The best extra beds in the UK 2023

When you don't have a guest room, but you don't want to be caught short when a loved one spends the night, you invest in an extra bed. It doesn't take up any space and can be placed in a part of the house or used for other purposes during the day. How to choose one? Browse our comparison guide of the best cots of the year in this article.

HOMCOM armchair 1

The best trundle bed

HOMCOM armchair

Best value for money

A Scandinavian-style armchair by day, a comfortable extra bed for one person at night, this model seduces with its soft padding and its modularity.

130 £ on Amazon

A contemporary design permeates this occasional bed that will find its place just about anywhere: in your living room, in a bedroom and even in the office. In armchair mode, it seduces with its metal armrests equipped with upholstery for extreme comfort.

In extra bed configuration, it becomes a comfortable sleeping space for one person, with its generous soft padding. A pillow is provided with the set so you don't need to buy a pillow. As for maintenance, the mattress has a fabric cover that you can remove and put in the washing machine.

Intex Inflatable Rest Bed 2

The best entry-level trundle bed

Intex Inflatable Rest Bed

Best value for money

This inexpensive bed has everything you could want: it's spacious enough for two people, it has a pillow and it comes with an electric inflator.

43,12 £ on Amazon

Although this is an entry-level cot, there is no doubt that it will do its job well. Thanks to its electric inflator and its large valve, it takes less than 4 minutes to inflate and deflate. Unlike a simple inflatable mattress, this one has a significant height when it is ready to be used, and it also has a built-in pillow.

For the comfort of its occupants, this inflatable bed features Fiber Tech technology. This translates to the addition of polyester fibers to the surface of the mattress, elements that ensure firm yet soft support. When not in use, this deflated bed can be stored in a drawer. Remember to air out the room where you install it for the first time to get rid of the new smell.

Evergreen web Folding bed 3

The best high-end trundle bed

Evergreen web Folding bed

Best value for kids

If you want a comfortable and luxurious extra bed, choose this folding model that is also orthopedic. Your guest will have a great night's sleep.

199 £ on Amazon

A 12 cm thick memory foam mattress is placed on the base with 12 shock-absorbing slats that make up this folding bed. As comfortable as a classic bed, this model even has an orthopedic virtue. Italian design, this top-of-the-range auxiliary bed offers a sleeping surface of 80 x 190 cm for a maximum of ease during the bedtime.

For vacations or impromptu camping trips, take this ergonomically designed folding bed with you. The wheels will help you transport it without getting tired. With its 35 cm thickness when folded, it will easily fit in the trunk of your car or slip discreetly behind a door when you are at home.

Pro Cosmo Canapé-lit avec pouf pour enfant 4

The best child's trundle bed

Pro Cosmo Canapé-lit avec pouf pour enfant

It weighs only 7 kg, but it's so cozy and comfortable that your child will love it: this cot will be the star of the next sleepover.

69,60 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best extra bed

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Best value for money

Best value for money

Best value for kids

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Comparison table of the best extra beds

Top of the top Cheap choice Luxury choice Children's choice
HOMCOM armchair 5
Intex Inflatable Rest Bed 6
Evergreen web Folding bed 7
Pro Cosmo Canapé-lit avec pouf pour enfant 8
HOMCOM armchair
Intex Inflatable Rest Bed
Evergreen web Folding bed
Pro Cosmo Canapé-lit avec pouf pour enfant
A Scandinavian-style armchair by day, a comfortable extra bed for one person at night, this model seduces with its soft padding and its modularity.
This inexpensive bed has everything you could want: it's spacious enough for two people, it has a pillow and it comes with an electric inflator.
If you want a comfortable and luxurious extra bed, choose this folding model that is also orthopedic. Your guest will have a great night's sleep.
It weighs only 7 kg, but it's so cozy and comfortable that your child will love it: this cot will be the star of the next sleepover.
Fireside chair
Inflatable bed
Folding bed
Sofa bed
Number of people
1 person
2 people
1 person
1 person
Cushioned upholstery
TechnoFiber tech
Memory foam mattress
Soft mattress
Memory foam pillow
Puff, pillow
Cushioned upholstery

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Buying guide - extra bed

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How to choose your extra bed

When choosing a crib, there are two things you need to know: that it will provide a comfortable temporary bed and that it won't get in the way when it's not being used. To ensure these requirements are met, consider the following criteria.

