EZIClean vacuum cleaners : our opinion and best deals in the UK 2022

EZIClean is a young brand specialized in household appliances. If it is known for having designed the first window cleaning robot, its vacuum cleaners have also quickly conquered many consumers in the UK, often placing it among the best in many rankings. To become so popular in the space of a few years, let's find out what its appliances are really worth and which are its best vacuum cleaners of the moment.

Eziclean Cyclomax Xperience Infiny upright vacuum cleaner 1

Editor's Choice

Eziclean Cyclomax Xperience Infiny upright vacuum cleaner

The best EZIClean vacuum cleaner in 2021

With its Magnetik technology motor, this EZIClean upright vacuum cleaner has great suction power. Its efficiency is also due to its three brushes, which ensure great versatility.

223 £ on Boulanger

The EZIclean cyclomax Xperience infiny is a multi-cyclonic 2-in-1 upright vacuum cleaner. In other words, it can adapt to different surfaces, transforming into a handheld vacuum cleaner when you need to clean your furniture or curtains. It also stands out for its great autonomy of about 70 minutes. This ensures a real comfort of use and to have on hand an operational device at any time. Thanks to its Magnetik technology motor, it has a suction power comparable to that of canister vacuums. Versatile, it has three brushes to adapt to both hard and soft floors.

Eziclean Sweeper robot 2

The best cheapest

Eziclean Sweeper robot

The best entry-level EZIClean vacuum cleaner

This robot vacuum cleaner seduces for its intelligence. It cleans the floor, then mops it to make your floors impeccable. With an hour and a half of autonomy, it is perfect for small apartments.

156 £ on Boulanger

This vacuum cleaner is a small condensation of technology accessible to the general public. It is also a two-in-one vacuum cleaner, which vacuums up the dirt, then washes the floor thanks to an integrated water tank, before mopping the floor. Thanks to its great autonomy, it can cover surfaces up to 90 m². Still on the efficiency side, it has two side brushes making it ideal for different types of hard floors, whether tiles or parquet. We also appreciate its low noise level of only 55 dB as well as the presence of a HEPA filter ensuring your daily well-being. As a bonus, it is a device that navigates intelligently thanks to its various sensors and detectors.

Eziclean Aqua connect X850 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3

The best high-end

Eziclean Aqua connect X850 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The best high-end EZIClean vacuum cleaner

Enjoy a robot vacuum and scrubber with this EZIClean model featuring map-based navigation technology. Capable of cleaning the floor in one pass, it vacuums, washes, mops and keeps you informed with its connectivity.

400 £ on Boulanger

For pet owners, this robot vacuum cleaner is ideal. Indeed, it adapts to different surfaces, whether tiles or carpet to clean them in one pass thanks to its two-in-one feature. It also stands out for its great intelligence, since it is a connected robot vacuum cleaner that you can control from your smartphone and through Alexa or Google Home. It respects virtual walls to better take care of its share of the task and ensures everything through room mapping navigation. As a bonus, you get a quiet device that emits no more than 55 dB when it's on.

Eziclean Turbo silence 400 bagless vacuum cleaner 4

The best alternative

Eziclean Turbo silence 400 bagless vacuum cleaner

A great alternative

This vacuum cleaner has a powerful filtration system that ensures that even the smallest particles and bacteria are sucked out, and that the atmosphere in the house is healthier. Lightweight and easy to handle, it helps you clean the house without too much effort.

184 £ on Boulanger

This EZIClean vacuum cleaner features multi-cyclone technology to ensure cleanliness in your home. It has a high suction power capable of removing even the smallest dirt, while the HEPA 13 air outlet filter ensures a healthy atmosphere, free of bacteria and without the risk of allergy related to dust particles. Thanks to its lightness and its range of action of approximately 8 meters, you benefit from a real comfort of use. But its main asset is the capacity of its 2.5 liter container, which, by the way, has been designed to avoid any direct contact with the dust when emptying.

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Best EZIClean vacuum cleaner

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The best EZIClean vacuum cleaner in 2021

The best entry-level EZIClean vacuum cleaner

The best high-end EZIClean vacuum cleaner

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best EZIClean vacuum cleaners

