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The straighteners available in the GHD catalog will help you transform your look by leaving your hair smooth thanks to its high-performance ceramic plates. GHD straighteners will give you a professional finish. In order to choose the model that will suit you best, here is a buying guide presenting the best appliances of the moment and the important criteria.


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The best GHD straightener in 2021

It's an enhanced version of GHD's best-selling Platinium model. The "+" is there to signify that you will enjoy a new styling experience.

215 £ on Ghdhair

With revolutionary ultra-zone predictive technology, the GHD PLATINUM+ STYLER® recognizes each section of hair and adjusts the temperature to ensure the optimal 185°C temperature is consistent on both plates. This amazing new technology results in stronger hair with more shine and twice the color protection.

The heat on STYLER® GHD PLATINUM+ is controlled 250 times per second. With predictive technology, the straightener recognizes the thickness of your hair and the speed at which you style and adjusts accordingly, ensuring amazing results. The unique triangle hinge ensures that the precision-milled plates stay aligned, allowing for the perfect style.


Best entry-level


The best entry-level GHD straightener

Whether it's your very first straightener or a gift for a loved one, the GHD ORIGINAL STYLER® is the best entry-level alternative around and has been for a long time.

135 £ on Ghdhair

Although the GHD ORIGINAL STYLER® only offers one heat setting, 185°C, it's a sufficient temperature for all your hair straightening needs. It's not too hot and helps prevent heat damage without compromising the accuracy of results. The ceramic heating technology and floating ceramic plates are suitable for all hair types and lengths. You can straighten your hair in one simple motion, without multiple strokes.

Although the plates are not as large as those found on the GHD PLATINUM+ STYLER®, they do the job of straightening perfectly and even allow you to achieve curls and waves. Another interesting feature, common to most GHD straighteners, is the automatic sleep mode that turns off the straightener if it is not used after 30 minutes.


Best high-end


The best high-end GHD straightener

The GHD UNPLUGGED STYLER® is not the first cordless straightener on the market, but it brings all the power and versatility of GHD corded straighteners in a compact, easy-to-use, stylish package.

239 £ on Ghdhair

The STYLER® GHD UNPLUGGED was designed to fit perfectly in a purse, providing a way to quickly and easily straighten hair if you're caught in the rain, or enhance your style at any time of day if you need to go on an impromptu evening date after work. Its compact design and the fact that it charges via a standard USB-C cable also lends itself well to weekends or travel abroad.

On fine to medium-length hair, the GHD UNPLUGGED STYLER® easily handles a range of styles and finishes. The ease of use offered by the STYLER® GHD UNPLUGGED also comes from the precision of its small plates and the freedom you have because of the lack of a power cord.




Excellent GHD straightener

If you have very short hair and find it difficult to use straighteners with traditional sized plates, the thinner plates of the STYLER® GHD MINI will offer you much more precision.

160 £ on Ghdhair
Buying guide • November 2023

Best GHD straightener

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The best GHD straightener in 2021

The best entry-level GHD straightener

The best high-end GHD straightener

Excellent GHD straightener

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Comparison table of the best GHD straighteners

The best Inexpensive High end Mini straightener
It's an enhanced version of GHD's best-selling Platinium model. The "+" is there to signify that you will enjoy a new styling experience.
Whether it's your very first straightener or a gift for a loved one, the GHD ORIGINAL STYLER® is the best entry-level alternative around and has been for a long time.
The GHD UNPLUGGED STYLER® is not the first cordless straightener on the market, but it brings all the power and versatility of GHD corded straighteners in a compact, easy-to-use, stylish package.
If you have very short hair and find it difficult to use straighteners with traditional sized plates, the thinner plates of the STYLER® GHD MINI will offer you much more precision.
Plate technology used
Ceramic heater
Ceramic heater
Heating time
20 seconds
30 seconds
25 seconds
25 seconds
Auto sleep mode
Recommended hair type
Any type
Any type
Any type
Short hair
Swivel cable length
2.7 meters
2.7 meters
2.7 meters

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Our opinion on the GHD straighteners

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Our opinion on GHD straighteners

Good Hair Day, or GHD, is a manufacturer of hair care products based in Leeds, UK. GHD is a market leader in hair straighteners and its products are sold and used in over 50,000 locations worldwide. Since the brand first appeared in 2001, it has continued to evolve and attract loyal customers. GHD's catalog has grown over the years, and today the brand offers hair dryers, curling irons, styling accessories of all kinds and of course hair straighteners.

