The best gas cooking plates in the UK 2023

Gas cooking remains a practical advantage both in the home and in the realm of fine dining. Accurate, economical and versatile, the performance of the gas cooktop does not disappoint. Follow our buying guide, you won't regret finding the best gas cooktop to make your daily life easier.

Electrolux EGT6242NVK/1 1

Best value for your money

Electrolux EGT6242NVK/1

Best gas cooktop of the year

With this Electrolux EGT6242NVK/1 gas hob, you'll enjoy the comfort of four different sized burners and a progressive power control for recipes cooked to perfection.

199 £ on Boulanger

The Electrolux EGT6242NVK/1 gas hob, made in Italy, has 4 gas burners with a maximum power of 2,900 W for the main burner. Three of them have variable sizes to fit all pan sizes. The device can be fully built-in up to 56 cm. Its timeless design in black glass adds an elegant touch to your kitchen.

The front controls are easy to operate and allow you to adjust the desired heat levels to suit your cooking needs. Best of all, automatic ignition is an integral part of the levers, so you'll get your gas cooktop up and running quickly. The Electrolux EGT6242NVK/1 is equipped with thermocouple safety.

Bosch POP6B6B10 2

Best value for your money

Bosch POP6B6B10

Best entry-level gas cooktop

The Bosch POP6B6B10 is accessible to small budgets and is even more ergonomic thanks to its side controls. Its compact size fits easily into a built-in style.

131 £ on Amazon

To invest lightly and cook with peace of mind, we also suggest the Bosch POP6B6B10, with 4 gas burners. The "one hand" ignition is an interesting ergonomic asset and will satisfy your expectations in terms of quick handling. The black tempered glass design has been specially chosen to fit all kitchen styles and to be easy to maintain.

The Bosch POP6B6B10 gas hob has of course the thermocouple safety system, which keeps users away from any danger. The side controls too are a good safety guarantee especially if you have children at home. The main burner of this gas hob reaches 3,000 W.

Millar GH9051PB 3

Best value for your money

Millar GH9051PB

Best high-end gas cooktop

Featuring 5 burners, this gas cooktop promises excellent efficiency while making your daily life easier. With the Millar GH9051PB, you can easily prepare a wide variety of dishes.

367 £ on Amazon

The 5 cooking zones of the Millar GH9051PB make this gas cooktop an interesting appliance, whether you use it at home or in the kitchen of a famous restaurant. The black tempered glass cover combines elegance and ease of maintenance. The device also comes with anti-flame bases to protect your pans when cooking at very high power.

The Millar GH9051PB gas cooktop is ideal for small areas thanks to its average width of 70 cm. With such equipment in your kitchen, you will enjoy the comfort of synchronized cooking, which is quite possible on the Millar GH9051PB.

Brandt BPI6413BM 4

Excellent selection

Brandt BPI6413BM

Best combination gas cooktop

Our selection also includes the Brandt BPI6413BM, a combination gas cooktop that combines traditional and modern methods for precise and efficient cooking.

239 £ on Boulanger

Rely on a combi gas cooktop to combine the traditional performance of gas with the innovative capabilities of induction: if you're looking for this kind of appliance, the Brandt BPI6413BM will certainly do the trick. Thanks to the independent timer, there's no need to keep a close eye on your preparations. Its 2 gas and 2 induction hobs give you the freedom to simmer or sear at any time.

The Brandt BPI6413BM is ultra safe with the thermocouple system, the anti-spill system and the residual heat indicator. This gas cooktop is also ultra precise by providing you with 9 cooking positions, which can include keep warm.