#1 - Sleeping surface

Contrary to popular belief, trundle beds are not just for one person. You'll find plenty of models that can accommodate two people and come in large sizes. To determine the ideal sleeping surface, answer this question: when you have an unexpected party, how many people will spend the night at your place?

#2 - Comfort

Of course, you don't want your loved ones to have a knot in their neck or a sore back after spending the night at your place. In this sense, prioritize comfort and attach particular importance to the type of mattress or box spring if the model you like is equipped with it. A perfect cot will strike the right balance between firmness and softness. In this sense, the mattress should be thick enough and have a medium to high density.

#3 - Storage

When you're not using your trundle bed, how do you store it? For small spaces, prefer models that deflate or fold up to slip discreetly into a closet, against a wall behind a door or in a small storage room.

If you want to choose furniture with a double function, opt for an extra bed that converts into a sofa or an armchair. That way, you're investing in furniture that will serve you at all times, even if it's not being used as a sleeping space.

#4 - Handling

It's crucial to choose a rollaway bed that's easy to handle. A bed that inflates with a pump, a smooth, easy and light unfolding mechanism, etc. A model with a complicated system will give you a hard time, taking away all the fun of entertaining at home.

#5 - Size

Last but not least, the dimensions of your trundle bed. You need to consider both the size of the bed when it's deployed and used as a sleeping space and its dimensions when it's stored or used as an armchair or sofa.

The child's cot

Adults aren't the only ones who have overnight guests! The toddler's room can also be equipped with a cot for sleepovers, evenings when friends and cousins stay overnight.

In this case, you have the choice between a drawer bed or an inflatable mattress. Indeed, some cribs are equipped with a large drawer under the box spring where a mattress is spread out. Simply open the drawer, put in pillows and a comforter, and you've got yourself an extra bed for a child. It is also possible to find a mezzanine bed for children with a convertible chair under the box spring.

Of course, you can always resort to the good old inflatable mattress which remains a considerable space saving solution. This can even be fun for the kids who take turns inflating the mattress until it can be used.

The different types of extra beds

According to the design and the mechanism of the auxiliary beds, we can distinguish 3 main types: the inflatable auxiliary bed, the folding bed and the heater.

Inflatable cot

A more elaborate version of an inflatable mattress, this type of bed consists of a headboard and a mattress. It can be manual or electric, and is inflated with a pump that may or may not be provided at the time of purchase. For maximum ergonomics, opt for self-inflating cots that require no effort on your part.

If the inflatable cot is quick and easy to set up, it also seduces by its capacity to be taken almost everywhere. Whether you're camping or traveling, it will be very useful. The other side of the coin: the relative comfort which depends essentially on the firmness of the inflation, and the rather fragile aspect of the structure. Beware of small felines and sharp-edged objects like thorns!

Folding cot

For optimal comfort, nothing beats the folding cot. Indeed, it is composed of the same elements as a classic bed: a structure with legs, a box spring and a mattress. The only differences are the mechanism that allows you to fold the bed for storage and the wheels that make it easier to transport.

So, if you want to spoil your guests with a cozy and comfortable bed, choose without hesitation a folding cot. In addition, it is very practical, it can be stored in a corner and will not bother you at all. However, it is not available in a double version: it is designed for a single occupant.


Behind this name that suggests a warm and comfortable sleeping space is a very practical extra bed that has a double functionality. Part of the large family of convertible furniture, the heater turns into an armchair when not in use. To do this, it consists of a foam covered with fabric or leather, and a metal or wooden frame.

