45 Christmas gift ideas for lovers

You and your significant other are in perfect love. But every year, finding the best Christmas gift for them is a real headache. How do you find the best one to prove your affection? To be sure to please her, take a look at our list of 45 ideas for lovers.

Christmas gift ideas for lovers under €20

Personalized silver key ring - Smileface 1

Personalized silver key ring - Smileface

11,19 £ on Amazon

This 316L stainless steel keychain is sure to please a loved one. You can engrave a love note, a special date and a photo on the back or on the front of the accessory. A simple gift to show your affection.

Coussin personnalisable Yonacrea 2

Coussin personnalisable Yonacrea

10,32 £ on Amazon

Offer this adorable cushion cover printed with the text or photo of your choice to your other half. It will make a perfect decoration for a bed, an armchair or a sofa. Note that it also exists in a version with filling.

Mug personnalisable avec 2 photos - SelfieMania 3

Mug personnalisable avec 2 photos - SelfieMania

9,52 £ on Amazon

This mug can be personalized with 2 different or identical photos. It is the gift to offer to your man. A simple present, but which can be used every day, and thanks to which he will think of you. This model is dishwasher safe as well as hand washable.

Mug with romantic message La Mente Es Maravillosa 4

Mug with romantic message La Mente Es Maravillosa

11,92 £ on Amazon

Your loved one will be delighted to receive this beautiful porcelain mug decorated with a romantic message. You can give it to her for Christmas, for her birthday or for Valentine's Day. The mug has a capacity of 30 cL and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Mr Wonderful candle WOM03044 5

Mr Wonderful candle WOM03044

11,96 £ on Amazon

This personalized candle is the perfect gift to introduce your man to aromatherapy. The sweet scent will put him in a romantic and relaxed mood. Made with vegetable wax, the candle weighs approximately 400g.

Porte-Bougie Infinity Love

Infinity Love Candle Holder

15,99 £ on Amazon

The Infinity Love candle holder will serve as a declaration of love for your loved one. A romantic gift for Christmas, customizable with both your names. The wooden accessory will bring softness and warmth to a bedroom or living room.

Lot de 2 porte-clés Brillianceco

Set of 2 key rings Brillianceco

11,19 £ on Amazon

This pair of animal keychains can represent a couple of unicorns, alpacas, whales, horses, etc. In total, you will have the choice of 10 animal pairs. You take one and give the other to your lover.

Vintage white wooden letters Mr & Mrs Amajoy 6

Vintage white wooden letters Mr & Mrs Amajoy

7,12 £ on Amazon

Placed on your man's desk, this personalized decoration is just gorgeous. You can install it on a piece of furniture. Its quality wood design and matte white coating allow it to fit in with any decorating style.

Queen & King UEUC beaded bracelets 7

Queen & King UEUC beaded bracelets

8,79 £ on Amazon

This duo of pearl bracelets is suitable for couples. Mr. will have the black agate bracelet to symbolize his virility and Madam will receive the white Howlite model, synonymous with softness and elegance.

Handmade bamboo greeting card EKKONG 8

Handmade bamboo greeting card EKKONG

11,19 £ on Amazon

Personalize your gift with this bamboo greeting card, with beautiful laser cut hearts. You can insert poems, love notes and a photo. A sentimental person will love it!

Set of 2 rubber "Lawyers" key rings - Mr Wonderful 9

Set of 2 rubber "Lawyers" key rings - Mr Wonderful

12,43 £ on Amazon

Surprise your lover with this set of funny rubber key rings. He will have a banana when he sees them and will understand at the same time that you complement each other. This is a funny and unusual gift idea to share during the Christmas holidays.

Personalized wall photo on wood (20 cm x 20 cm) Wandmotiv24 10

Personalized wall photo on wood (20 cm x 20 cm) Wandmotiv24

13,59 £ on Amazon

Impress your significant other with a customizable photo mural on wood. You can put a photo of the two of you on it or just his or yours. Available in a wide range of formats and sizes, this medium is remarkably durable.

Cadenas de l'Amour Personnalisable - Prénoms - Rouge Passion

Customizable Love Padlock Passion Red

11,92 £ on Cadeaux

Is this your first Christmas since you met? Give her this padlock to symbolize the strength of your love. The bright red object is fully customizable. You can put your two names on it, above and below the little white heart. A gesture that will be appreciated and rewarded as it should be!

Miamio - Kissing coffee cup set 11

Miamio - Kissing coffee cup set

15,92 £ on Amazon

This Christmas, choose a gift that reflects love and tenderness. This coffee mug set is perfect for young parents. The matching mugs are made of premium ceramics and come in a beautiful heart-shaped box.

Dimoi couples game 12

Dimoi couples game

15,92 £ on Amazon

Spice up your relationship with this discovery game and share some great moments together. The 144 original questions in the box will help you rediscover and understand each other and build a stronger relationship.

