The best folding bicycles in the UK 2023

The folding bike market has exploded over the past two decades offering a plethora of choices for potential buyers. This type of 2-wheeler also comes in a wide range of prices, which can be confusing when you want to purchase one. To help you understand if a specific model will suit your needs, browse this guide to the best folding bikes in its entirety. TWENTY 1

Editor's Choice TWENTY

The best folding bike

The TWENTY electric folding bike for adults is extremely light and easy to handle. The price/performance ratio is also excellent.

1 199 £ on Alltricks

Thanks to a frame made from a compound of magnesium and aluminum, the TWENTY is extremely light. It weighs exactly 21.5 kg and can support a rider of up to 120 kg. One of the design features of this model is its reflective metallic finish which gives it a distinctive style and will allow road users to distinguish the folding bike in the dark.

This model offers three levels of electric assistance, which correspond to three speed limits. With mode 1, your speed will be limited to 15 km/h, mode 2 to 20 km/h and mode 3 to 25 km/h. Of course, by switching to manual mode, you can easily exceed 25 km/h. As for the motor, the TWENTY is equipped with a 250 Wbrushlessmodel capable of delivering a torque of 33 Nm.

BH Ibiza Sport Shimano Tourney 8V 2

Best Cheap

BH Ibiza Sport Shimano Tourney 8V

The best cheap folding bike

BH is one of the leading brands in mountain bikes. And recently, the Spanish manufacturer also offers the BH Ibiza Sport Shimano Tourney 8V. A real little wonder!

520 £ on Alltricks

The BH Ibiza Sport Shimano Tourney 8V uses an all-aluminum Ibiza Alloy Folding frame. The weight is considerably reduced. This folding bike is also ergonomic thanks to the design of its handlebars and saddle. Note the Shimano Tourney 8-speed transmission, very rare on such a compact bike, not to mention the disc brakes.

The 18-inch wheels will not offer the same comfort as 20-inch wheels, but they will be more comfortable than 16-chip wheels. And since BH has performance in its blood, its designers thought about making this bike fast and comfortable on most city riding surfaces (cobblestones, asphalt, etc.). Its ease of folding makes it easy to alternate between cycling and public transport.

Navy White 26-PM4 3

Best High End

Navy White 26-PM4

The best premium folding bike

The Blanc Marine 26-PM4 is all about comfort. But in addition to being fun to use, this folding bike is fast, safe and environmentally friendly. As a high-end model, it also benefits from an exceptional quality of finish.

1 826 £ on Alltricks

In order to offer premium comfort comfort, Blanc Marine has equipped its 26-4PM model with the latest in suspension technology Dual Comfort suspension and an adjustable Shock Block Suntour CRV/8 fork made of composite material. The comfort is also felt at the level of the ergonomics. The seatpost has been moved back behind the bottom bracket axle, offering the rider an optimal position to limit back fatigue.

With its 36 V 9.6 Ah battery, the Blanc Marine 26-PM4 offers a range of up to 70 km. You will be able to ride safely thanks to two disc brakes, an optimized locking and unlocking system of the frame.

momaBIKES E-20PRO 4



Excellent folding bike

The momaBIKES E-20PRO is an electric folding bike with a decidedly urban design. You'll be able to hit the streets and alleys quickly, safely and affordably.

959 £ on Alltricks

The first thing that can be said about the momaBIKES E-20PRO is that it can adapt to any situation in an urban environment. This versatility is due to its 250 W motor that delivers a torque of 55 Nm, its four levels of assistance and its 624 Wh battery (48 V 13 Ah). This model also benefits from a relatively low weight thanks to its 7005 aluminum frame.

The momaBIKES E-20PRO has an LCD screen installed on the handlebars allowing the rider to have access to a lot of live information including the selected assistance level, remaining battery life, speed and distance traveled. We also appreciate the 20-inch wheels, the presence of a shock absorber and hydraulic disc brakes at the front and rear.

