72 funny gift ideas for less than £5 for Christmas

As the Christmas season approaches, finding the perfect gift is often a headache. The choice is all the more difficult since classic gifts rarely make an impact. These days, people are looking for originality and avant-gardism without being afraid to go as far as eccentricity. To stand out from the crowd by offering fun gifts without breaking the bank, take a look at our selection of 72 best Christmas gift ideas for less than 5 euros.

Mon grand-père jardinait comme ça !

My grandfather used to garden like this!

3,99 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

The perfect Christmas gift from a grandfather to his grandchild. This book will teach today's youngsters all the tricks of the trade, including natural tips for maintaining a garden properly and without making a mess.

100 énigmes logiques et mathématiques

100 logical and mathematical puzzles

3,99 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

Have your kids not been getting good grades lately? This fun gift will have them doing exercises during the Christmas vacations. 100 logic and math puzzles are included in a beautiful evaluation booklet. They'll love showing you their problem-solving skills... or not!

Petit carnet piqué Clairefontaine 115583C

Small notebook Clairefontaine

1,29 £ on Amazon

This notebook, beautifully illustrated with a floral design and an almost real bird, will quickly become your little girl's best friend. Pocket size, 7.5 x 12 cm for 48 pages, the notebook is covered with a printed card with a glossy protection.

Livre éducatif Sami et Julie - 100 blagues de Sami et Julie, pour la récré

Educational book Sami and Julie - 100 jokes of Sami and Julie, for the recreation

3,92 £ on Vertbaudet

No more classic gifts! This Christmas, your kids want originality. This is the book you need for a perfect combo. Your kid will work on his memory skills while enjoying the pleasure of reading. He or she is sure to become the funniest girl or boy in the class at recess.

Playmobil Nymphe des forêts 9339

Playmobil Forest Nymph 9339

3,19 £ on Amazon

The Playmobil Forest Nymph 9339 consists of the Forest Nymph figure and accessories such as the bow, arrows and quiver. It will serve to complete your little one's beautiful figurine collection. This beautiful and inexpensive Christmas gift is suitable for children from 4 years old.

Jouets Ecoiffier 990

Ecoiffier Toys 990

3,99 £ on Amazon

Whether it's a girl or a boy, kids love playing chef more than anything. Well! Orient yours in this direction and develop his learning capacity by offering him this bag of pots 100% chef. The set consists of 2 casseroles, a Dutch oven, a casserole dish and a spatula.

Livre de bain Vulli Fresh Touch Sophie la Girafe

Bath book Vulli Fresh Touch Sophie the Giraffe

3,96 £ on Amazon

To be given to children from 4 months old, this beautiful little 8-page book will enliven your little one's daily bath time. He will discover Sophie the giraffe or Margot the turtle. The design material has been carefully selected to guarantee maximum safety for the baby while preserving his health.

Bright Starts Rattle and Spin

Bright Starts Rattle and Spin

2,79 £ on Amazon

A rattle, like the Bright Starts Rattle and Spin, is a classic gift that hasn't lost its appeal yet. This stimulating toy with sliding beads and an easy-to-grip handle will arouse baby's curiosity with its eye-catching colors and sound.

61-6604 3D Magic Cube Serpent

61-6604 3D Magic Cube Snake

3,20 £ on Cdiscount

To develop your little one's intelligence and stimulate his fine motor skills, be sure to give him the 61-6604 3D Magic Cube Snake. A little different from traditional magic cubes, this 3D plastic model can be transformed into a 36 cm long colored snake.

Animal flotteur Manchot

Floating animal Penguin

2 £ on Mylittleday

A child who refuses to take a bath will no longer be so once he has his penguin float in his hands. Just put it in contact with the water and it will do what all penguins do: float. Slip it into a Christmas stocking and place it on the fireplace.

Mini twister pour doigts

Mini finger twister

3,96 £ on Lavantgardiste

This mini twister requires only 2 players. There is nothing very special about it except its small size, a miniature version of the original. And of course, before challenging anyone, you must first put on your little finger socks. Do the worst of the poses if you want to win the game.

