The best duffle coats for women in the UK 2023

Whether you're a fashionista or just a lover of good quality clothing, you've probably heard of the duffle coat as a closet basic. Even though winter is on its way out, it is still a useful fashion item in any season. This type of clothing can be difficult to choose despite its simplicity. Read our guide to find out more.

Women's Duffle Coat Schöffel 1

Best value for money

Women's Duffle Coat Schöffel

The best women's duffle coat in 2021

This duffle coat combines comfort and style. It can be worn in the winter as well as during the rainy season as it is waterproof. With its zipper-lined buttons, you can be sure to stay warm at all times.

240 £ on Amazon

Made by a renowned German brand, this duffle coat combines the comfort of a winter coat with the waterproofness of a parka. In rainy season or in the middle of winter, you will be protected and warmed up. It is made mainly of wool, which gives it a relaxed lightness. In addition, this duffle coat is cosy as can be. During the snowy days, it will be your best asset.

For hikes or outings in the high mountains, you can also wear it. Indeed, it has a zipper that will prevent the cold from invading you. You will also have buttons in addition to the zippers to ensure an optimal body temperature. Its various interior pockets make it very practical to put all your personal belongings.

Duffle coat with removable hood Wantdo 2

Best value for money

Duffle coat with removable hood Wantdo

The best entry-level women's duffle coat

If you like a bit of military style, this is the duffle coat for you. This model is versatile. It can be transformed into a coat on snowy days. And you will be warm even in the coldest moments of the year.

61,59 £ on Amazon

With cotton as the main material, this duffle coat offers comfort and warmth at a low price. On top of that, it is cozy. Its sherpa lining is a perfect insulator for the body during the harshest winters. In addition to its removable hood, this duffle coat also has a drawstring waist. Since it is adjustable, you can tighten it to keep warm or loosen it a bit to ventilate your body.

This military style duffle coat has several pockets to store the things you carry with you. If you're not a fan of carrying a bag, then this is the garment for you. The inside of the pockets are soft to the touch for even more comfort. It also has a windproof effect thanks to its double closure and horn buttons. Its style exudes unmatched class.

Cole Haan Wool Duffle Coat 3

Best premium value for money

Cole Haan Wool Duffle Coat

The best high-end women's duffle coat

This is the must have for winter. This duffle coat keeps you warm during your winter walks. Its 3/4 length has been designed to warm your whole body. Its hood and its fur at the level of your throat will offer you an unprecedented comfort.

419 £ on Amazon

This duffle coat from Cole Haan is made of wool. This gives you a soft, warm feeling while remaining lightweight. Plus, its hood is adorned with faux fur so you'll never catch a cold while wearing it. Despite all this, this duffle coat has an interesting price-quality ratio. This type of coat is ideal if you decide to merge elegance and simplicity to your outfit.

This is the kind of garment you should wear for business meetings in the middle of winter. But even in autumn, you will still remain chic by putting it on. The duffle coat gives a simple, classy and at the same time stylish look to your outfit. For a successful working girl look, add it to your next shopping list. Wear it with boots for a modern, yet chic look.

Montgomery Classic Duffle Coat 4

The best alternative

Montgomery Classic Duffle Coat

A great alternative

If you like to combine style and comfort, you won't be disappointed with this duffle coat from Montgomery. It is made of materials that will keep you warm all winter long or on rainy days. When you buy it, you'll have peace of mind for a long time as it's a timeless wardrobe staple.

239 £ on Amazon

Comfort is a quality that is noticeable at first glance for this duffle coat. It is made with wool and English tartan on the inside. This makes it both comfortable and practical. So you'll have no problem wearing it, it can accompany you through most of the fall and all winter.

Moreover, its sober color brings out theinnate elegance of this duffle coat. So you'll have a unique look while staying warm in it. For elegant or chic looks, this is the piece to add to your outfit. Its buttons are made with real horns, which adds more class to your outfit.

