The best electronic cigarettes in the UK 2023

Since the appearance of the first electronic cigarette in the UK in 2010, some 700,000 smokers have been able to give up smoking by adopting this cessation tool. This nicotine substitute is offered today in hundreds of versions. From the basic model to the most sophisticated versions on the market, how to choose the right vape equipment for your needs? See our section, to learn more.

Kit de cigarette électronique BLU Notte 2018 Iqos 2.4 1

Editor's Choice

Kit de cigarette électronique BLU Notte 2018 Iqos 2.4

The best electronic cigarette in 2021

Looking for a new vaper? For a better throat hit, opt for this hybrid e-cigarette. This way, you get the sophisticated design and a good vaping experience.

50,40 £ on Amazon
Justfog Q16 2

Best Cheap

Justfog Q16

The best entry-level electronic cigarette

The Justfog Q16 Pro Kit is a very light and ultra-portable starter kit electronic cigarette, ideal for a new vaper. It improves on the traditional vape pen by offering a range of power settings.

15,60 £ on Amazon

The Justfog Q16 Pro kit is an extremely user-friendly vape device, offering several enhanced features while maintaining its compact design and original aesthetic. The Q16 Pro AIO weighs only 60 grams and fits comfortably in your hands. It measures only 130.4 mm long, which is similar to a vape pen, easy to slip into a pocket.

Powered by a 900 mAh internal battery with the included 1.6 ohm coil, the Justfog Q16 allows for a full day of vaping with moderate use. The battery also features 4 adjustable voltage levels of 3.5V, 3.8V, 4.1V and 4.4V with a constant voltage output. The 1.9ml top-fill clearomizer with airflow control gives you a tasty vape experience.

Smok X-priv 225W 3

Best High End

Smok X-priv 225W

The best high-end electronic cigarette

X-Priv is the perfect combination of power and beauty. Smok X-priv 225W is one of the best electronic cigarettes in its class with many amazing features.

55,75 £ on Amazon

This electronic cigarette has a power output of 225W, which means that there will be a strong and smooth hit with every use. In addition, it can display a variety of different colors through its control screen to suit any style. It works with two powerful batteries of 3000 mAh each. This Smok X-priv 225W electronic cigarette benefits from an excellent quality of construction that makes it strong and durable.

The Smok X-priv has many features that will suit both a beginner and an experienced vaper. In fact, the Smok X-priv 225W has an incredible 2-inch high definition display. The newly designed user interface is simpler and more intuitive than other products.

Electronic cigarette Kupbox 4

Excellent Choice

Electronic cigarette Kupbox

Exceptional power

This excellent Kupbox electronic cigarette is perfect for beginning vapers. It offers adjustable power, ergonomic design and good battery capacity.

34,39 £ on Amazon

The electronic cigarette Kupbox offers three levels of power control (30 W, 60 W, 80 W). You can therefore adapt the power for optimal vaping. It benefits from an ergonomic design and an impeccable finish. It is powered by a built-in 2200 mAh battery that can be recharged via a micro USB cable not supplied with the device. For optimal recharging, use only a 5V box.

It should be noted that this electronic cigarette has half a dozen levels of protection, including protection against short circuits, low voltage and overloads. Finally, it should be noted that this model comes with a set of 5 bottles of e-liquid of different flavors.

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Best electronic cigarette

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The best electronic cigarette in 2021

The best entry-level electronic cigarette

The best high-end electronic cigarette

Exceptional power

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Comparison table of the best electronic cigarettes

Kit de cigarette électronique BLU Notte 2018 Iqos 2.4 5
Justfog Q16 6
Smok X-priv 225W 7
Electronic cigarette Kupbox 8
Kit de cigarette électronique BLU Notte 2018 Iqos 2.4
Justfog Q16
Smok X-priv 225W
Electronic cigarette Kupbox
Looking for a new vaper? For a better throat hit, opt for this hybrid e-cigarette. This way, you get the sophisticated design and a good vaping experience.
The Justfog Q16 Pro Kit is a very light and ultra-portable starter kit electronic cigarette, ideal for a new vaper. It improves on the traditional vape pen by offering a range of power settings.
X-Priv is the perfect combination of power and beauty. Smok X-priv 225W is one of the best electronic cigarettes in its class with many amazing features.
This excellent Kupbox electronic cigarette is perfect for beginning vapers. It offers adjustable power, ergonomic design and good battery capacity.
Clearomizer capacity
2.4 ml
1.9 ml
8 ml
2 ml
Battery design
1050 mAh
900 mAh
3000 mAh x 2
2200 mAh

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How to choose your electronic cigarette

#1 - Types of models

There are different types of models:

  • The All In One (AIO) kits: they solve the problem of compatibility between the different parts of the e-cigarette. They are not very powerful, simple to use but effective.
  • Pods kits: compact, they are even more discreet. Their ability to burn nicotine salts makes them more interesting side sensations.
  • Modifiable kits: they are equipped with a tubular battery or box. The box batteries square or rectangular are equipped with an LCD or OLED screen, and include menu and various settings.

#2 - Battery type

Thee-cigarettes with integrated battery can be recharged during the vape. By choosing a model with long autonomy, you will fully enjoy your vape experience. Rechargeable battery models can be recharged using a cable connected to a specific charger.

#3 - Wattage

The power of the cigarette determines the amount of vapor released. A model with a power of at least 40W is perfect for producing large puffs of vapor. To start, choose a model with adjustable power. You will be able to find the right power of vape, and adapt it according to your feelings. A moderate power is ideal to bring out the flavor of fruity or mentholated mixtures. Conversely, tobacco flavored e-liquids are much better when used with more power.