Eziclean Cyclomax Xperience Infiny upright vacuum cleaner 5
Eziclean Sweeper robot 6
Eziclean Aqua connect X850 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 7
Eziclean Turbo silence 400 bagless vacuum cleaner 8
Eziclean Cyclomax Xperience Infiny upright vacuum cleaner
Eziclean Sweeper robot
Eziclean Aqua connect X850 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Eziclean Turbo silence 400 bagless vacuum cleaner
With its Magnetik technology motor, this EZIClean upright vacuum cleaner has great suction power. Its efficiency is also due to its three brushes, which ensure great versatility.
This robot vacuum cleaner seduces for its intelligence. It cleans the floor, then mops it to make your floors impeccable. With an hour and a half of autonomy, it is perfect for small apartments.
Enjoy a robot vacuum and scrubber with this EZIClean model featuring map-based navigation technology. Capable of cleaning the floor in one pass, it vacuums, washes, mops and keeps you informed with its connectivity.
This vacuum cleaner has a powerful filtration system that ensures that even the smallest particles and bacteria are sucked out, and that the atmosphere in the house is healthier. Lightweight and easy to handle, it helps you clean the house without too much effort.
Types of floors
Tiles, wood floors, carpets, rugs
Hard floors
Tile, wood floors, carpet, rugs
Tile, wood floors, carpet, rugs
Noise level
82 dB
Less than 55 dB
Less than 55 dB
67 dB
Tank capacity
0.80 L
200 mL
200 mL
2.5 L
Life expectancy
70 minutes
1.5 hours
260 minutes
Suction power

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Our opinion on the EZIClean vacuum cleaners

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Our opinion on EZIClean vacuum cleaners

The French brand EZIClean was created in 2009. On this occasion, it offers its very first vacuum cleaner robot, and it must be said that it is an almost immediate success. EZIClean gained notoriety and became a reference in the design of vacuum cleaners and window cleaning robots. To understand why EZIClean is so well known, let's take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of EZIClean vacuum cleaners.

Who created the EZIClean brand?

EZIClean is part of the Ezicom group, which has created many brands, each with its own speciality. Thus, you have EZIChef for kitchen appliances, EZILight for lighting, EZIFit for sports equipment, and EZIClean, which is dedicated to the design of vacuum cleaners, household robots and window cleaners.

What does EZIClean offer?

Its range of vacuum cleaners includes canister vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners and cordless vacuum cleaners. The brand also sells separate replacement accessories or complete upgrade kits for the appliances it offers.

Who are EZIClean vacuums made for?

So far, the EZIClean brand has made a name for itself on the French vacuum cleaner market. Its appliances are very affordable and are mainly in the mid-range. For example, its canister vacuums have a price range of about 40 to 150 euros, while high-end robot vacuum models can reach 400 euros. So you're sure to find an EZIClean vacuum cleaner that fits your budget.

What are the strengths of EZIClean vacuum cleaners?

The first strength of EZIClean vacuum cleaners is certainly the technology of the devices. The brand's founders themselves designed the very first EZIClean robot vacuum cleaner. This one is both easy to use and efficient to meet customers' expectations. But despite the immediate popularity, every effort has been made to ensure that subsequent models and other types of vacuum cleaners remain just as modern and powerful. As an example, the brand includes "MagnetiK™" technology in the motors of its vacuums to increase the suction power of these devices. Likewise, the brand's newest robot vacuums are connected, equipped with the latest navigation and mapping technologies.

When it comes to energy efficiency, EZIClean is not to be outdone. EZIClean's upright and canister vacuums are considered to be in the A energy class. In other words, the brand's appliances consume little energy and respect the environment while remaining very efficient.

Another strong point that has led the brand to its current success: the aesthetics of its appliances. As well as being powerful, its vacuum cleaners also have a modern design. This flashy side quickly seduced consumers, especially fans of robot vacuum cleaners whose look is futuristic. Even for canister vacuums, EZIClean's models catch the eye of customers with their neat finishes. Despite this, they remain manageable and ergonomic, which makes them very pleasant to use.

What are the weak points of EZIClean vacuum cleaners?

Despite all these advantages, EZIClean vacuums still have some weak points. Reviews on Amazon sometimes note a lack of autonomy of its robot vacuum cleaners, or some concerns about the suction power of canister vacuum cleaners, which is often considered too strong to the point of sticking to the floor... Another concern is the current unavailability of the brand's after-sales service phone number. That said, you can leave a complaint e-mail on the site by following the instructions in the section dedicated to customer service.

The verdict: What do we think of EZIClean vacuum cleaners?

Compared to other giants in the household appliances sector, we can say that the EZIClean brand is still very young, with "only" ten years of experience. But it has a good reputation and, on average, reviews are quite positive about the products. EZIClean vacuum cleaners do have a few flaws, but they are still interesting because of their many qualities that are worth a look. Moreover, EZIClean seems to be quite promising in terms of innovation. A current problem can quickly become a thing of the past. And even if there are none, the brand is always betting on technology to move forward and offer ever more efficient products. All in all, the brand seems to be quite reliable so far. The enthusiasm of this young brand in its desire to always offer high-performance models leads us to believe that it can easily become one of the leaders in its field.

EZIClean or Proscenic vacuum cleaner?

Among the most promising brands are certainly EZIClean and Proscenic. Both of them started in the home appliance sector with robot vacuum cleaners. But if you have to choose between them, which one would be the safest?

