The best electric fryers in the UK 2023

Do you love French fries, fritters and nuggets? Why not make them yourself instead of buying them all the time? Nothing beats a good electric fryer. But it's not always easy to choose the right appliance. Save time by reading this guide to the best electric fryers of the moment.

Moulinex Minifrito 1

Best value

Moulinex Minifrito

The best electric fryer in 2021

Choose this mini electric fryer if you are short on space and budget. It can cook 600g of fries. Moreover, it is sold at a very competitive price.

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The Moulinex Minifrito is the ideal appliance for fast and successful cooking at a low cost. With only 1 L of oil, you will be able to cook 600 g of fries, thanks to an adjustable thermostat from 150 to 190 °C. This fryer has a power of 1000 W and a steel body. Note also that it has a beautiful metallic color interspersed with black.

A porthole allows you to monitor the cooking process. Equipped with handles for easy transportation, this fryer is easy to store. Finally, the tank is easy to clean thanks to a non-stick coating. The basket and lid are dishwasher safe.

Bestron AF357B 2

Best cheap

Bestron AF357B

The best entry-level electric fryer

Lovers of good, crispy fries can't help but fall for this 3.5 L electric fryer. Powerful, yet easy to use, this small appliance will help you make all kinds of fries like a star chef.

25,19 £ on Amazon

This semi-professional electric fryer excels in almost everything, starting with its clever design. Simple, compact and above all very sober, this appliance will fit into any kitchen, whatever the style. It will allow you to fry 1 kg of fries or side dishes such as vegetables, meat or fish in one go. Culinarily speaking, this Bestron AF357B offers many possibilities.

Teenagers and novice cooks will have no trouble using this appliance, as it is so light and easy to use. For ease of maintenance, the manufacturer has made it easy to disassemble. Only the heating element is not dishwasher safe. Note that this fryer has a cold zone that preserves the quality of the oil longer.

Philips HD9260/90 Airfryer XL 3

Best premium

Philips HD9260/90 Airfryer XL

The best high-end electric fryer

Thanks to the Rapid Air technology, this electric fryer is able to fry all kinds of food using up to 90% less fat. You are not dreaming! With this appliance, you will be able to eat copiously without worrying about your figure.

218 £ on Amazon

The Philips HD9260/90 Airfryer XL is probably the most successful hot air fryer of its generation. This appliance owes its superb performance to its star-shaped bottom, which ensures ultra-fast circulation of hot air inside the cooking compartment. It is also this feature that allows it to cook all kinds of food and make them crispy even with the minimum of oil.

Frying, roasting, baking, grilling, reheating, you can do almost anything with this smart electric fryer. In addition to requiring no preheating time, it heats up instantly. In addition, its digital interface with time and temperature recording function will help you perfect your preparations, whatever they may be.

Tefal FR5101 Filtra Pro 4


Tefal FR5101 Filtra Pro

A great fryer for semi-professional use

This semi-professional electric fryer with a 2300 W heating element is very popular because of its quick heat-up time. From a quick fried dish to very elaborate recipes, this cooking device will allow you to do everything like a real pro.

74,04 £ on Amazon

The bright finish of the stainless steel and anodized aluminum gives this electric fryer an elegant look that will fit into any kitchen. But it goes without saying that this appliance doesn't just look good. It is also very efficient. A true concentrate of technology, its cold zone with a metal fabric filter keeps the oil clean for much longer.

Intended for semi-professional use, this machine can handle up to 1 kg of fries and 1.2 kg of nuggets in a single batch. It is therefore the ideal compromise for large families. To make it easier to keep an eye on the fries, the manufacturer has taken care to integrate a rectangular window on the lid. With the exception of the heating element, all the components that make up the Tefal FR5101 Filtra Pro are dishwasher safe.

Delonghi Premium Fry 5

Best value for money

Delonghi Premium Fry

The best electric fryer for the whole family

Choose this versatile, high-capacity fryer, specially designed to make home fries. It will be able to make a perfectly mastered preparation.

