The best economical electric radiators in the UK 2023

Despite its reputation as the default heating system, the electric radiator is nevertheless part of the life of 10 million French households. Nowadays, it offers many advantages and has since evolved both on the economic point and on the design. But among so many choices on the market, which ones to choose? We invite you to read this buying guide to guide you in your choice of the best economic electric radiator.

Delonghi HMP2000 1

Editor's Choice

Delonghi HMP2000

The best economical electric heater in 2021

The Delonghi HMP2000 electric radiator is very efficient. Very aesthetic, it can offer you a real comfort without wasting energy in your home.

100 £ on Amazon

This electric heater is a radiant type, it is not a convector, because the radiant panel is positioned in front. It is equipped with 4 wheels to allow you an easy displacement. Very easy to install, you can use it as an auxiliary heater or simply hang it on the wall, and if you choose the latter, it is necessary to buy the optional legs (which you can find in any DIY store) that will allow this wall mounting.

In addition, this heater is 80 cm long and 63 cm high and weighs 6.6 kg. Its power varies from 1000 to 2000 watts, depending on the setting you choose. But it is not made for a bathroom heater, because it does not have protection against water drops. Delonghi HMP2000 is therefore ideal for your office, your living room or in your room with a controlled consumption, it can serve you as a permanent radiator.

Rowenta SO6510F2 2

Best cheap

Rowenta SO6510F2

The best economical electric heater in 2021

This powerful and affordable fan heater can safely heat your indoor rooms. It allows you to turn your bathroom into a relaxing space.

47,99 £ on Amazon

The Rowenta Instant Comfort Aqua is a device that will support you efficiently throughout the seasons. And for good reason, it can be used as both a fan and a heater. Designed to IP21 safety standards, the unit can be used in your bathroom, as it is well insulated against moisture. Small in size, it measures 31 cm high by 22 cm wide and 15 cm deep. Its weight is only 2 kg which allows you to move it easily. Regarding its installation, it should not be stuck against a wall, because the air must be able to circulate behind it to allow a good functioning.

Also, with a maximum power of 2400 watts, you can choose between 2 modes, the silent mode and the max mode. In addition, it is equipped with a mechanical room thermostat to allow you to choose the ideal heat and when it reaches the level of heat of your choice, it will automatically pause. Thanks to these many advantages, Rowenta SO6510F2 gives you a perfect moment of relaxation in your bathroom.

KLARSTEIN Bornholm curved 3

Best high end

KLARSTEIN Bornholm curved

The best economical electric heater in 2021

KLARSTEIN Bornholm curved electric radiator is a convection radiator, it can evoke a feeling of softness and gentle warmth in your home.

104 £ on Amazon

This electric heater is very elegant with an ultra modern design available in white and black. It has a touch screen on the front panel that continuously displays the temperature. It is suitable for both rooms measuring 20 to 40 m² and also in your bathroom, because its surface is protected against water bottles that means it has an IP24 standard against moisture.

Its power varies from 1000 to 2000 Watts depending on your choice. With easy adjustment, you can do it directly on the front where the LED touch screen is located or simply with the included remote control. It also has a thermostat to select the temperature you want to reach. This heater also has a timer that allows you to program the start and stop over the next 24 hours. It weighs 8 kg and measures 82 cm long, 45 cm wide and 25 cm deep. The electric radiator KLARSTEIN Bornholm curved electric radiator is therefore very efficient to heat your home.

Honeywell hz824e2 4

Best excellent choice

Honeywell hz824e2

The best economical electric heater in 2021

The Honeywell hz824e2 electric heater is an energy efficient heater. With a rather elegant design, it is essential to heat your home.

63,92 £ on Amazon

For a better control of your budget, this electric radiator is especially known for its low consumption. It is especially a convector for rooms of about 25 m². It has several settings that offer you quick heat for a period of time or as a backup heater. It is 90.5 cm long, 48 cm high and 15 cm deep with a weight of 7.4 kg. Its power can vary from 1000, 1500 Watts to 2500 Watts.

