The best fridges in the UK 2023

The fridge remains the flagship product in terms of large appliances. Practical and essential, it will allow you to store your food and limit waste. Among the few models we tested, the Samsung RB37J501MSA convinced us the most with its large capacity, autonomous profile and its A++ energy class.

Samsung RB37J501MSA 1

Best value for money

Samsung RB37J501MSA

The best fridge in 2021

A combined fridge, the Samsung RB37J501MSA has a freezer with a capacity of 118 L and a refrigerator of 269 L. It offers you an exceptional autonomy of 16 hours in case of power failure.

844 £ on Darty

Although its design is a bit basic, we have to admit that the Samsung RB37J501MSA shows an impressive performance. In addition to its self-contained storage system, the unit boasts a total net capacity of 353 L, with 255 L for the refrigerator and 98 L for the freezer compartment. Very quiet, this fridge announces a noise level of 39 dB only. An audible alarm will warn you if the door is left open.

This model works by ventilated cooling. You will appreciate its easy temperature adjustment system. The temperature is evenly distributed between the two compartments, which allows for better food preservation. Also note the presence of the FreshZone, designed to accommodate fresh food. Its door shelves offer additional storage space for XL bottles. Its annual power consumption averages 183 kWh. Equipped with a reversible door, the appliance offers a freezing capacity of 13 kg/24 h.

Klarstein Manhattan silent mini fridge 35L 2

Best value for money

Klarstein Manhattan silent mini fridge 35L

The best entry-level fridge

The Klarstein Manhattan mini fridge offers excellent value for money considering the features and performance it presents.

139 £ on Amazon

Here is a mini fridge with unmatched performance and exceptional design. With a capacity of 35 liters, it ranks in the list of mini fridges with large capacity. The Klarstein Manhattan mini fridge has 3 temperature settings. It allows you to keep your snacks, drinks or even medicines and other cosmetic products cool. It is ideal for the office or bedroom.

Depending on your preferences, you can install or remove the grill, to better manage the interior space or get more useful volume. Thanks to a noise level of only 30 dB, you won't hear it while it's running, even during the night. In addition, this mini fridge with energy class A will save you money by reducing the electricity bill. Finally, you should know that its reversible door allows you to position it according to your needs in terms of location.


Best value for money


The best high-end fridge

The LG GSJ361DIDV American refrigerator will certainly suit you if you are looking for a large capacity model. Equipped with a total No Frost system, it will not clutter your kitchen either.

1 134 £ on Amazon

Having a fridge is no longer a luxury, especially a model like this one! Its design allows it to integrate perfectly all the decorations. The LG GSJ361DIDV offers a total volume of 591 L. The defrosting of the appliance is done automatically, so you can save time. In all, this refrigerator is only 179 x 91.2 x 71.7 cm.

In addition, the LG GSJ361DIDV fridge has 4 glass shelves that you can use as shelves. With a refrigeration capacity of 12 kg/24 h, it is a very low energy consumption model. On average, it consumes only 429 kWh per year.


A great choice


The high-end alternative

With a homogeneous temperature allowing an optimal conservation of the products, this combined fridge of LG has the energy class A++, which makes it an ultra economic model.

799 £ on Boulanger

The LG GBB92STAXP is the reference in terms of high-end combined refrigerator. It offers a net volume of 384 l, including 277 l for the refrigerator and 107 l for the freezer. This model is designed with a brushed stainless steel finish giving it a sleek, elegant and modern design. It fits perfectly in a modern and trendy kitchen.

Operating by ventilated cooling, this combi also has the DoorCooling system which allows up to 19% cooling. A powerful Inverter compressor ensures a quick and uniform temperature drop. This LG combi fridge is very quiet with a noise level of 36 dB. Its annual energy consumption is estimated at 173 kWh, which is equivalent to an expense of 25 euros/year.

Whirlpool W7821OW 5

Very good

Whirlpool W7821OW

A great alternative

For fans of the big brand, the Whirlpool W7821OW 2-door combination fridge will fully satisfy your needs. With a total volume of 338 L, it includes a 104 L freezer. All you have to do is find a suitable place for it.

420 £ on Cdiscount

The Whirlpool W7821OW is certainly the loudest of this top 5 (40 dB), although it is also a very good alternative to the first model. The appliance is equipped with an automatic defrosting function, which can only increase its comfort of use. With continuous use, this No Frost fridge consumes around 271 kWh/year, a high score in terms of energy performance . Thanks to a humidity control device in the fruit and vegetable drawer, you will keep them fresh for a minimum of 15 days.