104 £ on Boulanger

Thanks to this Delonghi electric fryer, you will find the typical flavor of home fries. It allows you to cook healthy food in large quantities thanks to a maximum capacity of 1.5 kg and a capacity of 5 L. It is part of the Multifry range and is equipped with handles for easy transport and handling, as well as non-slip feet to ensure stability.

The unit is equipped with the Easy Clean system, which ensures safe oil draining. Thanks to the cold zone located under the resistance, the device alerts in case of risk of charring of the potatoes, a way to preserve the oil longer. Finally, the components of this fryer are dishwasher safe.

SEB Actifry Genius XL 6

An offer waiting to be snapped up

SEB Actifry Genius XL

The best electric fryer for healthy but tasty meals

If you are looking for an electric fryer capable of healthy and fast cooking, this marvel signed SEB will fully satisfy you.

200 £ on Boulanger

French appliance giant SEB offers this modern and stylish fryer. Designed for healthy, fast and varied cooking, the appliance features 9 smart modes that engage automatic temperature and cooking time adjustment. It also has 2 cooking levels, allowing you to cook 2 dishes at the same time.

With 1,500W of power, this electric fryer can cook 1.7kg of fries with just one spoonful of oil! Its thermostat goes up to 200°C. Note the cold wall for added safety. Finally, the machine also has a window to control the cooking, a removable lid and an anti-odour filter.

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Best electric fryer

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The best electric fryer in 2021

The best entry-level electric fryer

The best high-end electric fryer

A great fryer for semi-professional use

The best electric fryer for the whole family

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Comparison table of the best electric fryers

Moulinex Minifrito 7
Bestron AF357B 8
Philips HD9260/90 Airfryer XL 9
Tefal FR5101 Filtra Pro 10
Delonghi Premium Fry 11
SEB Actifry Genius XL 12
Moulinex Minifrito
Bestron AF357B
Philips HD9260/90 Airfryer XL
Tefal FR5101 Filtra Pro
Delonghi Premium Fry
SEB Actifry Genius XL
Choose this mini electric fryer if you are short on space and budget. It can cook 600g of fries. Moreover, it is sold at a very competitive price.
Lovers of good, crispy fries can't help but fall for this 3.5 L electric fryer. Powerful, yet easy to use, this small appliance will help you make all kinds of fries like a star chef.
Thanks to the Rapid Air technology, this electric fryer is able to fry all kinds of food using up to 90% less fat. You are not dreaming! With this appliance, you will be able to eat copiously without worrying about your figure.
This semi-professional electric fryer with a 2300 W heating element is very popular because of its quick heat-up time. From a quick fried dish to very elaborate recipes, this cooking device will allow you to do everything like a real pro.
Choose this versatile, high-capacity fryer, specially designed to make home fries. It will be able to make a perfectly mastered preparation.
If you are looking for an electric fryer capable of healthy and fast cooking, this marvel signed SEB will fully satisfy you.
Capacity (in fries)
600 g
1 kg
800 g
1 kg
1.5 kg
1.7 kg
1,000 W
2000 W
1900 W
2300 W
1,800 W
1,500 W
Removable bowl
Cold walls
Pouring spout

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How to choose your electric fryer

Electric fryers come in a variety of models, with features that vary according to cooking modes, capacity and many other parameters that determine their performance. To find the ideal appliance, here are the main criteria to consider.

#1 - Capacity

The capacity is measured in terms of the maximum amount of fries it can cook instantly. The average capacity is 1kg. You must choose your machine according to your needs. For one or two people, a 500 or 600 g model will be more than enough. On the other hand, for a family or commercial use, opt for large capacity fryers that can accommodate at least 1.7 kg of fries, this will allow you to save oil and electricity.

#2 - Power

The power of the appliance is a criterion to be taken into account in priority, because it affects the cooking. Indeed, the more powerful the fryer will be, the tastier and crispier the dishes will be, which is crucial to avoid having soft fries. In addition, with a high-powered appliance, preheating is faster and will significantly reduce your waiting time.

