The best foam baby mat in the UK 2023

To make your child less bored, adopt a foam baby mat. It's space-saving and easy to carry, and it's also educational and relaxing. However, it is difficult to choose one because of the wide variety of models available on the market. To find the one that's right for your little one, read this guide.

LUDI foam baby mat 1

Best value for money

LUDI foam baby mat

The different colors and fun nesting activities of this foam baby mat are a big hit with kids. It is non-toxic, very strong and durable.

15,99 £ on Amazon

The foam baby mat by LUDI has tiles in Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and is therefore safe for babies. With a thickness of 0.9 cm, it reduces shocks and insulates from the cold of the tiles. This puzzle mat is also strong and does not sag over time. It is ideal for infants who are craw ling and helps them develop their motor skills. It also resists well to their little teeth.

The tiles are rich in color and capture the attention of children. Plus, the different animal-themed puzzle pieces make for a more playful nesting activity. The pieces come together quickly and fit together well, without being difficult to take apart. This foam baby mat has a total surface area of 86.5 cm2.

Café Mignon foam baby mat 2

Best cheap

Café Mignon foam baby mat

This foam baby mat is non-toxic and safe for toddlers. Its lightness makes it ideal to be carried everywhere. Its patterns are essential to improve his cognitive ability.

10,02 £ on Cdiscount

This is a 12 piece puzzle baby foam mat made of EVA. Ultra padded and comfortable, it has no plastic smell and is perfect for children with sensitive skin. With its size of 30 x 30 x 1cm, this mat already allows the baby to enjoy his little play space. It is enough to place the toys on it.

With great patterns, this foam mat is your baby's ally to enrich his imagination and cognitive abilities. Food scraps or milk stains are easy to remove, as it is washable and very durable. Very light, it is easy to pack and can be taken anywhere (to the park, to the beach...).

YISSVIC foam baby mat 3

Best high end

YISSVIC foam baby mat

The best high-end baby foam mat

Thanks to its large thickness, this very comfortable and non-toxic foam mat guarantees a better cushioning of the baby's falls. For his cognitive development, beautiful drawings are printed on its two reversible sides.

56,79 £ on Amazon

The YISSVIC foam baby mat stands out from the rest because of its great thickness of 1.5 cm. This helps protect your baby and significantly reduces pain in the event of a fall. It is perfect for infants learning to sit or stand, but is also suitable for children of all ages. It is made of high-density XPE foam, a non-toxic, environmentally friendly material of excellent quality.

Soft and odorless, this play mat provides great comfort for your child. It is covered with beautiful patterns on both sides to stimulate visual and cognitive development. Waterproof and antibacterial, it is easy to clean with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. This foam mat provides a large play area, since it has a surface of 200 x 180 cm. It is foldable and can be stored very quickly.

KIDUKU Baby Foam Mat 4

Excellent choice

KIDUKU Baby Foam Mat

A great baby foam mat.

Made of rubber and meeting safety standards, this foam baby mat cares about your child's health. It is cozy and keeps the baby comfortable at all times.

31,92 £ on Amazon

In order to always preserve the health of your child, the Kiduku baby foam mat is also made from a non-toxic material. Indeed, it is made of rubber, without strong smell. In addition, this brand has even received the EXKLUSIV quality mark from TÜV Rheinland and meets the established DWD-Company safety requirements. The play mat has 1 cm thick tiles. It is shock-absorbing and the manufacturer recommends it even for children from 0 months.

Not only do the tiles ensure your child's comfort, since they are soft and supple. But, this feature also allows them to be assembled and stored easily. Plus, they're easy to clean. A damp cloth and mild soap are all that's needed to remove any dirt stuck to them. The mat covers an area of 3.57 m². It provides a spacious play area for your child.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best foam baby mat

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The best high-end baby foam mat

A great baby foam mat.

