The best electric hand dryer in the UK 2023

Unlike cloth or paper towels, electric hand dryers are cleaner and more hygienic. This device is increasingly adopted in the washrooms of companies, public places and even at home. But choosing the right model should not be done on a whim. To help you, read our guide to buying the best electric hand dryers.

Casselin CB2INOX 1

Best value for money

Casselin CB2INOX

The best electric hand dryer in 2021

The Casselin CB2INOX has a stainless steel body of 2 mm thickness, certified anti-vandalism, as well as a 360° swivel nozzle. The automatic stop comes after 15 seconds.

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The Casselin CB2INOX has a vandal-proof housing in brushed stainless steel of 2 mm thickness. Each drying cycle lasts 15 seconds, and an infrared sensor programs the automatic start or stop. The unit is also equipped with an automatic shut-off option in case of overheating or overvoltage.

This 6.25 kg electric hand dryer has a power of 2,500 W and a stainless steel nozzle that can be rotated 360° to optimize drying time. The hot air flow rate reaches 270 m3/h. The device is supplied with a complete installation kit including screw plugs for 8 mm drilling.

Anydry AD2630S 2

Best value for money

Anydry AD2630S

The best entry-level electric hand dryer

You won't find a better hand dryer than the Anydry AD2630S at this price. Installed in the washroom, this electric hand dryer provides a drying time of 10-15 seconds.

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The Anydry AD2630S has a robust and antibacterial ABS plastic shell. We regret a little the absence of metal shell, but we understand considering the price. The design revolutionizes the appearance of classic hand dryers. In addition, the device operates with a power of 1,400 W and an Airblade-type airflow of up to 105 m/s. Drying time varies between 10 and 15 seconds.

Equipped with two switches hidden behind the filter, the unit maintains the integrity of its surface. It also has an intelligent temperature control system. Once the temperature drops below 25°C, the hand dryer's heater is automatically activated. Note the compact body of only 3.76 kg for 24.5 x 25 x 16 cm.

Dyson Airblade V 3

Best value for money

Dyson Airblade V

The best high-end electric hand dryer

The Dyson Airblade V Grey can't be beaten for design, performance and price! It's a considerable investment. But the results justify the exorbitant price.

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The Dyson Airblade V has a 10 mm thick polycarbonate shell with an integrated antibacterial additive. Given the price, we would have liked a stainless steel or brushed aluminum shell. But the design makes up for this (small) drawback. This hand dryer has a digital and aerodynamic motor of 1000 W. The turbine and the air diffuser have been redesigned to suck in less air and optimize efficiency.

On average, hand drying time is 12 seconds. The air speed at the outlet reaches 690 km/h. In addition, the capacitive sensor is particularly responsive when you place your hands underneath. Compared to the previous version, Dyson also reduced the size of the slot to 0.55 mm for a more precise guidance of the air flow and thus maintain the output speed while reducing the noise level. Finally, the two HEPA filters ensure hygienic hand drying.

Physa Bari Gold 4

A great choice

Physa Bari Gold

A great electric hand dryer

The Physa Bari Gold is an all-in-one hand dryer. It has a 1200 W ECO low consumption motor and its turbine rotates at 32 000 rpm. This means that it can provide air at 40°C.

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The Physa Bari Gold has a modern and compact design. You can install it in a wide variety of washrooms. It's hard not to notice its gold color after washing your hands in the bathroom! The unit is equipped with a 1,200 W low consumption ECO motor. At maximum speed (32,000 rpm), it delivers an airflow of 90 m/s. The air temperature reaches an average of 40°C, which means that hands can be dried in just five seconds in a 25 second drying cycle!

The Physa Bari Gold electric hand dryer has a modern LED display to show the drying process. It lights up blue at the beginning, then orange and then green at the end of the cycle. The switch is located in the panel. Finally, this hand dryer is equipped with a removable triple HEPA antibacterial filter that removes 99% of bacteria from the air. Wall mount and mounting hardware are included.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best electric hand dryer

Any specific needs?