Petit puzzle blanc Marc Vidal

Small white puzzle Marc Vidal

1,20 £ on Mylittleday

Unlike the usual puzzles, this model composed of 20 pieces is entirely white. Your child will be able to use it as a puzzle, but he will also have the possibility to decorate it as he likes in order to create his own personalized puzzle. You'll have something to keep him busy for a long time!

Porte brosse à dents renard

Fox toothbrush holder

3,96 £ on Lavantgardiste

The cuteness when you hold us! This fox toothbrush holder will invite your toddler to visit the bathroom regularly. It attaches easily to the mirror with a suction cup and can protect the child's toothbrush during trips. You can also offer it to an adult at Christmas.

Collier coloré enfant Arichtops

Colored necklace for children Arichtops

3,51 £ on Amazon

Your little one will be happy when she receives this lovely Christmas gift, she will jump for joy. The beads of the necklace have been designed with wood so as to resist longer to external aggressions. Besides the classic beads, the jewelry is also adorned with adorable butterflies and beautiful flowers.

1 paire de lunettes Apprenti Sorcier Tim & Puce factory

1 pair of Sorcerer's Apprentice glasses Tim & Puce factory

1,44 £ on Mylittleday

Does your child dream of being part of Hogwarts House? So that he can finally pronounce the magic words of the famous Harry Potter like "Petrificus Totalus" or "Obscuro", you will do well to offer him this beautiful pair of sorcerer's glasses for Christmas. Made of plastic, this model is suitable for children from 5 years old.

4 montres casse-tête

4 puzzle watches

2,32 £ on Mylittleday

4 watches in the birthday set at Christmas? What a great joke! Although they are watches, their main function is not to tell the time. In addition to their festive decoration, these colorful accessories include 2 small balls to be inserted in 2 holes.

pâte à prout

Prout paste

2,64 £ on Mylittleday

When you're a crazy family, nothing can surprise you. Or maybe... like this fart dough for example! When you press on it, the dough makes fart noises. Kids will love it, even adults, if they like to play pranks on their friends and colleagues.

24 gages Enfant Marc Vidal

24 pledges Child Marc Vidal

2,64 £ on Mylittleday

The box contains 24 cards on which are written 24 dares. Who will take up the challenge? Leaving aside the suspense, this unusual gift will certainly amuse the whole family and bring some fun to the Christmas party. It can also be used as an original advent calendar.

Marque-page 3D O-Kinee

O-Kinee 3D bookmark

3,99 £ on Amazon

Having a bookmark is great, but a fun bookmark is even better! Made of non-slip PVC, this 3D bookmark from O-Kinee will make your books more attractive. Note that this model comes in several variations, including pandas, dogs and hippos.

Pinsjar Figurine - Flowerpot 1

Pinsjar Figurine - Flowerpot

3,99 £ on Amazon

Is there anything cuter than little Groot and his favorite expression "My name is Groot"? Give this Guardians of the Galaxy flower pot to a fan and they will be thrilled. The flower pot is made of high quality resin that is perfectly resistant to humidity. This beautiful decoration accessory can be purchased for only 4 €.

Fablcrew - Trousse originale façon « carton de lait »

Fablcrew - Original "milk carton" kit

3,19 £ on Amazon

For kids struggling to find their school supplies after the holidays, there's nothing like a fun and practical kit. The Fablecrew, with a design incredibly similar to a milk carton, will not go unnoticed on the table. Of course, it's not made of cardboard, but of faux leather.

Gel désinfectant - Friends

Disinfecting gel - Friends

2,86 £ on Lavantgardiste

Well, it's certainly not the best Christmas gift, but when you have a child who still doesn't understand the use of a disinfectant gel, this is the result! With this model, he will always have it at hand and will be able to take it with him everywhere because of its compactness.

Miss-Kawaii I'm a kick-ass granny - Chain keychain 2

Miss-Kawaii I'm a kick-ass granny - Chain keychain

3,19 £ on Amazon

Forget the ordinary gifts that no longer delight your grandmother. You want to express your gratitude, give her the chain marked "I'm a kick-ass granny". Handcrafted, this original chain is made with a premium backing and high quality printing. An original little gift that is made to stand the test of time.

Savon parfumé Barbe à papa Les Délices

Cotton candy scented soap Les Délices

3,16 £ on Nocibé

It doesn't get much more impressive as a gift idea for women than this scented soap. With its delicious sweet cotton candy fragrance, it not only scents, but respects all skin types. Here is a product to present to all the sweet tooths!

