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The condom is often seen as a spoiler of pleasure. At Durex, this preconceived notion is not true. On the contrary, its models promise you a more erotic and intense perception of lovemaking. And if you are looking to spice up your life as a couple or simply to protect yourself, read this guide and find your happiness among our selection of Durex condoms.

Durex Love Mix

Editor's Choice

Durex Love Mix - Set of 30

The best Durex condom in 2021

This batch of 30 condoms Durex Love Mix will allow you to vary the pleasures according to your desires. The sensations will be unforgettable, durable and highly amplified.

20,78 £ on Amazon

This mixture of Durex condoms ensures you varied sensations. Delivered in a single discreet and sober box, these condoms are easily stored thanks to the 4 colored drawers. You can also sort them by color. Each Durex Love Mix condom, made of natural rubber latex, has undergone strict dermatological tests to guarantee maximum reliability. Also, you will be satisfied with the rate of lubrication.

Included in the "Love Collection" are 4 ranges of Durex condoms: Sensation, Extra Moist, Strawberry Flavor and Pleasuremax. So that you do not have time to be bored, know that it is placed at your disposal of the textured models (ribbed and picotés), flavoured models as well as very fine models. Delivering a soft and pleasant perfume, the Durex condoms have a nominal width of 56 mm against 195 mm for the length.

Durex Feeling Extra

Best cheapest

Durex Feeling Extra - Set of 10

The best entry-level Durex condom

Even if it is sold at mini price, the sensitivity of these condoms does not decrease during the sexual act. Their thinness and their profiled shape classify them among the most appreciated Durex condoms.

4,36 £ on Amazon

The Durex Feeling Extra is distinguished by its dimensions of 195 x 56 mm, its great thinness and its shape Pleasure-Fit. As usual, the brand has relied here on natural rubber latex for the design of this batch of 10 condoms. In terms of lubricant, it sets the bar really high and favors soft silicone.

These quality condoms will be perfect for a first time or for anal penetration because of its extra lubrication. Moreover, they give off a good smell during sex. The particularity of Feeling Extra lies in their average diameter measured at 56 mm, which gives them a capacity to increase the physical stimulation.

Durex Performa

Best high end

Durex Performa - Set of 48

The best high-end Durex condom

Each of the 4 packs contains 12 Durex Performa condoms which will prolong the duration of the coitus. They are composed of 5% of gel of benzocaïne, a product being used primarily as lubricating.

37,59 £ on Amazon

Intended for the people having problems of premature ejaculation, the condom Durex Performa was conceived to prolong the moments of pleasure to two. You will not have any more concern concerning your sexual performances and finished the fear to disappoint the other. Each of the 48 condoms (4 packs of 12) has been tested under dermatological control and lets you enjoy its comfortable fit.

With a nominal width of 54 mm and a thickness of 0.065 mm, the Durex Performa condom is coated with a Performa lubricant based on benzocaine. This last acts as anaesthetic in order to desensitize the glans and to delay the ejaculation. It is found in the small reservoir of the condom and melts under the body heat of the penis. A few precautions should be taken: make sure you place the condom the right way round or you risk numbing your partner's vaginal canal.

Durex Nude XL

Excellent choice

Durex Nude XL - Set of 8

An extra thin, extra wide Durex condom

Want more sensation? Skin on skin, you'll only get it with Durex Nude. These large and extremely thin condoms are coated with a silicone-based lubricant.

5,26 £ on Amazon

The feeling of wearing nothing is the major asset of the Durex Nude range. You will have a feeling of skin against skin while making love to your partner in all serenity. These condoms optimize your erotic perception in addition to being proposed in their XL version for more comfort. To give you an idea, note that these models have a nominal width of 57 mm.

The Durex Nude XL are relatively easy to put on and have a reservoir. Apart from the straight shape, they are made from transparent natural rubber latex and lubricated with soft silicone. This makes penetration easier while limiting the friction that usually causes condom breakage.

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Best Durex condom

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The best Durex condom in 2021

The best entry-level Durex condom

The best high-end Durex condom

An extra thin, extra wide Durex condom

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Comparison table of the best Durex condoms

Durex Love Mix
Durex Feeling Extra
Durex Performa
Durex Nude XL
Durex Love Mix - Set of 30
Durex Feeling Extra - Set of 10
Durex Performa - Set of 48
Durex Nude XL - Set of 8
This batch of 30 condoms Durex Love Mix will allow you to vary the pleasures according to your desires. The sensations will be unforgettable, durable and highly amplified.
Even if it is sold at mini price, the sensitivity of these condoms does not decrease during the sexual act. Their thinness and their profiled shape classify them among the most appreciated Durex condoms.
Each of the 4 packs contains 12 Durex Performa condoms which will prolong the duration of the coitus. They are composed of 5% of gel of benzocaïne, a product being used primarily as lubricating.
Want more sensation? Skin on skin, you'll only get it with Durex Nude. These large and extremely thin condoms are coated with a silicone-based lubricant.
Number of condoms in the batch
4 x 12
Latex natural rubber, silicone
Latex rubber, silicone
Latex, benzocaine gel
Latex natural rubber, soft silicone
56 x 195 mm
56 x 195 mm
54 mm wide
57 x 200 mm
270 g
30 g
160 g
160 g
Fine & extra moist, ribbed & tingled, strawberry flavor
Pleasure-Fit contoured shape
Timing effect
Straight, XL and extra thin shape

