33 Easter gift ideas to give or to treat yourself

April, and especially the Easter weekend, is fast approaching! Like every year, it is a privileged occasion that allows you to treat yourself or your loved ones. Although chocolate lovers are in the spotlight, it is possible to offer original gifts to those who do not want to gain an ounce after the holidays.

Easter eggs, chocolates, Easter bunnies and above all, conviviality will be the order of the day! Easter is also a special occasion to get together as a family. Apart from exchanging sweets, of which chocolate is the most important, young and old alike will be hunting for eggs in the garden.

Looking forward to spending the holidays with all your friends and family? Anticipate now and find the most original Easter gift idea that will surely delight your loved ones. Our selection of 33 Easter gift ideas should make it easy for you.

Magicfun children's pencils 1

Magicfun children's pencils

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Want to stimulate your little one's creative and imaginative spirit? Give them these Magicfun kids' pencils. Made of non-toxic, food-grade material, they are suitable for children as young as 3 years old. You will receive 9 washable pencils in primary colors with your purchase.

Hatchimals 6054261 2

Hatchimals 6054261

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Simply hatch the Hatchimals 6054261 if your little one wants to discover all the surprises it holds inside. In all, this giant box includes 10 Hatchimals figurines, 1 Hatchimals Pixie as well as many various accessories such as crowns, lip gloss, tokens...

IMC Toys Betsy, My Little Rabbit 3

IMC Toys Betsy, My Little Rabbit

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Who says Easter, says Easter bunny! In this sense, you can offer your child this cute little interactive bunny IMC Toys Betsy, My Little Rabbit. Powered by 3 x 5V LR6 AA1 batteries, Betsy hops, wiggles her ears and loves to cuddle.

O-Kinee - Easter Eggs 4

O-Kinee - Easter Eggs

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Is your little one artistic? Why not give him O-Kinee Easter eggs? With 24 reusable eggs to decorate, he can take them out every year and paint them as he pleases. Each egg comes with a ribbon so you can hang it on a tree.

Asmodee Dobble Mini Easter 5

Asmodee Dobble Mini Easter

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The Asmodee Dobble Mini of Easter is an atmospheric game for the whole family. Its compact size allows you to take it everywhere. Ideal from the age of 4 years, this game of speed and observation can be played by 2 to 5 people.

Baker Ross AT462 6

Baker Ross AT462

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What better way to get kids in the Easter spirit than with foam stickers like the Baker Ross AT462! Perfect for creative projects and hobbies, the package consists of 120 colorful stickers featuring bunnies, eggs, egg baskets, flowers, a rainbow...

Trixes ZG10 7

Trixes ZG10

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It is a headband made of soft fabric and topped with 2 Easter Bunny ears. The Trixes ZG10 is suitable for both children and adults thanks to its unique size and flexibility. It can complete your Easter costume or simply be used as an accessory during your egg hunts.

NNJXD - Girls dress 8

NNJXD - Girls dress

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The most classic of gifts, the girl's dress can be given for any occasion, even Easter. Made of polyester and viscose, the NNJXD girl's dress, both satin and shiny, will surely seduce your little princess. It is offered in several colors so that you can find your happiness.

Baker Ross AT453 9

Baker Ross AT453

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Before the Easter egg hunt, your kids can have fun and take the time to create their own basket with the Baker Ross AT453. All the elements included in the kit are made of foam and plastic.

Gagacity 3pcs 10

Gagacity 3pcs

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It's not just adults who can dress up during a special event. Children, to brighten up the Easter holidays, have the opportunity to wear a bunny costume like the Gagacity 3pcs. The combination of pink, white, gray and black colors fits perfectly to a little girl or boy.

Mega Construx GCK31 11

Mega Construx GCK31

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Fun and playful, the Mega Construx GCK31 may be the Easter gift your child has always dreamed of. Each collectible piece needed to build the mythological creature is hidden in the mystery egg. It is bathed in slime, a sticky substance.

Captain Play Ferrero Kinder Specialties 12

Captain Play Ferrero Kinder Specialties

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Have you ever considered an Easter without chocolates? The Captain Play Ferrero Kinder Specialties is sure to please. Delivered in a 730g box, the chocolate assortment includes 6 Ferrero Kinder, including Kinder Maxi, Kinder Bueno, Kinder Country, Kinder Chocolate, Kinder Happy Hippo Snack and Kinder Minis.

Mkishine Rabbit - Alarm clock 13

Mkishine Rabbit - Alarm clock

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The Mkishine Rabbit alarm clock will wake up your child on time every morning! In the shape of a cute and soft little rabbit, it offers an adjustable nightlight function from 30 to 60 minutes. The device also has a digital display showing a countdown (1-59 min), the date and time, the room temperature...

Bunny Ears Scy200309102 14

Bunny Ears Scy200309102

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Made of PVC, the Bunny Ears Scy200309102 guarantees a friendly atmosphere during the Easter season. The inflatable ears are 40 cm high and come with 8 rings with a diameter of 9 cm.

Joyoldelf - Easter cookie cutter 15

Joyoldelf - Easter cookie cutter

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To treat the whole family to delicious patterned cookies, this Joyoldelf cookie cutter will do just that. Each pattern is made from 430 stainless steel. Easy to use, just place the cookie cutter on the cookie dough and press lightly.