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Comparison table of the best foam baby mat

LUDI foam baby mat 5
Café Mignon foam baby mat 6
YISSVIC foam baby mat 7
KIDUKU Baby Foam Mat 8
LUDI foam baby mat
Café Mignon foam baby mat
YISSVIC foam baby mat
KIDUKU Baby Foam Mat
The different colors and fun nesting activities of this foam baby mat are a big hit with kids. It is non-toxic, very strong and durable.
This foam baby mat is non-toxic and safe for toddlers. Its lightness makes it ideal to be carried everywhere. Its patterns are essential to improve his cognitive ability.
Thanks to its large thickness, this very comfortable and non-toxic foam mat guarantees a better cushioning of the baby's falls. For his cognitive development, beautiful drawings are printed on its two reversible sides.
Made of rubber and meeting safety standards, this foam baby mat cares about your child's health. It is cozy and keeps the baby comfortable at all times.
86.5 x 86.5 x 0.9 cm
30 x 30 x 1 cm
200 x 180 x 1.5 cm
62.6 x 33.2 x 19.7 cm
Recommended age
Over 10 months
6 months and up
0 months and up
Educational value(s)
Enriching the imagination
Imagine, invent, create
Enriching the imagination
Imagine, invent, create

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Buying guide - foam baby mat

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How to choose your foam baby mat

The choice of this childcare accessory should not be taken lightly. Your child's safety and comfort depend on it. To find the right model for your baby, consider the following criteria.

#1 - Safety

The foam baby mat should be thick enough to effectively absorb shocks when the child falls. Thickness also affects thermal insulation. A thicker mat will protect your child from the cold of the tile floor. Also check to see if the mat is non-slip. This will ensure that your baby doesn't slip when he or she starts to walk.

Some foam baby mats contain toxic materials (formamide). You should avoid them, as they are harmful to children's health. Instead, choose EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) or XPE mats. They are safe for toddlers.

#2 - Comfort

Your little one is going to spend a lot of time on his carpet. It needs to be comfortable so that he or she is constantly at ease. For this purpose, choose a soft mat. However, don't buy one that's too soft, as it may suffocate your baby when he or she is lying flat on the mat. Go for a soft one that's fairly firm and well-padded.

Also, the mat cover should be pleasant to the touch. It's best to choose a soft, natural fabric. Cotton is the most recommended; moreover, this vegetable textile fiber is hypoallergenic.

#3 - Colors and activities

Babies are attracted by bright and contrasting colors. It is therefore preferable to choose a carpet composed of primary colors (red, orange, blue, green, etc.), especially if it is intended for a newborn. Indeed, the latter perceives his environment mostly in gray, black and white, and thus loves to see bright colors.

If you are planning to buy a foam mat for babies with arches, on which toys are hung, choose a model with a variety of activities. This will help improve his auditory, tactile and visual senses.

#4 - Maintenance

Rugs are often soiled by babies' spit-up, mischief, diaper leakage, etc. Therefore, choose a model that is easy to clean. Consider the materials they are made of. For example, velour-covered mats are difficult to wash.

#5 - Size

It all depends on whether you choose a puzzle or a whole foam mat. In the case of a puzzle model, the dimensions don't really matter, because you can make the mat bigger or smaller as you wish. In addition, the mat can grow with the baby and become a soft mat for his room in the future. The whole model, on the other hand, should have the dimensions of the place where you want to install it.

How do I clean a foam baby mat?

A foam baby mat is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Since it is installed on the floor, it is the first place where dust, dirt and even food crumbs can get on it. In order to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and germs that could make your child sick, you should adapt an effective cleaning method.


To make sure your child is playing on a clean spot, get some good cleaning products. This includes warm or hot water, soap, a soft cloth to scrub and a towel to dry the baby foam mat.

You need to use a soap that is all natural and does not contain any dyes or fragrances that could cause an allergic reaction on your baby's skin. If you can't find this type of soap, you can use a vinegar or baking soda solution. Bleach can also be used, but be sure to rinse it off with plenty of water so your toddler's skin doesn't react to it later.

