The best false eyelashes in the UK 2023

Want to change your look? Besides makeup, false eyelashes can bring a radical change to the look of your eyes. Whether discreet or thick, false eyelashes come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses to suit all tastes. For the ultimate in eye candy, find the right eyelashes to match your eye shape and color by consulting our comparison guide.

Emeda - 10 pairs of 3D false eyelashes 1

Editor's picks

Emeda - 10 pairs of 3D false eyelashes

The best false eyelashes in 2021

To keep your eyes as natural as possible, we offer you the best false eyelashes of the year: these 10 pairs of Emeda 3D false eyelashes, perfect for all occasions and everyday life.

9,59 £ on Amazon

These 10 pairs of Emeda 3D false eyelashes preserve the natural effect of the eyes. The material chosen, cotton, is broken into thin fibers that blend easily with the lashes. You can then adjust the length and thickness of the eyelashes to your liking. The non-irritating device ensures comfortable wear for both ceremonial occasions and everyday use. The 10 pairs of false eyelashes in the package are handcrafted. Note the efficient and easy to use applicator. Using these 3D false eyelashes, your look will be the envy of many!

Lucoss - 5 pairs of 3D false eyelashes 2

Best cheapest

Lucoss - 5 pairs of 3D false eyelashes

The best entry-level false eyelashes

Get false eyelashes at a low price by opting for these 5 pairs of natural looking 3D eyelashes by Lucoss. Reusable and comfortable to wear, they will enhance your eye makeup while improving their appearance.

5,59 £ on Amazon

These reusable false eyelashes are perfect for everyday makeup, formal makeup or stage makeup. The fibrous and ultra fine materials help to preserve a natural look. The 5 pairs of false lashes are relatively soft and very comfortable to wear. The 3D multi-layer stereo technology offers a very attractive three-dimensional visual. However, you will need some dexterity when gripping these Lucoss false eyelashes due to their delicate and thin structure. Finally, the flexible band is quite soft, which makes these false eyelashes reusable at will.

Ardell Faux Mink Demi Wispies - 4 pairs of false eyelashes 3

Best high end

Ardell Faux Mink Demi Wispies - 4 pairs of false eyelashes

The best high-end false eyelashes

Famous worldwide for the quality of its false eyelashes Ardell deserves its place in this comparison thanks to the 4 pairs of false eyelashes Ardell Faux Mink Demi Wispies. Their elegance is matched only by their high price.

18,34 £ on Amazon

When you can afford it, you demand quality. In that sense, Ardell Faux Mink Demi Wispies are expensive, but there's a good reason for that. They combine the ergonomics and elegance that false lash lovers are looking for. Easy to apply and comfortable to wear, these false eyelashes have the advantage of adapting to all eye shapes and almost all shades. The adjustments to be made are then up to the taste of each woman. Among the wide range of Ardell false eyelashes, these are undoubtedly the best. Wearing them will give your eyes a sublime glow.

Keiby Citom - 7 pairs of 3D false eyelashes 4

A style a day

Keiby Citom - 7 pairs of 3D false eyelashes

The best stylish false eyelashes

Try these 7 pairs of Keiby Citom 3D false eyelashes. Each pair is a different style, so you'll have a different look every time you decide to change them. Plus, they're easy to put on and take off.

7,19 £ on Amazon

If you're particularly used to false eyelashes, you won't be able to resist Keiby Citom's 3D models. With these 7 pairs, each with a different style, you'll have a new, dazzling look for every special occasion. Made of high quality faux mink, these false eyelashes will avoid any risk of eye irritation or infection. They are 100% natural looking, so much so that they could easily be mistaken for real lashes. The softness of the material makes them comfortable to wear and easy to use. The 7 pairs of Keiby Citom 3D false eyelashes are also reusable.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best false eyelashes

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The best false eyelashes in 2021

The best entry-level false eyelashes

The best high-end false eyelashes

The best stylish false eyelashes

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Comparison table of the best false eyelashes

