The best flexible roof boxes in the UK 2023

The trunk of the car is not always enough to accommodate your luggage. In this case, the soft top box can provide additional storage space. Safe, lightweight and removable, it doesn't affect the look of the car. Among the models we compared, the HandiWorld HandiHoldall stands out. Its sturdiness and ease of installation are wonderful.

HandiWorld HandiHoldall 1

Best value for money

HandiWorld HandiHoldall

The best soft top box in 2021

The HandiWorld HandiHoldall is a well thought out 330L of storage space. With this flexible roof box, you can travel with peace of mind without limiting the amount of luggage you can carry.

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With the HandiWorld HandiHoldall, you have 330 L of volume to store your luggage. Imposing, this flexible roof box is very easy to install. Several straps make it easy to attach to the roof racks. A large zipper is used to open and close it in one go, without any difficulty.

This roof box is waterproof. You will not have to worry about it when you travel in rainy weather since your belongings will be protected from bad weather. The fabric used to make its outer walls is also resistant to the effects of the sun's rays such as fading. The equipment comes with polished fiberglass for a more rigid base.

Sailnovo AMD005033 2

Best value for money

Sailnovo AMD005033

The best entry-level soft top box

The Sailnovo AMD005033 shines with its high quality and large storage volume. Available at a very affordable price, it is one of the best-selling soft top cases today.

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Whether you are going on a trip, a weekend getaway or moving, the Sailnovo AMD005033 will come in handy. This flexible roof box has 420 L of storage space, to add to the capacity of the trunk of your car! You can store your luggage without any problem while protecting it from humidity and sunlight.

The ease of installation is a major advantage for this flexible roof box. You can attach it even if your car does not have roof racks. Indeed, the 6 straps easily attach to the roof of the car, regardless of the model. And considering the price, this model is definitely a good deal.

Thule Ranger 90 3

Best premium value for money

Thule Ranger 90

The best high-end soft top box

The durable Thule Ranger 90 is the soft top box you need for travel. Easy to attach, waterproof and suitable for all cars, it will be a precious help to transport your stuff.

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The trunk of your car is not big enough? Do you find hard cases too expensive and complicated? Treat yourself to the Thule Ranger 90 soft top box. Placed on the roof of the car, it offers a large storage space. Thanks to the Easy Snap attachment, it can be easily installed on the roof bars.

Made of a very resistant and waterproof fabric, this model has sealed seams and a reinforced zipper. It is therefore resistant to humidity and can support up to 50 kg of load. When you're not using it, the bag folds up and slips into a clutter-free storage case.

Fischer 126000 4

Seriously consider

Fischer 126000

A great alternative

With its rigid base, the Fischer 126000 supports up to 50 kg of load for a volume of 270 L. Robust, this flexible roof box protects the luggage transported in the car in any weather.

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The Fischer 126000 is suitable for cars with 80 x 32 mm roof bars, which are very common on the market. The straps are attached in a few minutes by one person. Once attached, the trunk becomes a secure space to store your luggage. It can support up to 50 kg of load and its metal structure base gives it more stability.

Made from water-repellent polyamide fabric, this soft top box has a zipper and reinforced seams to prevent water infiltration during rainy rides. The Fischer 126000 is offered at a very attractive price despite its very good quality which has nothing to envy the top of the range models.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best flexible roof box

Any specific needs?

The best soft top box in 2021

The best entry-level soft top box

The best high-end soft top box

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best flexible roof boxes

HandiWorld HandiHoldall 5
Sailnovo AMD005033 6
Thule Ranger 90 7
Fischer 126000 8
HandiWorld HandiHoldall
Sailnovo AMD005033
Thule Ranger 90
Fischer 126000
The HandiWorld HandiHoldall is a well thought out 330L of storage space. With this flexible roof box, you can travel with peace of mind without limiting the amount of luggage you can carry.
The Sailnovo AMD005033 shines with its high quality and large storage volume. Available at a very affordable price, it is one of the best-selling soft top cases today.
The durable Thule Ranger 90 is the soft top box you need for travel. Easy to attach, waterproof and suitable for all cars, it will be a precious help to transport your stuff.
With its rigid base, the Fischer 126000 supports up to 50 kg of load for a volume of 270 L. Robust, this flexible roof box protects the luggage transported in the car in any weather.
Base structure
Soft bottom with fiberglass polish
Soft bottom
Hard bottom
Rigid bottom with steel frame
330 L
420 L
280 L
270 L
3.6 kg
2.42 kg
7 kg
5.5 kg
Side mounting straps
6 self-tightening straps
Easy-Snap mounting system
110 x 75 x 40 cm
37.6 x 22.6 x 18.6 cm
110 x 80 x 40 cm
10 x 20.5 x 104.5 cm

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Buying guide - flexible roof box

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How to choose your flexible roof box

The soft top box is an essential piece of equipment for those who travel by car. It provides additional removable storage space. To take full advantage of its benefits, you must first choose the model that best meets your requirements. Evaluate the following criteria to find out whether or not a roof box can meet your needs.

#1 - The volume

This is one of the first criteria to take into account when choosing your soft top box. You can choose a small model (150 to 200 L) if you have a large trunk and not much luggage. You will need a soft top box of 300 to 600 L to carry large luggage. Note that the available volume also depends on the size of the roof box. The larger the dimensions, the greater the volume.