The 2-door reversible refrigerator uses R600a gas. It is, among other things, equipped with an electronic thermostat giving you the possibility to choose the temperature according to your expectations. For ease of use, the Whirlpool W7821OW comes with sliding glass shelves that separate the fridge into several compartments. In short, you have everything you need to keep your food organized in a smart way.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best fridge

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The best fridge in 2021

The best entry-level fridge

The best high-end fridge

The high-end alternative

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best fridges

Samsung RB37J501MSA 6
Klarstein Manhattan silent mini fridge 35L 7
Whirlpool W7821OW 10
Samsung RB37J501MSA
Klarstein Manhattan silent mini fridge 35L
Whirlpool W7821OW
A combined fridge, the Samsung RB37J501MSA has a freezer with a capacity of 118 L and a refrigerator of 269 L. It offers you an exceptional autonomy of 16 hours in case of power failure.
The Klarstein Manhattan mini fridge offers excellent value for money considering the features and performance it presents.
The LG GSJ361DIDV American refrigerator will certainly suit you if you are looking for a large capacity model. Equipped with a total No Frost system, it will not clutter your kitchen either.
With a homogeneous temperature allowing an optimal conservation of the products, this combined fridge of LG has the energy class A++, which makes it an ultra economic model.
For fans of the big brand, the Whirlpool W7821OW 2-door combination fridge will fully satisfy your needs. With a total volume of 338 L, it includes a 104 L freezer. All you have to do is find a suitable place for it.
Total capacity
353 L (refrigerator: 255 L/freezer: 98 L)
35 L (refrigerator)
591 L (refrigerator : 394 L/freezer : 197 L)
384 L (Fridge : 177
Freezer : 107)
338 L (refrigerator: 234 L/freezer: 104 L)
Freezing capacity
13 kg/24 hrs
12 kg/24 h
14 kg/24h
10 kg/24 h
Annual energy consumption
183 kWh/year
173 kWh
429 kWh/year
173 kWh
271 kWh/year
Noise level
39 dB
30 dB
39 dB
36 dB
40 dB
Cold type
Ventilated cooling
Static cooling
No frost
Fan cooled

No frost

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How to choose your fridge

The most popular large household appliance in the UK, with a usage rate of 98%, the fridge remains a must-have. However, choosing the right model is tricky because you have to take several parameters into account. To make your search easier, follow these tips.

#1 - The capacity

Most standard refrigerators have a capacity of 420 to 900 L. A smaller model should be sufficient for smaller households, but we advise you to choose a larger one if you have more than four or five people in your house. Also consider your buying habits. If you buy in bulk, you'll probably need a larger capacity fridge than someone who shops every 2-3 days. Keep in mind that the advertised capacity is often slightly larger than the usable storage capacity. If you're worried that the model you're looking at is too small, it's a good idea to get a larger size.

#2 - The finish

Finish is often an important consideration, especially if you're trying to match your refrigerator to the other appliances in your kitchen. These days, most refrigerators are available in black, white or stainless steel. If you are considering stainless steel, it is important to note that some models are more susceptible to mold stains than others. Usually, the more expensive the refrigerator, the more resistant the finish is to mold stains.

#3 - The organization

Most refrigerators have several adjustable shelves that you can adjust to accommodate items of all sizes. A good refrigerator will have at least three or four shelves and a few drawers on the bottom for extra storage. Some refrigerators have humidity-controlled drawers that allow you to manually adjust the humidity level to help food last longer. High humidity is better for leafy greens and other foods that are sensitive to moisture loss, while low humidity is better for fruits and vegetables that are not as prone to losing moisture.

Measurements, never neglect measurements

When it comes to a new refrigerator, you need to measure everything. First, start with the location of the refrigerator. Make sure the door won't hit a cabinet or wall. And make sure you leave extra space - at least 10 cm all around for ventilation. Next, the path by which you will bring the refrigerator in. Many deliveries end in tears and frustration because the hallway door is too narrow or the stairs are too steep. Don't put yourself through such torture, take the necessary steps before you buy your fridge.

#4 - The ice machine

Many refrigerators come with a built-in ice maker, so you don't have to worry about ice trays. This is a fairly standard feature in most modern refrigerators, so you should have no problem finding a top freezer refrigerator that has one. Because of the layout of these refrigerators, however, don't expect to find any that have a built-in ice or water dispenser in the refrigerator door. This feature is usually only available on side-by-side refrigerators


#5 - Energy efficiency

New refrigerators are more energy efficient than ever, but some buyers still wonder how much a new refrigerator will impact their monthly electric bill. You can get an idea of how much energy a refrigerator uses by looking at the model'sEnergy Guide label . This measures how much electricity the refrigerator will use over the course of a year and estimates how much it will cost you. It also gives you an idea of how that particular model compares to other refrigerators. If energy efficiency is a major concern for you, look for an Energy Star rated refrigerator. This indicates that this model is in the top 25% of energy efficient refrigerators on the market.

