The best floor mat in the UK 2023

The floor mat is an accessory that lends itself to a variety of uses. Not only can it be used as extra bedding for your guests, but you can also use it as a sleeping pad when camping. But when buying it, it is important to consider certain criteria. To help you make your choice, we've put together this buying guide featuring the best floor mats.

Intex Inflatable Bed Comfort Plush 2 persons 1

Editor's Choice

Intex Inflatable Bed Comfort Plush 2 persons

The best floor mattress in 2021

Designed to accommodate two people, this Intex floor mat is made with thousands of polyester fibers. Of an excellent quality, it is not likely to relax with time and even if you are of strong corpulence.

57,14 £ on Amazon

Part of the Intex Plus Series, this electrically inflated floor mat can be used both indoors and outdoors. This model will allow you to enjoy immense comfort when sleeping in a tent or under the stars. The Fiber Tech technology and quality materials, combined with the compact size of this floor mat, will help you feel at home when you are traveling.

This sleeping pad is relatively small when deflated, however, it is not recommended for long distance hiking. Its integrated electric inflator with wide-open valve ensures inflation and deflation in 4 minutes.

Homescapes upholstered floor mattress 2

Best cheap

Homescapes upholstered floor mattress

The best entry-level mattress

This floor mat offered by Homescapes is available in 2 sizes and 9 distinct colors. Its upholstered look gives it more comfort, but also more style.

31,99 £ on Amazon

At first glance, you can tell that this Homescapes floor mattress is of very good quality. Its cover is made of 100% cotton, while its filling is made of polyester. Being environmentally responsible, it is important to the manufacturer to use materials from ethical and traceable sources.

In addition to being used as a bed for your children's friends, this padded floor mattress can be used as a cushion for a piece of garden furniture or a deckchair. Very flexible, this floor mat folds up very easily for easy storage in a large drawer. For maintenance, hand washing and air drying are recommended.

Natalia Spzoo folding floor mattress 3

Best high-end

Natalia Spzoo folding floor mattress

The best high-end floor mattress

Multifunctional, this floor mattress folds in three and can be used as an extra bed or a travel bed. Nevertheless, its biggest advantage lies in the exceptional comfort it provides.

75,18 £ on Amazon

This folding floor mat is the closest thing to a Japanese futon. Unlike similar products that are covered with a poor quality cover, this folding floor mat is covered with a removable 100% machine washable polyester microfiber cover. As for the filling, it is made of polyurethane foam with a density of 18 kg/m3.

Its design is not exceptional, but placed in the right place, this floor mattress will become a beautiful decorative accessory. The plus of this model: it is equipped with a headboard that will make your sleep much more pleasant. After folding it on itself, all you have to do is put it in its protective bag. It only takes a few minutes to unpack and fold it.

Trekology camping and trekking ground mattress 4

The ideal ground mattress for outdoor activities

Trekology camping and trekking ground mattress

The best camping floor mattress

Hiking and camping enthusiasts, this ground mattress made with enhanced 40D nylon is lightweight, durable and very comfortable. With this uniquely designed trekking gear, restful sleep is 100% guaranteed.

39,99 £ on Amazon

This ground mattress is optimized for travel and adventures through the hiking trails in the mountains. Very light and compact, this sleeping pad is only 750 g and 18.5 x 12 cm when deflated. It will take up very little space in your hiking pack. After reaching the camp in the evening, take out this sleeping pad and activate its automatic inflation system. It will be ready in 3 minutes.

Deflating is just as quick, as it only takes a few seconds. To do this, open the valve that expels the air to the outside. Very thick (10 cm), this mattress can be used for winter hiking. Moreover, its R value is estimated between 1.6 and 2, which is excellent for outdoor activities.

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The best floor mattress in 2021

The best entry-level mattress

The best high-end floor mattress

The best camping floor mattress

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Comparison table of the best floor mat

Intex Inflatable Bed Comfort Plush 2 persons 5
Homescapes upholstered floor mattress 6
Natalia Spzoo folding floor mattress 7
Trekology camping and trekking ground mattress 8
Intex Inflatable Bed Comfort Plush 2 persons
Homescapes upholstered floor mattress
Natalia Spzoo folding floor mattress
Trekology camping and trekking ground mattress
Designed to accommodate two people, this Intex floor mat is made with thousands of polyester fibers. Of an excellent quality, it is not likely to relax with time and even if you are of strong corpulence.
This floor mat offered by Homescapes is available in 2 sizes and 9 distinct colors. Its upholstered look gives it more comfort, but also more style.
Multifunctional, this floor mattress folds in three and can be used as an extra bed or a travel bed. Nevertheless, its biggest advantage lies in the exceptional comfort it provides.
Hiking and camping enthusiasts, this ground mattress made with enhanced 40D nylon is lightweight, durable and very comfortable. With this uniquely designed trekking gear, restful sleep is 100% guaranteed.
152 x 203 x 46 cm
143 x 48 x 5 cm
200 x 70 x 10 cm
191.01 x 56.9 x 10.16 cm
7.98 kg
2.18 kg
4 kg
750 g
Materials of construction
Polyester, PVC, ABS,
High density cotton and polyester
Polyester microfiber and polyurethane foam
Nylon 4D
Comfort level
Exists in other colors

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How to choose your floor mat

By taking into account the following selection criteria, you will easily find the best floor mattress for your needs.

