The best electric planchas in the UK 2023

The beautiful days are here, and so is the time for grilling. If, like 76% of English people, you are a fan of barbecues, but don't like bulky appliances, consider buying an electric plancha. Easy to use, less cumbersome, but just as efficient as traditional barbecues.

Tefal CB690D12 1

Editor's Choice

Tefal CB690D12

The best electric griddle in 2021

This electric griddle features a large cooking surface and non-stick coating. You can use it both indoors and outdoors to prepare your grills and other dishes.

111 £ on Amazon

The cooking area of the Tefal CB690D12 is 1,550 cm² or a surface of 47 x 33 cm. It will allow you to prepare grills and other dishes for a dozen people. Thanks to its versatility and its protective windscreen, you can use it in your kitchen as well as in your garden or terrace.. With a power of 2300 watts, you will have a high and uniform temperature on all the cooking area. Moreover, you can choose between 5 temperature levels thanks to the integrated thermostat. Finally, it should be noted that the cooking plate of this electric griddle is made of non-stick aluminum.

Duronic GP20 2

Best Cheap

Duronic GP20

The best entry-level electric griddle

With the Duronic GP20 electric griddle, you can cook in front of your guests. It heats up quickly, is easy to install, use, clean and store. You can even use it every day.

30,71 £ on Amazon

The dimensions of the Duronic GP20 griddle are generous. Measuring 52 cm in length and 27 cm in width, this electric griddle is perfect for cooking for the whole family or for a guest table. The aluminum plate has a non-stick coating to ensure that food does not stick. It will also be easy to clean. This electric griddle has been designed with heat resistant handles for your safety and comfort.. This model can reach 225° C thanks to a power of 2000 W. Along the cooking plate, there is a channel where the excess juice and oil flows out during cooking. This excess goes into a drip tray that can be removed and emptied.

Lagrange 219012 PRO 3

Best High End

Lagrange 219012 PRO

The best high-end electric griddle

This griddle has a sturdy metal structure that will ensure durability. The cooking plate is also made of stainless steel and has a 10 year warranty.

239 £ on Boulanger

The Lagrange griddle 219012 has a power of 2300 W, it has only one cooking zone, but it has a temperature range of 50 °C to 300 °C. The cooking plate is as robust as it is thin (3 mm) and mounted on four adjustable feet. It is also equipped with anti-splash edges on 3 sides. The plate is unfortunately not removable or reversible, but it comes with 1 stainless steel spatula/scraper and a protective cover. This is a 100% French product and the manufacturing materials have been carefully selected to ensure excellent durability. Moreover, this model has an IPX4 protection rating.

Tefal Malaga CB503813 4


Tefal Malaga CB503813

Excellent electric griddle

You can count on the Tefal Malaga CB503813 electric griddle to grill your meats and cook your fish and vegetables. With its powerful stainless steel hot plate and smart thermostat, you'll get perfect cooking every time.

43,99 £ on Boulanger

One of the particularities of this electric griddle signed Tefal is the presence of the Thermo-Spot technology. In fact, it is an indicator in the form of a light that will light up as soon as the plate is preheated to the optimal cooking temperature. In addition, the adjustable thermostat will allow you to adjust the cooking temperature according to the food being cooked. The stainless steel cooking plate is 50 cm long and 26 cm wide. It is large enough to allow you to cook and grill dishes for 6 to 8 people. The cooking plate is removable, as is the juice and fat collector.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best electric griddle

Any specific needs?

The best electric griddle in 2021

The best entry-level electric griddle

The best high-end electric griddle

Excellent electric griddle

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Comparison table of the best electric planchas

The best LOW PRICE Top of the line Excellent
Tefal CB690D12 5
Duronic GP20 6
Lagrange 219012 PRO 7
Tefal Malaga CB503813 8
Tefal CB690D12
Duronic GP20
Lagrange 219012 PRO
Tefal Malaga CB503813
This electric griddle features a large cooking surface and non-stick coating. You can use it both indoors and outdoors to prepare your grills and other dishes.
With the Duronic GP20 electric griddle, you can cook in front of your guests. It heats up quickly, is easy to install, use, clean and store. You can even use it every day.
This griddle has a sturdy metal structure that will ensure durability. The cooking plate is also made of stainless steel and has a 10 year warranty.
You can count on the Tefal Malaga CB503813 electric griddle to grill your meats and cook your fish and vegetables. With its powerful stainless steel hot plate and smart thermostat, you'll get perfect cooking every time.
2300 watts
2000 watts
2300 watts
2000 W
Cooking zone dimensions (L x W)
47 x 33 cm
52 x 27 cm
45 x 33 cm
50 x 26 cm
Plate material
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Adjustable thermostat
Removable plate

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Buying guide - electric griddle

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How to choose your electric griddle

Choosing the right electric griddle, one that suits your needs should not be too difficult if you pay attention to the following points:

#1 - The material in which the griddle was built

The structure of the griddle can be enamelled steel or stainless steel. As you might imagine, stainless steel models offer superior quality, but enameled steel is very durable and offers a nice finish.

#2 - The material of the cooking plate

Your choice of griddle will depend on how often you plan to use it, as well as any cleaning or budget requirements you might have:

  • Enameled cast iron: good heat distribution, it is the most recommended material
  • Hard chrome plating: high quality coating that allows easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Stainless steel: can withstand high temperatures and has good conductivity
  • Carbon steel: has high scratch resistance, but can rust over time.

#3 - Attention to design features and accessories

  • Grease trays: Grease trays are supplied in standard sizes, but their design can vary. Designed to collect cooking grease, these drip trays make cleaning and maintenance easy. For your convenience, choose a griddle with a removable grease tray, or at least one that is easily accessible.
  • The cooking plate: choose a tilting plate to facilitate the draining of the grease once the cooking is finished.