What about smart fridges?

Smart fridges are one of the latest innovations in the field. It is a refrigerator connected to the cloud. Depending on the built-in features it allows you to do a number of things such as using your smartphone to know the inventory of your fridge, send and receive notes and calendar entries (shopping lists, for example) that will appear on the fridge screen, or receive alerts if the fridge door is left open.

Currently, very few brands make smart refrigerators. Only LG, Samsung and GE are doing it and each has only a few models with connected features. But is it really worth it?

  • They cost much more: a non-intelligent double-door combination fridge costs about 1700 euros at Samsung. While the three-door Family Hub model with similar capacity from the brand costs about 800 euros more (2500 euros).
  • They don't offer that many features: for the price, one would expect better. For now, the features they have, such as an open door alert, are nice, but they are not essential.

The different types of fridges

There are many types of refrigerators on the market: one or two doors, combined or not, compact or large, there is something for every taste and need.

Compact fridge or table top

This is probably the smallest refrigerator in terms of size. The maximum height is usually 85 cm

. The table top refrigerator can have a single compartment, as well as models with a freezer. It is suitable for small spaces and can easily be placed under a worktop. Many widths to choose from.

If you live in a small space such as a studio or student room, the table top refrigerator will do the trick and meet your needs. In the office, it is also the best suited model, when the food to be preserved is not of a large quantity.

Fridge 1 door


all-purpose single-door refrigerator, as its name suggests, opens with a single door. Its all-purpose function means that it has only onecompartment

that offers positive cold and is used only for food preservation. The capacity is greater while the positive cold as the only mode of operation allows energy saving. This type of model may not have a freezer and when it is equipped with a freezer, the volume may not be satisfactory.

The all-purpose single-door refrigerator will offer you a larger capacity, ideal if you have a family. For more efficiency, we advise you to buy a freezer (table top type) to compensate for the small size of the one of this type of fridge.

2 door fridge

It is

a unique refrigerator because of its refrigeration circuit

and has two doors that overlap, the upper door featuring the freezer and the lower door being reserved for refrigeration. The freezing function is more efficient because the compartment is well insulated. On the other hand, the capacity of the freezer remains rather basic.

The power supply of the latter is not autonomous and is provided by the refrigerator. The 2-door model will suit you if you want a more elaborate freezing function without looking for a large capacity.

Combined fridge

meilleur frigo combiné


combination refrigerator is one where the freezing is done in the lower part

and the refrigeration in the upper part of the appliance. The circuits that operate them are well differentiated and are not dependent on each other. The temperatures can therefore be set independently.

The refrigerated food is easily accessible because the refrigerator is located in the upper part of the appliance. It is possible to run the refrigerator and unplug the freezer when leaving for a while, which saves energy. Note that some models work with a single motor. The combined refrigerator will be suitable if you give paramount importance to practicality.

American fridge

It is

the largest model of refrigerator

. It can be recognized by its refrigerator function on the right and its freezer function on the left. The best models have additional options such as a water or ice dispenser or even a convenient opening mode that avoids opening the refrigerator door. In addition to their large capacity, some models offer many options. It allows you to have a stylish kitchen. Its biggest drawback is that it is bulky.

The American refrigerator is the most interesting option for you if you have a large family. It is also the most aesthetic model if you are looking for a trendy fridge to enhance your interior design.

Table top fridge or camping fridge?

Fridge table top

About 10% of the fridges sold in the UK have a Table Top profile. As the name suggests, this type of fridge is designed to fit under a worktop. Its height is therefore limited to that of the worktop. The interest of a Table Top fridge lies in the space saving it offers. You no longer need to dedicate a whole space to the fridge in your kitchen. It will be part of the worktop. In some cases, the fridge top itself serves as a platform for other appliances.

Despite its low height, the Table Top fridge can be combined, i.e. it can have a fridge and freezer compartment. However, their volumes will remain limited compared to those offered by conventional refrigerators. On average, a Table Top fridge offers a total volume of 90 litres to 170 litres.

