The best electric beaters in the UK 2023

The electric mixer is a must for preparing whipped creams, pancakes and cakes of all kinds. Super practical and fast for beating egg whites, it allows you to obtain preparations with a homogeneous texture for tasty and easy recipes. Which model to choose? Follow this guide.
Moulinex Prep'Mix electric mixer 1

Editor's Choice

Moulinex Prep'Mix electric mixer

The best electric mixer in 2021

Whether you want to make cream, mix egg whites or blend thick dough, the Moulinex HM450 Prep Mix is your best ally in all your demanding preparations.

31,65 £ on Amazon

The Moulinex HM450 Prep Mix features an ergonomic design, non-slip handle and easy-to-reach, easy-to-operate controls. Despite its compact size, this device is a great help in many recipes. Moulinex has a good 450 W motor, and 5 speeds that are managed by a lever comfortably positioned on the handle of the device.

The Turbo button is also easy to reach in the same position as the lever. The Moulinex HM450 Prep Mix electric mixer is easy to use and also easy to clean: the two beaters and the two hooks can be washed under the tap with a sponge and detergent or put in the dishwasher; for the main body, on the other hand, it is best to use a dry cloth.

Tristar MX-4151 electric mixer 2


Tristar MX-4151 electric mixer

The best entry-level electric mixer in 2021

With the MX-4151, whip egg whites until stiff or creamy and prepare a recipe for delicious homemade cakes. The mixer is equipped with two beaters and two dough hooks to handle all your needs.

17,46 £ on Amazon

For a very affordable price, making cream or cake batter has never been easier with the Tristar MX-4151 electric mixer. With five speed settings, you can vary the power of the mixer even when the motor is running.

Plus, the turbo function offers more power for ultra-foamy results. The MX-4151's eject button makes it easy to remove or change attachments, and the unit is easy to clean with its dishwasher-safe attachments. Aside from all that, you can rest assured that your investment will be safe as Tristar offers a 24-month warranty on its products.

Bosch MFQ36460 Electric stand mixer 3

Top of the line

Bosch MFQ36460 Electric stand mixer

The best high-end electric mixer in 2021

Save yourself some arm pain with this hand mixer on stand. With this Bosch MFQ36460, you'll have five speed settings and a turbo function to accomplish all your gourmet preparations.

45,60 £ on Amazon

This electric mixer from Bosch MFQ36460 is distinguished by its particularly compact size and its practicality. This is thanks to its rotating bowl above which you can put the mixer to free your hands. Thanks to its well calculated ergonomics, you can hold the appliance very comfortably in your hand for an easy and pleasant handling.

With its 450 W of power, the appliance is powerful enough to whip any preparation, quickly knead dough or chop ingredients. Its functionality is much broader than most hand mixers due to the additional accessories included in the kit. The use of the latest technology has allowed the Bosch brand to produce one of the best mixers in terms of reliability. In short, this mixer is well worth the price!

Philips Viva Collection HR3741/00 electric mixer 4

A great choice

Philips Viva Collection HR3741/00 electric mixer

The best ally for cooks

Use the Philips Viva Collection HR3745/00 mixer to make homemade cake or puffed bread. Its cone-shaped head means you'll get smoother dough without a lot of effort.

34,49 £ on Amazon

With the Philips Viva Collection HR3741/00 mixer, you can easily mix all kinds of ingredients. Use the included beaters to make cake batter or pancake mix, and the dough hooks for slightly denser ingredients like cookie dough. The machine uses a technology called air cone mixing to reduce and optimize whipping time. A technology that results in a smoother cake batter.

You can also put this machine on an optional stand to free your hands to do other tasks simultaneously. With 5 different settings and a turbo function, the HR3741/00 gives you the ability to customize the speed at which you want to beat your batter. After each use, simply place the mixer attachments separately in the dishwasher.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best electric mixer

Any specific needs?

