The best double sleeping bags in the UK 2023

The double sleeping bag has two main advantages. It allows two people to sleep together, which saves an extra bag. In addition, it eases the burden on the camper. However, not all models are created equal. To avoid falling for bad quality, read our guide to the best double sleeping bags.

Fundago extra large 1

Best value for money

Fundago extra large

The best double sleeping bag in 2021

Sure, the Fundago is expensive. But considering its quality and comfort, you get what you pay for.

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The Fundago can be used in both summer and winter. This extra large double sleeping bag can accommodate children or adults. It is surprisingly light despite its size and has built-in pillows! You can use it for mountain vacations, camping or hiking with your partner, friends or family.

The down filling is thick and resists well to low temperatures. The materials used breathe quality. The interior is surprisingly soft and cozy. As for the small pillows, you either like them or you don't. But this does not detract from their practicality. This sleeping bag is at the same time a sheet, a comforter and a pillow for 2 people. Enough to justify its price.

Active Forever 2

Best value for money

Active Forever

The best entry-level double sleeping bag

Despite its 3.4 kg on the scale, the Active Forever remains a best-seller in terms of double sleeping bag. Its price and comfort are its main assets.

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For less than 40 euros, you can afford the Active Forever. Don't let the reviews fool you, this is one of the best selling double sleeping bag models. With dimensions of 210 x 150 cm, it benefits from a detachable double comforter. This allows it to withstand temperatures below 10°C.

Intended for adults but also for children, this double sleeping bag is made of 210 T polyester, with sleeping bag lining for cold weather. The coated shell brings softness, waterproofing and tear resistance to the Active Forever. Machine washable, this double sleeping bag suffers from its 3.4 kg weight.


A great choice


A great value for money

Comfortable and cozy, the TOMSHOO keeps you warm. Its double down padding provides great comfort.

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Usable between -5 and 10 °C, the TOMSHOO double sleeping bag is perfectly waterproof. The fabric is made of 190 T polyester with brushed fabric lining. Comfortable and cozy, the sleeping bag fulfills its function very well. It offers 2 real places, not like some models that have a double only in name.

Note that the double comforter is detachable. The 2 pillows are useful, even if they do not replace real pillows. In addition, the TOMSHOO takes up much less space than 2 sleeping bags. It is a model recommended for hikes and bivouacs. Very good quality/price ratio compared to the models on the market.

Reehut 4

Very good


The most comfortable

Because of its size, the Reehut is a sleeping bag designed for large bodies. Beware, it does not resist very low temperatures.

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With dimensions of 221 x 150 cm, the Reehut is an excellent sleeping bag for 2 people. It keeps you warm at less than 10°C, thanks to the tetron/cotton outer lining. However, you should plan to add an extra cost if the temperature is close to 0°C. Weighing 300 g and certified waterproof, this model is long enough to accommodate tall people.

As for sturdiness, the seams hold perfectly. Like many double sleeping bags, the usefulness of the built-in pillows depends on the user. For cleaning, the Reehut is machine washable but not tumble dry. Despite this, it dries very quickly.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best double sleeping bag

Any specific needs?

The best double sleeping bag in 2021

The best entry-level double sleeping bag

A great value for money

The most comfortable

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Comparison table of the best double sleeping bags

Fundago extra large 5
Active Forever 6
Reehut 8
Fundago extra large
Active Forever
Sure, the Fundago is expensive. But considering its quality and comfort, you get what you pay for.
Despite its 3.4 kg on the scale, the Active Forever remains a best-seller in terms of double sleeping bag. Its price and comfort are its main assets.
Comfortable and cozy, the TOMSHOO keeps you warm. Its double down padding provides great comfort.
Because of its size, the Reehut is a sleeping bag designed for large bodies. Beware, it does not resist very low temperatures.
Designed for temperatures down to 0°C
Comfortable and cozy
Large enough for 2 people
Lightweight (300 g)
Weight (3.4 kg)
Pillows are fairly flat
A blanket or comforter should be added if the temperature is near 0°C

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Buying guide - double sleeping bag

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How to choose your double sleeping bag

You don't want to spend a bad night camping, do you? Then invest in a double sleeping bag, an accessory that will be as indispensable as your tent. Its choice should not be made at random, you must take into account these few factors:
choisir sac de couchage double

#1 - Usage

A model intended for camping will not be the same as one specific to mountaineering. The double sleeping bag can be adapted to different climates, whether they are mild or harsh. Take into consideration the weather conditions of the place where you plan to camp and adapt the double sleeping bag to your situation. If you plan to carry it in your hiking backpack or to sleep in a bivouac, reduce the bulk by choosing a down sleeping bag. On the other hand, it is preferable to choose a synthetic model when camping in a wet environment. In any case, we recommend a model that is both water and wind resistant.