Be aware, however, that these various options and accessories will also increase the price of your griddle.

#4 - The manufacturer's warranty

The best manufacturers typically offer a 10-year warranty for griddles. If you're deciding between two models, go for the one with the better warranty.

You can cook anything with an electric griddle

The advantage of the griddle is that you can cook all types of food with it: red meat, fish, shellfish, vegetables, fruits... The plancha allows you to cook both small foods such as steaks, fish fillets or slices of vegetables and large ones like ribs or whole fish!

Thus, white meats that can be very dry after being cooked on the barbecue will be much softer and juicier on the plancha. Similarly, vegetables can be cooked without the need to add fat. The same goes for fish. Unlike the barbecue, the plancha allows you to "seize" the food without carbonizing it, you will no longer have the taste of burnt in your plates.

The plancha allows for even and simultaneous cooking

Like the griddles used in fast food restaurants to sear hamburger patties, the plancha is heated to a temperature of about 350°C, but unlike a griddle, the highest heat is concentrated in the center of the metal plate, making it easy to move different ingredients around without having to systematically adjust the intensity of the heat source, while still allowing simultaneous cooking

The different types of electric planchas

The characteristics and power of electric planchas are not the same. The professional griddle is more powerful and is intended for intensive use. This is not the case for the classic plancha.

Table top griddle

Because of its size and power, the tabletop griddle is preferred for less intensive use. The maximum temperature offered is about 250°C. It can be used indoors during meetings and parties with family or friends. Its greatest asset is its ease of use. You can prepare all kinds of food: meat, vegetables and seafood. The features provided are not complicated and meet the needs of a home cook who wants to impress his friends and family. You can have a good classic plancha with a moderate budget, between 30 and 300 euros.

Professional griddle

More robust, more durable and also more expensive, the professional plancha is not afraid of daily and regular use. It is equipped for this. The materials used are better qualified and provide a long life. However, investing in this appliance is not always useful when you are not an experienced cook. Especially since it is quite expensive. The most affordable models are available at about 1200 euros. But considering their performance, this price is worth it. The features and modes they present allow you to make different kinds of dishes. As a bonus, the design of a professional griddle is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Why buy an electric griddle?

Easy to store

Electric griddles are compact and space saving. This means you can easily store them in small spaces. This saves space if you have a small kitchen. You can also take them with you when you go on vacation. It's an ultra-convenient device for quick cooking.


You can use your electric griddle in your kitchen or outside on a terrace or garden if you have an outlet or an extension cord. Moreover, almost all electric griddles have a zone for cooking meat and another for vegetables. This means you can use it to prepare a full meal without the need for containers such as a pot or pan.

Easy to clean

Generally, most of the elements that make up the plancha are removable. You can then put them in the dishwasher. You can also simply clean them with a sponge, water and dishwashing liquid. In addition, some models are equipped with a non-stick coating that prevents food from sticking to the cooking surface.


The most efficient models have a lifespan of up to ten years. Indeed, this longevity is guaranteed by components made of resistant steel. They are very robust because of their design materials, but also because of the technologies used. In general, planchas are made of steel or other high quality metals. If you take care of it, these appliances will help you save money.


Electric griddles are not expensive. These appliances, even the high-end ones, are perfectly accessible to all wallets and are reasonably priced. You won't have any trouble finding models with a good price/quality ratio. In addition, these appliances are energy efficient, which allows you to save money on your electricity bill.


Clean before using

Before using your new grill, it is best to clean it with hot soapy water. You can also use a scrubber or plastic brush to remove any factory dirt or grease.

Prepare the griddle before the first cooking


your griddle for indirect cooking or set it in a 300-degree oven until the oil is absorbed into the griddle's metal pores. Do this for 30 to 60 minutes. Your cooking will go all the better.

Easy cleaning after cooking


the griddle while it is still hot. Soak several paper towels with water and roll them together like a cigar. Using a pair of tongs to hold the paper towels, scrub the surface of the plancha to remove any residue. Allow the plancha and grill to cool before removing the plancha.

Do not place it anywhere


your electric griddle on a flat, dry surface away from dust and dirt


Grill your meats in pieces

If you want to cook a large roast, it is recommended that you cut it into pieces before it is cooked and take 30 to 45 seconds to cook the fresh sides of the cut steaks. This doesn't take much time and will allow you to have perfect cooking on all sides of the meat.


Which electric griddle to choose?

In our opinion, the best electric griddle for most people is the Riviera Et Bar QPL520 reversible. However, depending on your needs, this product may not be right for you. To find the best workshop server for you, we invite you to read the relevant section in our buying guide.

What is the purpose of a plancha?

A plancha is a flat iron surface that is used in Spanish cooking to grill vegetables, seafood and meat at very high temperatures. It provides a flat surface that is easy to throw around the grilled food so that each side receives equal heat.

What is plancha cooking?

The plancha is a Spanish flat iron grill surface, so cooking "a la plancha" means: "cooking on a flat iron grill" or more literally "cooked in the style of a flat iron grill". Plancha recipes are grilled on a round, flat metal surface.

What is an electric board?

An electric griddle is a self-contained cooking appliance where the round metal surface is heated by electricity. The griddle comes from a "flat, round cooking surface" and is usually used on a stovetop. The electric version is used separately from the stove and you must plug it in to use it.

What is salmon a la plancha?

Salmon prepared on a flat round grill instead of a griddle is called "salmon a la plancha", where the plancha is the flat cooking surface. The plancha is Spanish, so salmon a la plancha is best prepared in a Spanish style with parsley, dill, cilantro, chives and lemon zest.


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Tefal CB690D12
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Duronic GP20
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Lagrange 219012 PRO
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Tefal Malaga CB503813


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