EZIClean vacuum cleaners

EZIClean vacuums stand out for their recent technology and their ability to compete with other brands. They are as powerful and efficient as they are stylish with their futuristic design. Better yet, there is something for every taste, every need and every budget with its wide range of vacuum cleaners.

Proscenic vacuum cleaners

Proscenic vacuum cleaners are equally interesting for their modernity and intelligence. The brand is most famous for its state-of-the-art robot vacuum cleaners and has established itself as one of the best in the field. But Proscenic also offers cordless vacuum cleaners as well as various other household appliances and kitchen appliances.


Although Proscenic has more experience and notoriety than EZIClean, the latter remains more popular because its vacuum cleaners are more accessible to the general public, especially in terms of price. Another undeniable advantage is that EZIClean offers a wider range of various vacuum cleaners, whereas Proscenic only focuses on cordless and robot vacuum cleaners. Besides, if you have to choose, why not go for a French brand?

How to choose your EZIClean vacuum cleaner

Each EZIClean vacuum cleaner meets specific needs. To help you find your way through the different ranges and types of EZIClean vacuums, and to easily identify the model that best suits your needs, here are the most important selection criteria.

Criterion 1 : Type of vacuum cleaner

EZIClean offers a multitude of vacuum cleaners. On its website, you will find canisters, scrubbers, robots, handhelds and cordless vacuum cleaners. But the brand is most successful with its robot vacuums, recognizable by their circular shape and their rather affordable price. If you prefer canister vacuums, the brand offers models that are sometimes powerful, with multicyclonic technology or even silent.

Criterion 2 : Performance

The performance of a vacuum cleaner is recognized by its suction power and its ability to adapt to all types of floors. For this, the ideal model will have brushes capable of dislodging dirt on tile as well as carpet. For pet owners, you have, for example, the EziRoller brush that knows how to catch pet hair in the fabrics of the sofa or carpet.

Criterion 3 : Manipulability

Maneuverability ensures real comfort of use. EZIClean understands this by making its vacuums convenient for all its users. For example, make sure your EZIClean canister vacuum has a flexible connection to easily orient it according to your needs. You can also count on 2-in-1 upright vacuums that can be transformed into a handheld vacuum according to your needs.

Criterion 4 : With or without bag

With EZIClean vacuums, you can afford bagged or bagless vacuums according to your preferences. But if you had to weigh the pros and cons, a classic bagged model would be more efficient and hygienic. With a tank instead, you'll not only have to empty it but also clean it regularly, which may expose you to dirt and dust.

Criterion 5 : Accessories

It's often the details that count the most and distinguish one brand from another. So you should always take the time to ensure the quality and availability of your EZIClean vacuum's accessories. For example, the brand offers the turbobrush with LED light so you can easily vacuum under furniture.

How to take care of your EZIClean vacuum cleaner?

Now that you have purchased your EZIClean vacuum cleaner, you should think about taking care of it. Regular maintenance will ensure its efficiency, power, performance and longevity. Here are some tips to help you do just that!

Respect the instructions for use

EZIClean vacuums always come with detailed instructions for use. You'll find out how the appliance works and what its components are. You'll find information on how to use the appliance and under what circumstances, as well as how to care for it.

Read all the instructions carefully before you start up your device. For example, if it is indicated not to vacuum liquids, avoid doing so to avoid damaging the mechanical parts of your vacuum cleaner.

Make your EZIClean vacuum cleaner's job easier

Despite their powerful suction, EZIClean vacuums can't clean up a spilled bowl! Start by picking up large pieces that have fallen on the floor before vacuuming. Also, pieces of glass or porcelain can damage your machine. So it's best to remove them and leave only the smallest pieces that can't be picked up with a shovel.

Another way to make your vacuum cleaner's job easier is to empty the bag or bin regularly. For an EZIClean vacuum cleaner with a bag, you should get rid of the dust when the bag is three-quarters full. For robotic vacuums, it's best to empty the canister after each use.

Clean your appliance thoroughly

Your vacuum cleaner will remain efficient if you also ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned from time to time. Read the instructions carefully to find out which parts you can clean separately, and also to see if the model is washable. If it is, run it through clear water, if not, just wipe it with a slightly damp cloth to remove the large residues stuck in the device. To eliminate bad odors in the unit, put a cotton ball soaked in scented essential oils between the filter and the air outlet grille.

Things to remember

Always turn off your EZIClean vacuum cleaner and unplug it before cleaning it.

Why buy an EZIClean vacuum cleaner?

There are several reasons why you should choose EZIClean vacuums. Here are five of them:

For its great performance

Versatile and highly efficient, an EZIClean vacuum cleaner has everything you need to keep your home clean. Whatever your floor covering, it ensures fast vacuuming and/or impeccable cleaning in a single pass.

