The best firewood in the UK 2023

With the rise in gas and electricity prices, wood is the best alternative for heating in winter. Inexpensive, efficient, although cumbersome, firewood can cope with the cold. Moreover, it is the N°1 renewable energy in the UK. To find the wood you need, read this guide.

Bois de chauffage compressé Kali Max 1

Best value for money

Bois de chauffage compressé Kali Max

The best firewood in 2021

Kali is known for the quality of its firewood. Its compressed logs Kali Max in beech, oak, ash 100% natural offer an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

23,16 £ on Amazon

The Kali Max is delivered in a 20 kg package. This corresponds to about 12 logs of compressed hardwood. This firewood is mainly made of 100% hardwood. It can be beech, oak, ash or a mixture of all three. But whatever the species that will be in the box, you will have hardwood in the form of long logs from sustainably managed forests and PEFC certified. This compressed firewood has a calorific value of 4900 kWh. Each log has a burning time of 1 h 30 to 2 h, with an ash content of less than 1.5%.

Flamino 25 L 2

Best value for money

Flamino 25 L

The best entry-level firewood

Flamino offers cheap firewood of very good quality. These are authentic dried and ready-to-use logs. The package is 25 L.

6,36 £ on Manomano

With this firewood signed Flamino, you will benefit from 25 L of real firewood logs. They have been obtained from 100% hardwood, including oak, beech and ash. Each log is about 31 cm long. And upon receipt of the package, you can immediately light a fire and heat. Note that these logs have been dried in advance and are ready to use. It should also be noted that this product is certified wood NF, solid biofuels H1, and G1 "Firewood".

Firewood Handel Hoffmann 3

Best value for money

Firewood Handel Hoffmann

The best premium firewood

Suitable for indoor fireplaces, the Handel Hoffman dry beechwood firewood is delivered in 2 boxes of 30 kg each. Note its quick lighting.

70,40 £ on Amazon

Handel Hoffmann offers us two cartons, each containing 30 kg of real beech wood, harvested in the environmentally friendly forests of Thuringia. Each dry beechwood log is cut to the nearest millimeter and has a round shape with a length of about 33 cm. This firewood has a calorific value of about 4,000 kWh. The residual moisture content is about 20%. It should be remembered that beech wood is the ideal wood for the operation of a fireplace.

Aleko Parkett Untreated firewood and kindling 4

A great choice

Aleko Parkett Untreated firewood and kindling

The best firewood for long burning

To optimize your winter evenings, here is an opportunity to seize. Aleko Parkett Firewood and kindling is for you. It is 28 kg of untreated oak wood for fireplace and grill.

38,40 £ on Amazon

This pack AlekoParkett wood is composed of 28 kg of untreated oak wood, intended for heating and lighting for fireplace and grill. It is made of wood scraps recovered and dried in the chamber to form an ecological pack. It contains no glue, paint or preservatives.

Packaged in a mesh bag, it has a pleasant, neutral oak scent, with evenly sized pieces for high heat dissipation ignition, no puffing, no sparks. Chamber dried, this oak wood has an optimal drying to enjoy a smoke-free barbecue or fireplace.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best firewood

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The best firewood in 2021

The best entry-level firewood

The best premium firewood

The best firewood for long burning

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Comparison table of the best firewood

Bois de chauffage compressé Kali Max 5
Flamino 25 L 6
Firewood Handel Hoffmann 7
Aleko Parkett Untreated firewood and kindling 8
Bois de chauffage compressé Kali Max
Flamino 25 L
Firewood Handel Hoffmann
Aleko Parkett Untreated firewood and kindling
Kali is known for the quality of its firewood. Its compressed logs Kali Max in beech, oak, ash 100% natural offer an unbeatable quality/price ratio.
Flamino offers cheap firewood of very good quality. These are authentic dried and ready-to-use logs. The package is 25 L.
Suitable for indoor fireplaces, the Handel Hoffman dry beechwood firewood is delivered in 2 boxes of 30 kg each. Note its quick lighting.
To optimize your winter evenings, here is an opportunity to seize. Aleko Parkett Firewood and kindling is for you. It is 28 kg of untreated oak wood for fireplace and grill.
100% hardwood (beech, oak, ash)
100% hardwood (beech, oak, ash)
Dry beech wood
Untreated wood for fireplace or grill Oak
20 kg
25 L
60 kg
28 kg
Heating power
Ignition speed
Burning time

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Buying guide - firewood

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How to choose your firewood

Firewood is not to be chosen lightly. And if you don't want to take an axe or a chainsaw to split your own logs, you just have to buy your wood for the winter. In order not to regret your purchase, here are the criteria to take into account.