The best electric mixer in 2021

The best entry-level electric mixer in 2021

The best high-end electric mixer in 2021

The best ally for cooks

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Comparison table of the best electric beaters

The best Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent
Moulinex Prep'Mix electric mixer 5
Tristar MX-4151 electric mixer 6
Bosch MFQ36460 Electric stand mixer 7
Philips Viva Collection HR3741/00 electric mixer 8
Moulinex Prep'Mix electric mixer
Tristar MX-4151 electric mixer
Bosch MFQ36460 Electric stand mixer
Philips Viva Collection HR3741/00 electric mixer
Whether you want to make cream, mix egg whites or blend thick dough, the Moulinex HM450 Prep Mix is your best ally in all your demanding preparations.
With the MX-4151, whip egg whites until stiff or creamy and prepare a recipe for delicious homemade cakes. The mixer is equipped with two beaters and two dough hooks to handle all your needs.
Save yourself some arm pain with this hand mixer on stand. With this Bosch MFQ36460, you'll have five speed settings and a turbo function to accomplish all your gourmet preparations.
Use the Philips Viva Collection HR3745/00 mixer to make homemade cake or puffed bread. Its cone-shaped head means you'll get smoother dough without a lot of effort.
1 kg
1.1 kg
1.86 kg
1.27 kg
450 W
200 W
450 W
450 W
Number of speeds
Stainless steel
Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
Accessories included
2 whisk and 2 dough hooks
2 whisks, 2 hooks
2 whisks, 2 dough hooks, rotating bowl and stand
2 whisks + 2 hooks and stand + bowl (depending on dealer)

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Buying guide - electric mixer

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How to choose your electric mixer

For a successful investment, consider the following parameters to better guide your choice of electric mixer.

#1 - The power

The wattage of your mixer refers to the amount of electricity your mixer motor consumes. A lower wattage mixer often means that the gears inside the appliance are of higher quality, so they need "fewer watts" to operate. This means that higher watts do not mean higher quality!

In general, the power of an electric mixer ranges from 80 to 600 watts. For satisfactory performance, make sure your appliance has at least 175 watts.

For a hand mixer, for example, 350 watts is ideal.

#2 - The weight

Nothing beats an electric mixer that is lightweight and easy to hold while you mix. For an electric mixer that can be mounted on a stand or stand, you need to think outside the box. The heavier a stand mixer is, the sturdier and more stable it will be during operation.

As a general rule, stand mixers that weigh at least 3 pounds will do a better job while remaining stable for mixing thick dough.

#3 - The number of speeds

Different types of recipes will require different speeds. Most hand and stand mixers typically offer three to 12 speeds. In any case, make sure your mixer has a "slow start" setting, making it easier to add ingredients like flour or sugar without making splashes.

Most electric mixers should also include a setting that is fast enough to make a meringue. It's essential that your mixer have at least three speed options.

But if you're particularly ambitious and want to cook with high precision, opting for a model with more speed settings will do the trick.

#4 - The size

This criterion takes into account the space available on your kitchen counter and the amount of food you plan to prepare with your mixer. You can find a wide range of sizes on the market. The larger the size of your electric mixer, the higher the price.

So if you often cook for several groups of people and have space, it's best to invest in a larger kitchen mixer. If you cook primarily for your own small family, settle for a smaller model.

#5 - The accessories

Do you plan to use your electric mixer for purposes other than mixing ingredients? Buy one that comes with a variety of attachments such as a dough hook for kneading heavy doughs, a chopper for mincing meats on a stand mixer, a measuring cup for quantifying your ingredients, a blender foot for your velvets and soups, a flat beater for thick preparations, or a pastry knife that is used to mix and cut pizza or pie dough.

Stainless steel beaters are sturdier, but if you're worried about your beaters scratching your pretty mixing bowls, opt for accessories coated with silicone protection.

A few safety rules

Before you begin preparing your delicious meals, however, there are a few safety rules to follow.

