The best gas stoves in the UK 2023

Are you looking for a fast cooking system that you can control perfectly? A gas stove is the essential kitchen equipment that best meets your expectations. Kitchen piano or basic gas stove? With how many fireplaces? Catalytic or manual cleaning? This guide will allow you to quickly find your future gas stove

Beko FSG62120DXMCS 1

Best value for money

Beko FSG62120DXMCS

The best gas stove in 2021

Cooking with peace of mind! This is the promise of this Beko gas stove with its compact and ultra-modern design. Its enamelled grill and its mirror stainless steel wall make it easy to clean.

399 £ on Boulanger

This Beko gas stove is one of the best cooking systems of the moment. With its spacious cooking area consisting of 4 burners, you can prepare a wide variety of dishes safely. Indeed, the thermocouple system prevents the gas from spreading in the appliance as soon as it is turned off, effectively limiting the risk of fire. Thanks to its neat design, it can be integrated in any kitchen.

Equipped with an oven under the cooking plate, this 75 L gas stove is ideal for preparing tasty dishes for the whole family. It is easy to control thanks to an intuitive joystick with integrated ignition as well as the timer to program the cooking mode. Its stainless steel design combined with the catalytic cleaning system makes it robust and easy to maintain.

Listo CG5055 L1b 2

Best value for money

Listo CG5055 L1b

The best entry-level gas cooker

A simple but good quality gas stove, this model designed by Listo is made for those who are looking for a highly efficient appliance at a low price. A bargain for the average wallet.

151 £ on Boulanger

True to its reputation as a supplier of discount appliances, Listo still satisfies small budgets with its CG5055 L1b gas stove. It allows you to cook several dishes at the same time thanks to 4 fires that can be controlled via the joystick. Its width of 50 cm fits in any space. Despite its basic systems, this gas stove has a medium capacity oven, to vary your dishes.

This stove has an enamelled grill that is easy to clean and a sufficiently solid wall, designed to last over time. The thermocouple safety system ensures that the gas is cut off instantly when the lights are turned off. You can easily clean the oven and the exterior in a jiffy.

Glem GA960PCGBR 3

Best value for money


The best high-end gas cooker

Synonymous with refinement and power, this Glem gas stove has everything you need to make your daily life easier. Time spent in the kitchen becomes a moment of pure happiness thanks to this design butanette.

799 £ on Boulanger

The color alone is appealing! This cooktop aspires to refinement with its simplistic yet modern design. Suitable for custom kitchens and large kitchens, Glem's top-of-the-line gas stove has 4 side burners and a large central hearth. You can put all kinds of pots and pans on it, even the biggest ones, this appliance will not let you down. The one-handed electronic ignition ensures a quick and efficient start-up.

Safe, elegant and above all versatile, this gas stove will become the main decorative element of your kitchen. Its 69 L volume allows you to vary your preparations as you wish. Each dish can be cooked differently thanks to the adjustable thermostat from 130°C to 250°C. The details such as the 5 functions, the catalytic cleaning or the thermocouple system and the storage compartment will only enhance your small dishes.

Schneider SCCG6DOB 4


Schneider SCCG6DOB

The best mid-range alternative

Ideal for medium-sized kitchens, this combination gas stove has features that make you dream. Compact and fully functional, Schneider offers us an attractive model that adapts to all our desires.

479 £ on Boulanger

Shneider is not only about design, but also about perfect harmony between power and ergonomics. This gas stove offers 4 gas burners to help you cook your best dishes. No need to use a match or lighter to light it, the one-handed ignition system takes care of everything. The 60 cm size combined with the sleek design and the black wall make it a real decorative asset for any kitchen.

Innovative gas stove, it is equipped with 2 natural convection ovens powered by plugs, which allows to put two preparations in the oven at different temperatures. This mix between gas and electricity will save you money on your bill. No need to bother with a cloth or sponge for cleaning, the catalytic cleaning system takes care of everything!