Juduku Osmooz Couples

Juduku Osmooz Couples

11,99 £ on Amazon

Aimed at couples, this Osmooz version of the famous Juduku game allows for fun and laughter bars without the headache. There are no strict rules to follow, except that it requires 2 players and is not suitable for people under 16. No need to explain why!

Conversations en Couple Oh Happy Games

Couples Conversations Oh Happy Games

15,99 £ on Amazon

This game is characterized by its 220 questions on various themes: love, desire, spirituality... It offers the possibility to strengthen the bonds between you and your partner and to talk about subjects that you have never had the courage to talk about.

Jeux2Minutes - 2 minutes... mon amour !

Board game with cards 2 minutes... my love!

11,99 £ on Amazon

Ideal for Christmas or any special occasion, the "2 minutes... my love!"will liven up your evenings together this winter. Let the 52 cards be your guide, and you'll be able to share good times together. Join the 35,000 couples who have already tried it.

Cœur Messages - érotique

Heart Messages - erotic

12,72 £ on Cadeaux

Sexier and more romantic than this one, you won't find any! This gift box contains 100 erotic challenges written on rolled up pieces of paper. Pull one out with the tweezers provided and you'll know what it says. So, cap or no cap?

Coffret 10 galets de bain douceur Nature et Découvertes

Set of 10 Nature et Découvertes softness bath pebbles

15,96 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

Even if you're giving it to your sweetheart, you can still enjoy it together. Use one pebble for each bath. Dip it in the water and let the fine bubbles caress your skin. Rejuvenate yourself while relaxing in the arms of your loved one.

Christmas gift ideas for lovers under €50

Eau de Parfum Quelques Notes d’Amour 50ml Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher Eau de Parfum Quelques Notes d'Amour

27,96 £ on Yves-Rocher

You won't have to tell your partner anything. It's all on the package! This 50 mL eau de parfum fills the air with the melodious aroma of Damascena rose, which blends perfectly with Guaiac wood essence and Benzoin extract.

Set of 2 engraved champagne flutes Engraving Events 13

Set of 2 engraved champagne flutes Engraving Events

18,80 £ on Amazon

These 2 customizable champagne flutes are to offer to newlyweds. You can also reserve them for your man to celebrate a special occasion in his company. Each flute has a capacity of 17 cL and a height of 22.2 cm.

Plaque en ardoise à suspendre Casa Vivente 14

Plaque en ardoise à suspendre Casa Vivente

19,99 £ on Amazon

Does your man's decor need a romantic touch? This engraved slate will be a great gift idea to hang on his wall or gate. It will also find a good place in your home. Mark your territory!

Horloge Multi-photos

Multi-Photo Clock

26,32 £ on Cadeaux

A unique decorative object, this customizable isorel clock will impress your other half. It can hold 2 beautiful couple or family photos on its flat surface of 29 cm diameter. Delivered unassembled, the clock requires one AA battery to operate.

Cristal I Love You 3D Glas 15

Cristal I Love You 3D Glas

18,39 £ on Amazon

Simple, this 3D printed crystal heart will make a beautiful decoration when placed on a piece of furniture. It will remind your man of all the love you have for him. All that's left to do is to decorate it with a beautiful red bow since the crystal heart will be delivered to you perfectly packaged in a gift box.

Sculpture seated couple aged silver aspect of 25 x 18 cm Casablanca 16

Sculpture seated couple aged silver aspect of 25 x 18 cm Casablanca

26,23 £ on Amazon

Give this sculpture featuring a seated couple. Cast in aged silver, it can sit on a desk, in the bedroom or in the living room. The tenderness of the two figures will melt your significant other's heart.

Iron couple statuette Aoneky 17

Iron couple statuette Aoneky

31,99 £ on Amazon

If your partner loves carved objects, this iron statue will please him. It will symbolize the love you feel towards him. The cast iron piece is very easy to clean and lasts a long time.

Flower Eternal Rose 24K Gold Forgifting 18

Flower Eternal Rose 24K Gold Forgifting

31,99 £ on Amazon

Made of 24 carat gold and brass, this flower is an excellent gift idea for lovers. It is made of real rose having followed a multitude of processes to finally reach this perfection and this exceptional aspect.

Set of 2 wine glasses with personalized engraving Amavel 19

Set of 2 wine glasses with personalized engraving Amavel

27,99 £ on Amazon

Here are 2 wine glasses printed with names, yours and your loved one's. Both design and decorative, these glasses are perfect for a candlelight dinner with your loved one. Each of the 2 glasses has a capacity of 500 mL and measures 9.6 x 9.6 x 23.8 cm.

Personalized photo board on slate with easel Wandmotiv24 20

Personalized photo board on slate with easel Wandmotiv24

23,99 £ on Amazon

Remind your soul mate how much you care by engraving a photo of the two of you on this slate slab on an easel. Of course, you can further personalize it by adding text, first names, or even a sweet word.