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Comparison table of the best folding bicycles

BH Ibiza Sport Shimano Tourney 8V 6
Navy White 26-PM4 7
momaBIKES E-20PRO 8
BH Ibiza Sport Shimano Tourney 8V
Navy White 26-PM4
The TWENTY electric folding bike for adults is extremely light and easy to handle. The price/performance ratio is also excellent.
BH is one of the leading brands in mountain bikes. And recently, the Spanish manufacturer also offers the BH Ibiza Sport Shimano Tourney 8V. A real little wonder!
The Blanc Marine 26-PM4 is all about comfort. But in addition to being fun to use, this folding bike is fast, safe and environmentally friendly. As a high-end model, it also benefits from an exceptional quality of finish.
The momaBIKES E-20PRO is an electric folding bike with a decidedly urban design. You'll be able to hit the streets and alleys quickly, safely and affordably.
Mechanical or electric?
Number of gears
3 (as assistance levels)
Wheel size
20 inches
18 inches
26 inches
20 inches
21.5 kg
12.5 kg
19.4 kg
23 kg
Maximum range (electric bike)
60 km
70 km
120 km

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How to choose your folding bike

#1 - The type of folding bike

This criterion depends on how you intend to use your folding bike. The compact city models are suitable for relatively short trips with small differences in altitude. For long-distance trips, opt for a model with larger dimensions. Are you a trekking enthusiast? Turn to folding mountain bikes, which are easier to handle than city bikes.

For your information, some folding bikes are electrically assisted. They cost significantly more than conventional models. However, they are less tiring on long trips and allow you to go faster. If the roads you ride daily have steep inclines, we also recommend a folding electric bike.

#2 - Ease of folding

Folding and unfolding vary in time and complexity depending on the model. Before making any purchase, evaluate how easy it is to fold the folding bike. The number of steps imposed by the manufacturer should be as few as possible. Then, you should immediately have an idea of what to do, without having to re-read the manual.

On many models, you need to adjust the brake levers, handlebars and seat level before folding. Despite the attractive prices, these models should be avoided, especially if you plan to use them daily and handle them frequently. But for an occasional use (vacations, hiking...), they will do the trick.

#3 - The weight

Once the bike is folded, you will have to carry it to climb stairs, take the subway... The weight is then an important criterion. The carbon frame is the ideal, followed by the aluminum frame and the steel frame. Apart from the massive use of carbon, we do not recommend folding bikes that are too light, as they are under-equipped and not very robust.

When choosing a bike, look at the components before evaluating the weight. If the weight exceeds 18 kg for a folding bike without electric assistance, it is better to choose something else. Folding EABs are heavier than conventional folding bikes because of the battery. Their weight can easily reach 25-30 kg.

#4 - Wheel size and footprint

The size of the wheels plays a primordial role in the behavior of a folding bike. It also influences its compactness. For an excellent compromise between compactness and recovery, choose a bike with wheels smaller than 20 inches. A folding bike with 20-inch wheels rides better than one with 16-inch wheels.

Bikes with smaller wheels are more practical if you plan to carry them in folded form on a regular basis. But avoid going below 16 inches to avoid losing stability. To ride on rough trails, opt for a folding mountain bike with 26-inch wheels. However, it will be bulkier.

#5 - The transmission

Thanks to an efficient folding system, some bikes don't require any help to stay upright once folded. This is handy if you have to take a subway ride or somewhere where you won't be able to unfold your bike. If the front and rear wheels of the bike touch the ground in folded mode, you can pull it along like a piece of luggage on wheels. This is called folded rolling.

To avoid any surprises, also consider the dimensions of your future folded bike.

#6 -

A folding bike can have an external derailleur, an integrated gear hub, a combination of an external derailleur and an integrated gear hub, or a continuous shift hub. The choice of drivetrain depends primarily on the use of your bike.

However, it is important to note that conventional derailleurs often malfunction, regardless of the price of the bike. For optimum comfort, we recommend choosing a folding bike with a mixed gear or hub gear. This allows you to change gears without having to pedal.

Some useful information

Some folding bikes have puncture-resistant tires, one less thing to worry about on your trip. Also, choose a folding bike with folding pedals and handlebars. Otherwise, the bike will take up more space and be difficult to transport. Also consider the availability of spare parts. Sooner or later you will have to repair the bike. The unavailability of defective parts will force you to invest in a new bike.

How to properly maintain a folding bike?


A folding bike is no more difficult to maintain than a traditional bike. In fact, its lifespan depends greatly on frequency of use, storage conditions and periodic maintenance.

Periodic maintenance and overhaul

Perform an overhaul every 3 months or so. To do this, check all the safety clamps: pedals, chain, saddle, stem, brake cable, derailleur cable, tires and chainstay. In addition to regular maintenance, you should check the condition of the tires every time you ride. Make sure they are not flat, torn, slick or dry.


If you don't have the time or inclination to service your folding bike yourself, leave it to a professional. The first few months are a break-in period. This requires a derailleur and brake adjustment after 2 to 3 months. If all goes well, have your folding bike serviced annually.

Cleaning a folding bike

To avoid damaging paint and decals, use specific products during folding bike cleaning.High-pressure cleaners are outlawed to avoid rust and to avoid damaging bearings. A bucket of water and a sponge should suffice. And don't forget to clean the chain before greasing it.