So what makes GHD hair straighteners so popular and coveted? Well, it's all about innovation and creativity. In fact, the brand is dedicated to creating straighteners using the latest technology so that every user can truly achieve a salon-quality hairstyle in the comfort of their own home. So whatever hair look you want, you can trust your locks to GHD products and their patented technology to eliminate frizz, add shine and enhance your look every day.

Specifically, GHD's hair straightener catalog can be divided into three main categories: multipurpose straighteners, straighteners for short hair, and straighteners for long, thick hair. If you have hair that is neither too thick nor too thin, super short or extremely long, then you should probably look into one of the GHD straighteners in the Classic line, which includes the STYLER® GHD ORIGINAL, STYLER® GHD GOLD and STYLER® GHD PLATINUM+.

If you have short hair, you may have trouble using straighteners with traditional sized plates. That's where the STYLER® GHD MINI comes in. This more compact version of the GHD ORIGINAL STYLER® has the same amazing technology, but the thinner plates allow for more precise styling and control. It's also the best GHD straightener for styling smaller sections of hair that need a little more attention.

With the same advanced technology as the GHD ORIGINAL STYLER®, but with significantly larger plates, the GHD GOLD MAX STYLER® can tackle the thickest, most unruly hair with ease. If you have long hair, you'll also love how quickly the larger plates glide through your strands, reducing your styling time.

GHD straighteners are packed with innovative technologies. They all have a sleep mode and use ceramic plates. But the GHD PLATINUM+ STYLER® has the added benefit of Ultra-Zone predictive technology that automatically detects the thickness of your hair and gives you a customized temperature for the best possible results.

This high-end model also has sensors that analyze the hair 250 times per second to maintain an optimal temperature of 185°C; the perfect temperature for professional styling. We regret, however, that on all GHD straighteners it is not possible to manually adjust the temperature.

Finally, we understand why GHD straighteners are so popular. First, you have a well-stocked catalog that will meet the needs of all budgets. Second, GHD straighteners have the latest technology in the industry, including some that are unique to GHD. So if you're looking to buy your very first straightener or want to give a gift that won't disappoint, GHD remains a great value.

GHD straightener or Dyson straightener

GHD Straightener

An acronym for Good Hair Day, GHD is a very popular brand of high-end hair care products. It is a company that offers a variety of hair styling tools, including hair straighteners, hair dryers, curlers and hair brushes.

It was so well received that in its first two years of business, the company apparently didn't even need to advertise, because the popularity spread so quickly through word of mouth and salon recommendations.

For straighteners, GHD's best-seller is the STYLER® GOLD®, a high-end product known for its dual-zone technology: two sensors that aim to maintain a temperature of 185°C from root to tip. The brand is also famous for its limited edition products, which usually target trendy colors or designs.

It's worth noting that GHD straighteners don't have a temperature adjustment feature. This is set at 185°C. According to GHD, applying more heat would damage the hair. All GHD straighteners also have a sleep mode.

Dyson Straightener

Dyson's line of vacuums has been a staple for years, but what most people don't know is that Dyson also offers hair care products. The Corrale is Dyson's first and currently only hair straightener available on the market.

A unique feature of the model is its hybrid charging mode, which is supposed to help you get longer cordless life by charging the tool whenever the cable is connected but not touching your hair.

Other features include flexible plates that are less damaging to hair, and a sensor system that measures the temperature of the plates to make sure it never exceeds the chosen setting. The Dyson Corrale is claimed to provide up to 30 minutes of cordless time and can apparently recharge to 90% in 40 minutes.

The main selling point of the Dyson is its cordless functionality and battery that guarantees 30 minutes of runtime.


GHD proves to be the best option for finding an easy-to-handle straightener with excellent value. On the other hand, if you want more versatility and flexibility, opt for a Dyson model that allows you to adjust the temperature in three levels.