Emeda - 10 pairs of 3D false eyelashes 5
Lucoss - 5 pairs of 3D false eyelashes 6
Ardell Faux Mink Demi Wispies - 4 pairs of false eyelashes 7
Keiby Citom - 7 pairs of 3D false eyelashes 8
Emeda - 10 pairs of 3D false eyelashes
Lucoss - 5 pairs of 3D false eyelashes
Ardell Faux Mink Demi Wispies - 4 pairs of false eyelashes
Keiby Citom - 7 pairs of 3D false eyelashes
To keep your eyes as natural as possible, we offer you the best false eyelashes of the year: these 10 pairs of Emeda 3D false eyelashes, perfect for all occasions and everyday life.
Get false eyelashes at a low price by opting for these 5 pairs of natural looking 3D eyelashes by Lucoss. Reusable and comfortable to wear, they will enhance your eye makeup while improving their appearance.
Famous worldwide for the quality of its false eyelashes Ardell deserves its place in this comparison thanks to the 4 pairs of false eyelashes Ardell Faux Mink Demi Wispies. Their elegance is matched only by their high price.
Try these 7 pairs of Keiby Citom 3D false eyelashes. Each pair is a different style, so you'll have a different look every time you decide to change them. Plus, they're easy to put on and take off.
10 pairs
5 pairs
4 pairs
7 pairs
Thin-fibre fragmented cotton
Synthetic hair
Synthetic hair
Faux mink
Natural black
Comfortable, non-irritating wear
Flexible invisible band
Totally light
A pair of false lashes for a stylish day

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Buying guide - false eyelashes

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How to choose your false eyelashes

In order to enhance your eyes, don't forget to consider the following criteria before choosing your false eyelashes:

#1 - The morphology of the eyes

This is the first criterion that you must give importance to. Among other things, the shape of your eyes determines the type of false eyelashes that will make your look seductive. Between round or almond-shaped eyes, small or large, slanted or droopy, false eyelash styles can vary widely. When choosing your false eyelashes, you simply have to make sure that the result does not become visually heavy. For example, dense false eyelashes are best suited for large eyes. Similarly, small eyes would welcome false eyelashes with a more natural effect.

#2 - The desired effect

Sometimes, false eyelash lovers consider their eye shape less and focus more on their thickened eyes. Most of the time, if you're used to false eyelashes, you'll easily see the effect you want your eyes to have without considering other factors. To keep the look natural, simply choose false eyelashes that are the same shape as the lashes themselves. It's up to you to decide whether or not you want to thicken them. For a more sophisticated eye look, false eyelashes with longer outer lashes will be more noticeable.

#3 - The occasion

Why do you want to wear false eyelashes? An important evening planned? A night out with friends? A date? All occasions are good to get dolled up. However, adapt your eye makeup to the circumstances so as not to cause a visual imbalance. For important parties or ceremonies, you can distinguish yourself by wearing false eyelashes that are denser than usual, without going overboard. For simpler occasions, draw attention with a slight change in the look with more natural false eyelashes.

#4 - The color

As fancy as it sounds, there are colors for false eyelashes! Moreover, this option is part of the selection criteria, as everyone has their own tastes. Although it sounds quite festive, colored false eyelashes are gradually becoming a trend despite the traditional black. You can even find rainbow-colored false eyelashes! But brown false eyelashes already make a difference, if you have a naturally fair complexion. Various combinations between false eyelashes and makeup are possible to make eye dressing unique.

#5 - The type

You can choose from a wide variety of false eyelashes: depending on the thickness, color, length, style of application, there are some for every need. If you are a daily coquette, you will easily recognize the false eyelashes that suit your expectations and facilitate your use according to your constraints. If you find false eyelashes that do not satisfy you too much, you still have the freedom to adjust them according to your affinities: for example, if you bought false eyelashes that are too wide for your eyes, you just have to cut them according to the width you want.

How do youproperly apply false eyelashes?


If you are not yet very familiar with these "eye adornments," the task can be laborious. Then remember that false eyelash application should follow these few essential steps.

The test

First of all you must necessarily make sure that the false eyelashes you have purchased match the shape of your eyes and the length you are looking for. To do this, stand in front of the mirror, grab the false eyelashes with tweezers and then line them up on your eyes. Then, accommodate them to your liking.

The preparation

Know that false eyelash application is one of the few ultimate steps in makeup. Thus, for an effective result, it is important to proceed in the right order. Among other things, you should have completed the moisturizing, complexion unifying and eye makeup steps to be able to finish with the false lashes. To prepare the lashes in particular, you have the choice of curling them or softening them with mascara.