The best electric hand dryer in 2021

The best entry-level electric hand dryer

The best high-end electric hand dryer

A great electric hand dryer

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Comparison table of the best electric hand dryer

Casselin CB2INOX 5
Anydry AD2630S 6
Dyson Airblade V 7
Physa Bari Gold 8
Casselin CB2INOX
Anydry AD2630S
Dyson Airblade V
Physa Bari Gold
The Casselin CB2INOX has a stainless steel body of 2 mm thickness, certified anti-vandalism, as well as a 360° swivel nozzle. The automatic stop comes after 15 seconds.
You won't find a better hand dryer than the Anydry AD2630S at this price. Installed in the washroom, this electric hand dryer provides a drying time of 10-15 seconds.
The Dyson Airblade V Grey can't be beaten for design, performance and price! It's a considerable investment. But the results justify the exorbitant price.
The Physa Bari Gold is an all-in-one hand dryer. It has a 1200 W ECO low consumption motor and its turbine rotates at 32 000 rpm. This means that it can provide air at 40°C.
2,500 W
1400 W
1,000 W
1,200 W
Airflow or air speed
270 m3/h
105 m/s
690 km/h
90 m/s
Drying cycle
15 s
15 s
12 s
25 s
27 x 20 x 24 cm
24.5 x 25 x 16.5 cm
23.4 x 10 x 39.4 cm
22 x 29.5 x 65.5 cm
5.64 kg
3.66 kg
2.9 kg
8.85 kg

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Buying guide - electric hand dryer

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How to choose your electric hand dryer

The choice of an electric hand dryer will depend mainly on your needs and its installation. It is vital to pay attention and refer to certain criteria to make a good choice

#1 - The power

A very important point before deciding on a hand dryer is the electrical power of the heating system. It would be convenient to choose a machine with a very good energy efficiency. That is to say, a reduced consumption for a high efficiency. Also check the amperage of the protection fuse to avoid a power surge. Also check the type of protection in case of overheating, some models stop spontaneously if this case occurs.

#2 - Air speed and drying time

In general, the air speed and the drying time are a must. Indeed, these two points determine the quality of the hand dryer. High-speed models are the most efficient, with a drying time ranging from 10 to 15 seconds. The air speed is indicated in m/s or km/h and varies according to the model. However, it should be noted that air speed is influenced by power. The more powerful an electric hand dryer is, the faster it will be, because the faster its turbine will turn. On the other hand, its operation will be noisier. It's up to you to find the right balance between air speed and noise.

#3 - The drying cycle

With a quality electric hand dryer, the drying time should be short and fruitful. It would be unpleasant to hold your hands under the machine for a long time. Taking into account certain elements, including time management during busy periods, it is suitable to decide on a drying cycle to your expectations.

#4 - Materials and dimensions of the hull


choice of a hand dryer depends mainly on the location of its installation in relation to the footprint and its dimensions. The size of the device should be according to where you will install it, its dimensions include its length, width and depth. As for the shells, some are made of ABS plastic, others of chrome steel or stainless metal. The manufacturing quality of the hand dryer is something you need to pay attention to to ensure that the device will prove to be impact resistant.

#5 - Hygiene and noise level

Concern for hygiene and the environment are the reasons for wanting to equip your washrooms with such equipment. The hand dryer guarantees this cleanliness. In stores and on the online market, machines equipped with filters are the best in terms of hygiene. They are able to eliminate bacteria in the air, for a cleaner drying. High speed hand dryers are less noisy than those with a standard speed. Aim for the quietest electric hand dryers possible, for good acoustic comfort.

How to use an electric hand dryer ?

The best electric hand dryers 9

The electric hand dryer is an automatic device and does not require any contact to start. An infrared sensor is placed at the hot air outlet under the machine to activate it. The minimum distance between the sensor and the hands to be dried to start your hand dryer is about 25 cm, variable according to the model.

The drying time is equal to the time your hands are on or under the sensor of the electric hand dryer. The automatic system waits for about 3 seconds after your hands are removed before switching off the hand dryer.

The temperature of the air directly out of the hand dryer can reach 100°C. Therefore, you should never place your hands directly against the hot air outlet, as you run the risk of burning. The distance between the hot air outlet and your hands to be dried should not be less than 20 cm for a proper use of the hand dryer. The temperature at this distance will vary from 35 to 50°.

You must take into consideration not to block the air outlet of the device in order not to cause a definitive stop of the hand dryer by activation of the internal overheating protection or the thermofuse. Also, avoid inserting any metal object into the air outlet as this may cause electric shocks.

Automatic electric hand dryer or electric hand dryer with push button?

