The best electric blankets in the UK 2023

Heating represents 62% of the energy bill of a French household. To sleep well in the winter without forcing the heating and to save energy, the electric blanket is an excellent alternative. But considering the many criteria (power, dimensions...), which one to choose? Our comparison of the best electric blankets is here to help you.

Klartein Dr. Watson 1

Best value for money

Klartein Dr. Watson

The best electric blanket in 2021

The Klarstein Dr. Watson electric blanket is generously sized yet very comfortable. It has 3 temperature settings and an automatic shut-off function.

47,19 £ on Conforama

Its 200 x 180 cm width is the strong point of the Klarstein Dr. Watson electric blanket. It easily covers a large bed and allows two people to keep warm in comfort. Made of microfiber fabric, it offers a very pleasant soft touch.

Its 120 W power can be adjusted to 3 temperature levels, and it has an automatic shut-off system that cuts off power after 3 hours. It provides a beneficial heat and allows to relieve the pains related to certain pathologies, like arthritis or the aches of the back. Connected to a 2m cable, the removable control box has an illuminated display for easy use in the dark. Note that the Klarstein is washing machine safe.

Luxe Cosi Home 2

Best value for money

Luxe Cosi Home

The best entry-level electric blanket

The Cosi Home electric blanket has 9 temperature settings for precise adjustment. It can be used as a plaid or to heat the bed.

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The Luxe Cosi Home electric blanket is 180 cm long and 130 cm wide, a size suitable for two people. It allows you to stay warm while you sleep thanks to its 9 levels of heat adjustment. Made of fleece fabric, it provides extreme comfort to thetouch, whether on the sofa or in bed.

This heated blanket also has an overheating protection system that cuts off the power supply as soon as the temperature exceeds a certain threshold. As far as maintenance is concerned, it can be easily washed in the washing machine, after having taken care to detach the remote controls and the cable.

Medisana HB 675 3

Best premium value for money

Medisana HB 675

The best high-end electric blanket

The Medisana HB 675 electric blanket is characterized by its large size, its fast heating function and its high quality fabric. It also has an anti-overheating function.

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Measuring 200 x 150 cm, the electric blanket Medisana HB 675 is suitable for two people. It provides a pleasant warmth and allows to reduce the use of the radiator. In addition to its 120 W power, it has a Turbo-Heat system, which heats the bed in no time. So you can plug it in just before bedtime to save even more energy.

The plush fabric of the Medisana HB 675 is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, free of any harmful substances. You can feel good about using it, especially since the blanket provides incredible comfort with its 4 temperature settings. And to top it all off, it adopts a two-tone reversible gray and light gray design.

Navaris Electric Blanket Heater 4

Heated pad

Navaris Electric Blanket Heater

A great heated throw

Protected against overheating, the Navaris can be used for sleeping or lounging on the sofa. Its micro-fleece fabric provides extra comfort in addition to its pleasant warmth.

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Its micro-fleece fabric makes this heated blanket pleasant to the touch. Thanks to its size of 180 x 130 cm, you can use it as a blanket in bed or as a plaid on the sofa. It has 3 temperature settings as well as an anti-overheating function, allowing the heater to turn off automatically after 3 hours.

In addition, this heated blanket is also GS certified, which is an extra guarantee of safety. For cleaning, you can opt for machine washing or hand washing. But first, don't forget to detach the remote control!

Buying guide • November 2023

Best electric blanket

Any specific needs?

The best electric blanket in 2021

The best entry-level electric blanket

The best high-end electric blanket

A great heated throw

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Comparison table of the best electric blankets

Klartein Dr. Watson 5
Luxe Cosi Home 6
Medisana HB 675 7
Navaris Electric Blanket Heater 8
Klartein Dr. Watson
Luxe Cosi Home
Medisana HB 675
Navaris Electric Blanket Heater
The Klarstein Dr. Watson electric blanket is generously sized yet very comfortable. It has 3 temperature settings and an automatic shut-off function.
The Cosi Home electric blanket has 9 temperature settings for precise adjustment. It can be used as a plaid or to heat the bed.
The Medisana HB 675 electric blanket is characterized by its large size, its fast heating function and its high quality fabric. It also has an anti-overheating function.
Protected against overheating, the Navaris can be used for sleeping or lounging on the sofa. Its micro-fleece fabric provides extra comfort in addition to its pleasant warmth.
200 x 180 cm
180 x 130 cm
200 x 150 cm
180 x 130 cm
120 W
110 - 120 W
120 W
120 W
Setting levels
Auto shut-off

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How to choose your electric blanket

It is not always easy to choose the right electric blanket among the many models available on the market. Nevertheless, we have identified for you the most relevant criteria to make your choice.

#1 - The dimensions

The choice of size depends mainly on how you will use your electric blanket. Determine in advance whether you need it for your bed or for relaxing on the couch. If you're relaxing out of bed, choose a single-person electric blanket that's about 100 cm wide and 150 cm long. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a model to sleep comfortably in your bed, do not hesitate to choose a larger size. Choose a width between 140 and 180 cm and a length of 200 cm.

#2 - Electrical power

The electric power of your heating blanket should be determined according to the ambient temperature and the intended use. An electric blanket for two people will have more power than a single-seat model. Nevertheless, if it's a harsh winter, you may want to choose a higher wattage depending on what's available.