The actual application. The fateful moment when you'll need focus and precision. Here you will need tweezers to grab the false eyelashes. Preferably, close the eyelid on which you operate the pose, this will allow you to correctly adjust the false eyelashes where it is needed. Once your false eyelashes are well fixed, you are free to thicken it with mascara and you can finish your make-up with peace of mind.

The different types of false eyelashes

To fix you well during the use, know that there are in 3 types of false eyelashes:

Fringe eyelashes

More suitable for beginners, fringe eyelashes are, as the name suggests, bangs glued to the upper ends of your eyes. With false eyelashes, you can afford any style you like. Fringe eyelashes are known for their versatility and ease of use. Depending on the length you are looking for, you are allowed to adjust the fringe eyelashes. However, be careful about cutting, as it requires some technique to preserve a proper set.

Individual eyelashes

This type of false eyelashes requires more mastery and precision when applying. It is indeed several small sections to be arranged along the lash line. The purpose is generally to complete the density of your lashes, that is to say to put some on the parts of the eye where there is less. You can also layer them together to increase the volume of your lashes. The use of individual false eyelashes requires a fairly large amount of time due to the tedious nature of their application. On the other hand, they have the privilege of producing a more natural effect.

Magnetic eyelashes

The trend of the moment: magnetic false eyelashes are gradually invading the beauty market. They are all the more interesting for those who have difficulties on the pose, those whose eyes do not support the false eyelashes glue or those who need an effective handling. The synthetic material is easily attached to the eyelids by means of magnets. Magnetic eyelashes are reusable for a longer period of time than traditional glue eyelashes. In addition, you can remove them easily without the risk of tearing your lashes.

False eyelashes or eyelash extensions?

False Eyelashes

To dress up your eyes and stand out from the crowd, opt for false eyelashes. Classic or magnetic, natural or synthetic, false eyelashes come in a variety of shapes and sizes: you'll be sure to find the ones that best suit your eye shape. Glue-on eyelashes are likely to come off in the middle of the night. In general, they only work for a maximum of 24 hours, if you haven't lost them before. The good thing is that you can make sure that this doesn't happen yourself, because with the right products and agility, you can fix them easily.

Eyelash extension

On the other hand, there is always the eyelash extension, an alternative for the doe-eyed. Here, the intervention of an expert in the field is strongly requested, because the installation is somewhat delicate. Indeed, the extension must be placed on each lash. Before the operation, you must determine the effect you want to achieve, to facilitate the adjustment to be made on the length and density. On the other hand, you should be careful about certain precautions when you wear eyelash extensions, such as not rubbing your lashes often. Eyelash extensions can last for weeks if you take good care of them.


Between false eyelashes and eyelash extensions, you must first of all think about the effect you want to have, and then about the time you consider necessary to wear them. The comfort of wearing one or the other is purely a matter of individual taste. However, since their outfits are different, it is quite possible to alternate them according to the occasion. For example, false eyelashes can be used for a special event and eyelash extensions for a longer term use.

5 reasons to buy false eyelashes

To stand out

If you want to impress at special events or occasions, go for false eyelashes. Since the look never goes unnoticed, you're bound to attract attention with false eyelashes used correctly. But even if you want to stand out, avoid extravagance.

A break from the routine

Sometimes you want to break the mould. Not necessarily for specific occasions but just for the sake of change. False eyelashes also help you structure your look so that those around you will see that you look different. For that feeling of personal satisfaction, you can always choose false eyelashes.

To hide any imperfections

Since no one is perfect, your eyes might have some flaws. Nothing serious, there are still solutions: false eyelashes could help you bring a better effect on your eyes. The tutorials offer you tips if you have eyes that are too round, too long or drooping eyelids.

To enlarge the eyes

If you have a hectic day-to-day life, your fatigue will easily be reflected in your eyes. Through relatively discreet false eyelashes for an ultra-natural effect, you'll hide your heavy look and instead transform it into a sparkling glow at all times. To perfect the result, don't forget the touch of mascara and eyeliner.

