker. It will make a great Christmas gift for your child!

Buki France Main Hydraulic 79

Buki France Main Hydraulic

24,55 £ on Cdiscount

Does your child love robots? Make him happy by offering him this smart box containing 150 parts so that he learns how to assemble his own toy. An educational game to offer or to offer to yourself for Christmas!

LEGO City 60218 Desert Rally Car 80

LEGO City 60218 Desert Rally Car

19,19 £ on Cdiscount

With LEGO City 60218, introduce your young builder to the joy of assembly. This construction game will help him to quickly develop his motor skills and imagination, all in a supercharged atmosphere.

LEGO Technic 42111 The Dodge Charger from Dom 81

LEGO Technic 42111 The Dodge Charger from Dom

87,20 £ on Cdiscount

If your child is a fan of the Fast and Furious saga, this construction game is for him! It's a challenging and exciting game that will immerse them in the thrilling world of car racing and overpowering engines.

Electric Ball Targets Set Music 82

Electric Ball Targets Set Music

40,13 £ on Cdiscount

This target shooting game offers a real fun and unique experience for young boys. It allows your budding sniper to enjoy the challenge and build his confidence. The lighting effects will make him feel like he is in a magical world.

Retevis RT388 83

Retevis RT388

18,39 £ on Amazon

Retevis RT388 Walkie Talkie is one of the most popular toys of the moment. Whether it's during outdoor play sessions or indoors, your teen can communicate with the rest of the family or friends.

NERF Elite Disruptor 84

NERF Elite Disruptor

12,80 £ on La Grande Récré

NERF Elite Disruptor is a highly educational toy that is ideal for calming your teen's temper. By playing with his friends, he will begin to learn control, be more inventive and acquire good reflexes.

Revell Control Magic Mover 85

Revell Control Magic Mover

20 £ on La Grande Récré

Magic Mover by Revell Control, a super fun drone will undoubtedly seduce your child. Equipped with an infrared anti-collision system, this drone flies without any risk of crashes or collisions. A great hobby for teenagers!

Cordoba Dolce 86

Cordoba Dolce

236 £ on Thomann

A beautiful guitar for your musical apprentice! This classical guitar in natural mahogany is the perfect gift to introduce your toddler to music. Sturdy by design, it will accompany him throughout his youth.

Exoh - Pot à crayon en forme de ballons 87

Exoh - Pot à crayon en forme de ballons

See price

Trousse Roblox 88

Trousse Roblox

See price

Super Saiyan stéréo Vision Night Light 89

Super Saiyan stéréo Vision Night Light

See price

Jo332Bertram - Poubelle corbeille à Papier 90

Jo332Bertram - Poubelle corbeille à Papier

See price

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