This maximum power works with the turbo mode, that is, with a ventilation system. This makes it a little noisy, but capable of instantly warming up the place. Finally, it is also equipped with a room thermostat, an automatic frost protection system and a safety shutdown, which gives you peace of mind in case of overheating. With all these features, the electric heater Honeywell hz824e2 electric heater is very economical and perfect for heating your home.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best economical electric radiator

Any specific needs?

The best economical electric heater in 2021

The best economical electric heater in 2021

The best economical electric heater in 2021

The best economical electric heater in 2021

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Comparison table of the best economical electric radiators

Editor's choice Inexpensive High-end Excellent choice
Delonghi HMP2000 5
Rowenta SO6510F2 6
KLARSTEIN Bornholm curved 7
Honeywell hz824e2 8
Delonghi HMP2000
Rowenta SO6510F2
KLARSTEIN Bornholm curved
Honeywell hz824e2
The Delonghi HMP2000 electric radiator is very efficient. Very aesthetic, it can offer you a real comfort without wasting energy in your home.
This powerful and affordable fan heater can safely heat your indoor rooms. It allows you to turn your bathroom into a relaxing space.
KLARSTEIN Bornholm curved electric radiator is a convection radiator, it can evoke a feeling of softness and gentle warmth in your home.
The Honeywell hz824e2 electric heater is an energy efficient heater. With a rather elegant design, it is essential to heat your home.
1000 to 2000 watts
2400 watts when using the heater
1000 to 2000 Watts
1000, 1500 Watts to 2500 Watts
6,6 Kg
8 Kg
7,4 Kg
ideal especially for rooms
15 cm x 31 cm x 22 cm
both ideal for bathroom and rooms
A convector for rooms of about 25 m².

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Buying guide - economical electric radiator

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How to choose your economical electric radiator

Choosing an electric heater for an old heater replacement or a new installation can be complicated. Ask yourself the right questions before making the purchase and consider these few criteria to get an idea of the perfect electric heater for your home.

#1 - Electricity consumption

This is a criterion that should not be neglected, there are some radiators that are much less energy consuming than others. You can then opt for an inertia radiator, because it is known as an economical electric heater. Its energy storage capacity allows you to enjoy its heat even when it is turned off. It can be liquid inertia when the heat is conveyed by the fluid contained in its structure. And dry inertia, when the heat is diffused by the material of the radiator. There is also the storage heater which is also an economical electric heater. Despite its high price, it offers appreciable thermal comfort and energy savings.

#2 - Cost of purchase

The second criterion to consider is the purchase and installation price. Among the cheapest, the radiant panel and the convector can seduce for their low cost to purchase. But they are at first sight energy consuming and are not in fact the most economical electric heaters. Therefore, choose a radiator that is both economical, but at a price that best suits your budget.

#3 - Material of the radiator

To choose the most economical electric heater, you should also pay attention to its material. Steel, aluminum or cast iron, each material does not transport heat in the same way. But when it comes to saving energy, an inertia material is the right choice, because it stores heat and continues to diffuse it once the radiator is turned off. Cast iron radiators have this power and offer a very appreciable thermal comfort.

For aluminum radiators, they have the reputation of being very fast to heat. And their low inertia requires an optimal insulation to keep the heat in the room. Finally, the steel radiators are rather known for its discretion, its design and especially at an affordable price. Their speed of heating is very pleasant. Although their inertia is low, they appeal for their aesthetics that can perfectly fill the decorations in a house.

#4 - Surface area of the home

Infact, to choose the right radiator, it is also crucial to have a rather precise idea of the volume to be heated. A well-sized electric radiator with the right power is really what guarantees optimal comfort and energy savings on a daily basis. To measure the surface area of your home, simply multiply the floor area by the ceiling height. For example, for a standard ceiling height of 2.5 meters, you should bet on an electric heater of about 70 to 100 W per m², provided that the room concerned is properly insulated. So for a room of 25 m² then an electric radiator of 2500 W will be perfectly suitable.