Set of 2 Mr & Mrs Love-Kankei porcelain coffee cups with wooden seat 21

Set of 2 Mr & Mrs Love-Kankei porcelain coffee cups with wooden seat

18,39 £ on Amazon

Are you dating a man recently? Do you both like to enjoy coffee and other hot drinks? This duo of customizable Mr. and Mrs. coffee mugs made of porcelain and with a capacity of 300 mL will be perfect. You take one and give him the other!

Lot de 2 tabliers assortis Mr. & Mrs. Nomsum 22

Lot de 2 tabliers assortis Mr. & Mrs. Nomsum

18,68 £ on Amazon

You live as a couple and you both love to cook? This set of 2 matching aprons is for you! The inscriptions are really funny and make a great gift idea to please a lover and yourself at the same time.

Boîte à thé Couple

Tea box Couple

23,92 £ on Cadeaux

Made of engraved wood, this tea box will make an excellent Christmas gift for any couple who loves to brew. You can have it personalized at the time of order by putting your respective first names on it to have a unique present. Note that the box has 8 compartments.

Sweat à capuche Personnalisable - Monsieur & Madame

Customizable Hoodie - Mr. & Mrs.

31,92 £ on Cadeaux

To give or to offer, this personalized sweater will make a perfect Christmas gift for both men and women. It will keep the recipient warm during the winter season while giving them the opportunity to express their style. So, you are Mr. and Mrs. who?

Collier cœur de cristal étincelant Swarovski et son pétale éternel

Necklace heart of Swarovski crystal and its petal of eternal flower

39,92 £ on Cadeaux

This Christmas, give this beautiful heart-shaped Swarowski crystal necklace to your loved one to declare your love to the world. Better yet, personalize the eternal flower petal to make the gift truly unique.

Smartbox Tentations à deux

Smartbox Tentations for Two

39,92 £ on Smartbox

Don't spend enough time together? Let yourself be tempted by an unforgettable experience thanks to the "Temptations for Two" box from Smartbox. There are 12,500 activities to choose from. You can choose an activity or a romantic stay for two. A smart gift for Christmas!

Loisirs en duo Wonderbox

Wonderbow Leisure Duo Set

39,92 £ on Wonderbox

Are you and your sweetheart more of an adventurer or a gourmet? By choosing the " Leisure in duo " option from Wonderbox, enjoy a unique experience among the 8000 proposed. An unusual night in an eco-lodge, a relaxing session in a hammam, a magical night in a palace... What a pleasure!

Couverture à manches double personnalisable - Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. & Mrs. Customizable Double Sleeve Blanket

39,92 £ on Cadeaux

What's warmer and more comforting than a throw on a cold day? The best thing about this model is that you can snuggle up together and put your hands through it thanks to the sleeves on each side. An original and very practical gift idea, also customizable.

Duo de serviettes Mr & Mrs

Mr & Mrs Towel Duo

27,92 £ on Cadeaux

This duo of towels of 50 x 100 cm each will not miss interest for a couple. You can write your first name and your other half's name on it, in addition to the mouth and moustache that make them stand out.

Clash of Couples board game for adults 23

Clash of Couples board game for adults

18,35 £ on Amazon

You organize spicy evenings between couples or lovers? Clash of Couples will enhance these moments and make them unforgettable. Delivered with 400 question cards, it offers 30 hours of gameplay divided between 15 to 60 minutes. Several game modes are available, namely the classic, the gages and the drink.

Enceinte Bluetooth Piscine KingSom

KingSom Pool Bluetooth Speaker

26,39 £ on Amazon

Super water resistant (IPX7), this Bluetooth LED speaker will accompany you in the shower, in the pool or on the beach. It has the ability to withstand an immersion of 15 m for 30 minutes. The device also broadcasts sound at 360° thanks to its built-in speakers.

Christmas gift ideas for lovers over €50

Smartbox Gift Idea for Him 24

Smartbox Gift Idea for Him

46,79 £ on Amazon

Offer your man a relaxing session: between work, his obligations and his efforts to please you, he really needs it! Valid for 3 years and 3 months, this relaxation box offers 1816 male well-being services (modeling, treatments or hammam).

Massages et détente en duo

Smartbox Massages and relaxation in duo

71,92 £ on Smartbox

After an intense year full of emotions, you deserve a moment of relaxation to enjoy together. This is what this Smartbox offers you. The offer includes a wellness session that can last up to 2h30 among the 2455 gentle treatments available. Modeling, facials, access to the spa and many others are on the program.

Jeu de 2 montres Dreaming Q&P FQ-102

Set of 2 Dreaming watches Q&P FQ-102

47,99 £ on Amazon

When it comes to fashion accessories for couples, you can't go wrong with watches. Complementary if put side by side, they display the word "love" surrounded by a heart decorated with rhinestones, symbolizing the love and attention you give to your beloved.

Pouf canapé en similicuir XXXL Bean Bag Bazaar

Bean Bag Bazaar XXXL Leatherette Sofa Ottoman

200 £ on Amazon

Here is an interesting gift idea for lovers. Ideal for relaxation, this sofa pouf of size XXXL can accommodate 2 people. You can rest there in the afternoon or during your evenings. No false note regarding the design.


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