The best fast chargers for smartphones in the UK 2023

We have all more or less experienced the following situation: battery depleted and needing to recharge immediately, but impossible because of the standard charger at disposal. To save time and avoid such an inconvenience, buy a fast charger for smartphone. Wired or wireless, there are hundreds of them on the market. But which one to choose? To get the answer to this question, read this guide.

Joomfeen 30 W 1

Best value for money

Joomfeen 30 W

The best smartphone fast charger in 2021

It is a multiport and very fast wall charger, using Quick Charge 3.0 technology. The Joomfeen charges your smartphone in 4 times less time than a conventional charger.

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The Joomfeen Quick Charge 3.0 30 W has 4 USB ports with 1 fast charging port using the Quick Charge 3.0 standard. It is still compatible with the older versions Quick Charge 2.0 and 1.0. Specifically, the recharge of a smartphone will be 4 times faster than normal. Count 35 min to get 80% of charge! The 3 other remaining USB ports offer an intelligent charging system and automatically deliver the optimal charge required for each connected device. Note that it is possible to connect 4 devices at the same time on the charger.

Aukey 19,5 W 2

Best value for money

Aukey 19,5 W

The best entry-level smartphone fast charger

Aukey is a reference in terms of wired charger for smartphone. The model presented here is Quick Charge 3.0 compatible and recognizes most USB devices.

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The Aukey 19.5W is Quick Charge 3.0 compatible and backwards compatible with previous versions 2.0 and 1.0. For devices compatible with this standard, the charging speed will be multiplied by 4 compared to a traditional charger. But even for non-compatible devices, it charges intelligently thanks to the adaptive charging system. It is a charger suitable for travel, due to its lightness and compactness. In addition, it is equipped with protection devices against overcharging, overvoltage and overheating.

Xunmaif ELE 3

Best value for money

Xunmaif ELE

The best high-end smartphone fast charger

It is both a wireless charger and a mobile power source for power bank, ensuring fast charging. Compatible with all Qi devices and USB powered devices.

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With this wireless charger, charge your phone or external battery. You can also use the USB type-C port and micro USB if your device doesn't support induction charging. With a large capacity and 4 outputs, this charger provides 10,000 mAh of power for any mobile device. It can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously, 3 wired and 1 wireless charge. Equipped with a silicone suction cup, the bottom of this wireless charger is made of ABS PC rubber oil. The multiple suction parts of this quick smartphone charger are made of silica gel. Impossible to accidentally detach the smartphone while charging or drop it.

Anker 30 W PowerPort III Mini 4

Best value for money

Anker 30 W PowerPort III Mini

The best value

This USB-C charger uses both Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging and Power Delivery technology. This ensures more compatibility with smartphones and tablets.

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This fast charger combines Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0 technologies to expand its compatibility. You can even charge some laptops with it, not to mention smartphones and tablets of all kinds and brands (Samsung, Apple...). The proprietary PowerIQ 3.0 technology used allows charging any device at the highest possible speed. Furthermore, the Anker 30W PowerPort III Mini uses the USB-C connection standard, which makes charging easy. The anti-overcharge and anti-overheating protection system will protect your connected devices.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best fast charger for smartphone

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The best smartphone fast charger in 2021

The best entry-level smartphone fast charger

The best high-end smartphone fast charger

The best value

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Comparison table of the best fast chargers for smartphones

Joomfeen 30 W 5
Aukey 19,5 W 6
Xunmaif ELE 7
Anker 30 W PowerPort III Mini 8
Joomfeen 30 W
Aukey 19,5 W
Xunmaif ELE
Anker 30 W PowerPort III Mini
It is a multiport and very fast wall charger, using Quick Charge 3.0 technology. The Joomfeen charges your smartphone in 4 times less time than a conventional charger.
Aukey is a reference in terms of wired charger for smartphone. The model presented here is Quick Charge 3.0 compatible and recognizes most USB devices.
It is both a wireless charger and a mobile power source for power bank, ensuring fast charging. Compatible with all Qi devices and USB powered devices.
This USB-C charger uses both Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging and Power Delivery technology. This ensures more compatibility with smartphones and tablets.
Charging speed
Fast charging protocol
Quick Charge 3.0.
Quick Charge 3.0.
Quick Charge 3.0.
Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0
30 W
18 W
18 W
30 W
Number of ports
4 USB ports (1 Quick charge + 3 x 3.1A)

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Buying guide - fast charger for smartphone

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How to choose your fast charger for smartphone

Before purchasing a fast charger for your smartphone, consider the following criteria.

