The best electric jar sterilizers in the UK 2023

It is becoming more and more fashionable to eat homemade food. Used in the kitchen, the jar sterilizer allows to preserve food without altering its taste. Electric or gas model, choosing the right one is not easy. Save time by reading this guide to the best jar sterilizers in 2020.

Kochstar K99102035 1

Best value for money

Kochstar K99102035

The best electric jar sterilizer in 2021

The Kochstar K99102035 Electric Jar Sterilizer offers sophisticated settings for many options. It can hold 14 x 750ml jars, making it even more convenient and easy to use.

96,80 £ on Amazon

The Kochstar K99102035 is popular due to its 27-liter capacity and ease of use. Therefore, the tank of this electric jar sterilizer can accommodate 14 jars of 750 mL each. The device has a grid to arrange these jars and can both sterilize jars and cook preserves. You can set the temperature between 30 and 90°C.

The Kochstar K99102035's timer gives it great flexibility of use, with cooking times ranging from 10 min to 2 h. These parameters offer the possibility of making hot drinks, a water bath, canning and of course sterilization. However, we regret the absence of a tap to extract the prepared drink or to drain the tank.

Monzana 07670 2

Best value for money

Monzana 07670

The best entry-level electric jar sterilizer

This 28 L 1800 W electric jar sterilizer can also be used as a beverage dispenser. Its capacity allows it to contain 14 jars of 1 L each. Note its stainless steel body and its integrated percolator.

79,99 £ on Amazon
Klarstein KonfiStar 60 Digital 3

Best value for money

Klarstein KonfiStar 60 Digital

The best high-end electric jar sterilizer

The Klarstein KonfiStar 60 Digital is a must if you are looking for a professional electric jar sterilizer. Its 2500 W power, 60 L capacity, and sterilization time of up to 3 hours make it unbeatable.

144 £ on Amazon
Robby Steri Pro LCD 4


Robby Steri Pro LCD

The most convenient electric jar sterilizer

The Robby Steri Pro LCD's faucet location is immediately noticeable. Unlike other electric jar sterilizers, the Robby Steri Pro LCD does not interfere with the operation of the control buttons or access to the LCD screen.

82,40 £ on Amazon

The Robby Steri Pro LCD will blend in with any style of kitchen thanks to its well-chosen color and noble materials. All the elements of this device are in the right place and give it a top design. As for its functions, they allow the sterilization of your jars, your preserves, the pasteurization, the cooking of your soups and the preparation of drinks.

The tap of this electric jar sterilizer is precisely used to facilitate the distribution of the latter during the holidays. It is a powerful all-in-one tool with its 1800 W and a temperature that easily reaches 100 °C. Moreover, it is very easy to use. Its 27 L tank can hold 14 x 750 mL jars.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best electric jar sterilizer

Any specific needs?

The best electric jar sterilizer in 2021

The best entry-level electric jar sterilizer

The best high-end electric jar sterilizer

The most convenient electric jar sterilizer

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Comparison table of the best electric jar sterilizers

Kochstar K99102035 5
Monzana 07670 6
Klarstein KonfiStar 60 Digital 7
Robby Steri Pro LCD 8
Kochstar K99102035
Monzana 07670
Klarstein KonfiStar 60 Digital
Robby Steri Pro LCD
The Kochstar K99102035 Electric Jar Sterilizer offers sophisticated settings for many options. It can hold 14 x 750ml jars, making it even more convenient and easy to use.
This 28 L 1800 W electric jar sterilizer can also be used as a beverage dispenser. Its capacity allows it to contain 14 jars of 1 L each. Note its stainless steel body and its integrated percolator.
The Klarstein KonfiStar 60 Digital is a must if you are looking for a professional electric jar sterilizer. Its 2500 W power, 60 L capacity, and sterilization time of up to 3 hours make it unbeatable.
The Robby Steri Pro LCD's faucet location is immediately noticeable. Unlike other electric jar sterilizers, the Robby Steri Pro LCD does not interfere with the operation of the control buttons or access to the LCD screen.
Thermostat adjustable up to 90 °C
Holds 14 jars of 1 L each
60 L capacity, the equivalent of 30 x 500 mL jars
Well thought-out, easy-to-use appliance
Multifunctional and compact unit
Both jar sterilizer and beverage dispenser
Very powerful machine
Capacity of 27 L
Can hold 14 jars of 750 mL each
Operating temperature range of 30 to 100 °C
Capable of professional use
Modern style and noble materials

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Buying guide - electric jar sterilizer

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How to choose your electric jar sterilizer

It is important to pay attention to a few criteria to choose the right jar sterilizers. These criteria are differentiated according to the type of jar sterilizer to choose.