Maintenance of an electric folding bike

This particular case requires additional checks. For the battery, use only the charger supplied at the time of purchase. If you absolutely must change it, check that the power and voltage of the new charger match the original. Indeed, using the wrong charger may cause the recharge to fail or even damage the battery.

A battery that has not been charged for a long time can go into hibernation. Ideally, you will need to recharge it every 6 weeks or so and follow the manufacturer's recommended charging time. Finally, remove the battery from a folding EAB if you leave it outside. Do the same when cleaning if the battery is not waterproof.

The different types of folding bicycles

Folding bikes have become so popular that their use is no longer limited to urban environments. Today, there are different uses that have led to the creation of different types of folding bikes. Here they are!

Urban folding bikes

Designed for urban use, this type of folding bike allows you to pedal with ease. Corresponding to the requirements of everyday life, this bike is easy to handle and more portable than other types of folding bikes. Perfect for short trips, their compactness is convenient for moving around the city while alternating between metro, bus or streetcar.Advantages: Urban folding bikes are light and therefore fast. They also have the advantage of being easy to carry and easy to fold. Not very cumbersome, you won't need to park it, but you will carry it with you all the time. And as the name suggests, an urban folding bike is perfect for short trips around town.Disadvantages: Obviously, because of the characteristics of its tires, frame and suspension, urban folding bikes are not very versatile and are rarely suitable for trips to the countryside. In fact, you'll even have trouble riding them on cobblestone streets in cities.Who is it for? The urban folding bike is a great way to get to work, to run errands or to take a walk. It rides comfortably in urban areas, but may have difficulty on hiking trails.

Sport folding bikes

The sport folding bike is designed for performance and speed. Since it is only intended for sports use, this type of folding bike does not have complete accessories, unlike the urban models. In fact, it is very sparsely equipped so as not to encumber the user. Lovers of bike rides, who lack space at home, should consider it.Advantages: Sport folding bikes are very light, which makes them easy to carry. They are also very flexible, allowing them to take on the size of a sports bag in order to accompany you everywhere. Of course, the sport models will allow you to go faster and are more manageable on rough trails.Disadvantages : Sport folding bikes are not at all versatile. They're not very comfortable to ride around town. And compared to a regular sport bike, a sport folding bike will be a bit heavier because of the folding mechanism.Who is it for? This type of folding bike is perfectly suited for sports activities. It has all the necessary elements to meet the expectations of extreme sportsmen: powerful, fast, solid, ultra light, etc. It is suitable for hiking trails.

Folding trekking bikes

Also known as a travel bike, the trekking folding bike is designed to withstand long journeys, unlike the urban folding bike, which has many hills. It is particularly robust and has a front and rear rack. Some models can be folded in 4 and take the dimensions of a travel bag.Advantages: Trekking folding bikes are stronger and more efficient than classic urban folding bikes. They are usually equipped with a luggage rack in the front and/or in the back. In addition, they are just as compact and flexible, and can handle long trips with significant inclines, especially models with electric assistance.Disadvantages : On the downside, trekking folding bikes are slower and a bit heavier than other models.Who is it for? The trekking folding bike is an ideal companion on rough roads. Almost all models provide top comfort and safety. They are equipped with front and rear racks to carry all the accessories needed for your trip.

Folding cargo bikes

The particularity of this type of bicycle is that it can be disassembled. The main function of this type of bike is to carry heavy loads, hence its name cargo bike. It is usually equipped with a large wooden, plastic or metal box. In terms of performance, it is not very fast. But the electric variants considerably increase the range of this folding bike.Advantages: Contrary to what you might think, folding cargo bikes are ultra compact when folded. They are sturdy and solid, yet still perform well. But the main advantage of folding cargo bikes is that they are very convenient for carrying large loads.Disadvantages: The main disadvantage of folding cargo bikes is that they are quite difficult to handle. So be careful when riding in narrow streets. Also be careful when making sharp turns. Folding cargo bikes are not generally intended for long distance riding. That would be a feat of endurance.Who is it for? The folding cargo bike will be used to deliver products. It is practical, compact and efficient, a great way to avoid traffic jams. This type of bike can make fairly long trips, especially the electric versions.