Buying guide • November 2023

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Comparison table of the best gas cooking plates

Top of the line Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent
Electrolux EGT6242NVK/1 5
Bosch POP6B6B10 6
Millar GH9051PB 7
Brandt BPI6413BM 8
Electrolux EGT6242NVK/1
Bosch POP6B6B10
Millar GH9051PB
Brandt BPI6413BM
With this Electrolux EGT6242NVK/1 gas hob, you'll enjoy the comfort of four different sized burners and a progressive power control for recipes cooked to perfection.
The Bosch POP6B6B10 is accessible to small budgets and is even more ergonomic thanks to its side controls. Its compact size fits easily into a built-in style.
Featuring 5 burners, this gas cooktop promises excellent efficiency while making your daily life easier. With the Millar GH9051PB, you can easily prepare a wide variety of dishes.
Our selection also includes the Brandt BPI6413BM, a combination gas cooktop that combines traditional and modern methods for precise and efficient cooking.
Number of fireplaces
2 gas and 2 induction
Tempered glass
Tempered glass
Maximum power of main fireplace
2,900 W
3,000 W
3,500 W
3,100 W
59.9 cm
59 cm
70 cm
58 cm
Control type
Joystick and touch-sensitive

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Buying guide - gas hob

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How to choose your gas hob

To get the most out of your gas cooktop, you should consider prioritizing the following few criteria.

#1 - The number of fireplaces

When you buy a gas hob, you probably already know how many fireplaces you will need. This criterion depends on the number of people living under the same roof, but also on the various preparations that you could make on a daily basis.

Ideally, a gas hob with only one burner is not very efficient: it will make you waste time as you have to wait for one cooking to finish before starting another. If you live alone, you should have at least two burners.

The most popular models of gas hobs generally have 3 or 4 fireplaces: this is the most versatile average that suits all time and staff constraints.

#2 - The lining

This criterion is mainly a matter of taste. Indeed, over the years, more and more innovative, robust and refined materials are used to clad the gas hob. This solution responds in particular to an aesthetic need, faced with the profusion of modern kitchens with elegant design.

The coating of the gas hob plays a determining role in its price. You will find different models in enamel, stainless steel, and even glass-ceramic. Depending on the coating, there are also various colors to choose from for a possibility of harmonization with the kitchen furnishings: however, black remains the choice of the majority of users.

#3 - The dimensions

The question of size is an important criterion because it determines the very compatibility of the gas hob to the available space in your kitchen. By dimensions we mean first of all its width: this depends on the number of fireplaces. Thus, the most common standard width is about 60 cm, corresponding to 4 hearths. The smallest ones with only 2 fireplaces are on average 25 cm wide and the widest ones can reach more than 90 cm.

With this general idea in mind, you will be able to relate it to your work surface. You should also know that there are always exceptions where some plates with wide dimensions can be fitted into standard cut-outs. To settle, it's always best to measure on both sides.

#4 - The controls

At the base, the settings on the gas cooktop offer excellent ergonomics. To have fire, there is the option of automatic ignition, which consists of turning the activation button directly. This same knob will also be used to vary the power of the fire according to your cooking needs.

Recently, we can also find models with touch or feel controls. They provide an extremely modern manipulation, which is played by pressure or sliding. The touch control offers an intelligent interface that accompanies you ideally during your preparations. This type of innovation could destabilize those accustomed to manual control.

#5 - The safety options

The use of gas requires in particular a sharp vigilance. Your gas cooktop guarantees better safety if it includes the thermocouple system. Through this mechanism, the gas is automatically cut off the moment you turn off the flame.

Some models of gas cooker stop working when they do not detect any container. The safety options also and mainly concern overheating and stability. Among other things, the best safety guarantee is to keep children away from the gas cooktop.

Maintenance of a gas cooktop


In the kitchen, everything has to stay clean, and the gas cooktop is no exception. In fact, this one is even subject to maintenance on a daily basis to avoid accumulating unpleasant residues hindering the visual. Thus, you must acquire these few mechanical gestures to make your gas hob radiate cleanliness.

When cooking, you need to limit spillage by choosing the best way to do it: either cover your utensil or monitor your meal. To help you, there are always anti-spill grids. For want of anything better, just use lids, and if you're afraid of a sudden gush, you might as well stick around.

For effective cleaning of your gas cooktop, you need to operate piece by piece: start with the grates, then the gas burners, and finally the stand. White vinegar and baking soda are essential allies against stubborn stains. You should know that gas cooktop grates are usually dishwasher safe. But at the same time, you should also and especially clean the surroundings of your gas hob, that is, your worktop.