  • When purchasing a new electric mixer, buy it from an authorized dealer and follow the manufacturer's instructions exactly.
  • Always register your new appliance with the manufacturer. That way you can be contacted easily if a safety notice or recall is required.
  • Make sure your device has a plug that fits into your wall socket. If it does not, do not use an adapter; instead, contact the dealer and ask for advice.
  • Check the plug and socket regularly for burn marks. If they buzz or crackle or are unusually hot to the touch, have a professional inspect your unit. Likewise, if you have blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers, contact a licensed electrician for a quick diagnosis.
  • If you notice a burning smell or unusual noises coming from your electric mixer, turn it off immediately and contact the dealer and/or manufacturer.
  • Place the mixer away from the edge of your work surface and make sure the cord does not hang over the side.
  • Always check which parts are dishwasher safe and which need to be cleaned by hand.
  • Always unplug when the mixer is not in use.

The different types of electric beaters

Let's review the types of electric mixers available on the market in order to know their usefulness, advantages and disadvantages.

Electric hand mixer

An electric hand mixer is a basic kitchen tool that will save you time by making better cake batter or cookie dough. It will also make good purees, whip butter and beat eggs very efficiently. However, since you still have to hold it by hand, it may tire you out for your large batch preparations.

Electric stand mixer

It is an improved version of the hand mixer. Sometimes used manually, sometimes attached to a stand, it allows you to mix continuously for a long time while having both hands free. However, this model of mixer can be quite heavy compared to the purely handheld version since its heavy weight ensures that it is more stable when operating.

Electric mixer or food processor?

Electric mixer

An electric mixer is basically a hand-held mixer that is used to beat eggs or make small preparations. If your main priority is to find a device that is both affordable and space-saving, the electric mixer is the device for you.

It has a simpler design than food processors and can easily fit into one of your kitchen drawers.

For less than 20 euros, you can get an entry-level model with satisfactory performance. However, this type of mixer offers less rotating power than a food processor.

Food processor

Food processors are particularly good at making large batches, and handling thick mixes (like bread or pizza dough, for example), or recipes that require more delicate tasks like making meatballs.

Food processors usually come with a large bowl and several different attachments designed to make specific types of mixes. Because it is stationary, the food processor does not require your intervention while it is running. This leaves your hands free and allows you to work on other ingredients.

One of the main disadvantages of a food processor is that it is stationary and large. This is not very practical if you don't have enough space in your kitchen. Its weight can also be a drawback if you have to move your machine after each use.


The choice between an electric mixer and a food processor is up to you. Many pastry chefs and bakers use both devices at the same time.

However, people who want to experiment with all kinds of sweet preparations should consider investing in a food processor because the specific attachments that come with the appliance will turn it into a dough machine or an ice cream maker.

If you are interested in a food processor but can't afford one right now, invest in an electric stand mixer which is a great compromise between the two models.

Why buy an electric mixer?

For its versatility

Electric beaters are not limited to cakes, pasta and meringues. There are so many things this kitchen tool is capable of doing. Pizza dough, beaten egg cupcake dough, all kinds of purees. this appliance will work wonders in your kitchen.

For foolproof recipes
With an electric mixer, you can imitate the greatest star chefs of the culinary world by following their recipes online or via your recipe book. You will have very well worked ingredients (homogeneous and without lumps) which will allow you to reproduce perfectly the dishes or preparations of your recipe books.

For its ease of cleaning
For a cook, there is nothing worse than having to clean a whole array of accessories and utensils after having spent energy preparing a large quantity of dishes. This is not a problem with an electric mixer, as the parts are dishwasher safe. And to clean the outside of the appliance, all you have to do is wipe it down with a sponge slightly soaked in soapy water, followed by a quick wipe with a cloth and you're done!

For its ease of use

Some mixers have a complicated design that you might not appreciate. The manufacturers of the best mixers have made a great effort to make their devices as convenient as possible. This includes intuitive operation with the touch of a button and well thought out features to guide the user.

For its varied speeds

Some preparations require finesse while others need an energetic whisk. So an electric mixer can adjust its speed to suit the requirements of each preparation.

To enhance your kitchen

Available in a variety of colors and designs, electric mixers will satisfy all tastes. You can easily choose a color that will match or complement your other appliances and kitchen utensils.

The best brands of electric beaters

In our opinion, the best brands of electric beaters in 2022 are :


MOULINEX is a world famous French brand specialized in kitchen appliances which belongs to the SEB group. Founded in 1937, it never stops progressing and innovating its range. MOULINEX will surprise the whole family with its range of electric mixers.

