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Beauty corner of the bedroom where admiring oneself is recommended, the dressing table, much more than a simple piece of furniture, is a space where one takes care of oneself, where one stores beauty products and where one also works sometimes. How to choose this furniture which has the gift to bring a chic and feminine touch in the bedroom? We tell you everything in this guide and comparison of the best dressing tables of the year.

Hairdresser Marilyne 1

Best value for money

Hairdresser Marilyne

The best vintage wooden dressing table

This dressing table is named after a mythical diva, which already implies the glamour and chic that it exudes! Its oval mirror and its antique drawers will convince you.

152 £ on Conforama

This dressing table will bring cachet to your bedroom. Its wood design already gives it a certain prestige, but its light grey tone will brighten up the room even more. Nevertheless, the main asset of this dressing table remains the glamorous and vintage charm it gets from its oval mirror, held by 2 clamps, and its curved legs. The angle of the mirror can be adjusted according to the light and the height of the dressing table seat you choose.

For the practical side, this furniture is functional. Two small drawers are placed on both sides of the table and border a niche where you can store your perfumes and makeup products. The niche opens onto a clear space that you can use as you wish. Just below, you have a large storage drawer. The whole thing is 80 cm wide, 40 cm deep and 133.5 cm high; compact enough dimensions for this dressing table to fit into small bedrooms.

Dressing table with drawers Vasagle 2

Best value for money

Dressing table with drawers Vasagle

The best dressing table with a cheap triple mirror

Brighten up your bedroom with this all-white, feminine design dressing table with drawers. The Vasagle has 2 mirrors, allowing you to look at yourself from multiple angles.

133 £ on Conforama

A mix of MDF and solid wood has given this Vasagle dressing table a classic, feminine design. Its white color is only nuanced by the antique metal handles of its drawers. In addition to its very comfortable padded stool, the main argument of this dressing table remains its 3 mirrors; the 2 that border the one in the center are adjustable. You will be able to admire yourself from different angles without having to turn your head.

The different storage spaces of this dressing table are also part of its charm. Just close the 2 side mirrors on the main mirror to discover 8 hooks to hang your necklaces. Just below, you have a line of 4 small drawers overhung by niches and bordered by 2 trays carved for brushes. The dressing table also has 3 other drawers placed on its main front.

Sweet 5 drawer corner dresser 3

Best premium value for money

Sweet 5 drawer corner dresser

The best high-end corner dressing table

The luxurious and modern charm of this top-of-the-line Sweet corner dressing table will make you happy. You will be seduced by the originality of the opening (more than 180°!) of its 5 drawers.

309 £ on Conforama

When you want more space in the bedroom, you invest in a compact corner dressing table like the Sweet. Its geometric lines are easily seduced by the modern and luxurious look of the room. And in search of perfection: this dressing table is equipped with 3 mirrors, including a central one and 2 others on the sides for good profile views. These side mirrors are also supported by shelves where you can display photos and knickknacks.

Under the large platform of this dressing table, the space is divided in two. On one side, you have a small hidden shelf where you will store your books and notepads. On the other side, you have a cascade of 5 drawers each held by a single hinge to allow for opening up to over 180°. Moreover, it is on this original design that this dressing table made of melamine and ABS puts all its potential.

White dressing table with LED 4

With LED lights

White dressing table with LED

The best dressing table with a lighted mirror

The rather basic design of this white dressing table is clearly enhanced by the presence of the mirror lined with LED lights. Impossible to miss your makeup with this device!

200 £ on Conforama

Because makeup requires great precision, you can fine-tune it at will thanks to the illuminated mirror of this dressing table. No imperfection will escape you thanks to the 10 LED lamps around the mirror, thanks to which you can obtain a warm or cold light (2700 to 6500 K) depending on the lighting of your bedroom. The lamps are 10W each and IP20 rated, and are mains operated. The 120 cm power cable is already included.

Apart from the lighting, this dressing table has a simple and basic design. On both sides of the illuminated mirror, you have shelves to store your beauty products, your knick-knacks and your photos. The front of the table, meanwhile, hosts 2 large drawers with push closures. The dressing table has dimensions of 40 x 108 x 142 cm. It is compatible with a stool and a dressing table seat with backrest.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best dressing table

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The best vintage wooden dressing table

The best dressing table with a cheap triple mirror

The best high-end corner dressing table

The best dressing table with a lighted mirror

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Comparison table of the best hairdressers