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Our opinion on the Durex condoms

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Our opinion on Durex condoms

avis préservatif Durex

Durex is an iconic figure in condom manufacturing. The brand has an exceptional know-how and 80 years of experience in the field! The use of quality raw materials, the submission of its products to rigorous tests, the speed and simplicity of donning and especially the comfort obtained make it top of the list. But are Durex condoms always reliable? Do they have no defects?

The brand has everything to please

The Durex condom is one of the best condoms of the moment. It offers very good protection against STDs, genital infections and unwanted pregnancies. In addition, it is one of the most effective methods of contraception. Available in a wide variety of sizes, it covers the genitalia perfectly and satisfactorily. What's more, all Durex ranges are CE and/or NF certified. And of course, you can make your choice according to your desires: fun, original, exciting, scented...

Latex-free condoms

Perfect for people allergic to latex, this type of Durex condom prevents burning sensations as well as possible itching on the penis (and the partner's vagina). Instead of rubber, Durex uses polyisoprene, a material that provides a more natural feel.

Ultra thin condoms

Durex was one of the precursors of the extra thin condoms. Its range, named Nude, already conquered a great number of French. According to them, the Nude promises a natural feeling of skin against skin while remaining discrete and reliable.

Textured condoms

When it comes to textured Durex condoms, you can choose between the ribbed model and the beaded model. The first one presents miniature ribs arranged on the width. The latter, on the other hand, consists of small dots strategically placed on the outer surface. Whether it is one or the other, these textures will have for mission to increase the sexual sensations thanks to the friction.

Advice for everyone

Of course, if it's your first time, you won't have the same sexual endurance as the famous Rocco Siffredi. However, it is possible for you to get advice such as the erogenous zones to know absolutely, the most appropriate positions according to the desired perceptions, the adequate sex toys... on the Durex website.

The risks to be expected

Like any other product, Durex condoms are not without flaws. In 2018, precisely on December 26, the Durex brand issued a recall of its batches of 10 and 20 Real Feel condoms for resistance reasons. These indeed have defects that could cause bursting despite the fact that this does not happen immediately. In addition, it should not be forgotten that there is always a risk of slipping or tearing concerning the condoms, that is to say between 1,3 to 3,2% for the case of the models in latex.

In summary

Durex condoms are mainly focused on a fulfilled sexuality. Since its creation in 1929, the mark does not cease proposing you condoms of quality, out of natural latex or polyisoprene, in order to increase your performances with the bed. In compliance with CE and NF standards, the condoms promise you a safe use (without tearing, slipping or bursting). The company works with professionals (academics, doctors and scientists) to achieve its mission.

Durex or Manix condom?

Durex Condom

Durex offers a wide variety of condoms from the most classic to the extra large and the ultra thin. All the men will find their account there, that it is for anal or vaginal sex. The materials used in the design of its condoms make Durex a brand apart. Indeed, it uses exclusively natural rubber latex for the latex models and polyisoprene for the hypoallergenic models.

Durex condoms are already highly lubricated, which means you don't need to add more gel or lubricant when using them. However, if it is for a first anal penetration or if the partner is prone to vaginal dryness, Durex condoms can make the sexual act more intense and enjoyable.

Manix Condom

Manix offers more or less the same protection devices as Durex. You will find models for early ejaculators, those for people looking for a more natural sensation... It also has ribbed, Aloe Vera-lubricated, latex-free condoms and reinforced ones for optimal protection.

The greatest asset of Manix? It is considered to be the brand offering the thinnest condoms with a thickness of about 50 microns. What's more, the condoms are offered in the natural color of latex (transparent) to provide ultimate sensitivity without having to compromise visual appearance.


Manix and Durex make a fierce competition on the market of the condoms. It's hard to choose between the two brands since both are mostly equal in terms of thinness or softness of the raw material. However, if you like to have a more attractive box to make a good impression on your partner or if you want a satisfactory delaying effect, prefer Manix. On the other hand, those who want sensual and romantic will prefer Durex. It has scented and extra-lubricated models that are sure to be a hit.