#5 - Control of electric radiators

On themarket, there are several types of control for electric radiators, either manually by adjusting them one by one, or automatically when it has a built-in programmer or the thermostat is programmable. Although all this can be more expensive to purchase, the savings from these radiators are appreciable.

Electric radiator, advice on use and maintenance

Advice of use

The use of inertia radiators (which diffuse a soft heat) can allow to reduce the expenses of use, by programming the operation of the radiators preferably on the off-peak hours so that the heat can be restored during the full hours.


It requires almost no maintenance. However, it is sufficient to keep it clean, i.e. the radiator must be regularly dusted and the front side must not be obstructed by furniture or other items.

The different types of economical electric radiators

There are 3 types of electric radiators that you can find on the market: the radiant radiator, the convectors and the inertia radiators.

Radiant electric radiator

This type of radiator produces infrared (IR) rays that give a sensation similar to exposure to the sun. It diffuses heat by both radiation and convection. The main heat diffusion is therefore said to be by radiation. If it is produced by a halogen lamp, it is called short infrared rays. And if it is produced by an aluminum plate heated by electric resistances, we speak about long infrared rays. The disadvantage with these radiators is that they stop emitting heat as soon as the power is turned off.

Inertia electric radiator

Theyare the most economical, because the energy is stored either in a liquid called heat transfer fluid such as oil, glycol, etc.. We then speak of fluid inertia radiator, or in a solid material such as ceramic, volcanic stone or soapstone, we then speak of dry inertia radiator. The energy is created by an electrical resistance housed in the hollow of the material.

Convector electric radiator

Withthese radiators, convection is simply the transport of heat by the circulation of gases. They heat the air directly through an electrical resistance. The hot air rises and is replaced by cold air which in turn is heated. And it is this movement of air generated that diffuses the heat. The air is therefore dry or more precisely dried. The convector is more adapted to the rooms of passage and well insulated, because it profits from a fast rise in temperature. But their disadvantage is that by drying the air, its use requires the use of a humidifier to raise the humidity level of the room.

Electric radiator or wood stove

Electric radiator

The electric radiator has many advantages, first of all, it is simple to install and inexpensive. Even if it requires a specific electrical network, its installation is very simple, which makes it inexpensive to purchase. Also, it is not difficult to find on the market, because manufacturers offer a wide range of electric radiators suitable for all budgets. In addition, it is easy to maintain. Its first disadvantage is that it is unsuitable for large volumes, only for small and medium volume rooms. Secondly, it can be the most expensive on the market. And during its use, we notice a lack of homogeneity in the distribution of heat, the heat is not always well distributed.

Wood stove

The first advantage of the wood stove is that it respects the environment, because the logs and wood pellets are environmentally friendly. Then, its long-term use is a saving on the heating bill. Also, it is the cheapest fuel on the market, because on the energy market, there is no cheaper fuel than wood. Its disadvantage is that first of all, its installation requires a large space, because it takes a lot of space. Then, its cleaning, because wood brings a lot of dirt that must be regularly cleaned.


If you have a small space in your house, for heating purposes, opt for electric heaters, as they are best suited for this. On the other hand, if you have a large house, wood stoves are the most ideal for you, because they take up so much space.

5 interesting options on an electric heater


One of the reasons to choose an electric radiator to heat your home is that it has a number of additional options. One of these options is programming, which is available on most radiators. Except that not all of them offer the same number of functions. Some models can be programmed remotely, on a control panel located at the entrance of the home.


The electric radiator is more than just a gadget, because it also has the option of being connected. This allows you to heat a room or a home before entering it; to manage the temperature even when you are away. It is also an important asset to have an electric radiator at home.

Electronic thermostats

This is what maintains the temperature to within 0.5°C and the digital thermostat is what maintains it to within 0.1°C. They are very accurate and avoid energy consumption compared to mechanical thermostats that have a 2°C margin of error. This is one of the reasons to choose an electric radiator.

