The best freezers in the UK 2023

With nearly 700,000 models sold per year in the UK, the independent freezer continues to seduce, and with good reason. They have better insulation, and more storage space. They consume less energy while offering a better quality of freezing: you can keep your food fresh longer than with a refrigerator, with less risk of freezer burn. Chest or cabinet freezers, ventilated or static freezers, read our guide to find the one that suits you.

SIEMENS GS58NAWDV - Congélateur armoire 1

Best value for money

SIEMENS GS58NAWDV - Congélateur armoire

The best freezer in 2021

With 360L, 4 medium-sized freezer drawers and a BigBox drawer, this freezer has plenty of room to stock up on any frozen items you may need.

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If you're looking for a freezer that offers plenty of space, is easy to maintain and allows you to have ice cubes readily available, the Siemens GS58NAWDV 70cm Extra Large Cabinet Freezer is for you. It is equipped with 4 medium-sized freezer drawers and 1 BigBox drawer (completely removable), as well as glass shelves(total volume 360 L) that will allow you to organize your groceries efficiently. Thanks to the Ice Twister system, you can get ice cubes in no time. And it's equipped with No Frost technology that will prevent frost from forming inside your freezer: your food will be better preserved and you'll be spared the chore of defrosting. Finally, it has two adjustable front feet and rear wheels for easy movement.

Klarstein - Congélateur Garfield Eco 2

Best value for money

Klarstein - Congélateur Garfield Eco

The best entry-level freezer

Thanks to this compact and economical freezer, you can now freeze your food for a long time even if you have little space.

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With a useful volume of 34 L and twostorage levels, this freezer offers enough space to store your frozen meals, ice creams, as well as ready-made meals: it is ideal for those who like to cook in advance. You can adjust the thermometer of your freezer thanks to a wire rack, which can be removed if necessary. The door is equipped with a hinge that can be easily changed to perfectly fit the space available in your kitchen. It has an elegant design with an exterior in the STAINLESS STEEL look that will fit perfectly with the rest of the kitchen.

Congélateur WHIRLPOOL WHM39112 3

A great choice

Congélateur WHIRLPOOL WHM39112

A great alternative

This chest freezer has a capacity of 390 L and an autonomy of 45 H in case of power failure. It is perfect for storing your favorite frozen dishes.

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The Whirlpool WHM 39112 freezer with its 390 L will allow you to keep enough food to avoid having to go shopping too often. It is equipped with 3 storage baskets to organize your storage as much as possible. This freezer provides static cooling, so you'll need to defrost it from time to time to avoid sacrificing storage space. Fortunately, it has a draining system for quick and easy cleaning. And it provides a freezer schedule for your easy storage. It also has an eco mode and a lockable door. The maximum noise level of this freezer is 42 dB.

HAIER BD429RAAE - Chest Freezer 4

Very good

HAIER BD429RAAE - Chest Freezer

A very good value

With this freezer, you'll have more space than you'll ever need, a simple and practical design, very little noise and a number of convenient features to give you total peace of mind.

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This freezer has an A+ energy efficiency rating, ensuring low cost performance that won't break the bank. The adjustable thermostat can be changed quickly and easily via the mechanical controls, and the freezer is capable of freezing up to 28kg of freshly stored items in 24 hours. Finally, there are 2 baskets so you can keep the most fragile or small foods in an easily accessible location. Overall, the simple design and incredible capacity(429L) make it an ideal companion for large families. It is quiet, with a maximum noise level of 49 dB, and a 35 H autonomy in case of power failure.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best freezer

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The best freezer in 2021

The best entry-level freezer

A great alternative

A very good value

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Comparison table of the best freezers

SIEMENS GS58NAWDV - Congélateur armoire 5
Klarstein - Congélateur Garfield Eco 6
Congélateur WHIRLPOOL WHM39112 7
HAIER BD429RAAE - Chest Freezer 8
SIEMENS GS58NAWDV - Congélateur armoire
Klarstein - Congélateur Garfield Eco
Congélateur WHIRLPOOL WHM39112
HAIER BD429RAAE - Chest Freezer
With 360L, 4 medium-sized freezer drawers and a BigBox drawer, this freezer has plenty of room to stock up on any frozen items you may need.
Thanks to this compact and economical freezer, you can now freeze your food for a long time even if you have little space.
This chest freezer has a capacity of 390 L and an autonomy of 45 H in case of power failure. It is perfect for storing your favorite frozen dishes.
With this freezer, you'll have more space than you'll ever need, a simple and practical design, very little noise and a number of convenient features to give you total peace of mind.
Sleek and elegant design
Ultra fast freezing
Very large capacity freezer
Very large capacity
Large shelves
Compact and easy to install
Very quiet
Very affordable price
Equipped with No Frost technology (no more defrosting needed)
Easy to open
Equipped with 3 baskets for smart storage
Effective for quick freezing
Removable glass shelves and drawers
Door seal can be a problem pretty quickly
Doesn't have an automatic defrost system, so you'll have to defrost it manually from time to time
Economical and quiet
Equipped with the Ice Twister system
Very large capacity makes it very bulky too