Vernis à ongles Pastel Nocibé

Nail polish Pastel Nocibé

3,12 £ on Nocibé

All women love to have beautiful, shiny and colorful nails. Giving them this new Pastel Nocibé nail polish for Christmas will surely make them happy. With its intense color, its ultra shiny and glossy finish at the first application and its long lasting hold, she will offer herself a perfect manicure.

Baume à lèvres Sprite Lip Smacker

Sprite Lip Smacker

2,20 £ on Amazon

Is Sprite her favorite drink? Give her the opportunity to enjoy the taste and freshness all day long with this lip balm flavored with the authentic taste of Sprite. She'll also appreciate finding her lips well moisturized, soft and shiny.

Masque pour le visage - Turkey Friends

Face Mask - Turkey Friends

3,96 £ on Lavantgardiste

As comical as it sounds, this face mask in the shape of the famous Thanksgiving turkey from Friends perfectly beautifies the skin. Scented with cranberry, any woman will appreciate its fragrance as well as its benefits to look her best this holiday season. Place on a clean face for 10 minutes!

Mini moule pour cake pop My Little Cupcake

Mini cake pop mold My Little Cupcake

3,16 £ on Bienmanger

Make a woman happy by offering her this mini cake pop mold, as beautiful to admire as nice to decorate. Even if it doesn't allow to cook the dough, it helps to realize pretty original cake pops. Once the dough is hardened, she will only have to decorate these delicacies that you will surely taste!

Jus de fruit bio et pétillant - Framboise marjolaine Unaju

Organic sparkling fruit juice - Raspberry marjoram Unaju

2,36 £ on Bienmanger

The raspberry makes the skin more beautiful and keeps the line. Marjoram is appreciated for its calming properties. So, this organic and sparkling fruit juice with raspberry and marjoram is an excellent gift idea for women. Delicious, fresh, fine and tasty, it will generate a good moment of relaxation with the tasting.

Dispositif urinaire pour femmes 7 Pcs Urinelle

Urinary device for women 7 Pcs Urinelle

2,39 £ on Adameteve

Urinating standing up like a man? Every woman will have thought of it at least once in her life. So, make this unusual dream come true by offering her this pack of 7 biodegradable urinary devices. The Urinelle urinary device allows a woman to urinate standing up with ease. Not cumbersome, the tube is thrown in the toilet after use.

Chaufferette de poche ours

Bear pocket heater

2,20 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

Warm the heart and body of a woman by surprising her at Christmas with this bear pocket warmer. The softness brought by its bear motif and the heat diffused during 30 minutes will bring her a real moment of happiness in the middle of winter. Easy to carry and to warm up, it will warm him up everywhere and at any time.

Feuille d’érable parfumée au cèdre

Cedar scented maple leaf

2,36 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

What woman doesn't appreciate fragrance? This cedar scented maple leaf with a sweet blend of lemon, rosemary and patchouli fragrance will make her feel warm and woody at all times. It comes with a lanyard so she can hang it anywhere she wants.

Kit à faire pousser coquelicot

Poppy growing kit

3,96 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

The poppy symbolizes commitment. What better Christmas gift than this ready-to-use kit to grow poppies and express your feelings in an original way. With a terracotta pot, a coco pad and a bag of poppy seeds, she will have everything to symbolize your union.

Photophore en cristal de sel NaturGut

NaturGut salt crystal candle jar

3,51 £ on Amazon

This NaturGut candle holder is made of salt crystal from the Himalayas. Each model is unique and handmade. It is the perfect gift idea for a man or a woman looking for an original decorative object that can also hold a tealight candle.

Tableau semainier effaçable aimanté

Magnetic erasable board

3,34 £ on Lavantgardiste

In her tote bag, the woman gets lost looking for her to do list. Make it easy for her by giving her this weekly erasable board. Magnetic, it is easy to install. She'll appreciate finding all her organization every time she needs it and we won't ask you any more questions about what she's been thinking.

Mini squishy hérisson La petite épicerie

Mini squishy hedgehog La petite épicerie

1,59 £ on Mylittleday

A super original little gift, this squishy in the shape of an adorable hedgehog, will make any woman feel good. Too cute to look at, we also use it to knead and thus relax. It can easily be attached to a phone or a screen to accompany it at any time.