How to choose your GHD straightener

GHD's catalog is well stocked when it comes to hair straighteners. With so many models available, knowing which one best suits your needs can be a daunting process. To make your choice easier, there are a number of criteria to consider.

Criterion 1 : The shape of the plate

One might think that a straightener is simply flat. However, not all straighteners are completely flat. Some have edges of a certain shape that can affect their versatility. For example, if the plates and outer edges of the straightener are slightly rounded, it will be easier to turn your straightener into a curling iron.

A straightener with sharp edges is less versatile but can give you slightly straighter hair.

Criterion 2 : The width of the plate

Wider plates are incredibly useful for those with long, thick hair. They can gather more hair and heat it in fewer passes. Plus, wide plates reduce damage to thicker hair.

However, if you have short, over-processed or fine hair, you'll need to opt for narrower plates that apply less heat. Of course, if you plan to travel with your GHD straightener, you'll also need slightly narrower plates that can easily fit in your bag.

Criterion 3 : The material of the plates

The material of the plates is a very important criterion when buying a straightener.

  • Most straighteners on the market have a ceramic coating, including those offered by GHD. This material offers an ultra-soft glide for flawless straightening.
  • Ionic straighteners are most often equipped with a tourmaline coating. Not only does it make hair shiny, but it also helps protect against frizz.
  • There are also straighteners that have a titanium coating. This type of coating ensures a perfect smoothing with an optimal shine. However, abuse of this device can damage the hair.

Criterion 4 : The heating temperature

In order not to burn your hair while straightening, knowing the heating temperature of your straightener is crucial. You choose the right temperature according to your hair type.

Most devices have different levels of temperature settings:

  • If you have fine or damaged hair, the ideal temperature is between 70° and 150°.
  • For normal or soft hair, choose a temperature between 150° and 180°.
  • Curly or wavy hair needs a fairly high temperature, between 180 ° and 200 °.
  • Finally, for frizzy hair, you need to reach a higher temperature of 200 ° minimum and 230 ° maximum.

Criterion 5 : The size of the cord

The size of the straightener cord is another factor to consider. Indeed, a device with a long cord offers more freedom of movement and comfort when straightening. A cord of 2 m or more is ideal. You don't have to stay near the electrical outlet where you plug in the straightener.

How to properly use a GHD hair straightener?


To get the best results when straightening your hair with a GHD hair straightener, you will first need the following:

  • Your new GHD hair straightener
  • A good quality hair brush
  • A comb
  • Sectioning clips

For normal length hair, you should favor the classic STYLER® GHD GOLD and for long, thick hair, you may need to use the STYLER® GHD PLATINUM+.

Step 1: Wash and dry your hair

First, you need to make sure your hair is perfectly clean and well-conditioned, ready to be straightened. Wash your hair with a high-quality shampoo and conditioner, making sure you choose the right product for your hair type. Your hair will be in better condition if you use a salon quality product. Lightly towel dry your hair, then blow dry with a high quality hair dryer.


Step 2: Apply a heat protection spray

Once your hair is dry, you should apply a heat protection spray to protect your hair from heat damage. For best results, use GHD's heat protection spray, which is specifically designed for use with GHD straighteners.

Step 3: Straighten your hair

After separating your hair into equal sections and layers, you are now ready to straighten your hair. Plug in your GHD straightener and wait for it to heat up. It will beep to let you know it's ready and normally takes about 30 seconds to reach the optimal temperature. GHD straighteners feature ceramic heating technology, which ensures even heat distribution across the plates.

Select a section of hair and straighten from root to tip. Squeeze the straightener around the hair at the root and gently apply pressure while pulling down. You should find that the straightener glides through the hair without snagging or pulling and the heat protector will ensure that your hair does not burn. Be careful when the straightener is close to the scalp and around the ears!

Continue straightening your hair until all sections have been straightened or you have the look you want.

5 reasons to buy a GHD hair straightener?

Suitable for all hair types

When you're looking for the best hair straightener, the conundrum is often: will it work for my hair? A GHD straightener can tame even the straightest, most unruly hair. In fact, many people with difficult hair have found that a GHD is the only straightener that seems to work for their hair type.