#1 - The degree of comfort

When you think of comfort, the two things that come to mind are support and softness. If comfort is important to you, then choose an air mattress with a good thickness. Otherwise, opt for something a little thinner and stiffer, a closed-cell foam floor mat for example.

#2 - The insulation

The thermal capacity of a floor mat is measured by the R-value. This is how well a mattress retains and returns heat to you during the night. The higher this value, the better the thermal comfort of the floor mattress. If this value is not represented on a model, look for models that offer good insulation. A foam mattress is excellent in all circumstances.

#3 - The dimensions

Large people shouldn't be the only ones concerned about the size of the floor mattress. You definitely don't want to end up with an oversized mattress that doesn't fit in your space or adds weight to your bag. When shopping online, make it a point to ask about the size of the sleeping pad you're interested in.

#4 - The weight

Whether the floor mattress is for nomadic or sedentary use, make sure it isn't too heavy. Even at home, you're going to have to move it from one place to another. For hikers, a model that you can carry inside or on top of your pack would be welcome. Caution! For winter camping, place more importance on insulation than lightness.

#5 - The compressible aspect

Whether it's inflatable, self-inflating, thick foam or thin foam, the sleeping pad should be ergonomic enough to be carried or stored somewhere in the house. Of course, some models compress better than others, but it all depends on how you intend to use the mattress. For strictly domestic use, a thick foam mattress is the best choice. For camping, choose a self-inflating or inflatable model. Otherwise, you have the roll-up floor mats like the yoga mats.

The floor mattress: for which user profiles are they made?

As mentioned at the beginning of this buying guide, the floor mattress is an accessory that lends itself to different uses. In fact, this accessory should be chosen according to your user profile or the use you intend to make of it.

If you are looking for a sleeping position closer to the ground in the Japanese style, the floor mattress is made for you. However, avoid mattresses made of cotton, especially if you are overweight or suffer from back pain. Prefer floor mattresses made of cotton and high resilience foam or cotton and memory foam. For your health, invest in quality.

If the floor mattress is only to be used as an extra bed for your guests or your children's friends, opt instead for heaters, futons or folding mattresses. A good quality air mattress is better if you are short on space.

Occasional and regular hikers should invest in an inflatable, self-inflating or basic foam floor mattress that provides unprecedented comfort when used. Remember that sleep is very important during nature escapades. A good sleeping pad will help you get enough pep in the morning before you hit the miles of hiking trails.

The ground mattress would be beneficial for your health

Numerous studies have shown that sleeping on the ground is beneficial to your health, especially if you suffer from back pain or lower back pain. There is no better way to align the spine naturally than to sleep on the floor on a good mattress.

Since we sweat a lot during sleep, if the floor mattress does not have good insulation, we risk getting cold and sick. To prevent this from happening, simply put your mattress on a carpet or cardboard to improve the insulation.

The different types of floor mat

The comfort you want will depend greatly on the mattress you will use at home or in the wild.

The inflatable floor mattress

The inflatable floor mattress is ideal for extra sleeping. After a nice dinner, a member of your family decides to spend the night at your place, this mattress can be installed very quickly. The advantage of this mattress is that it takes up very little space. When deflated, it can be easily stored in its cover. This mattress is also favored by hikers and campers for its lightness and insulating performance.

The futon mattress

This category of mattress is used by Asians, especially the Japanese. It is highly appreciated for its comfort despite its firmness. Although the futon floor mattress is not very thick, it is a perfect replacement for the universal type mattress that is used on the bed frame. In the morning, simply fold or roll it up before storing it in a closet.

The folding mattress

The foldable floor mattress is the ultimate sleeping pad. While some models can be folded in half, others can be folded in thirds to preserve storage space. If necessary, these foldable sleeping pads can be tied up and stored in a cover and then carried around like a suitcase.

The single closed-cell foam mattress

This is a basic sleeping pad used by hikers who know how to make do with basic comfort. This mattress is made with dense foam filled with small air cells. Although the closed-cell foam floor mat is thin in appearance, it provides good insulation. It is rare that this mattress gets punctured, as it is very durable.

Inflatable or self-inflating mattress?

The self-inflating floor mat

Most of the models available on the market are very light and space-saving. In fact, they weigh only 400 g. For a long time, the inflatable ground mattress was reserved for extra sleeping, but it is now being adopted more and more by campers and hikers.

The floor mat with automatic inflation device

Thinner and smaller than the inflatable sleeping pad, the self-inflating model is the most common sleeping pad used by backpackers. There is no need for a pump with this mattress. All you have to do is open a valve and the closed-cell foam mattress fills with air. This floor mat is very popular with campers because it is warm even though it is light. It also deflates easily and rolls up quickly.