#1 - Tank capacity

The number of jars a sterilizer can hold will depend on the capacity of the tank. Depending on the price, you will find tanks ranging from 25 to 40 L. The larger the tank, the less you will have to stack the jars inside, i.e. on top of each other. For added safety, you can purchase an extra rack to keep the jars from smashing together.

#2 - Thermostat and timer

The thermostat offers precise temperature control, which depends on the food being stored. The versatility of the jar sterilizer depends greatly on the temperature settings. For greater versatility and efficiency, it should offer precision settings with a wide range of temperature available.

The timer is a necessary option for an electric sterilizer. It allows you to set the sterilization process during the allocated time, without having to monitor the sterilization regularly. A good jar sterilizer must have a timer to properly perform its task.

#3 - Wattage

Wattage is a physical unit expressed in Watts (W) and defines the sterilizer's ability to climb in temperature and heat the jars. The greater the power of the jar sterilizer, the better it will perform.

Things to know

Before buying, check the compatibility of the sterilizer with your oven, induction hob or fire. In general, manufacturers indicate this compatibility of fires. Among the practical accessories, the tongs are used to dislodge the jars from the tank without burning yourself. As for the thermometer, it is rarely sold with the jar sterilizer.

#4 - Faucet


tap allows you to drain the cooking water into the vessel without opening the lid, an action that will let the heat escape. For the preparation of hot drinks, it helps to serve guests more easily. It is recommended that you opt for a tap designed in metal rather than plastic for less leakage and more sturdiness.

#5 - Features

A jar sterilizer can also act as a pressure cooker or other functions. In fact, unlike gas models, electric models can be used to make hot drinks or also to keep food at a high temperature or heat dishes in a water bath.

#6 - Safety and ergonomics

A good electric jar sterilizer has a system to prevent overheating. This is reflected in the heat-insulated handles. For greater convenience, the device should also have light indicators to signal the status of its operation, an LCD screen to display essential information or a cable winder. Note that some models are easier to clean thanks to removable parts.

#7 - Materials

Be sure to check the design material of the lid and tank. Generally speaking, plastic is used for the lid. For that of the tank, stainless steel is a material usually used, but for entry-level models, manufacturers opt for enameled steel, sheet metal or galvanized steel.

What you need to know about jar sterilizers

The best electric jar sterilizers 9

In the early days, jar sterilizers did not require electricity to operate. Large aluminum or stainless steel tanks were used to heat and sterilize the jars. These tanks were placed on the fire or on gas stoves. The current electric models were introduced later.

In principle, this device is used to eliminate harmful bacteria and micro-organisms contained in the jars. This action is characterized by a sterilization and vacuum packing for a more effective preservation of food. The electric sterilizers are equipped with electric resistances, providing heat for the water used for the sterilization and vacuuming.

After the jars are sterilized with these sterilizers, the food in them can be preserved for 6 months. This is a very practical solution to preserve and consume food, regardless of the season of production.

The different types of electric jar sterilizers

Jar sterilizers are divided into 2 distinct categories: gas jar sterilizers and electric jar sterilizers.

Gas jar sterilizer

Gas jar sterilizers, also known as boilers, have been used for a long time and are the first type to appear. They do not require an electrical source to operate. Some models can hold up to 24 jars and can have a capacity ranging from 5 to 24 L.

To operate, they are placed over a gas stove in a general way. They have a system that prevents the jars from colliding with each other as the water can boil violently and cause the jars to move abruptly. Gas boilers can be made of sheet metal, galvanized steel or enamelled steel.


  • No need for electricity
  • Easy to use

Disadvantages :

  • Needs regular monitoring
  • Requires more effort

Who is it for?

Gas jar sterilizers are indicated to be used by experienced people or those who like the old, simple and effective methods.