An electric folding bike is the perfect combination of the two most useful types of bikes in one entity: the folding bike and the electric bike. Nowadays, electric folding bikes are becoming more and more common and are considered as a trendy way to travel around the city. It is undoubtedly the cleanest and fastest means of transportation for a daily commuter.Advantages: These electric folding bikes are ultra-fast, useful, user-friendly and extremely pleasant to ride. Electric folding bikes do not produce any harmful emissions into the atmosphere. So taking an electric folding bike is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. And thanks to the presence of an electric motor, this type of folding bike will allow you to reduce your travel time considerably.Disadvantages: As with any electric bike, folding models are not suitable for long trips. You will need to recharge regularly and charging stations are not yet widely available in urban areas. Finally, it is important to note that this is the most expensive type of folding bike on the market.Who is it for? An electric folding bike is an excellent choice for occasional cyclists and commuters who only ride short distances.

Folding bike or electric scooter?

Folding bike

A folding bike is characterized by the presence of a hinge on the frame, which makes it foldable. This allows you to reduce the size of the bike by 50 to 75%, i.e. 60 x 60 x 35 cm in general. Being designed for transport, all its models are usually light. You have the possibility to take it without driving it by putting it in a bag, without risk of dirtying your clothes.

The folding bike is really practical, because you don't need to put an anti-theft device like on the classic bikes. It can be easily stored in a car boot or in a corner of the house without having to worry about finding a parking space. But folding bikes also have their drawbacks. This type of bike is not designed for frequent off-road use. On steep inclines or very uneven surfaces, these little two-wheelers can wear out quickly. Moreover, finding spare parts for them is also very difficult and expensive.

Electric scooter

Having a scooter as a means of transportation has always been advantageous. It is equipped with an electric motor powered by a battery, which is a real asset for the protection of the environment. Fast and agile, many people love this machine which is among the quietest. Its strong point is that it is the most suitable to make a race of less than 100 km in rural areas or in town.

In addition, an electric scooter is easy to maintain thanks to its electric motor which does not require the application of oil like the traditional motors. It also provides you with an unequalled driving comfort with its very simple handling. However, it does have some drawbacks. Finding a recharging point for an electric scooter is no easy task. It can be a real problem if you want to take a longer trip.


If you are comfortable using public transport and have a small vehicle at your disposal, choose electric scooters. For a good compromise between ease of parking and shortening the time of travel by tram for example, the folding bike will suit you better.

Why buy a folding city bike?

More practical and lighter than the classic bike, the folding bike accompanies you during your trips in town, in the countryside or on trekking trails. Because of its foldable nature, this means of transport offers significant advantages.

Small footprint

The folding bike has an extremely small footprint. It is an essential means of transport if you live in a relatively small apartment without a garage. It will easily find a place out of sight, in your living room, your dining room, your bedroom or your kitchen.

However, you should know that a folding mountain bike is much bulkier than a city bike, mounted on 15 to 20 inch wheels. To save space, seriously consider the dimensions of the various components of your future means of transportation, especially the size of the wheels.

Adaptation to intermodality

Intermodality is defined as the use of different modes of transport on the same journey. By choosing the folding bike as your main means of transport, you can take full advantage of this system when travelling. For example, the bike will fold in the subway and then unfold to take you to the office or home.

The foldable side of the bike should allow you to carry it more easily during train or RER journeys. Some models can even be stored in a specially designed bag for easy transport.

The level of comfort

The first folding bicycles had trouble winning over consumers. At the time, the ride and seat comfort left much to be desired. They were impractical and required users to make a significant physical effort to cover short distances.

There has been progress since then. Folding bicycles now offer a level of comfort almost similar to that of conventional bicycles. They are compact, light and have new transmission systems that allow you to change gears without turning the wheel. The motor on electrically assisted models adds to this comfortable feeling.

Fitness maintenance

Like the traditional bicycle, the folding bike is an excellent solution for fighting sedentary lifestyles and keeping fit. This means of transportation encourages you to exercise more or less intensely, whether you're commuting in the city or going for a ride on a hiking trail.

Contrary to popular belief, electric folding bikes do not eliminate effort. Of course, they help you to ride more easily on roads with many differences in level, but they will force you to pedal to activate their electric assistance. Especially since the range of the all-electric mode rarely exceeds 60 km.

Reduction of the ecological footprint

Suitable for intermodality and low-polluting, the folding bike is the ideal means of transport to reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you choose a conventional folding bike or an electrically assisted bike, the environmental impact of your trips will be lower than that of a car or motorcycle.

Although the electric bicycle uses a motor, its polluting gas emissions are particularly reduced, if not eliminated. In fact, the CO2 emissions during a 20 km journey on an electric bike are similar to those of an electric heater, operating for 4 or 5 minutes.