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Best duffle coat for women

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The best women's duffle coat in 2021

The best entry-level women's duffle coat

The best high-end women's duffle coat

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best duffle coats for women

Women's Duffle Coat Schöffel 5
Duffle coat with removable hood Wantdo 6
Cole Haan Wool Duffle Coat 7
Montgomery Classic Duffle Coat 8
Women's Duffle Coat Schöffel
Duffle coat with removable hood Wantdo
Cole Haan Wool Duffle Coat
Montgomery Classic Duffle Coat
This duffle coat combines comfort and style. It can be worn in the winter as well as during the rainy season as it is waterproof. With its zipper-lined buttons, you can be sure to stay warm at all times.
If you like a bit of military style, this is the duffle coat for you. This model is versatile. It can be transformed into a coat on snowy days. And you will be warm even in the coldest moments of the year.
This is the must have for winter. This duffle coat keeps you warm during your winter walks. Its 3/4 length has been designed to warm your whole body. Its hood and its fur at the level of your throat will offer you an unprecedented comfort.
If you like to combine style and comfort, you won't be disappointed with this duffle coat from Montgomery. It is made of materials that will keep you warm all winter long or on rainy days. When you buy it, you'll have peace of mind for a long time as it's a timeless wardrobe staple.
Thermal insulation
50% wool, 30% viscose, 20% polyester
Cotton outer shell and polyester sherpa fleece lining
Italian wool and tartan inside
S to XXL
34 to 44
30, 38
High-rise, navy blazer, gray
Green, blue, black
Bordeaux, camel, black, midnight

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Buying guide - duffle coat for women

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How to choose your duffle coat for women

The duffle coat is a piece to have imperatively in the closet of a woman. Style, fabric, color, material, all this is to be taken into account to bring out the best of our look. That's why you have to choose it carefully.

#1 - The length

The classic duffle coat is mid-length. That is, it reaches the middle of the thighs or below the knees. This length works very well for tall women. However, on petite and small women, it tends to pack the figure. So, if you're a little short, it's best to opt for a duffle coat that comes above your knee.

#2 - The cut

Opt for a demure, yet elegant cut. Duffle coats don't need too much detail. The main thing is that you feel warm while wearing it. So, prefer simple models, but with a zip closure. It's also better to choose a model with a faux fur hood to maximize comfort.

#3 - The material

Always go for quality, which means mainly wool, or at least cotton as a lining. In addition to keeping you warm, these are materials that give a touch of elegance to your outfit. You can also choose a mixture of wool with another material to avoid damaging it. Mixing wool with camel can for example be a great idea.

#4 - The color

As for the color, you can be bold and wear bright colors like orange, green or even some shades of blue. But if you want to be minimalist or classic, stick to neutral and especially sober tones like beige, brown or burgundy for more pizzazz. Finally, themed colors like army green or khaki is also trendy and can give you an authentic look.

#5 - The details

This is a criterion that you should not neglect when choosing your duffle coat. The buttons can be made of real horn or wood depending on your choice. You can even opt for velcro, which will offer ease of use. The hood can also look more stylish with faux fur. You can even have a belt around your waist.

How to wear the women's duffle coat in style?


The duffle coat can be worn in many different ways. Here are a few examples to give you a taste.

A casual chic look:

To add a chic touch to your everyday outfit, add the duffle coat. It looks great with jeans and a simple t-shirt. For your weekend outings or casual days at the office, you'll always be on top and on point with a duffle coat. The best is to wear it with trendy sneakers or even ankle boots to give modernity to this great classic.

The working-girl style:

Who doesn't love this style? The way you'll merge the elegance of the duffle coat with the seriousness of the working-girl is simply unique. It adds allure and character to your wardrobe. And what better way to complete your working-girl outfit collection than with a duffle coat? You can wear it with a nice dress or a pair of tailored pants, accompanied by small boots and you're done. For this kind of style, you can also opt for good quality pumps and bags. After all, you'll look classy and trendy all year round. These two wardrobe basics will be the elegant touches that the duffle coat will need.