Buying guide • November 2023

Best gas stove

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The best gas stove in 2021

The best entry-level gas cooker

The best high-end gas cooker

The best mid-range alternative

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Comparison table of the best gas stoves

Top Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent
Beko FSG62120DXMCS 5
Listo CG5055 L1b 6
Glem GA960PCGBR 7
Schneider SCCG6DOB 8
Beko FSG62120DXMCS
Listo CG5055 L1b
Schneider SCCG6DOB
Cooking with peace of mind! This is the promise of this Beko gas stove with its compact and ultra-modern design. Its enamelled grill and its mirror stainless steel wall make it easy to clean.
A simple but good quality gas stove, this model designed by Listo is made for those who are looking for a highly efficient appliance at a low price. A bargain for the average wallet.
Synonymous with refinement and power, this Glem gas stove has everything you need to make your daily life easier. Time spent in the kitchen becomes a moment of pure happiness thanks to this design butanette.
Ideal for medium-sized kitchens, this combination gas stove has features that make you dream. Compact and fully functional, Schneider offers us an attractive model that adapts to all our desires.
W60 x D60 cm
W50 x D55 cm
W90 x D60 cm
W60 x D60 cm
Number of fireplaces
Number of ovens
Type of ignition
Integrated with the handles
1 hand
By catalysis
By catalysis
By catalysis

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Buying guide - gas stove

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How to choose your gas stove

There are a few things to consider before buying a gas stove, including the number of burners and the size. Indeed, the efficiency and duration of the appliance depend on these elements.

#1 - The number of fireplaces

This is the first criterion to check when choosing the right model of gas stove. The number of burners depends mainly on your cooking habits, while considering that each burner has its own power and size.

As a general rule, the number of burners varies from 2 to 6, depending on the design. A gas stove with 4 burners is a good choice, because it allows you to cook several preparations at the same time. But this choice should also be made according to the number of people living under the same roof.

#2 - The power mode

Not all gas stoves have the same power supply. Some operate using natural gas and others by being connected to a bottle filled with butane or propane. So, if you are not connected to a natural gas source in your city, choose the gas stove connected to a cylinder.

But choose the right injector or regulator to connect your gas stove to the source to avoid any accidents.

#3 - The size of the stove

The size of the gas stove you are going to buy depends on the space you have. If you have a small kitchen, it's best to choose a compact appliance with the minimum requirements.

There are large models called cooking pianos of 90 cm wide, intended for professionals and those who have a custom or spacious kitchen. Intermediate models, on the other hand, have a dimension of no more than 60 cm.

#4 - Safety

This is a determining factor in choosing a gas stove. Most recent models are equipped with a gas cut-off valve to prevent leaks. The principle is simple, the valve opens as soon as you turn on the fire and closes automatically when it is turned off.

This is the ideal option if you have children at home or if you are often away. The cold door gas stove is also a good alternative to limit the risk of burns.

#5 - Additional options

All appliance manufacturers are currently focusing on sophistication and quality to attract consumers.

You can perfectly have a multi-function gas stove including an electric oven with timer, spit-turner or even a connected model that you can control remotely. In addition, you should choose equipment with an interior light, allowing you to monitor your preparations.

How do I clean a gas stove?

Like all appliances, a gas stove needs regular maintenance to optimize its life and to keep it looking good during use.

  • This starts with cleaning the hob with a sponge that you can soak in water and dishwashing liquid. You can add a little baking soda to remove stubborn stains.
  • Also rub the enamel walls of your stove with this solution to remove any dirt.

Pyrolysis cleaning

Some models of gas stoves have a pyrolysis function that automatically cleans the appliance after each cooking. Depending on the model, the cleaning process can take about 1 to 2 hours at a relatively high temperature. It is a long process, but very effective and cleans thoroughly.

Catalytic cleaning

There is also the principle of catalytic cleaning which uses a maximum temperature of 200°C to clean, and this, at the same time as the cooking. This allows you to make considerable energy savings. Also remember to clean the storage drawer once or twice a week to remove any impurities that may be trapped there.

The different types of gas stoves

Fast, economical and easy to use, the gas stove still equips many homes in the UK. This appliance is available in different models. Each model meets specific needs while having its strong and weak points. It is up to each household to choose the one that best meets its expectations.