The best brands of folding bicycles

In our opinion, the best brands of folding bicycles in 2022 are :

Moma Bikes

This brand, founded in 2005, excels in the manufacture of carbon fiber racing bikes. It offers quality, robust and reliable products. The brand offers an excellent quality/price ratio.

B'twin is a bike brand that belongs to Decathlon since 2006. It is a brand for the general public and for children. It is one of the most commercialized French brands today. B'twin bikes are known for their reliability and comfort.

This brand, which manufactures its bikes exclusively in Europe, needs no introduction. Founded only 15 years ago, Moma Bikes has quickly become a market leader. Its entry-level First Class and Street folding bikes are among the most popular of their kind.

Just like the big German sedans, Dutch bikes have always had a good reputation. Popal is no exception and continues this excellent image of Dutch craftsmanship. The brand is a safe bet with its high-quality and elegant folding bikes.

This brand was established in 2011, it is specialized in folding bikes and mountain bikes. In addition to folding mountain bikes, it also produces folding electric assist bikes as well. LANKLEISI is famous for its reliable quality, refined craftsmanship and world-class design.

What is the price for a folding bike

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

150 £ to 500 £
500 £ to 1000 £
more than 1000 £
Price range diagram


Packaging and padding.

Make sure you always have something to cover your bike to protect it from damage, including in the car. Some brands of folding bikes offer a soft carrying case for this purpose for proper security.

Make sure the greasy parts of your bike are hidden.

Chain guards and hub gears can help keep greasy parts in place so you don't get your clothes dirty when you fold or carry your bike.

Check how quickly and easily your bike folds.

Before you buy, check that the bike is easily foldable for you, that it doesn't take too much energy or time. The idea is to make your life easier, not the other way around!

Find out how much adjustment or assembly is required.

Some folding bikes are already assembled and ready to go out of the box at the time of purchase. Others require assembly or a series of adjustments before they can be used. Be sure to ask your salesperson about this. This may help you choose a folding bike that suits your needs.

Emergency situations.

Be careful, especially when you go on vacation. Make sure you take everything you'll need in case of a breakdown: your sets of keys, tire iron, chain rider... Pocket bike tools are now available on the market, so don't hesitate to get them.

Never forget to bring your helmet when you take your folding bike on the road. When you wear a helmet, it reduces the risk of head injuries. It may not provide you with 100% safety, but always remember that most motorcyclists and bicyclists who die are killed as a result of head injuries.

When riding your bike, it is important to be seen. That's why a reflective vest is a must when riding a folding bike at night. It would help if you have it with you at all times to be ready at night. The reflective vest will increase your safety as you make an effort to be noticed by cars and trucks on the road.

Installing a mirror on your bike will prevent you from constantly looking over your shoulder to see if a car or another cyclist is approaching behind you. By doing this, you can prevent a sudden swerve from an approaching vehicle. You will also be able to use your rearview mirror to make sure you are free to change lanes.

In general, it is prudent for an individual to check the weather first before planning to go anywhere, especially for those who ride folding bikes, as it will be difficult to see the road when it is raining. It will be slippery and the risk of getting sick will be high. If you are planning a ride in rain or shine, you can buy a waterproof bag and put your dry clothes in it.


Which folding bike to choose?

In our opinion, the best folding bike for most people is the SAVA Z1 Carbon T700. Many users will be won over by the Moma Bikes First Class. Although unisex, the Popal Reload F207 should delight women. Finally, the Lankeleisi 750Plus will interest sportsmen and women who are looking for an electric folding bike.

How to choose a folding bike?

First, you need to determine the type of bike you need: classic, electric, urban, sport, cargo or trekking. Next, look at the ease of folding, the weight of the bike and the size of the wheels, as these three criteria determine the size of the bike. Finally, consider the transmission. Do you want an external derailleur, a hub with integrated gears, a mixed device or a hub with continuous shifting? The answer to this question depends on your use.

What are the different types of folding bikes?

Classic or electric, the folding bike comes in 4 main families: the city folding bike, the cargo folding bike, the sport folding bike and the trekking folding bike.

How to maintain a folding bike?

Check the condition of your tires before each ride. Also, check all the safety clamps every 2-3 months. This includes pedals, saddle, stem, brake cable, derailleur cable, tires and chainstay. Remember to grease the chain and clean it before each lubrication. When cleaning, avoid using a high-pressure cleaner. Instead, a bucket of water and a soapy sponge will do. If you don't have the time or ability to perform regular maintenance, have your folding bike serviced by a professional.

What are the best folding bike brands?

Some of the many brands include SAVA, KS Cycling, Moma Bikes, Popal and Lankeleisi. You should be able to find what you need among their offerings.


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