Electric jar sterilizer

Electric jar sterilizers are suitable for home use. They have a manual or digital thermostat to set the temperature. A timer allows you to program the operation of the device. This is very convenient because the sterilization process can stop while you are away.

The electric model is also often equipped with a tap to drain the tank after sterilization, but also allows to extract hot beverages or food in liquid state from the device such as coffee, pasteurized fruit juices or also soups for example. Depending on the model, this type of sterilizer has a capacity of 16 to 27 L.


  • Multifunction
  • Presence of timer
  • Tap for draining and extraction
  • Integrated thermostat


  • Needs electricity

Who is it for?

The electric sterilizer is recommended for the general public for domestic use.

How to choose your jars?

Many people use empty jam jars from the market. But to be sure that there are no worries about sterilization, we strongly advise to use jars and jars dedicated to sterilization and/or to invest in new twist-off lids with compatible FLIP.

Gas jar sterilizer or electric jar sterilizer?

Gas jar sterilizer

Gas boilers or gas sterilizers are the first models to be used. These containers are filled with water before the jars to be sterilized are placed. This container will then be placed on a gas stove to heat the water until it boils. This state of the water is essential for sterilization.

As the boiler does not usually have a thermometer, it is necessary to constantly check the temperature with an external thermometer and adjust the power of the fire accordingly. The use of this type of sterilizer requires more energy and supervision.

Electric jar sterilizer

Electric jar sterilizers are easier to handle. Generally, the operating principle is the same, but it is more modern of course. The device already has a built-in thermometer to check the temperature of the tank and also a thermostat to set the desired temperature in advance.

For added convenience, this type of jar sterilizer has indicator lights or even a display. These devices are used to indicate the operating status of the device.


In short, the electric model is easier to use, requires less attention and effort. It is also more practical and adjustable.

Why buy a jar sterilizer?

For its ease of use

It is not difficult to use a jar sterilizer. Indeed, you just have to put the jars inside the device via a system of columns. Then you fill it with water, making sure that the jars are completely immersed. Then, all you have to do is set the temperature and the duration of the sterilization. Don't forget to close the lid!

For its easy maintenance

The maintenance of a jar sterilizer does not require any particular effort. It can be done with a simple damp cloth. First you clean the outside of the jar before you start to clean the inside. Then store your sterilizer in a cool, dry place.

For its practicality

A jar sterilizer is not limited to one function. You can use it to make hot drinks. You can also prepare soups if you feel like it. There are even models that allow you to make dairy desserts or a juicer that you can use to make delicious fruit juice.

For its many technologies

A jar sterilizer is equipped with hooks to ensure optimal holding of the jars. It also includes a thermostat as well as a timer so you can set the best settings. A small LCD screen allows you to view the settings. You can also sterilize a large quantity of jars, as some models offer up to 29 liters in terms of capacity.

To keep food fresh for a long time

As long as the sterilization process is optimal, the jar sterilizer helps you keep your food longer. Moreover, you can use it on all types of foods. If you like jams, this device will perfectly fulfill your expectations!

The best brands of electric jar sterilizers

In our opinion, the best brands of electric jar sterilizers in 2022 are :

Kitchen Chef

Kochstar is a brand created in 1904, it first became famous in the manufacture of enamelled tableware, then interested in many fields (including the manufacture of ammunition boxes), before specializing in enamel kitchen utensils with a copper bottom. Its products are renowned for their exceptional quality and durability. Their electric sterilizers are no exception.

Klarstein is a well-known German brand in the field of small and large appliances. It offers reliable and efficient products that are easy to use and have a modern and elegant design. With the electric sterilizers of this brand, you will have a good choice of color.

Monzana is a brand specialized in a wide range of products, including small appliances. It sells its products exclusively on marketplaces like Amazon, where it has an excellent reputation. Its products sell very well because of their durability and efficiency.

Domo is a brand created in 1986, it belongs to the family company Linea 2000. It is the first Belgian brand of small household appliances, appliances for cooking, cleaning, well-being, etc. It offers entry-level and mid-range products that are very efficient and rather durable.

Kitchen Chef is a French brand of household appliances. It offers professional quality products: sturdy, efficient, high performance. Its electric jar sterilizers are no exception.