#1 - The brand

The brand is an important criterion when choosing a fast charger for smartphones. First, there are products that are manufactured by the smartphone manufacturers themselves. These products are of excellent quality, but their weak point is their price. They are quite expensive. Then we have third-party manufacturers who have been reputed for several years in the sector such as Anker, Aukey, Ugreen, RAVPower, Belkin, etc. These brands make fast chargers with an excellent price/quality ratio.

#2 - Number of ports

Depending on your needs, the number of ports could have a big influence on the choice of model. Besides the models with a single port, there are also smartphone fast chargers with multiple ports. There can be 2 to 6 ports available on a multi-port model. But generally speaking, only one port will offer fast charging for your smartphone. This type of charger is very convenient for charging multiple devices at once. It also represents an economical solution

#3 - USB port type

This criterion is of major importance. It should be checked according to the model of smartphone you plan to charge with the fast charger. Many fast chargers use one or more USB type A ports. This type of port is still the most common model. In case your smartphone has USB type C connectivity, then it is imperative for you to opt for a charger with the same charging port.

#4 - The technologies used

Fast chargers can ship several technologies for increased performance and convenience. First of all, we can think about the fast charging technology used by the device. There are two main standards: Qualcomm's Quick Charge and Power Delivery, which works on USB-C. The Quick Charge technology is used by several manufacturers of fast chargers and smartphones. It guarantees a powerful charge with excellent speed. Power Delivery is used with some USB-C fast chargers. It can deliver up to 100W (20V/5A) and allows you to charge your smartphones very quickly, but also recent MacBook and MacBook Air models. However, not all USB-C chargers use Power Delivery technology. Manufacturers are free to use this technology or not. Apart from the charging technology, make sure that the charger uses the smart charging feature. With this technology, the charger is able to set the optimal charging intensity for each port depending on the device that connects to it. Also opt for models with overheating, surge and short circuit protections to protect your smartphone from accidental damage.

#5 - The charging power

To get the best charging experience, the charger should develop the maximum power supported by the smartphone. The greater the power, the faster the charge. Power is a quantity expressed in watts (W). It is also logical that a more powerful charger is more expensive than a less powerful one.

What you need to know about fast charging

Fast charging is present on Android-based smartphones and also on Apple mobile products from the iPhone 8 onwards. It is currently an indispensable feature for mid-range and high-end mobiles. This technology was designed to solve the problem of autonomy of smartphones that have become increasingly powerful and consequently more energy consuming.

Its use allows the battery of the smartphone to accumulate a maximum charge for a minimum time. In practice, the battery can gain up to 80% of charge in 15 to 30 minutes. But this performance varies depending on the model and brand.

This system is therefore a practical and fast solution for the problems of autonomy encountered with smartphones in the middle of the day or for the luckiest at the end of the day. The charge will be done in a few minutes instead of several hours which will be very annoying and irritating for some users.

But in order to work, both the charger and the smartphone must be compatible with fast charging technology, otherwise, the process of charging the battery will be done in a normal way and will last longer. So before choosing a fast charger model, it is imperative to make sure that your smartphone is compatible with this technology.

The different types of fast chargers for smartphones

Among the fast charging technologies for smartphones and tablets, two main standards share the market: Qualcomm Quick Charge and USB Power Delivery.

The Qualcomm Quick Charge

The Quick Charge technology is designed by the brand Qualcomm. Its most recent version is currently Quick Charge 4.0. Most smartphones and tablets use this standard to benefit from a fast charge. We can find models of wall charger (sector) or also cigarette lighter with this technology.