Hairdresser Marilyne 5
Dressing table with drawers Vasagle 6
Sweet 5 drawer corner dresser 7
White dressing table with LED 8
Hairdresser Marilyne
Dressing table with drawers Vasagle
Sweet 5 drawer corner dresser
White dressing table with LED
This dressing table is named after a mythical diva, which already implies the glamour and chic that it exudes! Its oval mirror and its antique drawers will convince you.
Brighten up your bedroom with this all-white, feminine design dressing table with drawers. The Vasagle has 2 mirrors, allowing you to look at yourself from multiple angles.
The luxurious and modern charm of this top-of-the-line Sweet corner dressing table will make you happy. You will be seduced by the originality of the opening (more than 180°!) of its 5 drawers.
The rather basic design of this white dressing table is clearly enhanced by the presence of the mirror lined with LED lights. Impossible to miss your makeup with this device!
MDF and solid wood
Melamine and ABS
40 x 80 x 133.5 cm
40 x 90 x 148 cm
38 x 113.5 x 142 cm
40 x 108 x 142 cm
1 (oval)
3 (2 adjustable)
3 (2 sides)
1 (lit)
Vintage and glamorous
Classic and feminine
Modern and luxurious

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Buying guide - dressing table

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How to choose your dressing table

The dressing table is an essential piece of furniture in a woman's beauty ritual. However, you must take into account the following criteria when choosing.

#1 - The material of manufacture

The choice of the material conditions the life of the dressing table. Most models are made of wood (oak, beech...) or imitation wood such as medium density fiberboard called MDF. Aesthetic and resistant, solid wood remains timeless. Whether stained or varnished, this noble material has everything to please. And to get out of the ordinary, you can opt for a metal dressing table, rather rare.

#2 - The dimensions

When choosing the dressing table, make sure that the dimensions of the furniture are suitable for the space in which you will place it. A dressing table that's too large will clutter the room and impede movement. You don't want it to be too small either. Otherwise, it will not be able to accommodate all the beauty accessories. Not to mention the fact that a dressing table that is too small will look more like a toy than a real piece of furniture!

#3 - The proposed storage space

When you have the idea of buying a dressing table, the main purpose is to store your hair accessories and beauty products. Thus, it is recommended to bet on a piece of furniture equipped with many drawers. You can also choose a dressing table with a large tray and shelves allowing you to also display perfumes, lotions or even pretty personal items.

#4 - The design

It's all

about color, shape and finishes


There are also rustic, baroque or romantic style models. With these varied choices, it will be possible for you to opt for a dressing table that matches your room's decoration and reflects your personality. For example, for a rustic decor, solid wood is a better choice. Otherwise, dressing tables with contemporary designs go well with most decorations.

#5 - With or without a chair?

It's important that your dressing table stool is comfortable and stable. Given that styling and makeup sessions can last several minutes. Sitting on it for fifteen minutes or so is not easy if the cushion is poorly padded. Some models offer an adjustable height chair while others do not provide a chair.

The different types of hairdressers

A wide choice of hairdressers exists on the market. According to the morphology, we can divide them into 3 types.

Classic hairdresser

Inspired by period furniture, the classic dressing table is very popular because of its elegance. It still has a mirror and drawers for storing styling items, makeup, perfume, jewelry, etc. It is the most practical type of dressing table for those who have a lot of accessories.

However, this type of dressing table can have some drawbacks. The screws of some models are subject to problems because of their fragility. To this end, the furniture does not withstand too much rough handling and this may tip everything over. In this case, finding another means of attachment is necessary.

Mirrorless hairdressing


type of dressing table only offers a table and possibly a chair. You will need to purchase a mirror separately. Its construction allows you to insert a stool (sometimes not included) to sit on. This model is best suited for those who already have a mirror. And if not, you will have to buy it separately to make the most of the beauty.

Its main advantage is its affordability. In addition, this dressing table is customizable, since the user will be able to choose the mirror that suits her. If it is large, it can also be used as a desk. However, the lack of special decoration makes this furniture too simple and unattractive.

Dressing table

The dressing table commode is a chest of drawers topped with a mirror. Made of MDF panel or solid wood, this type of dressing table has the advantage of being able to accommodate many objects thanks to its many spacious drawers. Their arrangement gives cachet to the dressing table and by extension enhances the elegance of your room.

You can also take advantage of its large tray to store all your jewelry and accessories. Its disadvantage is that it has no legroom and does not allow you to sit in front of it. This dressing table does not come with a matching stool.

The little extras that make a difference

When buying a dressing table, you can find different extra options not to be overlooked such as small drawers for jewelry, drawers with a small lock, necklace hooks and hairbrush holders.

Dressing table or dressing table?


The dressing table is a piece of furniture specially dedicated to hair and make-up that generally offers numerous storage spaces such as drawers, trays and shelves. These allow you to group beauty products, styling accessories and jewellery so that you can have them quickly at hand if you need them. This piece of furniture can be integrated into any room, but many women prefer to place it in the bedroom to avoid the clutter in the bathroom.

With or without a mirror, the dressing table is always practical for bringing order to the room and adding a decorative touch. Made of wood or particle board, it also has the advantage of being able to serve as a work surface, desk or console. The disadvantage of this piece of furniture is that it is difficult to find a material other than wood or imitation wood.

