The best electronic chichas in the UK 2023

Lover of vaping or traditional shisha, why not try the electronic shisha? Did you know that it does not need coal or water? In addition it is portable, exactly like an e-cigarette, ready to be inhaled wherever you want. You will have a moment of relaxation assured by smoking it. Many models are available on the market. But to try only the good e-chicha, read our guide on the subject.

Chicha Starbuzz E-hoze 1

Editor's Choice

Chicha Starbuzz E-hoze

The best electronic shisha in 2021

Do you like intense vapor when you vape? Do you want to try a new tasty vape? With this Starbuzz E-Hoze electronic shisha, enjoy a unique vaping sensation.

116 £ on Rakuten

Discover the Starbuzz E-hoze chicha. It has a built-in battery. Its use is simplified so if you are a beginner vaper, you will have no trouble using it. You could take it everywhere easily considering its size. Moreover, it contains no nicotine or tobacco, but it produces a huge steam and a taste quite atypical. Despite the intensity of the vapor, it still offers a pleasant and soft sensation in your throat.

With this e-chicha, you can compose your own cartridge Blue mist. Pour it according to the flavor you want. And here we go, smoke with peace of mind. The more you are demanding in the choice of the flavor, the better your experience will be. If your need is precise, you will know how to define it easily with the wide range of taste available. And you'll be able to smell the taste you want.

E-chicha and accessories Cesfonjer 2

The best cheapest

E-chicha and accessories Cesfonjer

The best entry-level electronic shisha

Are you looking for a complete accessory to smoke your electronic hookah? Enjoy the collection of the day, the e-chicha Cesfonjer and its accessories. By purchasing it, you will have a quality vaping at a low price.

15,99 £ on Rakuten

At first glance, the elegance is a strong point of this chicha Cesfonjer. This e-chicha is also recognized by its durability despite the thin tube that composes it. You would have no fear, it will accompany you for many years. Moreover, its accessories are favorable for daily use. Basically, it is one of the best chichas offered at the moment.

This model also impresses us with its easy maintenance. Its cleaning can be done in a click with a little water and tissue. So you won't need much to clean it. It is convenient since it isa complete collection. So, if you want a stylish, ergonomic, but durable chicha, bet on the Cesfonjer e-chicha.

Elnarguile electronic shisha 3

The best high-end

Elnarguile electronic shisha

The best high-end electronic shisha

Would you like to have an authentic e-chicha with unforgettable flavors? Choose the model proposed by Elnarguile not found in the UK. Let yourself be seduced by its design, practicality and quality.

320 £ on Rakuten

Enjoy the electronic shisha offered by Elnarguile that is both tobacco and charcoal free. Less harmful to health, this model has touched countless vapers. In this type of e-chicha, there is really no toxic residue, nor tars.

Everything has been done so that you can enjoy your hookah quietly for a long time. This electronic shisha is compatible with many cartridges of flavors. Thus, you can vary the pleasure to your liking. What is sure is that you will enjoy the same amount of vape as with the craft chicha with the difference that you will not have coal. Besides, it is more stylish, ready to use and will give you elegance wherever you are.

Chicha N5 Travel Junior Oduman 4

The best alternative

Chicha N5 Travel Junior Oduman

A great alternative

Discover the Oduman N5 junior miniature shisha, the improved version of the famous Oduman N5! Despite its small size, enjoy the intense pleasure it can provide you with every day.

64 £ on Rakuten
Buying guide • November 2023

Best electronic shisha

Any specific needs?

The best electronic shisha in 2021

The best entry-level electronic shisha

The best high-end electronic shisha

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best electronic chichas

Chicha Starbuzz E-hoze 5
E-chicha and accessories Cesfonjer 6
Elnarguile electronic shisha 7
Chicha N5 Travel Junior Oduman 8
Chicha Starbuzz E-hoze
E-chicha and accessories Cesfonjer
Elnarguile electronic shisha
Chicha N5 Travel Junior Oduman
Do you like intense vapor when you vape? Do you want to try a new tasty vape? With this Starbuzz E-Hoze electronic shisha, enjoy a unique vaping sensation.
Are you looking for a complete accessory to smoke your electronic hookah? Enjoy the collection of the day, the e-chicha Cesfonjer and its accessories. By purchasing it, you will have a quality vaping at a low price.
Would you like to have an authentic e-chicha with unforgettable flavors? Choose the model proposed by Elnarguile not found in the UK. Let yourself be seduced by its design, practicality and quality.
Discover the Oduman N5 junior miniature shisha, the improved version of the famous Oduman N5! Despite its small size, enjoy the intense pleasure it can provide you with every day.
Type of e-chicha
Mini e-chicha
Mini e-chicha
e-chicha standard
e-chicha standard
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Buying guide - electronic shisha

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How to choose your electronic shisha

The e-chicha is a modern and practical accessory for vapers. But, opting for the best one still requires some knowledge of the product. Here are the criteria to consider before buying.