Cleaning involves taking a large bowl to soak the baby foam mat in a solution of vinegar and baking soda. It is important to leave it soaked for at least 15 minutes before you start scrubbing. This allows the solutions to penetrate all the small spaces and remove the dirt. The hot water also helps to remove any oily stains that get stuck.

Since most baby foam mats are removable, you can wash each part separately. In case this is not possible, pre-soaking will already allow you to remove more dirt with less work. It would be best if you also consider washing it in the shower to rinse effectively once the dirt is removed.

On the other hand, it is advisable to wash your baby foam mat at least every 2 weeks to avoid bacteria buildup that could make your child sick. For drying, just make sure not to leave it in the sun for a long time to reduce the risk of deterioration.

The different types of foam baby mat

A foam mat for baby is very practical for the development of your little one's motor skills. Knowing its different types helps you to choose the most suitable model. Thus, you have to choose between: the model of foam puzzle mat and the foldable foam baby mat.

Foam baby puzzle mat

This model is excellent for babies who are beginning to explore their environment. It can be placed on any flat surface so your little one can enjoy hours of safe play. The textured pieces (usually 6 puzzle squares) of a foam puzzle mat allow for early sensory interaction in toddlers.

You can find them in different designs with a variety of subjects such as numbers, letters, animal pictures... In short, well organized games that contribute to the development of the child. The main disadvantage of a foam baby puzzle mat is cleanliness. If it's not sterilized properly, germs and dust will easily get on it.

Foldable foam baby mat

It's a great foam mat for crawling. It also adds cushioning to the floor and is a great space to play. It helps reduce shock if you fall from a certain height. Some baby foam mats have specialized surface textures that won't burn the skin when your child crawls on them.

Its advantage over a puzzle model is that it folds easily. It is also designed for easy installation and you can take it anywhere. However, this type of foam mat is quite bulky for a small space.

Foam baby mat or quilted activity blanket?

Foam baby mats

Created especially for young children, a foam baby mat is the safest place to enjoy toys without any risk of injury. Their use at home is not very common, but most daycares use them to entertain toddlers. Its foam texture guarantees its lightness, so it is transportable. Its most significant advantage is that it is a source of entertainment, with its colors, letters, numbers or other patterns. It also helps the child to mobilize all the members of his body.

In addition, it is very convenient to leave the baby before nap time or before bedtime. However, its use can cause some problems. The main one concerns cleanliness. Indeed, all the germs, the food, the dust... can easily find themselves in the carpet if it lacks of maintenance. It can therefore increase the diseases of your child.

Padded activity blanket

Often made of organic cotton, the quilted activity blankets are multifunctional. They can be used both as a baby blanket and as a mat under an arch. Like a foam mat for baby, it is very practical to encourage your child to use his arms, legs, to relax his back. It is also easy to clean.

An activity blanket is usually the best solution to entertain the child. It is indeed necessary to be transported in picnic or to play in the garden for example. The disadvantages of a blanket are that it can change its appearance after being washed in the machine. The other disadvantage is that it can collapse quickly.


Whether it's the foam baby mat or the quilted activity blanket. Both products are practical for developing a child's motor skills. If you're looking for an accessory that can be installed on a larger surface, choose a foam baby mat. Plus, it's lighter than a quilted activity blanket.

Why buy a foam baby mat?

To awaken baby's senses

A foam baby mat is not only a play area for your baby, it also helps to awaken his senses. The fact that he touches all the textures present on the mat, already represents sensory simulations. Just leave him with a few toys like soft toys, rattles or music boxes.

A safe play area

A foam baby mat is designed for a child's relaxation area. But its use is not limited to that, as you could turn it into a real little play area. For this, you should put some cushions in place in addition to the toys. Its foam texture is already safe to reduce or avoid injuries.

To develop the child's vision

In addition to being a relaxing space, the foam baby mat can also optimize the child's visual perception. Indeed, around 4 months, he can already develop the ability to grasp the toys placed above the mat.