Protège-câble lapin rose La petite épicerie

Cable protector pink rabbit La petite épicerie

2,39 £ on Mylittleday

A practical accessory, this cute pink rabbit cable protector will undoubtedly please all women. To be fixed on the base of the charger for a long lasting protection, it is suitable for different types of cables (iPhone, Mac, Android micro USB, headphone cables...).

Masking tape chat Rex London

Masking tape cat Rex London

2,24 £ on Mylittleday

To impress a woman for the Christmas holidays, nothing better than this masking tape cat! With its super cute kitten motif, she will use this tape to express her creativity. Of course, it will be useful to decorate her gift packages or her favorite photos.

60 grilles - Le jeu du Baccalauréat Marc Vidal

60 grids - The Baccalaureate game Marc Vidal

2,56 £ on Mylittleday

Apart from romantic dinners, enjoy unique moments with your wife by challenging her to a bachelor game. To do so, give her this Marc Vidal bachelor game. It's a great idea to have a good laugh and create pleasant memories at Christmas!

Chaussettes « Si tu vois ça, apporte-moi une bière » de Blesser

Socks "If you see this, bring me a beer" by Blesser

1,59 £ on Amazon

The Christmas sock is an enduring tradition, but this time, opt for a more original and fun idea: funny and unusual socks. With the "If you see this, bring me a beer" socks, your man won't have to say anything anymore, everything is said in the socks!

stylo chat bleu Rex London

Rex London blue cat pen

2,24 £ on Mylittleday

Looking for the perfect little gift to give a man? This cat head style will surely delight him. With its little ears, he will be able to choose the blue or black color. It is sure that each time he uses it, he will find his good mood while making beautiful writings.

Stylo avec le texte Fuck Off

Pen with the text Fuck Off

3,16 £ on Lavantgardiste

An indispensable companion to any man in his daily life, this plastic pen will allow him to have the most beautiful writings. Giving one for the Christmas holidays is the best idea you could have. It will not fail to please him, especially with the text "Fuck off"!

Mini agrafeuse manuelle Healthy clubs

Healthy clubs mini hand stapler

2,07 £ on Amazon

What man wouldn't be thrilled to receive this mini stapler featuring an adorable porpoise as a Christmas gift? As practical as it is decorative, he'll love having it on him as a souvenir of your affection. Compact, light and with a unique design, it is perfect for a man!

Cadeau de soirée kit de semis pastis

Gift of evening kit of seedling pastis

3,95 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

It is possible to end a very wet Christmas evening with friends with a thoughtful gift like this pastis seedling kit. The set includes a terracotta pot with a diameter of 6 cm, a bag of green anise seeds (more precisely Pimpinella anisum) as well as 2 pellets of dehydrated coconut soil of 3 cm.

Côtes de Bergerac Moelleux AOC Novelum Demi-bouteille Couleurs d’Aquitaine

Côtes de Bergerac Moelleux AOC Novelum Half-bottle Couleurs d'Aquitaine

3,96 £ on Bienmanger

Surprise your man by offering him to taste this wine as trendy as it is sweet and tasty during your Christmas party. Light and fruity in the mouth, it is best served chilled as an aperitif. With its lively citrus and apricot notes, it goes perfectly with gourmet tapas and white meats.

Mini Panettone aux marrons glacés Dolciara A. Loison

Mini Panettone with glazed chestnuts Dolciara A. Loison

3,20 £ on Bienmanger

A gourmet deserves the best of all treats at Christmas. That's why we strongly advise you to offer this mini Panettone with glazed chestnuts to a gluttonous friend. Accompanied by a little mulled wine, it will be the best of the best. You can also let yourself be tempted, you know!

Préservatifs Ryder - 3 Pcs.

Ryder Condoms - 3 Pcs.

1,20 £ on Adameteve

Giving Ryder condoms at Christmas goes far beyond tradition, but they are still a unique gift. Combining quality and comfort with their milking tip and lubricant, they will express the message you would like to send to the recipient. In a box of 3 condoms, he will surely have them for all occasions.