The masculine-feminine look

As many know, the duffle coat is a military-inspired coat. To have an androgynous outfit as it should be, wear a duffle coat for the chic touch. You can pair it with a loose white shirt and boyfriend jeans to showcase this style. Flat shoes are best for the androgynous style.

The schoolboy style

This is a look that takes us back in time. Back to the days when we had an early morning chill on the first day of school. Worn with a plaid skirt and a white shirt, the duffle coat will bring warmth and comfort to this baby doll and retro look. As a schoolboy, the right type of shoes for this style is rather light. Thus, you can wear it with white sneakers to have a classic schoolboy style in good form.

The different types of duffle coats for women

There are several types of duffle coats, between the classic versions or revisited, the choice is sometimes difficult. But it is necessary to keep in mind your morphology and your size to choose well. Don't forget your personality either.

The classic duffle coat

The classic duffle coat has a hood and buttons made of real horn or wood. This is its basic version, which is military inspired. Internal pockets and usually a zipper make it easy to wear. Its length is usually at the knee or mid-thigh. This is referred to as a ¾ length coat. This is to keep you warm from head to toe. By the way, the duffle coat is usually worn with boots. This classic version is therefore ideal for women over 1.60 meters. But the smaller ones are not left out, so many new models are emerging for all morphologies.

The modern duffle coat

There are several versions of the modern duffle coat. The most common is the short version made for women of small or small sizes. Thanks to this, the body will be highlighted without the person looking too small in the coat. This style of duffle coat looks a bit like a jacket. However, these models keep their essence, which is the cozy hood, multiple pockets and wooden or horn buttons. It is simply a minimalist version of the classic duffle coat.

The duffle coat that converts to a coat

There are also the kinds of duffle coats that can be transformed into a classic coat or jacket. To do this, you just need to remove the hood. Thanks to this, the model becomes passe-partout. Now you can wear it more often since it will be lighter. This is the most modern version of the duffle coat to date. We must not forget the duffle-coat inspired raincoat. It has even become a trend lately.

Duffle-coat or pea coat?

The duffle coat

The duffle coat is a coat that is very well suited for winter. With the windproof system it provides, you will be warm during your walks in the mountains or in the forest. Its multiple pockets, and its hood will make sure that you never run out of warmth. In addition, it is waterproof, so it can be worn during the rainy season.

The pea jacket

For a stylish winter, the caban is much more ideal. It perfectly fits your curves and offers a very chic version of feminine style. It is shorter than the duffle coat, lighter and therefore warmer than the English coat. Moreover, the coat does not have a hood. There are several types of coats, but the most popular is the classic navy style. The coat can be worn with any type of clothing.


Whether it's the peacoat or the duffle coat, these coats both add a touch of style and elegance to outfits. These clothes bring comfort and warmth in the heart of winter. But to stay warmer, and to avoid rain or snow, it is better to prefer the duffle-coat. Versatile, it is suitable for all types of situations.

Why buy a duffle coat?

Inspired by the military, the duffel coat has a masculine side that few women dare to wear for style. But much more than a fashion piece or a warm coat, this garment has everything to be an essential in your wardrobe. Here is why!

Its elegance

This is what strikes you first when you want to buy a duffle coat. Also known as the "English Class Coat", the duffle coat exudes that chic and elegant look. So, whether you are in the office, in town or in the evening, this type of coat will suit you perfectly. You will always be classy and comfortable in your skin with this model.

Its warmth

Buying a duffle coat will guarantee you warmth, even in winter. Say goodbye to chills when you travel. Its many pockets, as well as its solid closures will make sure that you are warm all winter long, and even all year long.

Its lightness

Contrary to popular belief, the duffle coat is a lightweight outerwear. It is often made of wool or cotton, so you won't feel the weight of a heavy coat on you. Even with its furry hood, it is not bulky.

Its waterproofness

Duffle coats are known for their waterproof property. They are designed both to help you withstand the winter and its snow, but also the rainy days. You will be able to walk quietly in the forest or in town, even if the sky is not nice.

