The best EDC pouches in the UK 2023

An EDC pouch allows you to store and keep your essentials with you. After several hours of research and comparison, the Maxpedition Mini Pocket is the model that stands out from the crowd. Small in size, but with several compartments, this khaki pouch can hold several items and offers incredible resistance.

Maxpedition Mini Pocket 1

Best value for your money

Maxpedition Mini Pocket

The best EDC pouch in 2021

This stylish and functional Maxpedition mini storage bag is the best choice for everyday use or any outdoor activity. It is easy to access and convenient.

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This Maxpedition pouch is made of 1050 Denier ballistic nylon. This makes it waterproof and highly resistant. Small in size, but with several storage compartments, it adapts to any environment. It has several pockets to store a phone, a pen, a notebook. It can also hold light tools for outdoor activities.

The strap and the composite nylon thread allow an easy carrying. This Molle compatible mini bag is very practical thanks to several sturdy elastic organizers. Access is facilitated by a double zipper. In short, this EDC pouch can hold everything you'll need on a daily basis.

Tasmanian Tiger TT Tac Pouch 2

Best value for your money

Tasmanian Tiger TT Tac Pouch

The best entry-level pouch

With its many storage compartments, it can hold everything you need during a trip or a business trip. A useful pouch at any time.

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Everything is easy with this Tasmanian Tiger TT EDC pouch! Lightweight, medium-sized and unisex, it adapts to all body types and can be easily attached to all belts. Made of 700D Cordura, it is robust and practical for all situations. Its YKK zippers provide quick access to the interior and allow you to slide in all your tools with a simple hand gesture.

Tactical pouch, it has a large opening compartment. Molle compatible, it is ideal for storing first aid accessories during activities in the wilderness. The interior of the bag is filled with net storage and elastic bands to hold personal items.

Funanasun Tactical Soft Admin Poch 3

Best value for your money

Funanasun Tactical Soft Admin Poch

The best high-end pouch

Designed with high quality materials, this multi-functional EDC pouch reacts like a Molle tactical bag to provide users with ample storage space.

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This organizer is the best ally for those looking for a multi-functional storage accessory. Its 1000D nylon coating guarantees its resistance. It includes a pocket for storing various tools. This pocket can also help to store DIY equipment such as pliers, flashlights, small tool boxes, etc.

The Funanasun easily attaches to a belt, vest or backpack, allowing it to be used as a kind of extra storage for personal belongings during hiking, camping or other outdoor activities. It also offers a zippered space for phones, GPS or other fragile devices.

Condor First Response Pocket Coyote Brown 4


Condor First Response Pocket Coyote Brown

The rugged, versatile EDC pouch

True to Condor's reputation, this pouch is perfect for all your storage needs. It is compatible with all belts for vertical or horizontal mounting.

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Designed to last, this EDC tactical pouch has a distinctive style with its elastic band and buckles inside. Lightweight and very versatile, it can hold several tools: first aid kit, small DIY accessories, etc. Its size makes it a small and easy to carry bag.

With a simple design, this Condor pouch is equipped with a Rip hook back and a loop panel to facilitate movement. It also allows for quick storage with the hook closure. First Response Poche is the ideal pouch for those who want an accessory that combines simplicity and practicality.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best EDC pouch

Any specific needs?

The best EDC pouch in 2021

The best entry-level pouch

The best high-end pouch

The rugged, versatile EDC pouch

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Comparison table of the best EDC pouches