When cleaning the gas cooktop, you also need to take the proper precautions. Missteps can lead to unfortunate damage to your appliance. For example, you should definitely let your gas cooktop cool down before cleaning it. Do not use an abrasive sponge. Also avoid chemical products, prefer ecological cleaners instead.


The different types of gas cooking plates

In general, you will find two basic types of gas cookers on the market.

The classic gas cooktop

The classic gas hob consists of gas burners throughout. It is also the most requested in French homes because of its ease of use. The ignition of this type of gas hob is done either manually or automatically, the latter becoming more and more popular.

When you turn on the classic gas hob, all you have to do is adjust the gas flow to get the desired fire intensity. The main advantage of the classic gas hob is its easy handling. All types of cooking are possible and you can play on the simultaneity.

The mixed gas cooktop

With time and technological progress, the gas hob has integrated other cooking systems that can be used in synchronization. The mixed character is thus justified by the existence of induction or electric hob on the same plate. This combination is rather practical because if you have no gas left, you have an alternative cooking option, and conversely, if there is a power cut, the gas will save you from the deadlock.

In addition, the mixed gas hob admits any type of material on the pan that you want to use for your preparations.

Gas cooktop or induction cooktop?

Gas hob

Adopted in French kitchens for generations, the gas cooktop is still known today. Nowadays, many revisited models offer innovative capabilities. The gas hob is distinguished by its ultra easy handling. The intensity of the fire is also easily adjusted according to the needs of your preparations: you will benefit from a precise temperature that adapts to the meals you cook.

So much convenience comes at a relatively affordable price, compared to its counterparts. But the gas cooktop doesn't just have advantages. Induction and electric cooktops are far superior in terms of speed of temperature rise.

Induction hob

For the past few decades, the induction hob has been revolutionizing the world of cooking: modern, efficient and refined, it is the unanimous choice of French households. It is especially impressive because of its speed on the heating temperature. But in addition, it offers new efficient technologies that refine the precision of the preparations. For example, the anti-overflow system that stops the operation of the plate in case the pan overflows.

In addition, this intuitive plate only turns on when it comes into contact with a metal container, an excellent performance that avoids accidents. Nevertheless, the induction plate has a compatibility flaw: it does not accommodate utensils containing copper or aluminum.


If you absolutely must choose between a gas cooktop and an induction cooktop, keep in mind that the gas cooktop does not require the use of an electrical source, an essential point that relieves you of a heavy bill.

In addition, the gas cooktop is more versatile than the induction cooktop, which limits the type of cookware you can use. However, the induction cooker is a good compromise of design and modernity.

7 good reasons to buy a gas cooktop

1. Precise cooking

With the gas hob, you will get precise cooking because you can easily adjust the intensity of your fire according to the constraints of your recipes. This allows you to cook to perfection. Therefore, the gas hob can be suitable for both domestic use and on a higher scale as in professional cooks.

2. Guaranteed safety

The thermocouple system equips most gas cooktops for unparalleled safety. Indeed, the gas must not face factors that could stimulate its explosion (high heat, flame, etc.). Other settings have also been specially designed to enhance safety during use: the emergency stop button, for example, stops the operation of all burners in the event of an alarm.

3. Low cost of ownership

A huge advantage of the gas hob is that it uses no electrical energy. You can cook as much as you like, but your electricity bill will not be affected. Of course, your obligation will be to buy a gas cylinder periodically, but the amount will certainly not be the same.

4. Compatible with all materials

With the gas hob, you won't have to worry about incompatibility: whether your pan is made of copper, aluminum, cast iron or steel, all materials are allowed. You can cook all your recipes with the utensils you have at hand.

5. Easy to use

The gas hob is easy to use. Many models already have an automatic ignition system, which is an ergonomic advantage. Innovations are constantly being made to make the gas hob more practical and efficient.

6. Versatile design

The design of the gas hob is developed with harmonization in mind. So, you won't struggle to find a gas cooktop that fits your kitchen style. It is then up to you to choose the coating and color that you feel is appropriate for your interior.