What is the price for an electric jar sterilizer

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

60 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 180 £
more than 180 £
Price range diagram


Choose suitable jars.

Choose glass jars. Make sure they are free of irregularities and in normal condition. Test the jars and their lids to make sure they are airtight. If you are going to use airtight washers, it is advisable to check their compatibility with your jars.

Make regular washings!


sterilization to be effective, you must first wash the jars. Wash them with a sponge soaked in hot soapy water and rinse them thoroughly with hot water to remove soap deposits and also sometimes sponge. For the rubber washers, they are washed with boiling water and drying is done in the open air.

Put fresh produce in the jars.


optimal preservation, it is also essential that the food to be preserved is of the highest freshness and quality. Do not use defrosted food. They must be clean. Fruits, as for them, must be ripe for the realization of jams or also of jellies because the sterilization hardly influences these to ripen.

Choose foods to preserve well.


all fruits and vegetables are suitable for sterilization. Acidity has a major influence on food preservation methods. It prevents the formation of the bacterium clostridium botulinium, responsible for food poisoning. If the content has a low acidity, it is necessary to accompany it with an acidic element such as citric acid, ascorbic acid or even simple lemon juice. These low acid preparations can be cooked vegetable or meat preparations.

Cook foods to preserve well.


be able to preserve them, the foods must be cooked properly with water and salt in small amounts. Vegetables should always be blanched before sterilization. It is advisable not to linger on jarring after cooking. It is imperative that you follow the steps in your recipes to the letter.

Fill jars.


is advisable to pour a preparation at high temperature or if possible boiling in the jars. It is also very important to arrange the elements in the jar so that they occupy all the space to prevent the formation of air pockets. If this condition is met, it is time to pour the brine. The filling height is often indicated on the jars. Make a final check of the lids and rims of the jars if they are perfectly clean and then close them.


What is the best jar sterilizer?

The best jar sterilizer depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

What can you sterilize with an electric sterilizer?



of the

electric jar sterilizer is to help concoct jams or also to can vegetables and fruits. The canned vegetables will be able to be preserved over a period of 6 months, while the fruits, them are apt to be preserved for 12 months. This appliance can even be used to make recipes with meat or fish. Other models are able to keep the temperature of hot preparations such as soup for example.

Why is sterilization important?


advantage of sterilization raises different opinions on the issue. Some ideas suggest that this step is not essential. However, it can be said that sterilization acts on the cleanliness of the jars before filling and it also avoids the occurrence of thermal shock. It is highly recommended for water canning processes that require a boiling water treatment in a pot of less than 10 minutes. It is less and less necessary if this time is more than 10 min or also in the context of an autoclave because the sterilization is already done.

Can you sterilize without a sterilizer? How does the vacuum packing of jars work?


, sterilization can be done even without a sterilizer. The sterilization of jars can be done with pressurized containers like a pressure cooker or a pressure cooker. You can also use a pot with a lid. You must sterilize the empty jars, fill them and then sterilize them again. To get into the details, first immerse the empty jars in a large pot of water and bring it to a boil. Keep the jars immersed in this boiling water for 10 minutes. Then, take them out of the pot and fill them with fruits or vegetables. To do this, place the jars in the pot so that they are immersed with 4 to 5 cm more water on top of them. Close the lid of the pot and bring the entire contents of the pot to a boil for about 20 minutes. Then let them cool and wipe them dry. Leave them in the open air for 24 hours. At the end of these steps, you can store them.

Vacuum packing has the role of maintaining the freshness of dehydrated or dry foods in a long-term conservation context. Nevertheless, this process is feasible on all food products. This method improves the conservation time thanks to the elimination of oxygen which is the main factor of the decomposition of food with time. To realize it, you need a vacuum packing device and also an accessory that will put on the jars and close them under vacuum. The process is as follows: sterilization of the jars, filling the jars with the food to be preserved and then the preparation of the vacuum packing.For the realization of the vacuum packing, it is necessary to arrange the small disc of the lid on the jar. Put the jar nozzle on the jar. Activate the machine and follow the steps indicated in the manual of the machine. Remove the jar attachment from the machine. Put on the screw-on lid and close it.


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