#1 - The capacity

Choose a small model if your consumption is less or occasional. Ideally, it will be both portable, not bulky and stylish. Consider hookahs that have a larger capacity if you want to save more e-liquid and therefore money. But, it's all about preference, in the end, go for what will make you feel comfortable.

#2 - The battery and the autonomy

Be aware that without a battery, no vaping will be possible. Preferably, choose models with a strong autonomy. In terms of battery, there are two types of e-chicha: box or cylindrical. The first is more ergonomic, but quite subtle. You will have at your disposal a display screen and an adjustment button. It is more powerful than the second. Its battery is interchangeable and rechargeable. On the other hand, those with a cylindrical battery are simpler to use and are therefore suitable for beginners.

#3 - The clearomizer

The clearomizer contains a tank to keep the e-liquid of your electronic shisha. You will have a choice on its capacity, however, it is better to have a model with a large tank. This will save you from having to refill it more frequently. If you want it to be more resistant, choose those made of Pyrex. If you travel often and want to avoid buying one every time, consider plastic models.

#4 - The resistance


resistance is used to heat the e-liquid. It must be chosen sparingly. Remember to change it regularly according to your use. To lessen the risk of burning, its power must be stronger. However, with a low resistance, your e-chicha will not work as desired in terms of steam, but you will save a little e-liquid. In short, balance your choice according to the use and frequency of your consumption.

How does an electronic chicha work?

It is not uncommon to see vapers smoking e-cigarettes, a conventional cigarette or a shisha. But today, we present another type of hookah: "e-chicha". Have you ever seen or tested? Let's talk about it!

  • How to smoke an e-chicha?

The e-chicha is very simple to smoke. In fact, you just press the switch and start enjoying the smoke. We advise you to do it relatively long, until the smoke overflows from your mouth. But not too long either so as not to damage and overheat the resistance. After that, you just have to enjoy your vape in peace. Given that the hit is quite soft, you can even swallow it without great risk to your throat.

  • How does an e-chicha work?

First of all, you need to recharge your electronic chicha, the best is to recharge it fully. Then you must place the cartridge containing the e-liquid in the e-chicha. Then you just have to press the switch to light your electronic hookah. This will allow the system to start working. And then you will start to feel the steam in your throat.

The different types of electronic chichas

The electronic chichas are differentiated by their size. A larger model will allow you to vapoter for a long time depending on its filling, but will consume more energy. Just as a small will be more functional and portable. Course on the types of electronic chichas that you can see!

The mini electronic pocket shisha

You can go up to 250 puffs using it. The mode of operation remains the same. Just suck and you get a huge steam. However, its battery is less powerful. Its weight is low, which allows you to take it everywhere. It can easily slip into the pocket of a jacket, hence its name "mini pocket e-chicha".

The mini e-chicha is of incredible quality. Some of them are very well equipped and have, for example, an anti-leakage system. It is both trendy as an accessory and obviously stylish. This e-chicha has everything to make you enjoy a good vape.

The standard electronic shisha

This model stands out with its standard dimensions, larger capacity and power. To find pleasure, bet on a powerful e-chicha! The performance of the standard e-chicha will show you that.

For an easy grip, the standard e-chicha is your ally. That's right... you'll be able to enjoy a delicious flavor too. Besides, you can vape as much as you want with this type of e-chicha. Its battery guarantees you a strong autonomy, allowing up to 1000 puffs.

Electronic chicha or electronic cigarette?

To vaper, you have the choice between e-cigarette and e-chicha. Which one is better?

Electronic shisha

The e-chicha is a revolution compared to the traditional shisha. With a denser smoke, hookah enthusiasts can easily submit to it. With more flavor, comfort, and hit, you'll find everything you need. If you are a fan of authentic and delicious flavors, test the e-chicha! You are free in the choice of its e-liquid. This makes it a unique accessory and perfect for daily use than occasional.

Electronic Cigarette

The e-cigarette is now in vogue among vapers. With its multiple formats and features, you will have control over your sensation. To vaper stronger, equip yourself with a powerful vapoteur! Adjust your choice according to your need to fully enjoy your e-cigarette. Moreover, these e-cigarettes serve to emphasize your classy and noble side. It goes hand in hand with the look you want to display.


E-cig or e-chicha, what better than to choose the one that gives you the maximum pleasure? The e-cigarette for more choice and e-chicha for more vape. Think of your well-being above all and bet on your need of the moment!

Why buy an electronic chicha?

Electronic version of the traditional hookah, the e-chicha offers many advantages. All this so that you benefit from its less harmful, ergonomic, and easy to use.

The electronic shisha is suitable for all profiles of vapoteurs!

