The best fishing rods with reel in the UK 2023

The fishing rod is the main tool for the fishing activity. It is the perfect companion for any fisherman. It is chosen according to the different fishing techniques such as spearfishing, fishing, freshwater fishing or sea fishing.

Black Cat Passion Pro DX 1

Best value for money

Black Cat Passion Pro DX

The best rod and reel in 2021

The Black Cat Passion Pro DX will help you fulfill your passion for fishing. Robust and easy to handle, it ensures great catches.

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The Black Cat Passion Pro DX is a trolling rod with stand. One size fits all, it measures 2.40 m. As usual, this brand does not disappoint. The finishes are magnificent. You can feel the quality and sturdiness of this model from the first time you hold it.

Sold at a very competitive price, this catfish rod is very handy. It has a certain rigidity while remaining sensitive, which maintains a good contact with the lure. In addition, it is light and well balanced. Importantly, this rod has a rare quality butt.

In spite of the reel attachment that may falter in the long run, this rod gives excellent results for hunting with a rubber fish, for casting flashers or for trolling with Wobbler.

FR003-EU1 by Plusinno 2

Best value for money

FR003-EU1 by Plusinno

The best entry-level rod and reel

Very flexible, this fishing rod is made of carbon fiber. And its excellent reel is worth the detour!

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The Plusinno fishing rod provides perfect elasticity for you to experiment with this activity. It is made of high density carbon fiber and fiberglass which gives a better durability to your rod. Its length of 2.4 m shows its flexibility. It has seven sections and stainless steel seats.

This telescopic fishing rod is transportable. It is a great gift for fishing lovers or reel collectors. It is perfect for camping as well as for your travels and discoveries. It is 40 cm long when folded. However, it is not suitable for children.

If you want to have a flexible rod for your fishing activity, the Plusinno FR003-EU1 rod is perfect for you.

Bntteam 3

A great choice


A great value for the money

This telescopic fishing rod can measure up to 3.6 m and is ambidextrous. However, it will have trouble with big fish.

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To facilitate your fishing training, Bntteam offers you its telescopic fishing rod. With a total length of up to 3.6 m, this rod is also lightweight. It has a short body with a spool that has a large line capacity. You will have the possibility to make an instant return with this rod.

Its plastic body gives you a sturdy material that is resistant to traction. This rod has an oscillation system and a very good line winding. Its mounting is interchangeable. It is suitable for both left and right handed anglers. It is easy to store and does not clutter your luggage. The storage bag is included. However, this rod is not recommended for heavy fishing.

If you're looking for a fishing rod to practice with, the Bntteam is the one for you.

Devil 902Mh 20/60 from Abu Garcia 4

Very good choice

Devil 902Mh 20/60 from Abu Garcia

The best for beginners

Abu Garcia is a brand of fishing rods known for its seriousness and know-how. It has specially designed the Devil 902Mh 20/60 for beginners.

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Finding a top quality rod is not easy with all the offerings on the market. But Abu Garcia offers a fishing rod made of light and very resistant carbon. Its cork handle allows it to be lighter. This feature is then perfect for beginners.

The rod measures 2.74 m, a perfect length for fishing. It has six rings on which you will have the opportunity to set your fishing line. It is suitable for women who wish to practice this activity. However, the handle is quite stiff, but this does not affect the balance of the rod.

If you are new to the activity of fishing, the Abu Garcia rod is perfect.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best fishing rod with reel

Any specific needs?

The best rod and reel in 2021

The best entry-level rod and reel

A great value for the money

The best for beginners

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Comparison table of the best fishing rods with reel

Black Cat Passion Pro DX 5
FR003-EU1 by Plusinno 6
Bntteam 7
Devil 902Mh 20/60 from Abu Garcia 8
Black Cat Passion Pro DX
FR003-EU1 by Plusinno
Devil 902Mh 20/60 from Abu Garcia
The Black Cat Passion Pro DX will help you fulfill your passion for fishing. Robust and easy to handle, it ensures great catches.
Very flexible, this fishing rod is made of carbon fiber. And its excellent reel is worth the detour!
This telescopic fishing rod can measure up to 3.6 m and is ambidextrous. However, it will have trouble with big fish.
Abu Garcia is a brand of fishing rods known for its seriousness and know-how. It has specially designed the Devil 902Mh 20/60 for beginners.
Lightweight and well-balanced
Perfect elasticity
Large line capacity
Balanced structure
Roll eventually falters over time
Not suitable for children
Not suitable for heavy fishing
Rigid handle

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Buying guide - fishing rod with reel

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How to choose your fishing rod with reel

To make your fishing trip a real pleasure, choose your fishing rod and reel according to the following criteria. This does not guarantee you to return with big fish, but at least, the pleasure will be there and you will have put all the chances on your side!