To strengthen the motor skills and coordination of the baby's limbs

Children begin to grasp objects by will at 5 or 6 months. The use of a foam baby mat will have an impact on manipulation and motor skills. In addition, it will optimize the coordination of his limbs, especially when he is on his stomach.

To learn to crawl efficiently

With a foam baby mat, your little one will tend to move around. He will learn to crawl or roll easily to reach a specific goal. This type of play space encourages him to mobilize his arms, legs, neck and back. In order for him to move freely and safely, it is wise to install the mat inside a playpen.

The best brands of foam baby mat

In our opinion, the best brands of foam baby mat in 2022 are :


Ludi is a brand of the French group JBM. Founded in 1992, it specializes in the design of toys and childcare materials. The brand always prioritizes the well-being of children and offers products that promote their development.

YISSVIC is a recent Chinese brand founded in 2016. Despite its very young age, it has already managed to win the hearts of many consumers around the world. The company manufactures baby accessories and high-performance home appliances.

Created in 2018, Bammax is a revolutionary international brand in the maternity and childhood sector. Its products have already been sold in over 20 countries and are loved by over 600,000 consumers. The brand markets high quality baby foam mats.

Specializing in puzzle baby foam mats, this top brand offers multiple models of this type of mat. These are recognized by their resistance and their original design.

Mamabrum is a Polish company that manufactures both toys and useful items to take care of children: early learning mats, nursing chairs, cribs and strollers. Its foam baby mats offer good value for money.

What is the price foam baby mat

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 40 £
40 £ to 60 £
more than 60 £
Price range diagram


Keep your my baby foam mat from slipping

Add a non-slip backing such as double-sided tape to secure it. Installing a non-slip mat on the underside is also practical. But the most effective way is to invest in a quality baby foam mat.

You can use gym mats for your baby

A gym mat is also a great way to allow your baby to spend as much time on his or her tummy as they want. This is because gym mats also provide a comfortable surface and space for your baby to play. Many gym mats are easy to carry and offer beautiful colors and patterns.

Preserve the quality of your baby foam mat as long as possible.

As it is made of durable and strong material, it can last for about 20 years if it is maintained properly. To do this, wash your baby foam mat at least once every two weeks. Avoid using harsh cleaning products to preserve its quality.

Customize your baby foam mat.

One of the easiest ways to personalize your baby foam mat is to paint it. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Put the smooth side of the carpet on top
  2. Apply 2 coats of primer (a prep coat or coating over a paint base) with a roller.
  3. Use another roller to apply the paint of your choice.
  4. Place the stencil and paint over it.
  5. Repeat with the stencil until the entire carpet is covered.

Beware, some baby foam mats are very toxic.

Some baby foam rugs may sometimes contain a chemical. This chemical is usually difficult to detect. In fact, it gives foam mats their soft and spongy texture, but it is carcinogenic and can harm your child's health. It is therefore advisable to always choose a foam baby mat that follows the CE manufacturing standard.


How long should I leave my baby on a foam mat?

As your baby's belly button begins to heal properly, you can put him on a baby foam mat (put him on his tummy) two to three times a day for a short 5-minute session. As your baby gets stronger and older, you can increase the length of the session.

What type of foam mat is suitable for a 6 month old baby?

At this age, the baby foam mat should be foldable, not puzzle-shaped. This model is indeed more transportable and easily moved. Around six months, it is very important to watch what he is doing, so it is best that a baby foam mat be light and mobile so that you can always keep an eye on him.

What baby foam mat should I choose for Montessori play?

A single color baby foam mat or no more than two colors are recommended for a Montessori game. This helps your child focus completely on his toys. However, if your child is starting to take his first steps, lean toward a model with a neutral color (such as beige).

Where should I place my baby foam mat?

As the baby foam mat is a great place for exploration, it is appropriate to place it on a well secured surface that is larger or smaller. For example, you can mount it inside the playpen. For peace of mind, place it somewhere close to you so you can keep an eye on your little one.


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LUDI foam baby mat
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Café Mignon foam baby mat
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YISSVIC foam baby mat
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KIDUKU Baby Foam Mat


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