#3 - Volume of oil used

When buying your fryer, take the time to read this information about the oil, as it is essential. If some appliances require in the 4 to 5 L to cook 1 kg of fries, others require only half a liter or a tablespoon, for the same amount. So, apart from saving money, some appliances can also allow us to make healthier dishes.

#4 - Cleaning


deep fryer requires regular cleaning, especially if it is subjected to frequent use. Many modern, high-end appliances have technology that makes this cleaning easier. Make sure that the components of the appliance are dishwasher safe and that your fryer has a system for removing potato residue that may be deposited underneath the fryer.

#5 - Security

To avoid burns when handling the fryer, it is essential that your appliance has carrying handles and a well closed lid. Also to limit the risk of burns, choose a model equipped with cold walls, the majority of high-end appliances have this feature. If you have small children, pay particular attention to the safety criteria of the appliance.

How to use an electric fryer correctly?

For proper handling of your appliance, it is very important to read the instructions carefully and follow the safety instructions. First of all, before turning on your fryer, you must put oil in it and set the temperature. It is very important to fry your food at the right temperature.

You have what is called the fill level. This indicates the maximum amount of oil you can put inside the fryer. To be safe, please keep the oil level below the fill line. This way, it will not leak out of the fryer once you add the food. Also, if the oil overflows, you are at risk of burning.

In addition, you must place the food in the fryer carefully to avoid the risk of burning. To do this, instead of dropping the food into the fryer, it is advisable to use a long string to keep the oil relatively stable. Also, to be safe, make sure there is a distance between your hand and the oil.

To distribute the oil evenly around the food you are frying, but more importantly to avoid ending up with greasy and soggy food, you should not put too much food in at once. Also, too much food could lower the temperature.

Proper cleaning is the key to the longevity of your electric fryer. So it's important to know how to clean it properly. To do this, soak the pan and basket in hot water for ten minutes. Of course, you can use the usual cleaners. For crumbs, you should use a sponge or a brush to protect your machine from scratches.

The different types of electric fryers

Choosing a deep fryer can be a real headache, as new, more efficient and more economical models are appearing very regularly. Currently, there are 2 very common types of appliances. Fans of fried food generally opt for these two types:

Electric oil fryer

It is the most widely used model at present. Many French households are equipped with this device. It uses resistances to heat the oil. Modern electric oil fryers have a thermostat to regulate the temperature, a way to manage the cooking of dishes, whether they are fries, chickens, samossas or many other dishes.

Most of today's electric fryers have a viewing window, an anti-odour device and a spout for emptying. This type of appliance is easy to use. It is stable, has very little risk of tipping and has many functions. On the other hand, it is not always easy to clean.

Electric hot air fryer


model of fryer is less common than the classic ones, because they are less affordable. It is characterized by a cooking method that requires no oil. It is the hot air transmitted by the resistances that will take care of frying the dishes. However, for the fries, it will be necessary to use a spoonful of oil so that they are very crispy.

The hot air fryer is ideal for cooking healthy and dietetic dishes. However, if you like the taste of traditional French fries, it is not recommended to use this type of appliance. It is better to use traditional models.

Oil or hot air electric fryer?

Electric oil fryer

The oil fryer will allow you to enjoy fried dishes. Fries, but also fritters and chicken will taste similar to commercial dishes, with a touch of homemade. In short, they will have more flavour but will be less healthy, compared to dishes cooked with a hot air appliance.

Hot air fryer

The oil-free electric fryer promotes the preparation of healthy and dietetic dishes. With the hot air cooking system, the food will be less fatty and will have different flavours. If you want to get your taste buds used to this type of food, choose this type of appliance.


Choose the electric fryer according to your food tastes. If you need to eat healthier and more balanced food, choose the hot air models. If you want to enjoy traditional food flavours, the oil fryer option will suit you better.

Why buy an electric fryer?