#1 - The weight of the cane

Beyond the enthusiasm of going to enjoy the calm of fresh or salt water and bring back a good meal, you must choose a fishing rod and reel whose weight corresponds to your build. It is possible to attach it to the sides of a boat, but when fishing the old-fashioned way, you will have to hold it until it bites. No need to tire yourself out too soon!

#2 - Type of reels

The casting range of the rod depends largely on the type of reel you choose.

  • If you're just starting out, turn to combination casting reels. Just push down and the line will be cast; no need for too much precision. Note that this model can even be used as a rod and reel for children.
  • If you have some experience, opt for a light casting reel. You remove the metal hoop, then cast. It will require more precision, but the range of this type of reel is greater.

#3 - The length of the cane

To calculate the ideal length of the fishing rod with reel, you'll need to refer to the body size of its user. Ideally, it should be 30 cm longer than the height of the fishing enthusiast. In this way, its use will be more ergonomic, casting will be more precise and fishing will be much more pleasant.

#4 - Type of wire

There is nothing more unpleasant than finding yourself with lines that crack under the weight of the catch. In this sense, you must choose them according to the approximate weight and size of the desired fish. To help you, here are some guidelines:

  • Always use lines that are invisible underwater, as this will fool the fish better and allow the bait to move.
  • Monofilament line is the best choice when you're just starting out: it's strong and reliable, even if you panic when you get a hit and it agitates the fish on your hook.
  • Slide the line between your fingers: you will feel the damaged or frayed parts. This way you can cut them off.


They allow to distribute the tension well so that the line does not break easily. You can find them in metal, ceramic, plastic or titanium, the top of the range. Ceramic rings are more durable.

#5 - The practical side

There are many little extras that will make your fishing trip even more enjoyable. There are, for example, fishing rods with telescopic reels. It folds down to a very ergonomic length when not in use: a good point for transportation. You can also turn to models with multiple rings, they are well known to distribute the tension well.

For the reel, you can choose one with a foam handle: it is more durable and has an easy grip.

How to use a fishing rod and reel?

An indispensable piece of equipment for fishermen, the reel allows for good casting. As the first casts are always complicated, it is important to understand how this accessory works.

Like all things, preparation is essential. First and foremost, you need to wind your line into your reel. To do this, you must fill it thoroughly by making a solid knot at the spool. To avoid twisting and untimely loops, it is better to put the line in a bucket of water. You also need to tighten the nylon, or whatever you're using, in order to wind the line into the reel.

Next, you need to adjust the reel settings properly. You must do this according to the technique, the weight of the lures and the size of the fish. For optimal use, you must always use your thumb. Indeed, you must press lightly with your thumb when you control the speed of the reel. If you touch it, the reel will speed up and then, in order not to lose the fish, you will have to clutch and strike at the right moment.

You have to set the star drag correctly to be able to get out of the line when fighting a fish that has been caught. You have the friction drag knob on the left side to adjust the resistance of the spool when it is disengaged and you are ready for the casts. As for the magnetic drag, it allows you to control the speed of the spool's rotation. It also prevents the reel from getting out of control.

Finally, note that it is better to over tighten these brakes than under tighten them if you want to get the hang of it without getting your head in a twist. It is also preferable to cast with nylon to begin with, not with braid which is more complicated.

The different types of fishing rods with reel

Thanks to the different types of fishing rods and reels available on the market, this activity is now accessible to everyone, from complete beginners to seasoned enthusiasts.

Fishing rod with spinning reel

The technique performed with this equipment is the most practiced, because it is particularly effective. The reel is fixed under the rod. With this type of tool, the reel does not rotate, but moves up and down. It has a pick-up to release the line. Since it closes automatically, it is easier for beginners to control. This type of reel offers enough momentum to make a longer cast.

Fishing rod with casting reel

The reel here has a rotating spool. It is not fixed, unlike the spinning reel. Plus, it sits on top of the rod. Another big difference. It allows you to make fast and accurate casts. Anyway, this type of equipment requires a fairly advanced mastery of this discipline. Especially since large lures are often used with this reel. Using this rod and this technique increases your chances of catching many fish. It is well suited for fishing on the water.

Fishing rod with casting reel or fishing rod with spinning reel?

Fishing rod with casting reel

This type of fishing rod is equipped with a spinning reel. When casting, the spool of the spinning reel starts to rotate. It allows you to keep the best position while fishing. Each cast is controlled by a crank handle, which prevents the spool from spinning on itself.