#2 - The structure of the background

The bottom of this type of roof box can be soft or hard. If it is flexible, the trunk will be placed directly on the roof surface of the car. If it is rigid, the trunk will sit on the roof bars. Hard-bottom models are generally more expensive and take up more space when not in use. They are, however, more reliable, especially when it rains, as water that runs off the roof does not come into contact with the bottom of the box.

#3 - The method of attachment

Straps are the most common means of attachment for soft-sided roof boxes. Other manufacturers choose clips or snaps. In any case, it's important to check the strength of the fastening system to prevent the bag from falling out while on the road. Also evaluate the ease of installation of the box.

#4 - The resistance


criterion depends mainly on the type of fabric used to make the soft top box. Polyester and polyamide are the most common fabrics used to make the outer walls. Generally, a water-repellent fabric is used to ensure thewaterproofing of the box

. The seams must also be reinforced so that they do not give way when the trunk is loaded.

#5 - Load capacity

This selection criterion only applies to models equipped with a rigid bottom. This has a limit as to how much load it can support. The load capacity depends on the volume of the trunk. Ideally, a trunk with a volume of less than 300 L should support 50 kg of load.

How do I install a soft top box?

Attaching a soft top box is fairly simple. It will depend on the mounting system and whether or not you need roof racks or a roof rack. The most important thing is to follow the manufacturer's instructions when installing the roof box.

In any case, it is important to tighten the straps or clips and to make sure that the box does not tilt, from left to right or from front to back. If possible, secure the box to the roof before filling it. Then tighten the top straps to compress the trunk.

The different types of flexible roof boxes

There are two main types of soft-sided roof boxes: soft-bottom models and hard-bottom models. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses.

Soft-bottom roof box

The soft-bottom roof box looks like a regular backpack. It sits directly on the roof surface of the car. The question of load capacity does not arise, since it will be defined by the strength of the roof. Therefore, this type of soft top box can have volumes up to 500 L and more


The soft top box is also easier to store as it can be folded in several parts to be inserted in a case. On the other hand, when it rains, water that runs off the roof will come in direct contact with the bag, increasing the risk of moisture seepage.

Flexible roof box with rigid bottom


type of roof box has a rigid base that rests on the roof bars. There is therefore no direct contact with the roof surface. The attachment of this type of box is simpler

, but requires roof bars adapted to the straps.

The load capacity of the box must also be taken into account. It is defined by the volume of the trunk, but also by the material used to make the base. The models with steel bases are to be preferred to take advantage of an optimal load capacity.

Soft roof box or hard roof box?

Flexible roof box

The flexible roof box is made of canvas and can have a plastic or steel structure. This type of roof box has the advantage of taking up very little space. When you are not using it, you can fold it and store it in the trunk of your car. It is also much more affordable in terms of price.

Note however that the waterproofing of the canvas used on the flexible roof boxes is limited. It is therefore possible for water to seep through in case of heavy rain. In terms of life expectancy, these flexible models are also more exposed to the effects of wear.

Rigid roof box

Like suitcases and hard-sided luggage, the hard-sided roof box has a compact body made from materials like PVC. It is waterproof and has a long life span. It has a capacity of up to 700L and can hold all types of luggage.

You have to spend more to buy a hardtop box. It also requires a roof rack or roof bars to secure it. Since the hardtop box cannot be folded, it requires a lot of space to store when not in use.


If you have a limited budget, the soft top box is the best option. The same applies if you intend to use the box occasionally. If you plan to use it very regularly, investing in a hardtop box may be a better option.


Choose an aerodynamic roof box

By choosing roof boxes with better aerodynamics, you can limit the increase in fuel consumption.

Drive under 110 km/h


less than 110 km can also limit fuel consumption when a roof box is installed on your car. Beyond that limit, the increase in fuel consumption can be more significant.

A label to remind you of the roof box


may tend to forget about the presence of the roof box while driving. Yet the height of the car increases by more than 60 cm. To remind you of this increase, put a visible label on your dashboard. It will be very useful when driving through tolls, underground parking lots or low tunnels.

Check the roof box at every stop


't forget to check the roof box at every stop. This will allow you to identify any problems with the fastening or closure.

Place light luggage in the roof box


heavy luggage in the trunk of the car and lighter items in the roof box. This will help you keep your center of gravity low, which will improve the car's ride comfort.


What is the best soft top box?

The best soft top box depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

Does the soft top box increase fuel consumption?

Yes, this is because the presence of the roof box changes the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Air resistance increases, which has an impact on fuel consumption. The average increase is 0.5 to 1 L per 100 km.

Can a roof box be attached to a car without roof bars?

Yes, but only if the model allows it. Some soft-sided roof boxes are suitable for installation without a roof bar, but these are quite rare.

Do I have to install the roof box before filling it?

Yes, because this makes it much easier to attach. Moreover, soft top boxes usually have a very wide zip opening which makes it easy to fill.

Can a soft top box be incompatible with my car?

Manufacturers make flexible roof boxes to fit most current vehicles. If you choose a large box (more than 600 L), check that its dimensions match those of your car's roof.


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HandiWorld HandiHoldall
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Sailnovo AMD005033
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Fischer 126000


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