How to choose your Durex condom

Choosing the right Durex condom requires a careful study of your needs and desires. The names are generally already explicit, but you will still have to take into account the criteria listed below:
choisir préservatif Durex

Criterion 1 : The material

Most Durex condoms are made from natural rubber latex, a raw material known for its strength and flexibility without compromising perception. If you are one of those people who may be allergic to latex, you may want to consider polyisoprene condoms. This material, although slightly expensive, also displays good resistance and optimal discretion during the act.

Criterion 2 : The size

Like shoes and clothing, you will be more comfortable wearing a Durex condom adjusted to the size of your sex. It will be able to unroll easily and stay in place until the end of the sexual intercourse. Of course, if you've been spoiled by nature, the Durex Comfort XXL range, with a diameter of 60 mm, would suit you perfectly.

To find the right size, take the measurements of your sex at the time of erection with a tape measure.

  • Length : from the area closest to the pubic bone to the tip of the glans.
  • Circumference : measure the diameter of the thickest part of the penis.
  • The width : simply divide the circumference obtained above by Pi (3.14).

Criterion 3 : The thickness

A suitable thickness ensures good resistance during sex. For the particular case of Durex, you have 4 options:

  • The ultra thin condom : from the Nude range, this type of model acts like a second skin. You will not feel any discomfort while wearing it.
  • The thin condom : if you want to feel better protected, opt for the Natural and/or Feeling Extra ranges of Durex. Their nominal width reaches 56 mm.
  • The standard condom : the choice here is wider. Among the condoms of a standard thickness of Durex, discover Orgasm' Intense, the Performance Booster, Perfect Gliss, Sexy Fraise, You & Me, Pleasure Extra, Classic Jeans, Comfort XXL and the Love range.
  • The thick condom : the reports will pass in all confidence. You can choose between the Extra Safe Extra Lubricated range or the latex-free Nude.

Criterion 4 : The standard

Before being put on the market, Durex condoms undergo dermatological tests as well as electronic tests after which they receive CE and NF certification. The bursting test evaluates the homogeneity of the material and its capacity to resist a strong air pressure. In addition, the production test detects inadequate tension. The puncture test, on the other hand, is performed on only a few samples to detect the slightest failure during manufacturing.

Criterion 5 : The use

Thethickness of the condom must match the intended use. Therefore, if you are planning on vaginal penetration, regardless of the sexual position adopted, prefer a well-lubricated and fairly thin Durex condom. For anal penetration, on the other hand, choose a thick Durex condom. Pay attention to the solidity of the device to limit possible tears. The addition of a little lubricating gel will not be refused if you wish to simplify the use of the condom.

Durex condom: the male gender in the spotlight

préservatif Durex

As you can see, Durex only produces condoms for men. This can be a problem for the ego of some women, and yet it is a real advantage for both partners. Female condoms have been around for over 20 years. It is used alone and never with a male condom or a diaphragm under penalty of tearing it. It should only be used in case the man refuses to wear a condom at all.

Why use a female condom?

The female condom can be put in place 8 hours before intercourse. The device will then be able to play the role of a dental dam (folding the external ring on the vulva) while offering a high level of protection. You can also use it during your period since it does not alter your menstrual cycle. The sensations are much stronger than those experienced with a male condom. Note that this type of condom is one size fits all. It fits all vaginal shapes unlike a male model.

The solutions proposed by Durex

The production of female condoms has not really seduced the British giant because it is a device little requested on the current market and the sector is still little known to the general public. Nevertheless, concerned with the sharing of erotic pleasure for two, the brand offers different alternatives to increase the degree of stimulation of women. Among them, we can mention:

  • The hypoallergenic male condoms, ultra thin, ribbed, lubricated, beaded, stimulating, delayed effect, scented or colored.
  • Durex lubricating gels: to be applied as much on the intimate parts as under or on top of the condom so that the latter slides perfectly without causing the least pain.
  • Durex vibrators: waterproof or not, to use alone or with a partner for sensational sex.
  • Durex vibrating rings

Why buy a Durex condom?

pourquoi acheter préservatif Durex

Easy to open

Not all brands offer the same opening possibilities. At Durex, the packages are large and square, which promises you an excellent grip. They also have serrated edges that tear open easily. You don't need a degree to do it, you can do it with your eyes closed while taking care of your partner during foreplay.

Pleasant smell

The smell of latex is often unpleasant and can even make oral sex a little bland. That's why Durex uses light, discreet and floral scents to effectively mask it. Naturally, these are not the same scents as the flavored models which are much more intense.

Ease of installation

You'll certainly appreciate how easy it is to put your Durex condom on. As soon as it comes out of the package, you can immediately unroll it along the penis. Indeed, the condoms of the brand benefit from the Easy-On technology, an anatomical shape where the part at the level of the bulge of the phallus is wider.

Good lubrication

A good lubrication is necessary so that the penetration passes without any constraint. This also increases the level of comfort experienced during sexual intercourse. In most cases, Durex models are coated with a double dose of silicone-based gel. The latter has the advantage of lasting longer, ideal if you are planning to have sodomy.