#1 - The type of wood

Can we use any type of wood as firewood? Well, no. That's a common misconception. Obviously, if you want firewood for an outdoor fireplace, any type of wood will work. However, if you want to heat your living room or cook on a wood stove, you should use dense firewood like oak and maple.

Softer wood, such as poplar, burns more quickly and does not produce long-lasting coals. Ash, while not as dense as oak and maple, also burns well. Maple and fruit woods are great for cooking, as they infuse food with a pleasant flavor. However, avoid softwoods, such as pine and spruce, for indoor heating.

#2 - The moisture content

Wood is largely composed of water when freshly cut, it is green wood. Depending on the species and when it was cut, a wood can have a moisture content of over 50%. The wood must dry before it can be burned. When you burn wet wood, a lot of energy is wasted drying the wood before it actually burns. You end up with an inefficient fire that is difficult to maintain.

When buying firewood, always check its moisture content. The wood you need to use should be dry wood that has at least 20% moisture content. Your firewood will burn much more efficiently. It is easy to burn and you will get much more heat from your fire.

#3 - The quantity

There are so many variables when it comes to firewood that it is especially difficult to get a description or measurement that is both practical and meaningful to the supplier and the customer. Firewood is most often sold by the cord. Some places also sell by the truckload.

Regardless of the unit of measure, firewood is always sold by volume. It is important to know exactly how much wood you are getting when you deliver it. You should also be aware that wood is rarely sold by the kilo, since the weight varies depending on the type of wood and the degree of drying. Insisting on buying by weight can also lead to a supply of poorly dried, hard-to-burn wood.

#4 - Your storage space

You may be tempted to buy firewood in very large quantities to get a better deal and have enough to last a long time. But be realistic about how much space you have for storage. In addition to making sure you have room to store the firewood, remember that it's best to store it with plenty of space between the logs to allow for drying and prevent rotting. And don't place firewood right next to your house or garage - think mice, bugs, and fire hazard.

#5 - The reputation of the seller

Not everyone can become a firewood producer in one fell swoop. So buying wood from a trusted seller is not a luxury but a must. Otherwise, there are too many factors to worry about. Are you really getting dry wood? Do you have exactly the 5 cords you ordered? Doing business with a highly rated vendor is important.

How to season your firewood?

The best firewood 9

Properly seasoned firewood burns more easily, is more efficient, and generates less char in your stovepipe or chimney. Wood stoves can only operate with high efficiency and low emissions if your wood has the right moisture content.

"Seasoning" simply means reducing the moisture content of the wood from 50%, when it is green, to less than 20%. Properly seasoned firewood should have a moisture content of less than 20%. The wood loses nothing but water during seasoning.

The time needed to dry the wood depends on the weather and storage conditions. You can't change the weather, but you can store your wood properly. Follow these steps to properly prepare firewood for the coming seasons:

  • Split the wood to the proper length and size for your wood stove
  • Stack the firewood so that it is exposed to sun and wind for drying
  • Leave the wood stacks for at least 6 months while the wood cures.
  • Cover the wood stacks with a tarp or shelter to prevent rain from soiling the wood.

The different types of firewood

Knowing the different types of firewood maximizes the efficiency of the fire for your needs. Not all firewoods give the same results, nor the same calorific power. There are 3 main types of firewood: hardwood, softwood and manufactured wood.


Most hardwoods are slow growing, making them much denser than softwoods, darker in color, slower burning, and better suited for cooking and producing hotter, more intense fires. Hardwoods such as maple, oak, ash, birch and most fruit trees have less pitch and sap and are generally cleaner to handle. Hardwood is generally the best wood for warming your home and any interior room.

Oak is one of the most commonly used hardwoods, primarily because it is found almost everywhere, but also because it is very dense and can burn for a long, long time. Birch is also an excellent hardwood option because of its ability to burn quickly and efficiently, even unseasoned. Its bark can also be used as a natural fire starter.

Softwood or resinous wood

Softwood is the cheapest type of wood you can buy. Fir is the most popular, but other softwoods such as pine, balsam, spruce, cedar, tamarack, alder, and poplar are softwoods that are perfectly fine to use as firewood. Softwoods tend to burn faster and leave finer ash than hardwoods. They are also lighter and less bulky. They also emit more smoke, which makes them better for outdoor use.

Cedar is a typical example of a good softwood. Smaller pieces of cedar can be burned unseasoned and usually have a pleasant smell. Cedar will give you a pleasant, long-lasting heat with little flame and a strong crackle. Pine is also an excellent softwood. It lights easily and burns quickly with a good flame, but will need to be refueled more often. Pine should only be used outdoors, as it has a high sap and resin content.