#3 - The material

Electric blankets come in a variety of synthetic or naturally derived materials. They can be soft to the touch, hypoallergenic, or have a higher insulation value. Whether they are wool, fleece, or polyester, you are spoiled for choice. You're sure to find the right material for your needs and preferences.

#4 - Settings and features

Comfort of use is also part of the selection criteria. To adjust the temperature precisely, choose a model with a multi-level adjustable thermostat. While most electric blankets allow you to choose between 3 and 6 temperature levels, others offer up to 10. You can also appreciate the timer function that turns off the resistance after a certain time, or the heating by zone with double temperature control. On the ergonomic side, note that the control box can feature a display screen and/or backlit buttons for easy operation in the dark.

#5 - The level of security

Since a heating blanket includes an electrical resistance, make sure the model you're interested in meets the safety standards in effect for this type of product. For peace of mind, choose a reputable brand, and select an electric blanket equipped with an overheat protection.

Advantages and precautions for using an electric blanket

An electric blanket has several advantages that you should be aware of. The heat it generates helps relieve muscle and joint pain, especially in the limbs, joints and back. The benefits of the heating blanket go beyond its warming action to stay warm during winter nights. But that's not all.

When you use your electric blanket, you can reduce the power of your heating system, resulting in energy savings. Daily use of your electric blanket will use less energy than if you were to turn up your central heating.

How to use your electric blanket ?

A heating blanket is equipped with electric resistances distributed on the majority of its surface. These resistors are designed to be flexible and follow the movements of the blanket. Nevertheless, you must respect certain precautions to enjoy your electric blanket for a long time and serenely. Here are a few rules to consider in order to use it properly:

  • Unfold your blanket completely before plugging it in.
  • Avoid placing any heavy and/or sharp objects on the blanket.
  • Keep your pets off the blanket.
  • Keep your blanket out of the reach of children.
  • Do not use your electric blanket with any other heated bedding, such as a mattress warmer, as this can cause overheating and use unnecessary energy.

Safety first

Before using your electric blanket, make sure that there are no defects that could cause it to malfunction and affect your safety. Check for holes and tears. If you notice any abnormal overheating, immediately unplug it and refer to the user's manual.

Electric blanket XXL or heated plaid?

Electric blanket XXL

Different sizes of electric blankets exist, but it is possible to classify them into two categories, XXL sizes and plaid blankets. The XXL sizes correspond to models for two people, and they can also have various dimensions. Nevertheless, they are large enough for classic use as bedding.

XXL electric blankets allow you to cover your bed more or less completely to keep you warm while you sleep. If you choose a size of 180 x 150 cm, your electric blanket will be just wide enough to fit under a comforter for example. But if you choose a size of 200 x 180 cm, you can cover your bed completely without needing an extra comforter or blanket.

Heated blanket

The small electric blanket is also sometimes called a heated throw. Designed for one person, it is available in sizes ranging from 150 x 80 cm to 150 x 100 cm. It is practical for keeping you warm on the sofa, but also for sleeping. Its advantage lies mainly in its lower weight.


If you need a blanket to keep you warm while reducing the power of your heater and saving energy, the XXL blanket is the perfect choice. It can be used by two people and you can choose a model with two heating zones and two remote controls to set the temperatures separately.

The heated blanket, on the other hand, is recommended for multipurpose use, especially for relaxing in your living room. It warms you up effectively during your TV evenings or your moments of rest on your sofa or armchair.


Preheat your bed before going to bed.

Put your electric blanket on and plug it in a few minutes before going to sleep. This way, you will avoid the unpleasant cold of a bed that has not been heated beforehand. Nevertheless, if you have chosen for a model equipped with the fast heating function, you can plug in the electric plug just before going to bed.

Increase the temperature gradually.


setting your electric blanket to the highest setting. Always start with the lowest setting and gradually increase the temperature as you need it.

Give it a try.


't use your electric blanket right away, but do a visual inspection first to see if there are any defects or a tear mark. Also consider doing a pre-test to make sure everything is working normally. Make sure it is actually heating and that the heat is evenly distributed throughout its surface.

Avoid washing your electric blanket too often.


electric blanket should not be washed frequently to prolong its life. If there are small stains, clean them locally using a cloth soaked in mild detergent and then rinse gently with a clean cloth.

Store your blanket in its original packaging.


not in use, place your heated blanket in its original bag, taking care to store it properly according to the manufacturer's folding instructions



What is the best electric blanket?

The best electric blanket depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

What is the price of an electric blanket?

A single electric blanket costs around 30 euros, and between 40 and 60 euros for the two-person models. The top-of-the-range electric blankets are available for between 70 and 150 euros.

Is an electric blanket safe?

Yes, most electric blankets on the market meet the safety standards for their use. To be sure, check the product specifications to see if it has a safety system. In any case, opt for a reliable brand only for peace of mind.

Can I wash my heating blanket?

Yes, electric blankets are machine washable, but choose the gentle wash cycle. It is advisable to soak the blanket in soapy water for a quarter of an hour before putting it in the machine for two minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water afterwards.

How do I dry my electric blanket?

After washing, be sure to stretch your electric blanket out to air dry. If you put it on a clothesline, do not use a clothespin. Remember that your electric blanket must be completely dry before being used again. Machine drying is also possible. Once the machine is preheated, set your blanket to dry for 10 minutes and then take it out. Stretch it out and let it air dry.


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