A fishing rod with a casting reel is ideal for fast fishing. Its qualities are due to the length adjustment at the time of casting. Robust, this fishing rod reduces fatigue and makes fishing easy. The only drawback is that it is difficult to learn and requires a lot of patience.

Fishing rod with spinning reel

A spinning reel rod is characterized by the use of a spool placed under the rod. The spool does not rotate, but swings up and down. The line is wound around the spool by means of a "pick up". It differs from casting in that the pick-up wraps the line around the spool.

Easy to handle, the spinning reel fishing rod is light and has a long casting distance. However, this fishing tool still has a disadvantage in terms of its weight. Indeed, it weighs quite heavy, which can pose a real problem to master its casting.


In conclusion, fishing rods with casting or spinning reels are different and complementary tools at the same time. However, it is wiser to opt for a spinning fishing rod to gain more experience and for a better fishing result.

Why buy a fishing rod and reel?

For more effective casting

If you are a beginner in the fishing world, a rod and reel is very useful. Indeed, some models give you the possibility to cast far and accurately. You will not be bothered even with a headwind.

For better fight management

In addition to casting, a fishing rod and reel allows you to provide oppositional force against the fish. During the fight, you can soften the head strikes and release the line before the break. In the end, you'll get a lot of feel.

To fish comfortably

The vast majority of fishing rods with reels are designed to provide maximum comfort for the angler. You won't have any trouble handling them because of their light weight. The reel provides a smooth spinning motion for more comfort.

For their durability

Nowadays, fishing rods with reels are made of very resistant materials. It is not uncommon to find lightweight carbon or stainless steel models. This means you can be sure of long-term use without the risk of damage.

For ease of use

Fishing rods with reels are not that complicated to use. Once you get the hang of it, you'll never get bored. Their lightweight design allows you to enjoy fishing without getting tired. They are also designed to cover long distances. This saves you a lot of effort when casting them.

For their great accessibility

The fishing rod and reel is a very easy accessory to find. Many models exist on the market. All you have to do is define your needs and your fishing habits to find the equipment you need and enjoy fishing.

The best brands of fishing rods with reel

In our opinion, the best brands of fishing rods with reel in 2022 are :

ABU Garcia
Black Cat

ABU Garcia, originally AB Urfabriken, then ABU Svängsta, is a reel and tackle company founded in Sweden, and is now owned by Pure Fishing of the United States. The brand is very well appreciated by fishing enthusiasts, and its products are robust and reliable.

The company came into existence in 2011 and in this short period of time, it has already sold millions of products worldwide. Its goal is 100% customer satisfaction by offering reliable and affordable products backed by excellent after-sales services.

Black Cat is recognized as the leading brand of reel fishing rods in Europe and has an excellent reputation for innovation and modern products, perfectly in tune with the times. It is a well-known German brand. Its equipment is robust and of the highest quality.

This brand has existed since 2004 and offers a wide range of products related to outdoor activities. Its products range from sports equipment (clothing, shoes, gloves, etc.) to camping and fishing equipment. This brand offers mainly entry-level and mid-range products.

Sougayilang Inc is a Chinese manufacturer of rods, reels and other fishing products. This company is on a mission to "spread the joy of fishing around the world" through its precision technology, quality products with innovative design. It was founded in 2017.

What is the price for a fishing rod with reel

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

35 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Use a good amount of line for your reel.

It is important to use the right amount of line with your fishing reel. If you use too little, you will shorten your casting distance. If you use too much, it will overflow and tangle. Most experts recommend filling to within 1/8 inch for baiters and spinners.

Braided line for fishing reel.

Braided line is recommended for reels. It is much thinner than monofilament, and more durable. It is visible in the water, which may bother some fish, so many experienced anglers use invisible fluorocarbon leader line.

The monofilament for bait reels.


a baitcasting reel, 10-pound or heavier monofilament line is recommended. They don't come off the spool too quickly, and they are much easier to untangle just in case.

Line memory.

From time to time,

fishing line can develop loops, which can reduce casting distance and increase the chance of line tangling. This is sometimes referred to as "line memory". You're more likely to experience this mishap with monofilament than with fluorocarbon. Braided lines hardly suffer from line memory.

Improve your throwing distance.


improve your casting distance with a reel, switch to braided fishing line and take the time to learn how to hold the reel properly



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Black Cat Passion Pro DX
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FR003-EU1 by Plusinno
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Devil 902Mh 20/60 from Abu Garcia


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