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Buying guide - freezer

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How to choose your freezer

To find the perfect freezer for your needs, consider the following criteria:

#1 - The size

Freezers are available in three basic sizes:

  • Compact/small (140 to 150 L)
  • Medium (150 to 250 L)
  • Large (more than 250 L)

To find the right size for you, you will need to consider several different factors. The most important is how much space you have for the freezer. A chest freezer will fit in the garage, while a cabinet freezer will be more suitable for a kitchen. Also consider the needs of your family: as a rule of thumb, you'll need about 28L of freezer space per family member.

#2 - The organization

The more organized your freezer is, the easier it will be for you to find your food, which will help prevent waste. Chest freezers present more of a storage challenge than chest freezers. But no matter which model you choose, look for one with as many dividers, bins, and shelves as possible to provide easy access to the entire freezer.

#3 - The lock

A lock gives you added assurance that the freezer door will be securely closed, keeping the heat inside constant, preventing freezer burn and an unnecessary increase in the electric bill. This option is also essential if you have young children at home: they won't be able to open the door [and leave it open], so it will limit the risk of accidents.

Energy class you say?

Since 2014, the law on the energy transition for green growth, manufacturers of household appliances can only offer appliances with a minimum A+ class. Class A or lower are no longer regulated. Don't be fooled by the scales from A++ to D displayed on the appliances. Focus on A+ or higher to evaluate the energy efficiency of the freezer you want to buy.

#4 - The defrosting system

  • Manual: All chest freezers and some upright freezers require manual defrosting. Manual defrost freezers are more energy efficient and less expensive, with better temperature consistency and less risk of freezer burn. You will need to regularly turn off the freezer, empty it, let the gel melt and drain, and clean the freezer, which can take time. In addition, you will have to either use the food in the fridge or throw it out. Because you will not be able to refreeze them after the operation. Our advice is not to do any more extra shopping when the frost starts to set in.
  • Automatic: These are chest freezers that are equipped with this defrosting system. They are more expensive because they defrost automatically. This saves you hours of work, but because of the on/off cycle of the air in the freezer, the temperature tends to fluctuate more in this model. The combination of temperature changes and moving air causes more freezer burn.

Choose the model according to your real needs.

#5 - Useful features

Such as an alarm, for example. Because of possible temperature fluctuations, some self-defrosting freezers have an alarm that sounds when the temperature gets too hot inside. An alarm gives you a little extra security in case something goes wrong. A power light will also work the same way.

Don't neglect freezer defrosting

If you have a manual defrost freezer, you will need to defrost it periodically. Frost buildup consumes space inside the freezer and compromises the overall performance and efficiency of the machine, as the frost hinders the freezer's ability to pump heat from the interior. The general rule of thumb is to defrost every time the accumulation reaches about 1 cm.

You can delay defrosting by adopting some simple habits:

  • Open it only when necessary and close it as soon as possible. Every time you open the door, you let moisture in, which accelerates frost build-up.
  • Try to keep your chest freezer full, but not overcrowded. An empty or half-empty chest freezer increases airflow and leaves more room for warm air to circulate every time you open the door.
  • Locate your freezer away from heat sources such as furnaces and water heaters.

The different types of freezers

There are two main types of freezers: chest freezers and cabinet freezers.

Chest freezers

This is the kind of freezer that opens on top. They usually have a very large opening, removable hanging baskets or sometimes dividers. They are usually 85 cm long.


  • More usable space (fewer shelves and dividers).
  • More constant temperature (less risk of freezer burn).
  • Manual defrost.
  • Quieter than walk-in freezers.
  • Keeps cold longer during a power outage (with the lid closed).