To seduce

"She's got the eyes of a gun, she's got the look that kills...". Even if you're not a fan of Marc Lavoine, false eyelashes are also an effective weapon of seduction. On the other hand, whatever your tastes are, you have to stay within the limit of the natural to not turn to the ridiculous. During your meetings, try to maintain the style of your glance not to break the charm.

The best brands of false eyelashes

In our opinion, the best brands of false eyelashes in 2022 are :

Eylure London

The brand Eylure London is well known in the field of cosmetics, make-up and beauty. It produces, among other things, false eyelashes of all kinds, which adapt to all morphologies.

This American brand is an international reference in terms of false eyelash creation. From the most discreet to the most bushy, you will certainly find the false eyelashes you need at Ardell.

It particularly stands out in the manufacture and sale of false eyelashes, but also in the marketing of beauty products and perfumes. Emeda is a renowned leader in terms of quality.

Being a reference in the field of beauty, the Lucoss brand is very popular with many women through its expertise on the manufacture of high quality false eyelashes.

Magnetic specially manufactures magnetic false eyelashes, a total innovation on eye adornments, easy to use, practical and long lasting. Various lengths and thicknesses are available.

What is the price false eyelashes

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

5 £ to 10 £
10 £ to 20 £
more than 20 £
Price range diagram


Try them on before you wear them for a special occasion

When you buy an item of clothing, a dress for example, you put it on at least once before you wear it on the big day (to see how you look, to observe if alterations are needed, to appreciate your look). Also, when you buy false eyelashes, take the time to see how to use them, how to put them on, and how you look with them.

Let the glue dry

If you chose glue-on false eyelashes, we recommend letting the glue dry after you apply it to the false lashes. After only a few minutes, you can attach your false eyelashes. This way, you will avoid letting them slip through your fingers. Indeed, the glue, which is often very liquid in consistency, tends to be slippery when used.

First make up your eyes

The false eyelashes will hold better on made-up eyes, not "naked" eyes. Professionals even recommend applying mascara to natural lashes before applying false lashes. If you're leaning toward nude, you should still apply a neutral base or blush, then a thin line of pencil.

Have the backup material

It's better to be safe than sorry. Even if you're sure you've applied your false eyelashes correctly, you're never safe from the unexpected. Always have the necessary accessories that will allow you to rectify the blow in your minaudiere, namely the tube of glue and the pencil for the tracings.

Gently pull them out.

The removal of false eyelashes turns out to be as simple as the installation. All you have to do is gently pull them inward from your face, remove them and dry them well so that they are ready for the next use.


Can you replace false eyelash glue?

You will probably run out of glue to fix your false eyelashes: either you have used up your tube, or you have not planned to take it with you where you go. Know that on some models of false eyelashes you just need water to activate the adhesive effect of false eyelashes, and thus be able to stick them easily on your lashes.

How to remove false eyelash glue?

First reflex, very simple: gently rub your eyes with cotton soaked in makeup removal oil. Failing that, you can still opt for warm water and proceed in the same way. The oil and hot water actually help soften the glue so that it gives way easily during removal.

How to properly clean false eyelashes?

You must first equip yourself with at least the following accessories: eye makeup remover, rubbing alcohol, cotton discs and tweezers. Before cleaning the false eyelashes, make sure your hands are clean. Next, wipe the cotton pad soaked in makeup remover over the false eyelashes. It is important to remove all the glue residues: use 90° alcohol to do so.

What factors prevent false eyelashes from lasting long?

You are among those who wonder why their false eyelashes often come off? Here are the main causes: either the glue is of poor quality, or the false eyelashes are subjected to a lot of humidity for a long time (tears, perspiration, etc.), or a fatty substance has become embedded during the application.


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Our selection
Emeda - 10 pairs of 3D false eyelashes 9
Emeda - 10 pairs of 3D false eyelashes
Lucoss - 5 pairs of 3D false eyelashes 10
Lucoss - 5 pairs of 3D false eyelashes
Ardell Faux Mink Demi Wispies - 4 pairs of false eyelashes 11
Ardell Faux Mink Demi Wispies - 4 pairs of false eyelashes
Keiby Citom - 7 pairs of 3D false eyelashes 12
Keiby Citom - 7 pairs of 3D false eyelashes


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