Bath Bomb With Pheromones Sexy Obsessive

Bath Bomb With Pheromones Sexy Obsessive

2,36 £ on Adameteve

A pheromone bath bomb is undoubtedly a Christmas gift that any man will appreciate. A real invitation to an unforgettable romantic evening, once dropped in the bath, it will coat the body with a sensual scent. Composed of nourishing oils, it makes the skin as soft as silky.

Savons Personnalisables - Prénom

Personalized Soaps - First name

2,32 £ on Cadeaux

With these customizable soaps, send your message! This is a particularly original gift idea that will arouse emotions in the man who receives it at Christmas. He will receive it in a beautiful transparent film package tied with bolduc in a color matching the soaps.

Cuillère chocolat chaud « Vive le ventre d’hiver »

Spoon hot chocolate " Long live the winter belly ".

3,16 £ on Lavantgardiste

Forget the chocolate box as a Christmas gift, dare the gourmet milk chocolate spoon for more humor. Its recipient will be able to enjoy it in a good mood with his glass of hot milk. With 30 gr per spoon, real pleasure will be at the rendez-vous!

Tasse Sashiko

Sashiko mug

3,96 £ on Lavantgardiste

This Sashiko mug will make a perfect gift for a manga and japandi enthusiast. If he doesn't drink coffee, he certainly drinks hot chocolate or tea, so this beautiful mug with Sashiko prints will be useful for his daily life. Made of kaolin, it will resist in time and will keep a pleasant memory of Christmas.

Lot de 6 Dessous de Tasse Topmoom

Set of 6 Topmoom Mug Coasters

3,52 £ on Amazon

Show your affection by giving a man this set of 6 silicone coasters. They are perfect for holding glasses, cups and mugs without leaving a trace on the tables as they absorb moisture. With their charming design, they will also brighten up the tables on any occasion.

Patch anti-gueule de bois

Anti-hangover patch

3,96 £ on Lavantgardiste

A friend who parties too much or a colleague who often drinks too much? Provide him with the remedy he will need during his drunken nights: the anti-hangover patch. You'll prevent him from having a horrible headache the day after Christmas. Stick it on 45 minutes before drinking and keep it on until you wake up the next day!

Piment à faire pousser

Pepper to grow

3,96 £ on Lavantgardiste

Caliente parties? Men love them, but even more so with chilies they've grown right at home. Rekindle their emotions this Christmas with this chili kit to grow along with its clay pot, its bag of cayenne seeds and its 2 coconut earth tablets.

Fidget Toy - Pop it

Fidget Toy - Pop it

3,99 £ on Cdiscount

Would you like to see your man in a good mood more often? Don't hesitate to give him this sensory fidget toy for Christmas. Made of food-grade silicone, he'll be able to squeeze the pop-it bubbles as much as he likes to reduce his stress and improve his mood. He'll be as happy as you are!

Balle antistress bleu/écru

Stress ball blue/ecru

3,96 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

Christmas and stress don't mix. If someone in your family is subject to stress, you should give them this stress ball as a gift. He will quickly relax and decompress by kneading the object. In addition, it is filled with lavender scented gel, an ingredient known for its soothing properties.

Protège-câble animaux

Animal cable protector

3,96 £ on Lavantgardiste

That's it! You're sick and tired of your loved one's ranting and raving about how she frequently buys new phone cables. To avoid spending all his savings, give him this adorable cable protector compatible with lightning connectors. 5 models are available: clown fish, penguin, chameleon, lion...

150 ideas to piss off your colleagues - small book 3

150 ideas to piss off your colleagues - small book

2,39 £ on Amazon

This is the perfect gift to give to a colleague. This book lives up to its name. It explains, in a quirky tone, tips, ideas and tricks to charm your colleagues at the office. It is simply 150 ideas to make the atmosphere at work always more pleasant which are offered to you through this small book that you can buy for less than 3 €.

Proverbes à la con de Thomas Bisignani

Proverbs by Thomas Bisignani

2,39 £ on Amazon

Do you want to be the champion of absurdity in all categories and be seen as a real joker by your colleagues or your family? Treat yourself to Thomas Bisignani's booklet " Proverbs à la con ". You will discover no less than 150 silly and ridiculous proverbs about everything (people, alcohol, animals, geek, etc.).