  • Lack of compartments makes them harder to organize.
  • It can be difficult to retrieve food from the bottom of the freezer
  • They can take up more floor space than chest freezers

Who is it for?

If you have a lot of food to store and need maximum space, this type of freezer will suit you perfectly. It will be less suitable if you need to separate your food since it does not have a compartment.

Cabinet freezers

Cabinet freezers are shaped like a cabinet as the name suggests. They open on the front, they have one or two doors (this will vary depending on the size of the freezer). They are about 60 cm wide and 55 cm deep and are much easier to store than chest freezers. They can be built in.


  • They are easy to install, only take up about 55 cm of floor space.
  • Easy to organize: as with a refrigerator, shelves and bins inside and on the door make it easy to access food.
  • Choice of manual or automatic defrost.
  • Available in a wider variety of finishes such as slate and stainless steel, etc.
  • The smallest and most compact models can be built in, making them even easier to install.

Disadvantages :

  • More temperature variation, especially near the door.
  • Less efficient than chest freezers.
  • Sometimes noisier than chest freezers.

Who is it for?

If you don't have a lot of space in your kitchen, this type of freezer may be right for you. By choosing the built-in models, you will save even more space.

The best brands of freezers

In our opinion, the best brands of freezers in 2022 are :

Siemens Electroménager

This German brand specializes in large appliances, including freezers. It is known for its innovative, durable and environmentally friendly high-end products.

This American brand offers products designed to accompany families on a daily basis. Since 1911, it has placed innovation at the heart of its policy, enabling it to offer an ever-wider range of products.

This young German brand specialises in kitchen appliances. It is especially appreciated for the excellent quality/price ratio of its products.

Haier is a brand created in 1984 and specialized in household appliances. The brand has made it its mission to always be close to its customers, in order to respond efficiently to their needs.

This German brand, founded in 1949, specialises mainly in refrigerators, freezers and wine cellars. It offers high-end products that are as aesthetic as they are functional and durable.


Make a list.

Take an inventory of your freezer compartments so you know what's in there at a glance. Remember to update the list as food comes in and out of the freezer.

Label everything.


ll find it much easier to keep track of the food in your freezer compartments by labeling each item with the name of its contents and the date you froze it


Get organized.


your freezer does not have compartments or shelves, consider using plastic bins to separate the food inside


Unplug the freezer to clean it.

Even though

this appliance has an off switch, it's still best to unplug the freezer before cleaning. This will prevent the risk of electrical shock and injury. Make sure your freezer is located where cleaning it will not damage your floor or appliance. If necessary, place old newspapers and towels under your appliance.

Accelerate the defrosting process.


a large container of hot water in the freezer. Close the lid and let the heat and steam disperse to melt the ice inside your freezer. You may need to replace the hot water container several times depending on the amount of frost and ice present and the size of your freezer.


Which freezer to choose?

In our opinion, the best freezer for most people is the SIEMENS GS58NAWDV chest freezer. To find out more, read our buying guide.

What is the typical height of a chest freezer?

A typical chest freezer is between 76 cm and 84 cm high. There are some variations depending on the model, but this is a standard height range. The casters add to the height. For those who may be concerned about reaching the bottom of the freezer, measure the distance from your waist to the bottom of the freezer. If the height of the freezer is above your waist, it may be difficult to reach certain foods. You may choose to keep a stool nearby if necessary.

Where should I place my freezer?

Most people don't have room to place a stand-alone freezer in their kitchen. Fortunately, a freezer can be placed almost anywhere you have space. A garage or basement can be ideal; consider how far the freezer is from your kitchen to ensure it's in a convenient location.

Do freezers use a lot of electricity?

Because it runs all the time, a freezer will likely increase your monthly electricity bill. Depending on the model you choose and the utility costs, this can add about $10 a month. That said, the freezer could save you money by allowing you to buy items on sale or in bulk.

How long should I keep food in my freezer?

If the food is properly frozen, there are no food safety issues and the maximum storage time will depend on the quality and taste you want later. However, always refer to the instructions on the packaging to be on the safe side.


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SIEMENS GS58NAWDV - Congélateur armoire 9
SIEMENS GS58NAWDV - Congélateur armoire
Klarstein - Congélateur Garfield Eco 10
Klarstein - Congélateur Garfield Eco
Congélateur WHIRLPOOL WHM39112 11
Congélateur WHIRLPOOL WHM39112
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HAIER BD429RAAE - Chest Freezer


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