Its versatility

Some models of duffle coats can be transformed into a sleeveless or hoodless coat or jacket to suit the mid-season. However, even in its original form, the duffle coat is suitable for all types of events. Whether it's for special occasions or informal outings, you'll always be on trend when wearing it. Besides, there are few types of shoes that do not go with this type of coat.

The best brands of duffle coats for women

In our opinion, the best brands of duffle coats for women in 2022 are :

Cole Haan

Schöffel is a world leader in the manufacture of outdoor clothing, including duffle coats. In collaboration with Gore-Tex, the brand produces textiles of exceptional technical quality, being waterproof, windproof and breathable at the same time. There's no doubt about it, Schöffel duffle coats will offer you all the comfort and safety you need.

This brand is particularly known for its outdoor fashion items. With many years of experience in the textile industry, Wantdo is the leading supplier of authentic and technologically advanced sportswear. Its duffle coats are sure to delight you with their innovative design and excellent finish.

Greatly known for its shoes, Cole Haan also produces many other accessories for women and men, including bags and clothing. It is the leading brand in American duffle coats. Customers appreciate the quality of the fabrics used, the elegance of the cut and the warmth provided.

The Montgomery brand has specialized for many years in the manufacture of duffle coats. Originally, the products were intended for sailors and soldiers, but the general public quickly appropriated this medium length coat with large wooden buttons. Original and stylish, Montgomery duffle coats are highly prized by many Europeans.

Gloverall is a must-have duffle coat brand. Created in 1951, it quickly became a style icon from the 1960s onwards. Gloverall duffle coats are suitable for any clientele, be it women, men or children. They come in a variety of quality models to suit all tastes and needs.

What is the price for a duffle coat for women

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

75 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 500 £
more than 500 £
Price range diagram


Go for wool to stay warm

Wool is well known for keeping you from getting cold in winter. And why not add that comfort with your duffle coat? At least, you can turn to models that combine other fabrics like cotton or nylon with your wool duffle coat.

Make sure you're comfortable in your duffle coat

For this, choose cotton linings for maximum comfort. Indeed, some fabrics even in lining can cause itching.

Avoid baggy pants so you don't ruin your look

The duffle coat being a rather wide coat, it would be a fashion faux-pas to associate it with wide pants. Instead, choose a closer fitting bottom like a slim jean.

Don't forget that the duffle coat is the centerpiece of your outfit

So choose minimalist accessories and basic outfits to pair your signature piece. Wear it with just jeans or a dress. Avoid too flashy accessories.

Care for your duffle coat

Wool clothing is rather fragile. So be careful to read the instructions on the label. The most recommended is dry cleaning.


What do you call the buttons on duffle coats?

The buttons of the duffle coat are called walrus fangs because of their shape so characteristic of this type of coat. They are usually made of horn, bone, wood or even plastic. These buttons are mostly attached to jute rope or leather webbing. These buttons are shaped like this to make the duffle coat as easy to take off as it is to put on.

Who invented duffle coats?

Duffle coats were invented in the late 19th century by an Englishman named John Partridge. It was a coat intended for the military at first. But over time, civilians and women adopted it until today they have become a fashion item and even a wardrobe basic.

Is a duffle coat waterproof?

Yes, the duffle coat is waterproof. Made for the most part with heavy carded wools, it is perfect for protecting you from strong winds, snow and rain. Remember that it was a sailor's uniform when it was first made. Also, it is made to withstand the weather well.

What season should you wear a duffle coat?

The duffle coat is a winter coat. It keeps you warm at the same time as it gives elegance to your outfit. As a wardrobe basic, it goes perfectly with most styles no matter what season you wear it in, fall or winter.


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Women's Duffle Coat Schöffel 9
Women's Duffle Coat Schöffel
Duffle coat with removable hood Wantdo 10
Duffle coat with removable hood Wantdo
Cole Haan Wool Duffle Coat 11
Cole Haan Wool Duffle Coat
Montgomery Classic Duffle Coat 12
Montgomery Classic Duffle Coat


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