#4 - Tube or box?


tube formats are aimed at both beginners and advanced vapers. Powerful, they are also compact and have a good autonomy. The boxes

have a screen, which allows you to make different settings depending on the type of vape desired. They are significantly larger than the tube formats.

#5 - Tank capacity

It will be chosen according to your habits of vape. A small tank needs to be filled frequently. By opting for a large tank, you will be able to enjoy a vape experience over a longer period.

Choose a vaping kit adapted to your needs

Depending on your experience in vaping, you can choose a model more or less powerful, for a maximum of sensations.

Low power kits for beginners

AIO kits are reserved for beginners, because of their simplicity of use. However, it is important to consider the range offered by the model you wish to purchase. To know how much power you will need, remember that several elements come into play. Your vaping frequency, long or short inhalations that affect the voltage, will decide the autonomy needed for vaping.

Advanced kits with moderate power

This type of e-cigarette can be used by beginners. This class of vapoteuses offers a wide range of models. The heating system of the e-liquid consists of built-in batteries or batteries. Rechargeable batteries require the use of special chargers. The atomizer can be adjusted, to get more or less power.

Advanced kits with high power

These kits are dedicated to smokers already experienced in the use of e-cigarettes. The devices operate on fairly high power. They are usually equipped with box batteries powered by 2 rechargeable batteries, which are not provided at the time of purchase. It is recommended to plan the acquisition of battery chargers for vapoteuses.

The different types of electronic cigarettes

There are different kinds of e-cigarettes: tubular, pod type or compact form, they meet each of your desires.

The electronic cigarette tube type

The tubular format is usually offered to beginners. Easy to use, it is a perfect choice for beginners to vapotage. The e-cigarette tube contains resistances, a battery and a clearomizer. The more advanced versions offer features that meet a fairly high level of vape.

The electronic cigarette box type


box type electronic cigarette is mainly for expert vapers. It comes in the form of a complete kit, and can also be purchased separately. It is equipped with high power batteries or integrated battery. Compatible with e-liquid High VG, the cigarette box remains the favorite of vapers looking for new sensations. On some ranges of models it is possible to control the temperature and change the power.

The electronic cigarette Pod type


, the electronic cigarette Pod is an interesting alternative to the classic cigarette. It is aimed at smokers who want to stop smoking with an easy to use solution. It consists of a Pod cartridge accompanied by a battery. Offered at an affordable price, it is compatible with e-liquids with nicotine salts. So many reasons to appreciate this solution of economic vape.

Mechanical MOD or electronic MOD ?

Mechanical MOD

Mechanical mods do not contain any electronic components. Purely mechanical, they are made by craftsmen. Their power depends mainly on the battery inserted inside.

Advantages :

  • Often guaranteed for life, some of these models are real collector's items.
  • Mechanical mods offer a raw and direct vape experience.
  • They do not present a risk of failure.

The disadvantages:

  • They do not have a safety system.
  • No adjustment is possible.
  • The intensity of the vape is at its maximum when the battery is charged, and it decreases as the battery is discharged.

Electronic MOD

The electronic mods contain a chip that brings many advantages in terms of security and operation of the device.


  • The battery management is uniform.
  • The quality of vape is stable.
  • The device benefits from a protection against the risks of a too high temperature.
  • The risk of short circuit is less compared to mechanical mods.

Disadvantages :

  • Risk of failure in case of malfunction of the electronic system.


The mechanical MOD requires a very good experience of vape techniques. That's why it is rather addressed to expert vapers. The electronic MOD can be used by beginners as well as intermediate or expert vapers.


Choose a tank capacity adapted to your needs

For heavy smokers, the tank capacity is a parameter not to be neglected. The choice of a tank of at least 4 ml is wise, so as not to run out of e-liquid.

The battery life


you are a heavy smoker, choose a model with a long battery life. You must at all costs avoid returning to cigarettes when the battery of the e-cigarette is flat.

Clean the mouthpiece well


cleaning of the inside of the mouthpiece is essential, for good hygiene. Use a cotton swab to remove the micro-droplets created by the condensation phenomenon.

Clean the clearomizer


you change flavor, do not forget to clean the inside of the clearomizer. Remove the resistor and rinse the tank with clean water. Wipe down the parts and let them air dry to remove any moisture.

When to change the resistance?


you notice a change in the taste of the e-liquid, this may indicate wear and tear on the resistor, which will need to be changed



How to take care of an electronic cigarette?

Vape equipment should be thoroughly cleaned to eliminate any risk of contamination. Clean the mouthpiece with 70 or 90° alcohol. The atomizer, tank and coil can be disinfected with white vinegar and a tablespoon of baking soda.

How to store the batteries?

Use plastic or silicone storage boxes to store your batteries. This precaution applies particularly when you travel with your vape equipment.

Is it possible to travel with an electronic cigarette?

It is recommended to be well informed about the restrictions related to the use and transport of E-cigarettes, whether on a plane or train. In all cases, the cigarette must be stored in a dedicated carrying pouch. The tank of the atomizer must be emptied before boarding a plane.

Being able to enjoy its electronic cigarette during travel

According to the duration of your trip, take with you a sufficient amount of e-liquid. Take spare batteries with you. Some destinations prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes. Find out about the legislation in force before taking your vape equipment.


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Kit de cigarette électronique BLU Notte 2018 Iqos 2.4
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Justfog Q16
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Smok X-priv 225W
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