Available in a single or double version, the heater is a very practical auxiliary bed that is, in most cases, removable for easy maintenance. It has the advantage of being aesthetically pleasing and can be installed anywhere in the house. However, its comfort is conditioned by the thickness of its foam.

An extra bed or a futon mattress?

Whether you're staying in a house or an apartment, having a temporary bed is a luxury you can't deny yourself. That's where the trundle bed and futon mattress come in, but what's the difference between them?

The extra bed

The name says it all: the cot cannot be used continuously as it is only intended to be used temporarily. Despite this, it comes with a high level of comfort that almost equals that of a classic bed. Moreover, it is always equipped with a mattress, whether it is inflatable, convertible or foldable.

The main advantage of a cot is its practicality. It is a real comfortable and pleasant sleeping space when you receive unexpected guests, but it can be transformed into another piece of furniture or slipped into a corner of your house when not in use.

The futon mattress

Inherited from a Japanese inspiration, the futon mattress seduces by its firmness thanks to the superpositions of the layers of cotton. Although originally designed to be placed on the floor, the futon mattress is now accompanied by a support whose shape is similar to a bed frame or a sofa. Its practical advantage: it can be folded and rolled up to be stored in a closet or easily transformed into a comfortable sofa.

The futon mattress is nevertheless subject to a big disadvantage: its extreme firmness which can sometimes displease those who are not used to it. Of course, it will make the happiness of individuals suffering from back pain, but for "normal" people, the comfort will be very relative. And moreover, beware of those who suffer from dust mite allergy, because cotton diapers may make them sneeze.


If you need a temporary place to sleep, you might as well go for a bed that combines practicality with comfort. Of course, the futon mattress is an alternative, but its firmness is not to everyone's taste and if it has to be stored in a closet, it will clearly take up a lot of space.


To store the mattress of a rollaway bed

If you haven't chosen a convertible cot and need to store your cot mattress, always lay it out horizontally first (after deflating it if it's an inflatable mattress), then fold it up. Remember to store the mattress in a waterproof cover to prevent it from being exposed to dust or moisture.

To find a good rollaway bed

A good trundle bed is, above all, a temporary bed that fits your needs. Think about the people who come to spend the night and choose based on their situations. For the elderly, a firm trundle bed is recommended. On the other hand, younger people will prefer a soft, supple bed.

To quickly inflate an inflatable bed

If you haven't turned to a self-inflating bed, always consider getting a manual or electric pump depending on your budget. Indeed, it's not a good idea to try to blow into the mattress yourself, you'll get tired soon enough.

To clean the mattress of a rollaway bed

Like any mattress, the one in a rollaway bed needs to be maintained regularly to keep it looking good. Use a sticky brush or vacuum cleaner to suck up hair, bristles, and dust that can become embedded in the mattress. If it's an inflatable model, you can clean the surface with soapy water.

To maintain the mechanism of a folding or convertible rollaway bed

You'll find many oily liquids that help smooth out the mechanism of a convertible or folding daybed. However, if the system gets stuck or becomes difficult to handle, contact a professional to avoid any risk of accident while using the rollaway bed.


What is the best trundle bed? What is a trundle bed? How to choose a trundle bed? How to maintain your mattress? How to put back the cover of your mattress?

The best trundle bed depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to learn more.

A trundle bed is a bed intended for temporary or occasional use. It will help you out when a loved one spends the night unexpectedly.

A good trundle bed is chosen based on its dimensions, nature, handling, comfort, and size.

All mattresses are maintained in the same way: vacuum up dust, fibers, and hair, and then clean the cover so that the surface is always clean.

Trundle bed mattresses usually come with a removable cover. To remove or replace it, simply rely on the closing and opening mechanism the cover is equipped with.


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HOMCOM armchair 9
HOMCOM armchair
Intex Inflatable Rest Bed 10
Intex Inflatable Rest Bed
Evergreen web Folding bed 11
Evergreen web Folding bed
Pro Cosmo Canapé-lit avec pouf pour enfant 12
Pro Cosmo Canapé-lit avec pouf pour enfant


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