Toilet table

The dressing table is a piece of bathroom furniture that looks like a dressing table. It is intended to store toiletries and can also accommodate beauty products and other ablutions. This furniture is usually equipped with drawers, a tray and a mirror. There are duchess dressing tables inspired by the old period furniture. Other models are composed of a lower part with many drawers on top of each other, called "commode dressing tables". The most luxurious models offer a table and a shelf in marble.

Having a dressing table in the bathroom has many advantages. It allows you to organize your toiletries and beauty products without cluttering up the space. All your belongings are within easy reach while you are bathing and getting ready. The only disadvantage is that you have to be careful with the material when you buy it, as some of them are not resistant to humidity.


The dressing table and dressing table are all practical and functional. It's up to you to find the one that suits you best depending on your needs, the size of the room and the number of people living in the house. If you want to enhance the decor of your room, whether it is small or large, and many people use the bathroom, buy a dressing table. If you have a spacious bathroom and few people use it, the dressing table is recommended.

Why buy a dressing table?

For hair and make-up

A hairdressing machine turns hair and make-up sessions into a real pleasure. Installed in the bedroom, in the hallway or in the bathroom, it allows both women and men to look their best.

If women find happiness in front of the mirror of this piece of furniture to look at themselves, to put on their make-up, to do their hair or even to put on perfume, men can also use it to comb their hair, to shave as well as to adjust their tie or their clutch.

The hairdresser thus offers a real invitation to take care of oneself in a subtle way. It facilitates the daily life of women, who are naturally concerned about their appearance and beauty.

To limit clutter

In addition to its main function as beauty furniture, the dressing table also helps to limit clutter in the bathroom or bedroom thanks to its various available storage spaces.

With its spacious table and drawers, the user will find a suitable place for styling accessories and beauty items such as lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes, powders and skin creams.

With this storage equipment, women will have no difficulty in searching or choosing their useful items, but everything is at hand. Indeed, the dressing table is a better help for women to maintain order and to avoid delay when going out.

To enhance the decor of the room

Very functional and aesthetic, the dressing table remains among the most refined and timeless furniture of all times. The acquisition of a dressing table is recommended to furnish a room, and to create a more feminine and cosy atmosphere.

It brings a decorative and refined touch to the interior, especially if you can add a lighting kit. The manufacturers do not cease proposing styles as design as functional to answer all the waitings as regards decoration.


Find the right location

The best place to install a dressing table in the bedroom is to put it parallel to the sitting direction of the bed, because if you install it in front of the bed or somewhere else, you may be panicked by the image in the mirror.

Take care of the stool


stool of a dressing table usually has padding. In order to keep this chair clean, it is necessary to dust it every day. Dusting can be done with a clean cloth or by using a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Consider the dressing table material


cleaning and maintenance of the dressing table depends on its nature. For waxed wood, for example, simply use a microfiber cloth to remove dust and dirt. The varnished wood dressing table is easy to clean, as a soft cloth is enough to make your dressing table shine. For the mirror, just spray with water on its surface and rub gently, then dry with a dry cloth.

Always keep in mind the available surface


are the dressing tables that do not exceed 100 cm in length, so it is not difficult to find a model suitable for a small room. Opting for a corner dressing table is also another solution to optimize space occupation with ease.

Show off your hairdresser


the dressing table with an array of boxes or beauty cases is not a good idea to make it stand out, but rather prefer cool decorative items like a bouquet of fresh flowers or a candle



What is the best hairdresser?

The best dressing table depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How to clean a white dressing table properly?

A white dressing table is easily soiled by traces of make-up. Over time, it also tends to turn yellow. To restore the colour of your white dressing table to its original state, you can use a mixture of water and baking soda. Apply this mixture to the furniture and rub lightly with a non-abrasive sponge.

How to customize a dressing table mirror?

Whether your dressing table mirror is round, oval or rectangle, it is possible to personalize it according to your desires. All it takes is a little imagination and a few inexpensive accessories to create a beautiful decor for your home. You can put a LED light garland at the edge of the mirror. A ramp of spotlights and a wall lamp with adjustable arm are also very trendy.

Why use good lighting when using a dressing table?

A good lighting is very necessary to facilitate the vision of the least imperfection on the face and to have a very precise make-up. If the dressing table does not have built-in lighting, place it as close as possible to a window to take advantage of natural light. You can also put bulbs on the sides of the mirror to perfectly illuminate your face.

How long does it take to assemble a dressing table?

The time required to assemble a dressing table depends on the model. Most models offer a tray with drawers already assembled, all that remains is to assemble the legs and the mirror. Some others are delivered pre-assembled. There are also models that require the entire dressing table to be assembled. In this case, don't forget to check the assembly manual that should be provided to guide you through the assembly. If you are not skilled in this area, choose a piece of furniture with easy installation.


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Hairdresser Marilyne
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Dressing table with drawers Vasagle
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Sweet 5 drawer corner dresser
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White dressing table with LED


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