Automatic electric hand dryer

The automatic electric hand dryers are made of infrared sensors. It does not require any contact to be triggered. In fact, the device switches on automatically as soon as your hands are in front of the air holes and switches off as soon as they are removed.

This type of hand dryer dries the user's hands in only 10 to 15 seconds. Its main advantages are that it is hygienic and highly energy efficient. The disadvantage is that it consumes more energy but for a limited period of time. This type of equipment is much more expensive.

Electric hand dryer with push button

This type of electric hand dryer works with a push button that the user presses to make it turn on and diffuse hot air. The drying cycle is approximately 30 to 45 seconds. At a lower cost, many opt for a button device.

The fact is that at first, users had the distinct impression that mechanical push button dryers are more durable and easier to fix than automatic electronic sensors. However, this type of device is still less hygienic and energy efficient compared to other models.


The choice of an electric hand dryer comes down to price and maintenance. It is possible to have problems with the infrared sensor, but mechanical timers can also have problems. In both cases, a simple solution is usually available by replacing a few parts.


Maintain your electric hand dryer

The electric hand dryer does not require any particular maintenance. Before servicing a hand dryer, it is imperative to unplug it from the power supply. Do not disassemble the protective cover and avoid using solvents or other materials that are aggressive to plastics to clean the protective cover. Try not to splash any liquid or insert any object or material on the air outlet. Just clean the unit with a soft cloth. If the unit gets really dirty, clean it with a soft cloth soaked in a neutral product and then wipe it with a dry soft cloth. Then remove the various dirt from the sensor to prevent any malfunction.

Installation of an electric hand dryer


by knowing if your space is available enough and that the condition of the wall is adequate, if not get a flat installation base for this kind of devices. Then install the device in a location that is easy to access for its use. Installations to be avoided include: locations with temperatures below -10°C or above 40°C, humid areas or areas exposed to water or sunlight.

what to do if the airflow drops or has stopped completely

Most electric hand dryers use a brush motor to provide air, the motor brushes may have worn out over time. Thus, check the expected life of the brushes with the manufacturer or visually inspect the brushes. If they are not making contact with the rotator or if the connection is very light, it is time to change the brushes. If not, sometimes dust and debris can interfere with moving parts. Electric hand dryers with digital brushless motors are especially prone to this. So unplug the machine and dust around the moving parts to dislodge debris.

The electric hand dryer does not generate heat!

Many modern dryers are made with energy efficiency in mind, so they come with the option of using either a heated or unheated airflow. Your first port of call should be to verify that the heated airflow is on, if a heated airflow is desired. Sometimes the connection between the heating element and the circuit board can become loose or detached. If this is the case, the connection will need to be re-soldered. If it is an older hand dryer, the heating element may be defective and will need to be replaced.

Check the power supply of your electric hand dryer


your hand dryer does not work even though it is connected to the mains, the sensor may be defective. First wipe the sensor clean and make sure it is not covered with dust or dirt. If this does not solve the problem, you may need to purchase a new sensor. If the sensor is not, there may be an electrical component in the machine that has failed. To check, open the cover of the hand dryer and inspect the circuit board and see if any of the components appear damaged, i.e. blackened or melted. Then that component should be replaced by a qualified electrician.


What is the best electric hand dryer?

The best best electric hand dryer depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

Why choose an electric hand dryer?

The electric hand dryer offers many advantages. It has a positive ecological impact and is also much more economical in the medium term than a paper hand dryer. Its price is quickly amortized. The hand dryer also provides a first-class hygienic solution.

How to replace the thermofuse in an electric hand dryer

Unplug the unit from the mains and remove the protective cover. The fuse is located on the electronic board in its holder. Replace the fuse with the same model of the same value and close the cover. Reconnect the mains plug. If the hand dryer does not work properly, contact the dealer's technical service.

Why a vandal-proof hand dryer?

This type of machine is designed to withstand rigorous use. Their tamper-proof bolts and lids are there to ensure durability. The ABS or steel covers are strong enough to withstand a pickup truck tire being driven over. Most people don't realize just how durable electric hand dryer covers are.

Why does my electric hand dryer have a burning smell and a grinding noise?

A burning smell or squealing noise may be caused by debris being sucked into the heating element. Inspect the dryer and clear it of any debris. If there is no debris in the heating element, a burning smell or grinding noise may be a sign of a faulty motor.


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Casselin CB2INOX
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