7. Interesting features

This advantage is especially relevant for combination gas cooktops, equipped with one or more non-gas hobs. On these models, modern controls make it easy to operate.

The best brands of gas cooking plates

In our opinion, the best brands of gas cooking plates in 2022 are :


Certainly, this German brand is often among the best in the field of household appliances. It is especially known for the robustness and efficiency of its products. Moreover, this excellent reputation has allowed it to expand its expertise in other areas such as power tools.

This name conceals French expertise in the production of washing, cooking, cold storage appliances, and even small accessories. The Swedish brand is a world leader in the field of household appliances. It holds its pinnacle from the excellent quality-price ratio on its products. The brand's appliances are suitable for both domestic and professional use.

This German brand specializes in large appliances, especially for cooking and washing. Its appliances are known for their longevity and robustness. It also takes into account the latest innovations to offer high-level performance to its products.

This world leader in home appliances produces totally innovative appliances to equip kitchens, to ensure washing and refrigeration equipment. It doesn't stop there, its fame soars with its 6th sense technology that drives its appliances.

What is the price for a gas hob

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 200 £
200 £ to 400 £
more than 400 £
Price range diagram


Get the grease out.

The gas cooktop will never escape cooking stains, especially grease spills. To get rid of them, you don't have to spend time scrubbing. Make a paste of baking soda and apply it to grease stained surfaces. Leave it on for several hours and then gently wipe it off with a sponge. You'll find that the grease will come off more easily this way.

Efficient installation.

When you install the gas cooktop in your kitchen, always keep a convenient distance between the refrigerator, sink and cooking equipment. This is because everything you will undertake in your kitchen revolves mainly around these essentials.

Take control of your fires.

Gas cooktops have progressive or adjustable levers. In order to save on your gas bill, don't make a habit of cooking your dishes with the fire at maximum. This can cause premature wear on the bottom of your pots and pans. Also, your dishes could get charred if you're not careful.

Optimize durability.

If you want your gas cooktop to last this long, nothing beats regular maintenance, especially of the grates and burners. If your gas cooktop has a metal coating, you need to be more vigilant about scratches, and therefore, prefer a degreaser for cleaning the grates and burners.

Consider ventilation closely.

When using a gas cooktop, ventilation is a key issue. If your kitchen lacks oxygen, choking hazards are highly likely. To alleviate this problem, you can also install a hood that you will simply use for each cooking.


What is the ideal power in the choice of a gas hob?

When buying a gas cooktop, keep in mind that each burner has its own power rating to suit all types of cooking. The largest and most powerful hob (5,000 W or more) is especially designed for rough cooking, in a wok or in a stewpot. Otherwise, in general, the other burners range from 800 to 3,000 W for low or medium heat recipes.

What are the dangers in the use of a gas hob?

Many people are reluctant to use a gas cooktop because of the risk of explosion that can cause harmful damage. If you think it's essential, you should always remember to turn off the lights and the gas line. The slightest spark could be fatal. Another essential precaution is not to let children near the gas cooktop, let alone handle it.

What are the frequently encountered breakdowns on the gas hob and how to remedy them?

Beware if the flames blacken your pans: this means that either there is too much air or too much gas. You need to adjust the ring to properly meter the air flow, or change the nozzle to adjust the amount of gas. If you notice an unusual failure on the ignition, check that the gas conductor is not clogged with food residue, also check that the safety system is not activated.

How to clean a gas hob?

It's hard to cook good, healthy food when the cooktop is not properly maintained. To do this, you will need to take a step-by-step approach to cleaning. First the protective grid then the burners and finally the plate. To carry out the different operations, use a non-abrasive sponge dipped in soapy water. To degrease thoroughly, use bicarbonate of soda or white vinegar.


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Electrolux EGT6242NVK/1 9
Electrolux EGT6242NVK/1
Bosch POP6B6B10 10
Bosch POP6B6B10
Millar GH9051PB 11
Millar GH9051PB
Brandt BPI6413BM 12
Brandt BPI6413BM


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