The best fireproof safes in the UK 2023

During a fire, the ambient temperature reaches 600°C in 3 minutes. That's fast, so in case of an accident you won't have time to recover all your belongings. To protect yourself from this kind of situation, why not invest in a fireproof safe? Your belongings will be safe while the emergency services deal with the fire. And they will be protected from the elements and even from thieves the rest of the time.

YALE - YFM/420/FG2 1

Best value for money

YALE - YFM/420/FG2

The best fire safe in 2021

This large fireproof safe from Yale is ideal for office use to protect your sensitive documents and digital data. It features a stylish illuminated touchpad.

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The Yale YFM/420/FG2 free-standing safe has been designed and tested to withstand intense heat and humidity, protecting your most valuable documents and data even under the most extreme conditions. The case is equipped with an extra layer of "safe within a safe" insulation. This protects extremely sensitive digital data, whether it is on an external hard drive, CD-ROMs, DVDs or tapes (audio or video). This safe canwithstand temperatures of 927° C for 60 minutes. Moreover, it is very robust: it is made of solid steel with 46 to 52 mm thick walls.

It is also equipped with a unique touchpad on the market: a scrambled number input allows personal codes to be hidden in longer number sequences, ensuring confidentiality no matter who is in the room when accessing your safe. You can also use the programmable lock mode that allows you to set a one-time code in case someone else needs access to your safe.

AMAZONBASICS - Fire resistant safe 2

Best value for money

AMAZONBASICS - Fire resistant safe

The best entry-level fire safe

The AmazonBasics Fireproof Safe will offer you some great features for this product line, including a keypad with a backup key.

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This free-standing safe will help protect your valuables from fire: this UL 72 rated safe can withstand up to 648°C for 20 minutes and is a simple solution for storing your digital media, important papers, passports, jewelry and other personal belongings.

It's also quite secure, with a sturdy 14-gauge steel body and four large 19mm latches, making it reliable enough to keep your stuff safe. But don't rely too heavily on it to protect you from thieves: it's not as strong as conventional safes. On the locking side, its electronic keypad makes access quick and easy, and you'll even get a spare key for emergency use.


Best premium value for money


The best high-end fire safe

The Master Lock LTW205GYC free-standing safe is designed to protect paper and digital media, such as disks and external hard drives, from fire for up to 120 minutes.

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It is a spacious (56.6 l) fireproof safe that is also waterproof: it is ETL approved, and can withstand immersion in 20 cm of water for 24 hours. The safe door is operated by a battery-powered electronic combination lock with a backlit keypad. It is secured by 6 moving bolts. The LTW205GYC has a dual locking system: programmable digital combination with backlit keypad + key.

For other features, this safe has interior lighting, a positionable shelf and its door is equipped with storage compartments. This safe is the perfect combination of a fireproof safe and security, with it your stuff will be triple protected(against fire, against water and against theft). This fireproof safe is exclusively for installation: the manufacturer only provides an anchoring kit and strongly advises against fixing the safe to a wall at the risk of compromising its resistance to fire and water.

LIFEBOX - Acces safe 30 deposits 4

Most convenient

LIFEBOX - Acces safe 30 deposits

The most convenient

This French made built-in fireproof safe is as solid, efficient and practical. It has an intermediate capacity (32 L) and uses a double locking system: digicode + emergency keys.

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This fireproof safe is compatible for wall or floor mounting, it comes with two mounting anchors. Easy to install, sturdy and resistant, it is a practical safe: thanks to its 32 L capacity and its deposit hatch. Ideal for storing and protecting your confidential documents and digital storage materials (USB, external hard drives, CDs, etc.).

The Acces 30 deposit safe will suit you even more if you run a business: it has a specific compartment (drawer + currency recovery tray) that allows you to store your receipts very quickly to keep them safe throughout the working day. Be careful though, because with its 5 mm thick door and 2 mm thick walls, this safe will not resist a determined thief for long.