If you are looking for a good vape experience, turn to the e-chicha! The e-chicha is for any vape enthusiast whether they are a beginner vaper, experienced vaper or a traditional chicha enthusiast.

The e-chicha has a more pronounced taste!

Not being very far from the e-cigarette or shisha, it is a sophisticated hookah with a unique taste and smell. This is because it lets you choose the e-liquid that will fulfill your desire.

The electronic shisha is made for nomads

The e-chicha is also portable. It is light and can therefore be taken anywhere. If you travel a lot or want to enjoy the vape experience it brings wherever you go, go for the electronic chicha!

The electronic chicha is very practical

Electronic chicha is also simple to use. It doesn't require much in the way of maintenance. And given the growing popularity of e-chicha, you will easily find its accessories on the Internet or specialized sites.

E-chicha is not harmful to your body

Since it does not contain nicotine, the electronic shisha is less dangerous than for your health. What's more, it is not addictive. It is even an excellent alternative to electronic cigarettes or tobacco if you want to wean yourself off.

The e-chicha offers a better vape experience!

E-chicha is mostly for those who like dense, flavorful smoke. If you like to vapourize and play with clouds of smoke, you should know that the e-chicha has one of the highest vapour rates for your viewing and vaping pleasure.

The best brands of electronic chichas

In our opinion, the best brands of electronic chichas in 2022 are :

Square Smoke
El Badia

Since 2013, Hooky has become a reference in the electronic chicha market. It offers different models, both portable and standard e-chichas or heads to put on your hookah. You will also appreciate its nicotine-free e-liquids with flavors similar to those of traditional chicha.

The brand has won over followers with its electronic chicha e-hose, a model that is both nomadic and simple to use. Starbuzz has also released the mini e-hose using a single disposable cartridge. It is the ideal brand if you want a quality portable e-chicha.

The American firm has made a name for itself thanks to its quality electronic chichas like the e-hose and its mini version or the e-head. It also works with Starbuzz by manufacturing cartridges and e-liquids for the brand's e-chichas. Its reputation is on an international scale.

The Turkish brand differs from its counterparts by the wind of modernity that it has managed to infuse its products. Indeed, its chichas have this particularity to be made of glass. This gives them an unparalleled elegance. If you are a fan of refinement and finesse, this is the brand you need to know.

In addition to being a store selling chichas and accessories for hookahs in the UK, this brand also offers its own electronic chichas. It stands out for its quality products and carefully selected for the happiness of its customers.

What is the price for an electronic shisha

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Vary the pleasures by mixing flavours

To get an exotic taste, consider mixing several flavors. E-chicha is mostly consumed for the flavor. However, don't overdo it when experimenting; some flavor pairings may disgust you.

Test the e-liquid for e-cigarette on your electronic shisha

If you already have a favorite e-liquid when vaping with the e-cigarette, e-chicha allows you to consume it as well. Pour a little into the vase of your chicha and enjoy as you please.

Make the right choice between disposable or refillable electronic shisha

When making your first purchase, take into account whether your electronic chicha is disposable or refillable. This way, you will be able to bet on its durability and ergonomics. Generally, those that are refillable represent a good investment, as they will be more economical in the long run.

Beware of counterfeits


you want to enjoy the performance of your e-chicha, consider buying from authorized or insured outlets. Don't take counterfeits lightly, as your health is also at stake!

Take care of your electronic shisha


maintenance of your e-chicha will allow it to last over time. Thus, you do not risk to buy it every time.


Which drink for his chicha?

When you vapote with your electronic shisha, bet on natural drinks, or oriental. Preferably, mint tea, coffee or cocktails are drinks to be preferred. However, you can associate it with sweet drinks of your choice to discover more flavors during the vaping.

Is the use of electronic shisha legal?

Indeed, the electronic chicha is legal if you are over 18 years. However, you can not vapoter in public places, in schools for example. Vapote quietly at home or in dedicated smoking areas to smoke your hookah legally and without fear of being prosecuted.

What are the disadvantages of electronic shisha?

E-chicha gives off a higher amount of smoke that can cause discomfort in the lungs. Given the absence of nicotine, it can also cause discomfort or withdrawal if you wean yourself off directly by smoking e-chicha. Beware of its fragility also because of the very thin tube. Handle your electronic chicha with great care not to accidentally damage it.

What are its health effects?

Electronic shisha has less harmful effects on your health, unlike cigarettes or even e-cigarettes. However, it can cause coughing, asthma and dysfunction of your respiratory system if you abuse it. If you are a beginner, try to gauge the amount you consume to avoid such health problems.


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Chicha Starbuzz E-hoze
E-chicha and accessories Cesfonjer 10
E-chicha and accessories Cesfonjer
Elnarguile electronic shisha 11
Elnarguile electronic shisha
Chicha N5 Travel Junior Oduman 12
Chicha N5 Travel Junior Oduman


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