Presence detectors

Some electric radiators are equipped with presence detectors or motion detectors. This is a major advantage, as it can also increase the security in your home and warn you in case of an alarm.

Window opening detectors

In addition to the presence detector, they are also equipped with a window opening detector, which automatically lowers the temperature of your room when the window is opened and even turns off the heating. It restarts automatically when the window is closed. Which is a great feature, it allows you to avoid wasting your time starting and turning off the heater every time you open your window.

The best brands of economical electric radiators

In our opinion, the best brands of economical electric radiators in 2022 are :


It is an Italian brand that is well known especially in the manufacture of household appliances such as coffee machines and air treatment devices, hence the electric radiators. Moreover, these have the reputation of being the most reliable and best selling appliance on the market.

ThisGerman brand's mission is to ensure the daily well-being of its users through intelligent solutions for home comfort such as vacuum cleaners, irons etc.. Yet, these electric heaters are also of very good quality and durable.

it'salso a German brand, specialized in kitchen appliances. But their electric radiators are also among the best on the market.

this brand is specialized on products that deal with air quality like air purifiers, dehumidifiers and heaters. The latter have the reputation of being the brand most used by the French.

itis one of the largest and most important technology companies in the world. Their electric radiators also prove to be very efficient

What is the price for an economical electric radiator

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 350 £
350 £ to 1700 £
more than 1700 £
Price range diagram


Check the built-in safety features

While size (wattage) is an important consideration to keep in mind, look for built-in safety features such as tip-over and overheating protection. A tip-over switch will automatically turn off your heater if it falls or is not placed on a flat surface. An overheat sensor (thermal cutoff) will detect when the internal components of the heater are too hot to continue to operate safely and will turn the unit off.

Don't use extension cords

Never use an extension cord with your heater, as it draws too much power and could overheat the circuit, causing an electrical fire. For safer use, plug your heater directly into an outlet and make sure it is the only thing plugged into that particular outlet.

Never leave your heater unattended

Aheater should never be left on in an empty room. If you leave a room or your home, turn off your heater and unplug it. And while it may be tempting to keep your room warm while you sleep, don't leave your heater on overnight.

Place it in a safe place

There area few key danger areas you want to avoid when setting up yourheater.For example, never place your heater near flammable materials such as bedding and curtains. Also, be sure to keep your heater out of bathrooms, as moisture can damage the heater. And finally, choose an area protected from small children and pets. The manufacturer's instructions should give you placement information like this.

Remember to replace it

Whenyou take your heater out for use, be sure to dust it and check for damage. If there is damage, the unit should be replaced. Another reason to replace your heater may be because it is old, some older models do not have built-in safety features or may be less energy efficient than those produced today.


How to maintain an electric radiator?

When we talk about the maintenance of an electric heater, we are mainly talking about cleaning. A damp cloth will simply do the trick or a cleaning wipe. You can also use a sponge with a little soapy water. Soak it in and then gently rinse with the sponge and apply it to your electric heater. There's not much to maintain other than that.

How to turn off the water supply to a radiator?

If it's a hot water electric radiator, to turn off the water supply, simply turn off the water supply to the heating system in the radiator at the faucet. Regardless of its type, thermostatic or conventional, you must always turn clockwise.

How to detach an electric radiator?

It isenough to release each cable that comes fromthe radiatorsheath by unscrewing the corresponding screw on the terminal, if the electrical wires are connected with a domino. And it is enough to operate the lever to remove the wires if the installation has been made of wago. For your information, the wago is a new kind of electrical terminal block which is very convenient to connect the electrical wires.

Why buy an electric radiator?

Theelectric heater has many advantages, and most importantly, it has many built-in options that can be useful in the home. This makes it special and it is considered more than just a heating device, but an indispensable tool for daily life.


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Delonghi HMP2000
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KLARSTEIN Bornholm curved
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Honeywell hz824e2


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