Camping refrigerator

As its name suggests, the camping refrigerator is dedicated to outdoor activities. It is therefore not used at home, but rather in a motor home or caravan. This type of refrigerator is also found in boats. Its size has been reduced so that it can fit into small spaces. Its capacity is therefore limited to 20 to 70 litres. A freezer is rarely found on a camping refrigerator.

It can be connected to a 12V cigarette lighter or to a mains socket. In all cases, its energy consumption will remain low, partly impacting its performance in terms of refrigeration. As a result, the camping fridge is mainly a back-up fridge, used only during your outdoor trips to keep your food and drinks cool for the duration of your stay.


The Table Top fridge and the camping fridge have in common their limited size and volume. Both are dedicated to small spaces. However, the Table Top fridge is used in a home, while the camping fridge is used in caravans, motor homes and boats. The former can be used as a main refrigerator while the latter is used on an occasional basis.

The choice will depend on your needs, but also on the use of the refrigerator. If you have a small kitchen, the Table Top fridge will save you space. A camping fridge is a better choice if you are going on a trip in a caravan or on a boat.

Why buy a good fridge?

Food preservation

Useful on a daily basis, the fridge is without a doubt the household appliance that we can no longer do without. Its main purpose is to keep food fresh for longer. It cools them down in order to slow down their degradation and to limit the development of micro-organisms.


The fridge is not only used to keep your food in the right conditions. It also allows you to lower the temperature of drinks to make them more pleasant to consume. It is also necessary for the success of certain recipes where it is necessary to leave the preparation a few hours in the cold. During very hot seasons, the fridge provides you with ice cubes and cold water to refresh you.

Design element in the kitchen

The fridge is a decorative asset in the kitchen. Nowadays, it comes in many styles and colours: contemporary, vintage, sleek, black, metallic, matte or brushed... It can be perfectly integrated into your interior decoration and become the star piece of your kitchen.

Different models available

A single person, a young couple without children and a large family will not have the same needs in terms of storage. That's why the fridge comes in many different sizes, from 100 litres to over 500 litres. Depending on your eating habits and the way you buy food, you can choose the ideal capacity to meet your needs.

Top technologies

To fully satisfy the needs of users, the fridge is becoming more and more innovative and intelligent. When you buy a fridge, you can choose between static or stirred cooling technology. The modern fridge is now equipped with energy saving systems (energy class A++ and A+++). Recently, the trend is towards a connected fridge that can be controlled remotely via a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone.

The best brands of fridges

In our opinion, the best brands of fridges in 2022 are :


Founded in 1938, this Korean brand offers very popular products in the field of household appliances. It offers an excellent quality/price ratio and products that cover all ranges. Innovative and very creative, the brand is one of those that influence the market.

Another Korean brand that is part of the flagship of the home appliance industry. Like Samsung, this brand offers a very wide range of products. The brand is known for the performance and reliability of its products.

This American brand offers products to accompany families on a daily basis. Since 1911, it has placed innovation at the heart of its policy, which allows it to offer an ever-wider range of products.

This German brand created in 1949 has specialized mainly in refrigerators, freezers and wine cellars. It offers high-end products that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional and durable.

Haier is a brand that was created in 1984 and has since specialized in home appliances. The brand has made it its mission to always stay close to its customers, in order to efficiently meet their needs.

What is the price for a fridge

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

40 £ to 250 £
250 £ to 750 £
more than 750 £
Price range diagram


Store your food in boxes or baskets

Using boxes or baskets to store your food will keep your fridge organized, making it easier to get your hands on what you need. You can also label them so that the whole family can find what they need. Above all, don't forget to put a paper towel at the bottom of the boxes, to avoid dirtying the food.

Remember to place the meat at the bottom

When you put raw meat in the fridge, it's important to separate it from the other food and put it at the very bottom. This way, you'll avoid soiling or contaminating other foods if juice ever leaks out of the meat.

Maintain your fridge properly

Like all your appliances, your fridge needs to be carefully maintained. To clean the inside, use a sponge soaked in a mixture of vinegar and dishwashing liquid. For the outside, a simple damp cloth will do the trick. And don't forget to dry your fridge with a clean dry cloth after cleaning.

Eat the oldest foods first

There is a rule of consumption to follow regarding food in the fridge, namely those that have been there for a long time are to be consumed first. So to make things easier, make sure to put them in the first line. Also, if you have a duplicate product, remember to put the other copy behind it so you don't accidentally open it.

Sort out regularly

Get into the habit of sorting leftovers and expired food in your fridge. This will prevent them from lingering there and creating bad odors. It's even better to make this a part of your daily routine, checking to see if anything needs to be thrown out every time you go to take out the trash.


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Samsung RB37J501MSA
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