Double-burner gas stove

The double-burner gas stove is very practical for small households. In fact, it can perfectly meet the needs of a couple with a child (or without).

Its small size means that it does not clutter up the kitchen, especially if the kitchen is quite small. This type of gas stove therefore offers a significant gain in space. Moreover, it can be moved easily.

As its name indicates, the double-burner gas stove has only 2 burners. Therefore, it does not allow you to prepare several dishes at the same time.

This appliance does not allow for versatility in the kitchen. In other words, its possibilities of use remain very limited. Some models only have basic functions.

Four-plus-burner gas stove

The gas stove with four or more burners is suitable for large families. Indeed, this one satisfies the needs of a household composed of 4 or 5 individuals. With its 4 burners, it allows a versatile use.

It is possible to prepare many dishes at the same time. This appliance saves a lot of time.

Compared to a double-burner model, the gas stove with more than 4 burners is more generous in size. If the kitchen is not spacious enough, it may well clutter up the space.

And it takes more than one person to move the stove to another location. In terms of energy consumption, it is obvious that the more burners there are, the more the user tends to use them. This implies a greater amount of gas burned.

Combination gas stove

As its name suggests, the combi stove is an appliance that allows you to have two distinct energies: gas and electricity. This is very useful when one of the two encounters a problem.

For example, if there is a power cut, the gas stove remains functional and vice versa. It also gives its user the possibility to cook with different cooking modes. It also allows a precise control of the cooking.

Without proper maintenance, this model can present risks related to the use of gas. Indeed, it can release toxic gas if not properly maintained. In addition, the gas burner is often a little more difficult to clean.

Especially since it is not very accessible. Another disadvantage of the combi-steamer is that it does not offer a choice of oven, as this is always electric.

Gas or electric stove?

Gas stove

A gas stove is a very responsive appliance as it reaches the right temperature quickly. As a result, your food will be ready in record time. It will also cook more evenly and you won't have overcooked food in the middle.

It also allows for many cooking styles: grilling, flambéing, and many other modes. But a gas stove is also a very economical option, because even using an appliance will save your bill.

However, gas is extremely flammable and you need to be careful about its use, especially if you have children in the house. The various installations that need to be done after the purchase can also add to the cost.

Electric stove

An electric stove is very easy to install and does not require any special connections. All you have to do is plug it into an outlet and set the temperature.

All available models are also easy to maintain, especially when it comes to cleaning. In addition, it is more solid and supports large pots and pans. But its main advantage is that it is very safe.

But an electric stove is energy consuming, even with many temperature settings. Also, you can't use it in case of a power outage, and even if you have a generator to power it, it will take time to reach the ideal temperature.


If you often have an emergency or if you are a very busy person, avoid choosing an electric stove. Aesthetically, the electric stove has no rivals, but in terms of speed, the gas stove is more intuitive.

Budget is also a factor that may slow you down in your choice of an electric stove and opt for a gas stove. Although installation can be expensive, it will pay for itself in no time.

Why buy a gas stove?

For total heat control

The main advantage of a gas stove is the possibility to control the fire you are going to use to cook your food. Indeed, you have an eye on the power of the flame, but you can also lower or increase it according to your needs, thanks to a simple pressure on the control button.

For safe cooking

A gas stove is a much safer way to cook. Recent models have many features that limit the risk of domestic accidents, such as gas leaks and burns. In fact, today's gas stoves are equipped with an automatic shut-off as well as a rapid cooling system for the cooking plate. This allows you to cook at ease.

To save money

Among the various cooking appliances available on the market, the gas stove is the least expensive, while remaining efficient. Moreover, gas is much cheaper than electricity, which allows you to considerably reduce your bill at the end of the month. With a minimum of maintenance, a gas stove can be used for several years.

For its practicality

A gas stove is an appliance that adapts to all situations. Whether or not you subscribe to the city's gas supply system, you can always use it. Available in different models and sizes, a gas stove can be installed in any space without the need for complex connections. It is also an appliance that works with almost any kitchen utensil.