Maxpedition Mini Pocket 5
Tasmanian Tiger TT Tac Pouch 6
Funanasun Tactical Soft Admin Poch 7
Condor First Response Pocket Coyote Brown 8
Maxpedition Mini Pocket
Tasmanian Tiger TT Tac Pouch
Funanasun Tactical Soft Admin Poch
Condor First Response Pocket Coyote Brown
This stylish and functional Maxpedition mini storage bag is the best choice for everyday use or any outdoor activity. It is easy to access and convenient.
With its many storage compartments, it can hold everything you need during a trip or a business trip. A useful pouch at any time.
Designed with high quality materials, this multi-functional EDC pouch reacts like a Molle tactical bag to provide users with ample storage space.
True to Condor's reputation, this pouch is perfect for all your storage needs. It is compatible with all belts for vertical or horizontal mounting.
16.5 x 11.4 x 5 cm
15 x 10 x 4 cm
15 x 20 x 3.8 cm
16.5 x 11.5 x 5 cm
Soft nylon 1000D
Nylon 1050D
Cordura 1000D
Two way zippers with silent pulls
Polyester 1000D
YKK zipper
Two way zippers
Soft compatibleElastic organizer with 4 and 6 divisionsAbrasion resistant with Teflon fabric protector
Velcro areaCompatible with Molle system
Hook and loop fastener for patchesFoldable

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Buying guide - EDC pouch

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How to choose your EDC pouch

There are several criteria to consider when choosing an EDC pouch. In addition to brand and design, there are other elements that come into play in order to find the organizer that perfectly meets your requirements.

#1 - The size

Size plays a huge role in choosing your next EDC pouch. You need to find the right bag to hold all the items you use frequently, as well as other occasional items. It shouldn't be too bulky or too small. Be sure to check at the time of purchase that the pouch can hold all the essentials you will need. Usually, the size is marked on the labels depending on the model and brand.

#2 - The type

The type of pouch determines how you will wear it. It is a criterion not to be neglected, because on it depends your freedom of movement and accessibility to all storage. There are several types of pouches. The smallest being the organizer type bag, intended for those who don't want to put anything in their pocket, i.e. personal belongings such as bank cards, phone, business card, etc. Next comes the lumbar bag which is larger than the first one. It allows you to carry more items. Lastly, there is the shoulder bag, which as its name suggests, can be worn on the shoulder and has a larger storage space to put heavier or bulky items.

#3 - The different options

The characteristics of the bag are an important element that also influences the choice. The materials used must be of quality like Nylon or polyester. They are very resistant and can withstand shocks or sudden changes in climate. Any tactical bag or pouch must also have a Molle integration that offers an infinite opportunity for customization. A system that adjusts to the user's body type is also required. In addition, it is imperative that the storage be organized so that you can find the item you need quickly. As for the closure, it must be strong, and slide easily for easy access to the inside of the pouch.

#4 - The use


pouch has its own use. Some models are more aesthetic and more ergonomic. They have mostly a rather limited use, as they can only be worn occasionally: professional meeting, family event... They can hold small accessories and valuables. Others are more versatile and suitable for all circumstances. They can hold many small or medium sized tools and are mostly used daily. Finally, there are pouches capable of carrying heavy items, specially designed for strictly professional use.

#5 - The weight

As the EDC pouch still needs to hold many items, they should thus be light and not present any discomfort when carrying it. The best way to do this is to weigh, not with a scale, but by lifting the pouch a bit before purchase.

What is an EDC pouch?

An EDC pouch is an accessory used to store tools and accessories that you keep with you at all times. It can be objects of survival in hostile environment or articles essential to the various outdoor games. But it is especially small objects which are used to facilitate the daily life of each one since EDC means Every Day Carry and translates literally into "that one carries every day".

Also known as a pocket organizer, the EDC pouch offers the same functions as the traditional fanny packs that were very successful in the 80's and are coming back in fashion today. Suppliers have improved it to fit today's needs; i.e. more thoughtful manufacturing, stronger materials or a sleeker design.

But who needs an EDC pouch? Of course, it can be used by anyone who needs to have their tools at hand. Anyone who likes to hike or fish can use it to store their phone, pocket knife, etc. It is also a very popular accessory in the construction industry, for engineers and workers. EDC pouches are now more commonplace and everyone can use them, especially those who do not like to overload their pocket.

EDC pouch or shoulder bag?

EDC Pouch

The EDC pouch, as a tactical accessory, offers a multitude of storage options. More practical, with an easy to use open/close system, you can use it anywhere you go. EDC pouches are also versatile and resistant to the elements.

Sometimes, EDC pouches look like a mini military backpack in both design and color. This is not very practical for those who work in prestigious places or who hold an important position.