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Best fireproof safe

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The best fire safe in 2021

The best entry-level fire safe

The best high-end fire safe

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Comparison table of the best fireproof safes

YALE - YFM/420/FG2 5
AMAZONBASICS - Fire resistant safe 6
LIFEBOX - Acces safe 30 deposits 8
YALE - YFM/420/FG2
AMAZONBASICS - Fire resistant safe
LIFEBOX - Acces safe 30 deposits
This large fireproof safe from Yale is ideal for office use to protect your sensitive documents and digital data. It features a stylish illuminated touchpad.
The AmazonBasics Fireproof Safe will offer you some great features for this product line, including a keypad with a backup key.
The Master Lock LTW205GYC free-standing safe is designed to protect paper and digital media, such as disks and external hard drives, from fire for up to 120 minutes.
This French made built-in fireproof safe is as solid, efficient and practical. It has an intermediate capacity (32 L) and uses a double locking system: digicode + emergency keys.
Temperature resistance

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Buying guide - fireproof safe

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How to choose your fireproof safe

#1 - Temperature resistance

It is important to know what internal temperature a safe can maintain while a fire is raging around it. The majority of fireproof safes can maintain an internal temperature between 50° and 170° C. However, you can find more expensive safes that can maintain a lower internal temperature. The reason the internal temperature is so important is that it must be low enough to protect the types of items you want to store:

  • Paper burns at 175°C, so if you want to keep your documents safe, choose a safe that can maintain an internal temperature below 175°C.
  • Digital media: such as USB sticks, CDs, DVDs and SD cards, start to degrade at around 120°C. To store your digital media, choose a safe with an internal temperature of 115°C max.
  • Magnetic media will be damaged at temperatures of 50°C and above. To protect these items (hard disks, tapes, floppy disks), the internal temperature of your safe should remain below this value. It is also at this temperature (or slightly higher) that film degrades, so all microfiche negatives should be kept in a safe rated for magnetic media.

#2 - The duration of the temperature protection

Manufacturers must state how long a fireproof safe can protect your items from a fire and at what outside temperature. In terms of time, safes can offer protection from 30 minutes to two hours. It is possible that your safe can protect your items for a little longer than that. The majority of fire safes can withstand a maximum outdoor temperature of between 500° and 1,000°C (note that the maximum outdoor temperature of a fire safe is a different number than its internal temperature.)

#3 - The type of lock

Fire safes can include a range of lock types. Keyed locks are common on small safes, especially those that are the size of a document. The downside is that they can be opened by anyone who manages to get their hands on your keys. Other fireproof safes have a keypad that allows you to enter a code to unlock the safe. Finally, some safes have a combination lock that eliminates the risk of picks that come with a lock.

What about sealing?

Don't forget to check the fireproof safe you want to buy for leaks. It would be a shame to find that your documents and belongings have survived the fire, but are still unrecoverable because of the water that was used to put out the fire.

#4 - The weight

Fireproof safes come in a range of different weights, which impacts their portability. Some larger safes can weigh 50 kg or more, which is a great deterrent to thieves. However, this will be a problem if you take your safe on the road. Be sure to identify your needs and choose the right weight for you.

Air your fireproof safe from time to time

Moisture can be a problem with these safes, as they tend to capture and hold moisture, which can damage their contents. This is a common problem with all fireproof safes. To protect your belongings, manufacturers recommend placing important paper documents, currency, jewelry and other delicate items in an airtight, dishwasher-safe container. Also, ventilate the safe by opening it for 20 to 30 minutes every week or two. Humidity will vary by region and season, of course, but we recommend following the manufacturer's instructions. Set a reminder to check the contents of your safe regularly to see how the humidity affects its contents. In any case, read the manual that came with your safe carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The different types of fireproof safes

There are mainly two types of fireproof safes, the wall safes (to be embedded) and the safes to be placed.

The fireproof wall safe

Like the security safe, the wall-mounted fireproof safe can be concealed or hidden behind a large wall painting, a cabinet or a wall panel. Far from the eyes and safe from the temptation of thieves. This type of fireproof safe being at a higher level than the floor, it will facilitate the access to your documents, your jewels, etc.

The wall safe is not very difficult to install. The main drawback is that this type of safe usually has a capacity that does not allow for much storage. They are usually only about 10 centimeters deep due to wall thickness limitations. For this reason, it is difficult to find fireproof wall safes.

The fireproof safe to be installed


is the most common type of fireproof safe on the market. This type of safe is usually made of heavy duty steel, and has a thicker door and walls. The free-standing safe is more secure than its wall-mounted counterpart. It is more secure than its wall-mounted counterpart, both in terms of resistance to theft attempts and in terms of fire resistance and waterproofing. It weighs more than the wall safe and if properly anchored in a concrete floor, it will resist burglary attacks better than a wall safe.