Cushion cover with Easter bunny print 16

Cushion cover with Easter bunny print

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This Easter bunny printed pillowcase can be used all year round despite its pattern. The pillowcase can be used both at the office and at home. Note that the print resists effectively to washing because of its design with durable materials.

Vinfutur VFT-E 17

Vinfutur VFT-E

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For scrapbooking lovers, the Vinfutur VFT-E will make you benefit from 2 carbon steel cutting dies. Multifunctional, they will allow you to prepare your greeting cards in the best conditions. The 2 pieces can also be used to make paper cards, embossing or any other creative hobby.

Ann Summers Rabbits 18

Ann Summers Rabbits

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The Ann Summers Bunnies will bring a touch of elegance and humor to your holiday table. Black and white in color, this set of porcelain salt and pepper shakers weighs only 113 g. It also takes up very little space, measuring only 2 x 22 x 2 cm.

Silikomart SF041 19

Silikomart SF041

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Those who love to bake will be truly delighted. The Silikomart SF041 allows you to create eggs or cupcakes in the form of eggs. The silicone mold has 5 cavities of 10 x 7 x 4 cm each.

Nicotoy Freddy 20

Nicotoy Freddy

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If you want to get away from the classic teddy bear, you'll love the Nicotoy Freddy. Measuring 120 cm, this giant rabbit plush is the perfect gift for a sister, best friend or even a girlfriend.

Weibler Confiserie - Chocolate Smartphone 21

Weibler Confiserie - Chocolate Smartphone

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Yes! Women love their smartphones as much as chocolate. And to please them, the brand Weibler Confiserie has combined the two and offers them the Weibler Confiserie in the shape of a smartphone. Weighing 40 g, this little delicacy is the same size as a real iPhone.

Khevga - Easter table runner 22

Khevga - Easter table runner

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In order to welcome all the guests in optimal conditions, this wonderful gift will only perfect your table decoration. Indeed, the Khevga Easter table runner is offered to you with very modern patterns on a clear base. It measures exactly 40 x 140 cm.

Rabbids Clock 23

Rabbids Clock

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Ideal for a lover of the famous cartoon, the Rabbids clock is very quiet. It is also one of the easiest to hang. Giving you the time at any moment, it contributes to the decoration of your living room, your bedroom or your guest room.

2 pairs of Easter Bunny earrings 24

2 pairs of Easter Bunny earrings

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For something a little out of the ordinary, these pink bunny earrings go great with a casual outfit. The 2 pairs of Easter bunny earrings are undeniably stylish. They are suitable for different situations besides Easter.

Easter foam hanging ornament 25

Easter foam hanging ornament

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Whether offered in advance or on the day of the holidays, this Easter foam hanging ornament will beautifully decorate your dining room, table or railing. It's a tabletop or hanging model with an excellent finish.

Rojeam - Women's Slippers 26

Rojeam - Women's Slippers

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Available in several sizes, these women's slippers have a very soft plush lining. They effectively warm the feet during the winter months. In addition, they have non-slip TPR soles for maximum safety and comfort.

Weibler Confiserie - Chocolate Joystick 27

Weibler Confiserie - Chocolate Joystick

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Mr. is a fan of video games? So that he can sit quietly at the table without touching his usual controller, offer him this Weibler Confiserie chocolate in the shape of a controller. The bar, weighing 70 g, can contain a trace of nuts.

Inflatable costume LQB4113 28

Inflatable costume LQB4113

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When dad wants to please his kids, he will definitely wear costumes like the LQB4113 Inflatable Costume. This Easter, bunnies are a big hit with the little ones. Whether it's in the backyard or by the pool, this model is sure to fit the bill.

Aigat Decant-1004 Stefano 29

Aigat Decant-1004 Stefano

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If you are looking for a personalized Easter gift for your father, brother or father-in-law, the Aigat Decant-1004 Stefano will be a very interesting option, even better if he is a whiskey lover. With a capacity of 700 mL and 27 cm high, this decanter can be engraved with the name or initials of the recipient.

Easter Bunny Pendant 30

Easter Bunny Pendant

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In the shape of Easter eggs, this pendant is mainly used to decorate the whole house. It is a set of 10 wooden pieces delivered with its pretty cords. You will have the opportunity to hang them in your office as well as in your room. It is even possible to put them on the holiday table.

Under Armour 1346751 31

Under Armour 1346751

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Made of 97% polyester, the 3 pairs of Under Armour 1346751 socks are machine washable. Thanks to the HeatGear material, they efficiently wick away perspiration while keeping your feet cool. A must-have gift, you can accompany them with little Easter eggs for more treats.

Russell Hobbs 14048-56 32

Russell Hobbs 14048-56

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Since eggs are in the spotlight, the Russell Hobbs 14048-56 is sure to complete your Easter gift idea list this year. This egg cooker can accommodate up to 7 eggs and has an automatic shut-off option. It allows you to make many recipes such as poached eggs, fried eggs, hard-boiled eggs, etc.

Comforca 1874 33

Comforca 1874

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An Easter meal is not an Easter meal if there is no drink. You will therefore need good quality coasters like the Comforca 1874 to avoid staining your table runner or tablecloth. Sold in sets of 4, they are made from a non-woven material.


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