For its versatility

The electric fryer is not limited to cooking fries. Indeed, you can use it to fry many dishes such as fish, vegetables or even croquettes. So you have a versatile device. Moreover, this appliance gives excellent results, especially for frozen or pre-cooked dishes, since it preserves all the flavor and freshness of the food.

To cook without suffering from odors

Unlike a conventional fryer, the electric fryer does not let odors invade your home. It is equipped with a filter capable of effectively retaining these odors. Thus, you have the possibility of frying your preparations in all the recesses of your home. There are also models that offer much healthier cooking, such as oil-free fryers. Thus, the preparations will be devoid of fat.

For its practicality

An electric fryer has many functions. Among them, the automatic stop will be very useful. You can do other household chores without fearing that your fries will be completely burnt. This appliance is also easy to clean as you just need to rub it with a sponge soaked in dishwashing liquid to make it look nice again.

For its different cooking possibilities

An electric fryer has a thermostat. This way, it allows you to adjust the heat according to the desired texture. You can thus carry out different cookings according to your tastes.

For its safe use

There are electric fryers with cold walls. Therefore, you won't have to worry about burning your fingers. If for any reason you have to move it, you can do it safely. In addition, it is usually equipped with a small tap or a removable tank that allows you to easily drain the used oil.

The best brands of electric fryers

In our opinion, the best brands of electric fryers in 2022 are :


The company has been in existence since 1902 and specializes in the design and development of small household appliances. With over 100 years of experience, it has produced some of the most successful products on the market in terms of ice cream makers, coffee machines, deep fryers and even heating systems (electric heaters, portable air conditioners, etc.)

For years, the Moulinex brand has been a leader in the field of premium quality "made in the UK" kitchen equipment, especially for deep fryers. Safe and easy to maintain, its appliances are suitable for all user profiles and all kitchens.

SEB is a leading French company in the design and distribution of small domestic equipment. It was founded in 1857, and became best known for its iconic pressure cookers released in 1953. Since then, its kitchen appliances have been sought after for their quality and durability, particularly its deep fryers.

This American brand was created in 1970, and its mission is to make cooking an art accessible to all. We particularly appreciate the technology of their appliances, which can be used by professionals as well as in any French kitchen.

This German brand was created in 1960 and is now an international reference for kitchen appliances and small household appliances. We particularly appreciate this brand for the quality and reliability of its range of small appliances.

What is the price for an electric fryer

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

40 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 250 £
more than 250 £
Price range diagram


Avoid overloading your fryer

If the instructions indicate that your fryer has a capacity of 1.7 kg of fries, never exceed it. It is even more recommended not to cook these 1.7 kg at the same time, at the risk of reducing the life of your appliance. For the most reasonable use, stick to 80% of the maximum capacity.

Buy two types of devices


you can afford to buy a hot air fryer and an oil fryer, don't go without. It is good to have both appliances available to allow you to prepare dishes with varied tastes and to alternate between healthier and tastier food.

Clean regularly

It is

advisable to clean the different parts of your fryer after each use. Food residue very often sticks to the inner walls of the appliance, which over time can impair its performance. To make cleaning easier, choose a model with dishwasher-safe components.

Read the instructions carefully


make it easier to use your fryer, take a few minutes to read the manual and instructions carefully. It will tell you which cooking method is compatible with which type of food, how to clean it, and what safety precautions to follow. Also remember to communicate these instructions to your family and friends, especially your children.

Shop online


your fryer from an online store to give yourself some privileges. Indeed, e-traders offer better prices. Moreover, you will have the leisure to choose the device that suits you best. If it is out of stock, you will just have to wait for the supply to receive it. Thus, you will save time and money.


What is the best electric fryer?

The best deep fryer depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

Where to find a good quality electric fryer?

Opt to buy online. Otherwise, you can find them in the usual household appliance stores.

Does the food taste better with a hot air fryer?

Not necessarily, it depends on your preferences.

Which appliance do you prefer for diet food?

If you prefer healthy food, choose the hot air fryer.

What is the average price for a good electric fryer?

You will find very good quality devices for 150 to 250 euros.


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Moulinex Minifrito
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