The main disadvantage of this safe is that it is not easy to use. To open and close it, you will have to bend over to dial the combination of dials or the electronic lock. Also, it is not easy to hide.

Fireproof safes or classic safes?

Fireproof safes

Fireproof safes are intended to provide protection against fire, water and, to some extent, theft, for people who wish to keep their important belongings safe in an office or home. Safes with a fire rating of less than 1 hour will not provide adequate protection to survive a house fire. However, don't rely too heavily on your fireproof safe to protect you from a burglary. This is because they use very thin metal (14-18 gauge) in the construction of the safe, making them easy to puncture, cut or saw through with simple hand tools.

Classic safes

Classic safes are the most suitable for protection against burglary. They are usually equipped with reinforced walls and a special reinforcement on the door. And their lock is specially designed to resist burglary attempts. However, they are not always designed to be fire resistant. They will be vulnerable to domestic fires.


To protect your valuables (jewellery, cash, etc.) we advise you to choose the most secure safe on the market, a fireproof safe may not be enough to protect you against burglaries. This type of safe is suitable if you need to transport documents, or if you want to keep things of sentimental value safe.

The advantages of having a fireproof safe


Style is one of the crucial elements or aspects of a fireproof safe. However, with a variety of options available, it can be easy to find the right style. In the same vein, it is essential to understand that they are also available in a wide range of colors, giving you a perfect opportunity to choose the color you want.


Once you manage to buy the latest fireproof safe, it means that the security of your valuables and other files will be maximized, as they come with advanced technological features that keep strangers away. With these tools, it will be difficult for thieves or crooks to access your items even when you are on vacation. In other words, a fireproof safe can relieve you of the burden of stress, as you will no longer have to worry about losing your items to fire or theft.

Available in different sizes

Fireproof safes come in different sizes, which means that you can have one depending on the number of items you intend to protect. Therefore, you don't have to stress when buying these tools because you will find everything according to your needs.

Affordable prices

Cost is one of the crucial aspects to consider when buying a fireproof safe. But with these tools, you will find different models at an affordable cost. Therefore, look for and know the right model that you will buy.

Limited accessibility

Fireproof safes, like any other safe, are not accessible to everyone. These secure devices come with a combination of key codes that only you know. If you have a firearm, rather than keeping it in a drawer or closet, it is safer to keep the firearm in a fireproof location where only you can access it.


Install your safe in an accessible location

Too often, safes go unused when they are located too far away to be easily accessible. While concealing your safe is necessary, don't do it at the expense of overall convenience, or the safe may go unused.

Choose the right size of your fireproof safe


make sure it fits where you want to put it, choose the size carefully. Specifically if you want a wall-mounted fireproof safe. In this case, the first step is to determine the thickness of the wall where you want to install the safe. Then you can determine the depth of the safe that will match.

Choose the weight of your fireproof safe carefully


you need a fireproof safe to carry your documents, this detail will matter a lot. And for wall safes, if they are too heavy, they may affect the structural integrity of the building if they are installed on an upper floor. Don't overlook this detail when making your purchase.

Make sure the safe you choose is big enough.

Think about

what you want to put inside, and remember that interior dimensions are sometimes much smaller than exterior dimensions, especially with fireproof safes



What is the best fireproof safe?

The best fireproof safe depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

What happens if I forget the combination in my fire safe?

Some fire safes have a mechanical back-up lock, so you can open it with a key if you forget your combination. If your safe does not have this feature, we strongly recommend that you choose a memorable combination that you will not forget. Otherwise, the manufacturer may be able to give you a replacement combination if you can provide proof of ownership.

Will a fireproof safe really protect my belongings?

As long as you choose a quality safe that has been independently tested, you can be almost certain that it will protect your items in the event of a fire, but only up to the stated time limit and maximum temperatures.

Should I choose a safe with wheels?

A safe on wheels is easier to move from one place to another; this can be useful if you need to use it in more than one area. However, it also means that a thief could potentially move it easily as well. Consider the risks involved before making your decision.


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YALE - YFM/420/FG2 9
YALE - YFM/420/FG2
AMAZONBASICS - Fire resistant safe 10
AMAZONBASICS - Fire resistant safe
LIFEBOX - Acces safe 30 deposits 12
LIFEBOX - Acces safe 30 deposits


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