Shoulder bag

More practical than an ordinary handbag, the shoulder bag has become very trendy in recent years. Not only does it offer great freedom of movement, but it also looks good. In addition, some high-end bags are made of high quality materials.

Being more of a fashion accessory than a storage item, it is not suitable for activities such as hiking or biking. Sometimes the storage spaces are not well arranged.


EDC pouches are small, purely utilitarian bags that allow you to store everything inside and they are also robust. If you are looking for accessories for your outdoor or professional activities, they are the most suitable. The shoulder bags, on the other hand, have a rather attractive design, so they are ideal for walks in town or for small errands.

Why buy an EDC pouch?

Tailored to your daily needs

Making sure you're prepared for a variety of unexpected situations is the main reason to have an EDC pouch. Your EDC should be tailored to your specific daily needs, but it should also include one or more survival tools that can help you get out of a tricky situation quickly.

Very practical

In addition to preparing you for the worst, having an EDC pouch can be very practical. The average person usually has a flashlight at home, but that's only useful if you're at home. Your EDC will save you time searching for the right tool and prevent you from abandoning a project simply because you're not equipped to handle it.

Personal Safety

If you choose to add a self-defense tool to your EDC pouch, it could make a difference in the event that you or a loved one is attacked. Often, thieves and muggers target people who they think will be easy prey. Even removing a small blade and showing that you are armed can be enough to scare off an attacker or defuse a hostile situation.

Lightweight design

An EDC pouch has a lightweight design for a reason. It's all in the name. You'll definitely use it the most. That's why it's designed so that it doesn't put pressure on you. So a pouch in itself doesn't particularly attract attention, unless you're carrying your EDC in a very well-known high-end branded pouch. Attitude is much more important.

Easy to clean

Don't worry, because products like these are incredibly easy to clean. Some of them can be washed in the washing machine, while others need to do it yourself. It depends on the type of EDC pouch you have.


Choose a pouch with several compartments

Never choose pouches or pocket organizers with only one compartment, as you may get lost in them. It's best to opt for a pouch with multiple pockets, which will further optimize the storage of your everyday gear and accessories.

Always carry a flashlight in your EDC pouch?


you're hiking or coming home late from work, you'll always need a flashlight to light your way at night or for emergencies. Try to find a fixed, easy-to-access place for it in your EDC pouch.

Avoid elastic straps


, pouches with elastic straps should be banned from your next purchase, as not only can these straps get in the way, but they are not durable. Opt for strong Nylon straps with adjustments for more comfort.

Choose the MOLLE system


MOLLE or Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment system are a benchmark in terms of tactical equipment attachment. You can customize the attachment to your liking, as its components are very modular. It is widely used by hikers, but also airsoft enthusiasts.

Opt for waterproof pockets

Waterproof EDC pouches are especially essential in rainy weather. They allow you to keep important or valuable items inside. It is mostly hikers and endurance sports enthusiasts who use this type of pouch.


What is the best EDC pouch?

The best EDC pouch depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find the best products out there.

What types of items can I put in my EDC pouch?

It depends mainly on your needs and habits. If you go to work, you can put your phone and all the things that clutter your pocket. If you like outdoor activities, don't hesitate to take along anything that will guarantee your well-being in this environment: pocket knife, small first aid kit, mini flashlight, etc.

How to use an EDC pouch ?

An EDC pouch is an accessory that works like a toolbox that you can take anywhere you want. It consists of large pockets in which you can store large and heavy items. The small pockets are for valuables or identification. But make sure you use each compartment as it should be used.

Why use a pouch instead of a regular bag?

Of course, you can carry all your items and accessories in a bag, but EDCs, being small or dimensional, can get lost quickly. You'll also waste time digging through a bag instead of a pouch that's with you all the time and within easy reach. Basically, your EDCs are more accessible in a pocket organizer.

Which material for my future EDC pouch?

A good design material ensures the reliability of the EDC pouch. The most common materials are high quality Nylon or Polyester pouches. The latter are extremely durable and waterproof. In addition, they are easy to maintain.


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