Dico des injures oubliées de Sabine Duhamel

Dictionary of forgotten insults by Sabine Duhamel

2,40 £ on Amazon

There has been a revolution in swearing. Would you like to learn more about your ancestors, remember the bad words of yesteryear or just say them with elegance? You absolutely need the booklet "Dico des injures oubliées" by Sabine Duhamel.

200 synergies d’huiles essentielles

200 synergies of essential oils

3,92 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

How do you make a friend understand that he or she has emotional well-being problems? By giving them this book of "200 Essential Oil Synergies" as a Christmas gift. This pocket-sized book has up to 200 well-detailed aromatherapy recipes, tips and practical guides.

Master Yoda - Switch Sticker 4

Master Yoda - Switch Sticker

3,20 £ on Amazon

Star Wars fans will love it. With this sticker, Master Yoda will be enthroned on their light switches. Although harmless, this small accessory can brighten up the atmosphere in a room. It will make a splash in a room already decorated on the theme of Star Wars. By buying this sticker, you will spend little money.

Sticker mural Uksellingsuppliers

Uksellingsuppliers Wall Sticker

2,36 £ on Amazon

Are you really harboring a whole family of mice in your home? Make your loved ones believe the story by putting this vinyl sticker on a baseboard wall, windows, computer or car bumper. The story will seem almost real especially since there is no background color.

AAF Titanic Kittens - Car air freshener 5

AAF Titanic Kittens - Car air freshener

3,99 £ on Amazon

Admit it! A feline version of Titanic is a lot more fun. AAF offers this car air freshener featuring our feline friends in the legendary Jack and Rose pose from Titanic. It will ensure a zany and cute decoration of your interior while bringing a sweet scent.

Gratte dos télescopique phrases humoristiques

Telescopic backscratcher humorous phrases

2,79 £ on Amazon

A colleague or relative who often scratches like a bear is not a pretty sight. Even more so if he or she is not flexible enough. Want to spare your eyes? Offer them a telescopic backscratcher with humorous phrases for Christmas. Very practical to reach the lower back.

Riz Carnaroli bio spécial risotto Celnat

Organic Carnaroli Rice for Risotto Celnat

3,08 £ on Bienmanger

Rice? Are you sure? But you'll be forgiven because you come from a country where rice is the staple food of the population. Or would that be the case for the person you want to give this unusual gift to? Whatever the situation, organic Carnaroli Rice will make a breathtaking risotto.

Infusettes mélange pour vin chaud

Infusettes mix for mulled wine

3,96 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

Make a delicious mulled wine with this organic spice blend. The box contains about twenty infusettes (cinnamon, clove, cardamom, nutmeg...) which will leave a bewitching scent invading all the rooms of your house. An infusion time of 5 minutes is necessary.

Boule à thé théière

Tea ball teapot

3,16 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

A bit wiser than the poop infuser, this tea ball is quite original in its design. In addition to the classic infuser shape, this model is adorned with a sturdy steel chain to the end of which is attached a mini red teapot. Compact, the tea ball can be carried everywhere.

Carte à planter 2 volets fleurs sauvages

Wildflower 2-panel planting card

3,08 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

Are you used to sending Christmas cards? Escape the monotony and opt for this planting card that can be transformed into a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The paper has been sown with wildflower seeds. The printing is made with water-based ecological ink.

Sac à provisions XL en coton bio

Shopping bag XL in organic cotton

2,36 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

The perfect Christmas gift for an eco-friendly friend who swears by the zero waste concept is an organic cotton shopping bag. A great alternative to disposable plastic or paper bags, this XL-sized model fits in a purse at any time. It can hold up to 6.5 kg of groceries.

Sticker réfléchissant pingouin

Reflective sticker penguin

2,40 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

The reflective penguin sticker is perfect for a friend or relative who is used to coming home very late or who often goes for night walks. It will be seen better even in low light because this sticker reflects light at a maximum distance of 3 m.

Bonnet flower power pour chat

Flower power hat for cat

3,58 £ on Lavantgardiste

We understand that! Your best friend is the cat. To mark his first or his umpteenth Christmas in your company, don't hesitate to get him a nice flower power hat of 27 cm in circumference made of polyester. The hippie look will suit him perfectly, don't worry!


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