Flexible and resistant materials

The Durex condom knows how to be forgotten. And for good reason, it was conceived with materials of very high quality (latex of natural rubber or polyisoprene) which confer a good flexibility and a perfect smoothness according to the needs. You and your partner can focus on your mutual pleasure without worrying about the condom. Note that all Durex models have been subjected to bursting and resistance tests before being put on sale. They are CE and NF marked.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the Durex condoms:


Manix was founded in 1987, which allows it to benefit from more than 30 years of experience in the field of condom manufacturing. Known for the delicacy of its models, it launches for the first time its Infini 002 around 1990. Manix is currently second only to Durex and is the originator of the King Size condom with a nominal width exceeding 56 mm.

A subsidiary of the Manix brand, Skyn is characterized by its latex-free condoms. These are actually designed with SkynFeel, a soft and ultra comfortable material that ensures a natural yet sensual perception for both partners. It is ahead of Durex and Manix in terms of notoriety, but still remains among the leaders of the sector throughout France.

MySize offers condoms compatible with all penis sizes. The nominal width of its models ranges from 47 to 67 mm. So you are sure to find the condom that suits you at MySize. What we really appreciate about this brand is its success in selling large condoms, given their diameter reaching 69 mm.

At Condomz, the condoms are of an exceptional quality/price ratio. As a proof, you will find for example condoms at only 15 € the box of 100 pieces. You have enough to satisfy your partner. Even the most insatiable will be amazed. And if you try them, you will adopt them immediately!

Intimy is a specialist in the design and sale of intimate gels as well as condoms. In third position among the giants of the sector in the UK, the brand stands out thanks to its complete range that can meet the needs of men, but also women. Its catalog is also enriched with various lubricants, massage gels and food supplements in the form of capsules which will be used mainly to boost sexual endurance.


Stimulate your partner before switching to a Durex condom

Foreplay is essential before lovemaking. It will allow you to stimulate your partner in the right conditions. The possibilities are endless, such as masturbation, cunnilingus, fingering, light caresses on the intimate parts. Don't hesitate to whisper in her ear the different positions that you like the most or ask her what she would like. If you feel she's not ready for you yet, use a little lube.

Practicing anal sex with a Durex condom

Durex recommends using only a fairly thick condom for anal sex. The level of perception won't be compromised and you'll be protected in the best way possible. Even if the condom is already extra-lubricated, one thing you can do is add Perfect Gliss lube, which is specific to anal sex, to make penetration easier.

Put on and take off the Durex condom at the right time

It's all about communication, whether it's verbal or physical. Ask your partner if she wants you to put your condom on, or do it when you feel she's ready. Be careful! The penis must be erect. Once the act is completed, you have ejaculated and your sex is no longer in contact with your partner's, remove the condom and throw it away immediately.

Try unusual places without forgetting your Durex condom

Who hasn't fantasized about having sex in a really unusual place? Make it happen with your partner. No matter where (in the shower, in the pool, on the kitchen counter, in the toilet...), it not only spices up your married life, you will notably increase the feelings of pleasure. The excitement even reaches its peak just thinking that you can get caught at any moment. But don't forget to go out covered!

Protect yourself when having sex during your period

Do you think your partner's few days of period means you have to give up sex? Absolutely not! The proof is in the pudding, just place a clean towel on the bed so you don't stain the sheets. Knowing that sperm survive for 24 to 72 hours in the female genital tract, wearing a good Durex condom is a must. The most practical way to do this is directly in the shower. This way, you may be able to fulfill one of your fantasies or that of your partner.


How to calculate your Durex condom size?

You can measure your penis when it is erect. There are two ways to do this: either you use specific patterns for this purpose or you use a simple tape measure. The most important thing is to have the nominal width of the penis in addition to its length. Once you have its circumference, divide it by 3.14.

Which Durex condom to use for the first time?

There really isn't a Durex condom specifically designed for first times. So, you can totally use a classic style condom, the cheapest one, or opt for the ultra thin ones, the strawberry flavored ones... You just have to know how to open the package well and add lubricant so your partner doesn't feel any pain.

Is the Durex condom a good method of contraception?

All condoms, including the Durex brand, are a great way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. Likewise, it prevents you from unwanted pregnancies. It is important to know that these devices are designed to effectively cover the entire penis in order to collect the semen at the time of ejaculation. Therefore, there is no direct contact between the sexual fluids.

What is the largest Durex condom size?

At the moment, the largest condom from Durex is the Comfort XXL with a nominal width of 60 mm. Don't overestimate yourself! There are sizes slightly below that, namely the XL Power having a nominal width of 56 mm by 220 mm long or the Durex Pleasure Ultra. If you want a tighter fit, look for the Durex Love (52mm).


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