Heats up fast

GHD straighteners heat to an optimal styling temperature of 185°C in seconds. And thanks to all the technology on board, the temperature stays there without any difficulty. A GHD straightener also has a sleep mode that allows the device to automatically turn off after a certain amount of time if you forget to do so.

Has plates with rounded edges

A favorite brand in the market, GHD has designed its straighteners to be versatile and easy to use for its customers. The rounded edges of the ceramic heating plates that come with GHD straighteners allow for curls and styles that are not possible with some other straighteners and without leaving dents in the hair.

GHD straighteners are durable

The quality is undeniable when using a GHD straightener. Not only does using a result in straightened hair with long-lasting hold, but GHD straightener owners will enjoy years of use from their product. Sure, GHD straighteners aren't the most affordable on the market, but at least you know you're getting a product that comes with a guarantee and will go the distance.

Chemical-free treatment

Using a GHD hair straightener does not require the use of any chemicals to achieve perfect straightening. It is therefore a solution that saves your hair from getting damaged considerably, by depriving it of those toxic products for your hair, scalp and overall health.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the GHD straighteners:


Remignton is a brand that specializes in beauty appliances, especially hair straighteners. Its products are among the best-selling on the market and appreciated for their excellent value for money.

L'Oreal is a world-renowned brand in the beauty industry. It has an experience of more than 100 years. Apart from cosmetic products, it develops very efficient and extremely effective hair straighteners.

Philips is a leading brand in the household appliances sector. It has been involved in the production of hair-related equipment for years, such as hair straighteners. Its hair straightener models have great reliability, durability and also offered at affordable prices.

MadameParis is a French brand. It is still young in the business, but has been able to get noticed, thanks to its straightening brushes. Currently, it also produces hair straighteners of excellent quality. Its models are very popular with users.

It has been accompanying millions of people on a daily basis for 50 years. Unavoidable as soon as we talk about beauty solution and professional quality. In particular, the brand offers excellent medium/high-end straighteners.


Apply a shine spray after straightening

It is difficult to get a satisfactory result when straightening your hair. We often ask ourselves: what are the tricks of the trade to get a perfect result? To give your hair a little extra shine, apply a shine spray after using the GHD straightener. For best results, it is also recommended to have a shampoo and a straightening anti-shampoo on hand.

Use an intensive mask if you straighten your hair very often

Although the heat protection spray minimizes damage when using a straightener, if you straighten your hair very often, you should consider buying an intensive mask to use once a week to compensate for the loss of moisture in the hair due to heat.

Always start at the back

In order to have a successful straightening session, it is useful to follow a few steps. When straightening, make sure you always start at the back of your head. Then slowly work your way to the front. Ideally, the front hair should be the last part to be straightened, and even most professionals apply this trick.

Be methodical

Whenever you divide your hair into different sections to straighten it, opt for rather small sections of hair. Take one section and iron it well. Don't lose your patience. It's okay to go slow; it will give you perfect straight hair with long-lasting hold.

Keep your hair tight

If you keep your hair strands tight, they'll need fewer passes with the straightener (and fewer passes mean less damage, of course). Going over your hair more than once with the straightener won't kill the hair, but you shouldn't need to do it as much if you choose the right GHD straightener.


How do I curl my hair with a GHD straightener?

Take a small section of your hair and gently squeeze your GHD straightener towards the top of your hair. Pull your straightener down as you normally would to straighten your hair. When you get to the middle of the section, where you want a curl to start, rotate your straightener half a turn away from your face and gently pull down. Repeat for each section.

What type of heat protector should I use before straightening?

As a barrier between your hair and the flat iron, a good heat protector contains hair-strengthening ingredients that add a layer of defense against heat damage. Some of the things you can use are humectants, amino acids, and essential oils.

My hair stays curly even after using a GHD straightener?

The reason your hair stays frizzy after using a GHD straightener may come from the hair products you use. You may have used a serum that protects against heat. It could also be your type of shampoo. Stick to moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Also use dimethicone and keratin-based products to make your hair more receptive to straightening.

How do I clean a GHD straightener?

Before cleaning your GHD straightener, it is imperative to unplug it and let it cool. It can only be cleaned when the ceramic plates are cool to the touch. Wipe them with a soft, slightly dampened cloth. To remove any product residue that may be on the sides of the straightener, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush.


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