Some brands like Anker or Aukey develop reliable and efficient models. To benefit from a speed and an optimal quality of load. It is also important to use cables that support this charging standard. For marketing reasons, some brands have renamed this technology, but the system and compatibility remain the same. Examples include the Samsung Adaptative Fast Charging or the Motorola Turbo Charger.

USB Power Delivery

The USB Power Delivery standard appeared after Quick Charge. It uses the USB Type-C connector to operate. It can deliver up to a considerable power of 100W (20V/5A). It can be used to charge your smartphones or tablets, but also devices that need more power like laptops.

To enjoy the benefits of this technology, it is imperative to have a compatible device and a fast charger with USB PD certification, as well as a compatible cable. USB 3.0 and later cables are natively compatible. For USB 2.0 cables, it is essential that they are compatible with the Power Delivery standard to carry the optimal charge to the device.

Wired fast charger or wireless fast charger?

Wired fast charger

Wired fast charging is a technology that allows today's phones and tablets to benefit from high-speed charging with minimal charging time. With Quick Charge 3.0 technology in particular, a battery can recover 50-80% of its charge in just 30 minutes. To work, the charger and the device will have to be compatible and use the same fast charging standard. This system is an ideal solution for charging your device as quickly as possible.

Quick wireless charger

Wireless charging is very common in recent high-end smartphones. There is no wired connection between the charger and the device. The charging is done by induction. Non-compatible models can even use a special shell and benefit from this way of transmitting energy. The performance of wireless chargers or charging stations varies from one model to another. But what is certain is that this technology is not as fast as wired technology and consumes more energy.


In conclusion, fast chargers for smartphones are the best solution nowadays to have a considerable level of charge in a minimum amount of time. Moreover, this technology is more powerful and accessible to most budgets. For the aesthetically minded and the tech-savvy, the induction charger is not without interest.


Follow the terms of use carefully

The fast charger for smartphone is an electronic product. It is therefore important to follow some precautions when using it. Make sure that it is plugged into the wall socket, that there are no connection problems and that its wires are not stripped. Avoid contact with or splashing of liquid on the charger.

Take safety measures


the product is damaged in most cases, it will give off a suspicious burning smell. It is also possible that it will emit a high temperature. In these situations, it is imperative to remove it from the power outlet and unplug all devices that are connected with it. The use of a defective charger could cause irreversible damage to your devices but also represents a real danger of fire or explosion.

Do not attempt to open or repair the charger

It is

strongly recommended that you do not open, disassemble or repair the charger yourself. Leave it to the professionals. Purchasing a new product is indicated as the ideal choice for safety. If you plan to dispose of the defective product, avoid putting them in your household garbage.

Maintain your quick charger


fast charger is a rather fragile device. To preserve it, avoid bumps and drops. If you want to clean it, use a soft cloth soaked in alcohol or a simple dry cloth to get rid of dust and dirt. If the charger has been knocked or dropped, check it first for any problems and judge whether or not it should be reused.

Don't charge your smartphone all night


your battery has received the necessary charge, unplug it. Charging for several hours or overnight is not recommended and may damage the devices. In addition, this method represents an increased risk of accidental fire.


What is the best fast charger for smartphone?

The best fast smartphone charger depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

Can I charge my smartphone overnight?

Some types of chargers systematically stop the charging process once the battery is fully charged. However, this method is strongly discouraged as it could damage the devices. The fire brigade also reports that some fires have been caused by mobile chargers being left on all night. So it is necessary to be careful and avoid this practice.

Are fast chargers dangerous for children?

At first glance, fast chargers for smartphones are not dangerous for children. Tests and studies have been conducted in this sense. However, caution is required because let's not forget that this is a device that runs on electricity. Therefore, its use must be under the watchful eye of an adult.

How long will a battery take to fully recharge?

If you use the fast charge port on your charger, your battery will be fully charged in about 30 minutes.

Do all the ports on the charger deliver a fast charge?

No. Generally speaking, only one port is capable of fast charging, even if the charger has multiple ports available.


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Joomfeen 30 W
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Aukey 19,5 W
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