For better cooking

Whether you want to make a quick meal or simmer meat, a gas stove is the right appliance for your needs. If you have a more efficient cooking system like a 6-burner gas stove, you can work on cooking different preparations at the same time to save time and keep all your food under control.

The best brands of gas stoves

In our opinion, the best brands of gas stoves in 2022 are :


Became a reference in the field of household appliances, this brand is famous for the quality and reliability of its products, including cooking appliances. Beko gas stoves have the distinction of being affordable and easy to maintain. It also offers many models suitable for all households.

The Italian brand of home appliances is among the best and is highly favored by those who are looking for both performance and robustness. Present on the market for decades, Glem provides consumers with reasonably priced gas stoves with a neat design.

The German brand never disappoints! Miele is among the pioneers in terms of designing high-end appliances. It stands out from other suppliers by the high quality and performance of its products.

It's impossible to miss this German brand! Long present in the field of household appliances, it is known for the reliability and longer life of its appliances. It also has many models of gas stove adapted to all needs.

If there is a well-known brand in the field of household appliances, it is of course Siemens. The German firm has made a name for itself thanks to its innovative and ecological cooking systems. The brand's gas stove models are environmentally friendly, durable, and designer.

What is the price for a gas stove

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

150 £ to 300 £
300 £ to 500 £
more than 500 £
Price range diagram


Remember to measure out your cooking properly

Gas stoves have become a must-have kitchen tool because of their practicality and also their ability to spread an even flame throughout the cooking process. Don't hesitate to choose a model that allows you to easily adjust the temperature according to your preparations such as models with a timer.

Save money

To save more gas on your gas stove, remember to choose the size of your containers carefully. The amount of food you are going to prepare must be able to fit the right container. The larger the container, the longer the heating time. If the amount cooked is less, it will result in wasted energy.

Remove the burner cover to optimize lighting

If you can't get your gas stove to light properly, consider removing the burner cover, as it prevents the gas from reaching its destination and therefore delays ignition. The lid acts as a protective cover, and there's no need to keep it on the stove at the time of use.

Degrease the size of a gas cooker

Grease that gets on your appliance can sometimes be annoying and can even smell if you let it build up. Yet, there are easy ways to remove all that gunk from your gas stove. Remove the burners and soak them in white vinegar for a few minutes, then rinse them before drying them. Do the same with the grates, but add baking soda. For the enamel, use a sponge soaked in dishwashing liquid to clean it.

Choose built-in models

Opting for a built-in gas stove is a good alternative to save space. It also allows you to customize your decoration according to the layout of your kitchen furniture. There are models that blend in completely with the decor and are not at all bulky.


How do I plug in a gas stove? How do I clean a gas stove? How does a gas stove work? How do I remove the knobs from a gas stove?

A few things need to be checked before you turn on your gas stove, including the injectors, hose, shut-off valve and other components that help keep your appliance running smoothly. Once this is done, you can proceed with the hook-up. Start by shutting off the gas supply, then installing the hose to the shut-off valve. Don't forget to put a hose clamp on each fitting to prevent gas leakage. The best tip is to choose the hose carefully to avoid using too many hose clamps.

Depending on the model you choose and the selection criteria you use, a gas stove is relatively easy to clean. Usually, you can clean the outer walls with a sponge, water and soap. Also proceed in the same way with the elements of the fireplaces, but do not forget to dry them with a dry cloth afterwards.

The type of gas stove you have chosen determines its operation. Whether it's a cylinder or a regular supply, the gas will always be released through a small valve, then comes into the pipe to reach the injector. Each fireplace has a nozzle or injector that propels the gas to the outside. It will mix with the air. The electronic or manual ignition will create a spark that will then become a contained flame in each firebox.

Knowing how to remove the knobs is especially handy when you want to do a thorough cleaning or when it's time to replace a worn knob. You can easily remove knobs from a gas stove with two thin knives. Run the blades under the knob to be removed, then turn a little and when you hear a small cracking sound, you can easily remove the knobs.


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Beko FSG62120DXMCS 9
Beko FSG62120DXMCS
Listo CG5055 L1b 10
Listo CG5055 L1b
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