It's true that an air mattress provides you with excellent comfort at night, but before you can enjoy this sleeping experience, you still need to inflate it. This seemingly simple task can turn into a grueling chore if you forgot your pump. With the self-inflating floor mat, you are exempt from the inflation phase.

Sleeping on a floor mattress: top 5 recognized benefits

For better body support
Because the futon or foam floor mattress is firmer and thinner than a conventional mattress, it is less likely to change shape, whether or not you are overweight. Your body is well supported because the pressure points are well distributed on the futon surface.

To have a well aligned spine
On a foam or futon-type floor mattress, your body will naturally adopt a comfortable position. If you are used to sleeping on your back, your spine will adjust with the firmness of the mattress.

To reduce back pain
Do you suffer from back or lower back pain? Sleeping on the floor can help relieve these aches and pains whether they are temporary or permanent. By sleeping on the floor on a relatively firm floor mattress, you will get back to sleep.

To save space
You don't have enough space in your studio or you simply don't have a guest room even though you like to entertain people? The floor mattress will help you save space. Don't forget that this bedding provides real comfort especially if it is well chosen.

To lie comfortably wherever youare
Because it is so light, you can carry the sleeping pad with you anywhere, especially if it is closed-cell foam, inflatable or self-inflating. Every outdoor enthusiast knows that a sleeping pad is a must-have piece of camping gear.

The best brands of floor mat

In our opinion, the best brands of floor mat in 2022 are :

Natalia Spzoo

Intex is a leading specialist in accessories and equipment for outdoor activities such as sleeping mats. It's no wonder that the Comfort Push, in Fiber tech, is so popular with consumers.

Based in Portland, USA, Trekology's mission is to offer hiking and camping equipment at a low price, but with high quality. All of the brand's products exude sturdiness and offer excellent comfort.

This is a company that has been in the home décor accessories market for a long time. It is quite logical that their products, such as floor mattresses, pick up on their identity: elegant, trendy, and most importantly, affordable.

Active since 1994, the Natalia Spzoo brand is a renowned Polish company that manufactures mattresses, pillows, and furniture. Focusing on online sales, their products are a real success.

EvergreenWeb is an Italian company accustomed to making mid to high-end mattresses. Using several types of materials, latex or foam, the brand offers durable and versatile mattresses.

What is the price floor mat

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

0 £ to 40 £
40 £ to 80 £
more than 80 £
Price range diagram


Always have a pump on hand

To avoid having to inflate the inflatable floor mat by the force of your lungs, always have a pump on hand. This accessory will save you time.

Care for your floor mat

The floor mat is an equipment like any other. Whether it's for home use or outdoor activities, take the time to clean it after each use. This will add a few more years to its life. Washing with mild soap followed by air drying is recommended, regardless of the type of floor mat.

Store the floor mat after use

At home or at the campsite, never leave your floor mat lying around. In the morning, dust it off, fold it and store it in its cover to avoid damaging it.

Don't burden yourself with a large floor mat

Unless you are going on a hike with mechanical or animal portages, prefer a compact sleeping pad that takes up little space in your pack. Overly thick sleeping pads can be heavy, especially when you start to tire.

Use a mattress pad

To prevent the surface of your mattress from scratching on a tree branch or sharp object and to improve insulation, lay it on a soft cover. The latter may be futile, but it's better to have the minimum of protection than nothing at all. At home, you can use cardboard.


How to choose the right floor mattress?

The floor mattress is an equipment that must be chosen with meticulousness. To get a bed adapted to the use you intend to make of it, always give priority to the dimensions and materials. That said, you can pay attention to other criteria such as aesthetics for example.

What floor mattress to choose for baby?

The floor mattress is a versatile accessory that can be used for different moments of relaxation. Among other things, it will allow baby to have fun on the floor or even to rest. To prevent him from hurting himself, choose a mattress that is not too thick and padded, which provides a lot of comfort.

How to maintain your floor mattress?

After returning from a long hike, your floor mattress will bear the traces of your stay like dust. So, the first thing you need to do is to maintain your floor mattress. To do this, use a damp cloth and a mild soap. After cleaning, let it air dry and then put it away. This step will keep it in good condition so you can use it for a long time

What is the best floor mattress for tent?

Even the most seasoned campers and hikers use a floor mat at night when sleeping. It's a comfort accessory that makes for a better night's sleep. If you don't want to bulk up, choose an ergonomic, lightweight air mattress that takes up little space in your travel gear.


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Intex Inflatable Bed Comfort Plush 2 persons 9
Intex Inflatable Bed Comfort Plush 2 persons
Homescapes upholstered floor mattress 10
Homescapes upholstered floor mattress
Natalia Spzoo folding floor mattress 11
Natalia Spzoo folding floor mattress
Trekology camping and trekking ground mattress 12
Trekology camping and trekking ground mattress


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