The TRISTAR brand of household appliances offers design, functional and low cost products. If you need to get a small appliance at an affordable price for example, TRISTAR is the perfect brand.

Founded by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart in 1886 in Gerlingen , the brand BOSCH produces various household appliances, including electric mixers, food processors, etc. It can be said that this brand, especially known in the automotive and power tools sector, is very reliable.

The PHILIPS company was founded in 1891 by the brothers Gerard (1858-1942) and Anton Philips (1874-1951) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Being a go-to brand in the home appliance industry, PHILIPS offers various models of best quality electric mixers.

Still an icon in the home appliance and kitchen market, Kitchenaid has a wide range of appliances and food processors. Between blenders, kettles and cooking appliances, everyone can find what they want and expect for fast, convenient and versatile cooking.

What is the price for an electric mixer

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

18 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


Follow manufacturer's instructions carefully

As a precautionary measure and to protect your appliance, always follow the instructions in the user's manual carefully before you start using your electric mixer. This is true for its maintenance, storage, etc.

Keep appliance away from water

Of course, you should always use water to clean your electric mixer. However, some parts of your mixer such as the body and the power cord, should never come into contact with water.

If this happens, your appliance may become unusable. In addition, it could result in a fire due to a short circuit from a wet plug or cord. Likewise, accidental contact of the electric mixer with water exposes you to the risk of extremely dangerous electrical shock.

Store appliance carefully

Most electric mixers come with a built-in storage case to ensure that all accessories that go with it are well protected. However, if your appliance doesn't have one, find a box in which to store your appliance and its accessories. Place it in a nice dry place away from moisture to protect it from rust.

Unplug your mixer when not in use

For the safety of your little ones if you have small children and your pets, never forget to unplug your electric mixer when you are done using it.

If the machine were to fall to the ground and your child pushes a button, the blade of the machine could seriously injure the child. Therefore, to avoid an unexpected accident, you should keep your mixer unplugged when not in use. This is also part of the eco-friendly gestures that you should adopt in order not to waste electricity.

Do not add ingredients all at once

Maintain your electric mixer to add years of life to it. When adding ingredients, do so gradually. Don't add everything at once. Give your mixer time to work the mixture well. So, just add one ingredient at a time to get a better consistency and texture.


How to use an electric mixer ?

Make sure the bowl is deep and narrow enough to get a smooth mix. Then place your bowl on a soft surface before mixing everything. Work the mixture from the lowest speed. Then, when you reach the optimal speed, make a constant circular motion as you blend. Finally, once you're done mixing your mixture, carefully remove the dough that stuck to the beaters of your electric mixerand put it into the rest of the mixture in the bowl.

What to replace an electric mixer with ?

If you don't have an electric mixer, a hand mixer that you spin with a small hand crank does a great job of giving your creamy or other preparations consistency. A small whisk works well for small preparations, such as mixing ground spices with dry meat for example, while larger whiskers can handle thicker doughs. You can also turn to a food processor that has been specifically designed for sweet preparations, bread dough, and other pastries.

What to do with an electric mixer ?

With an electric mixer, you can make a multitude of preparations such as shredding chicken breasts, making bread dough, whipping your mashed potatoes, whipping cream, making your own ground beef, making your own fresh pasta, beating your own egg whites, and so on.

How much power for an electric mixer?

Electric beaters typically range in power from 200 to 450 watts. For finer mixing, a 200 to 225 watt motor should do just fine. On the other hand, if you often use your appliance at full power with the turbo function for your preparations, a power higher than 350 W would be ideal so that the motor does not undergo too much stress.


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Moulinex Prep'Mix electric mixer 9
Moulinex Prep'Mix electric mixer
Tristar MX-4151 electric mixer 10
Tristar MX-4151 electric mixer
Bosch MFQ36460 Electric stand mixer 11
Bosch MFQ36460 Electric stand mixer
Philips Viva Collection HR3741/00 electric mixer 12
Philips Viva Collection HR3741/00 electric mixer


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