Manufactured wood

Believe it or not, the fuel for your fire does not always have to be old firewood. These days, there are manufactured fuels that can be used in a fireplace to keep you warm in the winter. These include wood bricks, which are made from kiln-dried wood chips or sawdust that have been compressed into a brick shape. If you buy a high quality wood brick, it can burn more efficiently and produce more heat than soft wood.

There are also wood pellets which are very similar to wood bricks, except that they are made into small pellets. They are designed to be burned in special heaters called pellet stoves. Because they generally have a lower amount of moisture than your typical firewood, manufactured wood will also burn cleaner and leave less ash.

Wood heating or gas heating?

Heating with wood

With wood, you get stable, inexpensive heat for your entire home. Wood is generally less expensive than propane or natural gas, especially if you have access to large quantities and sufficient inventory. When it comes to installation, setting up a wood heating system requires fewer modifications to the existing structure.

With the various home heating systems available, nothing beats the roar of a real wood fire. The best modern gas heating systems try, often successfully, to approximate the look and feel of a wood fire, but they can never match the smell and aura of a real wood fire.

Gas heating

Using a gas heating system is as simple as turning on and off. You won't have to worry about buying or chopping wood, storing wood and installing a wood heating system. The heat and comfort you need is just a push of a button away.

By choosing gas heating, you can install a direct vent gas stove that has a sealed combustion chamber and uses outside air to fuel the fire, keeping your home warm and improving indoor air quality.


In fact, it all depends on your needs and preferences. If you like the ambiance, smell and overall feel of wood heat, gas heaters won't provide it. There's nothing like starting a fire at the end of the day and watching the wood crackle as it spreads the heat. Wood is also a more sustainable fuel option, as it can be grown and harvested sustainably.

However, if you prefer to spare yourself the use of fire starters, the lighting process, ash and flue cleaning, and simply push a button to get an instant heating fire, gas will be the better alternative. For home heating, gas is certainly more convenient, but it has limited heating capabilities, so if you have a larger space to heat, wood will still be more efficient.


Identify woods to avoid for heating

There are certain types of wood that should be avoided for heating purposes for health and safety reasons, including painted or varnished wood, pressure-treated wood, driftwood, plywood, particleboard, hardboard and other compressed paper products. Many of these types of wood produce toxic fumes. Some can create a dangerous build-up of charcoal in your chimney.

Carefully use fire starter paper


careful and use common sense when it comes to fueling your wood stove. Although you need paper to start your fire, don't use too much. Excessive use of starter paper will only add to the charcoal build-up.

Consider safety guidelines

Safety, of course, is a major concern when using wood fuel. Always observe recommended safety distances and protect the flooring with a fire-resistant floor pad. Make sure you have an active carbon monoxide alarm near your wood stove and that your home has working smoke detectors.

Use kindling sticks

Lighting sticks, sometimes called tinder sticks or greasewood sticks, contain a lot of resin and can help you start a fire quickly. Some are made of natural pine. Simply place two or three sticks on dry firewood and light them. This is a quick and clean way to start a fire in a fireplace, wood stove or campfire ring. Long-handled matches, some lighters and other accessories are also useful for starting a fire. Use caution and follow the manufacturer's instructions to determine whether an accessory can be used on an indoor or outdoor fire.

Split your firewood

Wood dries from the surface inward, so unsplit wood dries very slowly. The more the surface of the wood is exposed by splitting, the faster it dries. Stack the wood loosely to promote air circulation.


What is the best firewood?

The best firewood depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

Why would someone buy green wood?


it's cheaper! When buying firewood, always consider buying green wood if you can store it properly and afford to wait a year or two before burning it. You'll save money and make sure your wood is dry.

Can you store your firewood inside your house?


, but in small quantities. Bringing a lot of firewood into the house to "pre-dry" it is counterproductive and can release excess moisture into the room where they are located.

How much wood should you put in your fireplace or wood stove?

It all

depends on the specific configuration and characteristics of your fireplace or wood stove. However, the rule of thumb is to never put in too much. Overloading the firebox can reduce the amount of air needed for ideal combustion.

What is the calorific value of wood?

Calorific value refers to the amount of heat produced by a wood when burned. Calorific value varies with the type of wood. A cord of "high calorific value" wood provides the equivalent heat produced by burning 750 to 900 liters of vegetable oil.


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Bois de chauffage compressé Kali Max 10
Bois de chauffage compressé Kali Max
Flamino 25 L 11
Flamino 25 L
Firewood Handel Hoffmann 12
Firewood Handel Hoffmann
Aleko Parkett Untreated firewood and kindling 13
Aleko Parkett Untreated firewood and kindling


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