For its endurance

You won't need to make great efforts to restore the shine to your tiles, parquet, carpets, etc. EZIClean vacuums are totally adapted to intensive use and are able to remove dirt daily without ever overheating.

For its high level of technology

An EZIClean vacuum cleaner is an intelligent and perfectly autonomous cleaning equipment thanks to its high-tech features. Composed of numerous sensors and functional accessories, the brand's robot vacuum cleaner allows, for example, an exceptional cleaning of your home without the need for constant monitoring. Just connect it to your phone, then select the desired cleaning mode, and you're done! On top of that, it's completely possible to control it remotely through its camera function and its very long-range connection.

For its impeccable efficiency

In addition to its great practicality, an EZIClean vacuum cleaner is also attractive for its quality of work. Indeed, it not only gets rid of dirt, but also prevents the proliferation of bacteria in your home. This, thanks to its very effective filtration system. In short, it is an excellent way to preserve hygiene and health in your home.

For its comfortable sound level

Unlike other vacuum cleaners that produce deafening noises during their operation, EZIClean offers vacuum cleaners with a more pleasant sound level. This means you can start the cleaning cycle at any time without disturbing your neighborhood.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the EZIClean vacuum cleaners:

Amazon Basics

Founded in 1909, the German brand has won over a demanding clientele with high quality vacuum cleaners that guarantee impeccable results. All of the brand's models are designed to remove dust and small debris quickly. Today, it is positioned as one of the most popular vacuum cleaner brands in the UK.

Dyson is a brand that specializes in home appliances: vacuum cleaners, fans, air heaters, and even air purifiers or hair dryers. Dyson vacuums are often classified as high-end, but they are still appreciated for offering better results and performance. It is a reference in its field.

If you prefer American brands, rely on Hoover's signature appliances. Thanks to its expertise, it has built a reputation in the UK and even throughout Europe. Its vacuum cleaners seduce consumers for their excellent quality-price ratio.

The German brand was created in 1960. It specializes in several categories of household appliances, both for cooking, comfort and cleaning. Its vacuum cleaners remain highly prized for being offered at very accessible prices. But the quality is there, and that's what attracts its loyal customers.

Amazon Basics is among the largest suppliers of home appliances around the world. Its biggest strength is its rich catalog. In addition, its vacuums are good value for money and have the performance and quality sought after in an appliance that is useful in the daily lives of many consumers.


Clear the floor before vacuuming

This will make your job easier, as you won't have to pick up a sock or a toy every time. The risk is also that these objects can get stuck in the unit and damage it!

Take care of the filter

Dust can quickly build up on your vacuum's filter. To remedy this, clean it regularly. Depending on the model, you can blow it out with a handheld vacuum cleaner, shake it out, or run it under clean water. Also check its wear and tear to see if it needs to be replaced.

Start your cleaning from the top



the cleaning with the floor to prevent dust from falling on it when you need to vacuum the walls, ceiling, or furniture. This will save you from having to do the job a second time.

Clean while scenting the house


vacuum cleaner can redistribute air after removing dirt from your home. Take the opportunity to scent the house by putting a few drops of essential oil in the filter.

Join the E.zichange program

This program allows you to save money by reselling your unit to the brand. It buys it back from you in exchange for a voucher to get discounts on a new, more interesting vacuum cleaner. For example, a vacuum cleaner returned its first year will earn you up to 50% off its original price.


How long does an EZIClean vacuum cleaner last?

The life of a vacuum cleaner depends entirely on the model you choose. Normally, if you follow the selection criteria and choose an EZIClean vacuum cleaner, it should last more than two years. Some of its most efficient models can even be used for more than five years.

Should a HEPA filter be integrated on an EZIClean vacuum cleaner?

The HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Air filter is the ideal type of filter if you are a sensitive person or if you live with people suffering from allergies. Indeed, unlike the classic filters, these allow trapping the finest particles that have managed to pass through the main filter of the device.

How to optimize the autonomy of an EZIClean robot vacuum cleaner?

To increase the life of the battery, the brand advises to charge its robot vacuum cleaner for 10 to 12 hours before its first use and when the device has not been used for an extended period. It is also recommended to wait until the battery is well discharged before reconnecting the vacuum cleaner to its base the first three times.

What do consumers think of EZIClean?

The opinions of EZIClean consumers are generally positive about the brand 's devices. EZIClean has its qualities and faults, but it is a globally reliable brand, indicated to find efficient vacuum cleaners with a good quality/price ratio.


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Eziclean Cyclomax Xperience Infiny upright vacuum cleaner 9
Eziclean Cyclomax Xperience Infiny upright vacuum cleaner
Eziclean Sweeper robot 10
Eziclean Sweeper robot
Eziclean Aqua connect X850 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 11
Eziclean Aqua connect X850 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Eziclean Turbo silence 400 bagless vacuum cleaner 12
Eziclean Turbo silence 400 bagless vacuum cleaner


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