#2 - Padding

More specifically, you should pay special attention to the filling of your double sleeping bag since it is the element that will best insulate you from the cold ground. Having for main role to prevent the air contained inside the bag from escaping, the padding is chosen according to the climatic conditions of the camping place. The better it is, the more comfortable you will be. In this sense, here are the characteristics of the most common materials:

  • Down : goose or duck down is a material capable of trapping a good amount of air. The insulation/weight ratio is optimal. It offers excellent compressibility and durability. However, down tends to absorb moisture, which limits its insulating capacity considerably.
  • Synthetic fiber : With this type of padding (hollow, rolled or natural down-like fibers) the thermal insulation remains effective even if the sleeping bag is wet. It is much heavier and bulkier than down despite its ease of care and affordability.

#3 - Weight

The weight of your double sleeping bag will matter. Naturally, it is heavier compared to a single sleeping bag. The amount and type of padding, as well as the design of the bag, will influence the quality of the insulation. Keep in mind that "heavy" does not always mean "warm."

#4 - Temperature rating

Available on the label and/or packaging, it defines how effective the double sleeping bag is at keeping you warm at a certain temperature. In practice, if the rating is "-6 °", it means that the bag will always perform well as long as the ambient temperature does not fall below 6 °. The models are classified as follows:

  • Comfort temperature: at 5°C, you can get into a "relaxed" position without feeling the cold.
  • Comfort limit temperature: at 0°C, in a fetal position.
  • Extreme temperature: -5°C, these are the double cold sleeping bags, ideal if there is a risk of hypothermia.

#5 - Additional options

Some designers offer little extras that you're sure to love, including pillows. They are ultra-practical and give you the opportunity to reduce the bulk when carrying. In addition, there are double sleeping bags that can be converted into 2 individual bags. This would be great if you often argue with your other half when you go alone...

How to clean your double sleeping bag?

Cleaning your sleeping bag is part of the necessary maintenance to keep it in good condition as long as possible. First of all, it is imperative to take the time to carefully read the instructions provided by the manufacturer, which are either on the label or on the storage bag. Indeed, the cleaning of your sleeping bag depends on its composition. You must therefore have this information to know the precautions to take.

You have the choice between machine or hand cleaning. We will take the synthetic fiber sleeping bag as an example. If you want to put it in the machine, you should choose the delicate program, with a maximum temperature of 40 degrees. Do not forget to turn your sleeping bag inside out and close all the zippers beforehand.

To clean by hand, it is recommended to use a tub of hot water, about 40 degrees. To do this, pour a cap and a half of detergent without softener in there. Indeed, you can change the dose depending on the state of the stains. Then, you must rub the stains lightly with a sponge. Finally, rinse the sleeping bag thoroughly. For the drying, it can be done in the air or also in the dryer.

If you choose to air dry, you must open your sleeping bag and place it on a flat surface. Remember to turn it over often so that it is completely dry on both sides. If you choose to use a tumble dryer, use a very low temperature program. Finally, store your sleeping bag in a dry place away from UV rays.

Rectangle or sarcophagus shaped double sleeping bag?

Double sleeping bag in rectangle shape

It is a sleeping bag with the same shape as the bed, i.e. rectangle. Like the models made for one person, it has the advantage of being spacious. As a result, their users feel much more comfort, because they can move their feet. The possibility of using pillows also contributes to more comfort. Its use is especially suitable for people who practice camping.

Regarding the season of use, some of them can be used in winter as well as in summer. Moreover, you can open it and turn it into a blanket when it is not too cold. However, due to its somewhat large and bulky size, your bodies take longer to warm up the air inside. It is the latter that actually keeps you warm. The bulkier it is, the longer it takes to warm up. Also, this type of bag is heavier.

Double sleeping bag in the shape of a sarcophagus

Like the simple model, this sleeping bag resembles the sarcophagus of mummified pharaohs. It is the hikers who often make this kind of sleeping bag. And it is especially adapted for the winter. It follows the morphology of your two bodies. The space between the latter and its walls is reduced. Therefore, it keeps you warmer. Your head will also remain protected from the cold because it is equipped with hoods.

In addition, the sarcophagus-shaped double sleeping bag is lighter, more compact and less bulky. However, its size and shape are a problem for some. Indeed, it is narrower at the feet. Because of this, it limits the movement of your lower limbs. This is uncomfortable for those who are restless when they sleep. On the other hand, it provides a feeling of claustrophobia.


The choice between these two models of double sleeping bag must be based on your needs, but also on your preference. Choose the first one for the comfort it offers. Go for the second one if you are looking for optimal warmth.


Air dry it out

Maintain your double sleeping bag to ensure a long life. After cleaning and rinsing your double sleeping bag, dry it in the shade by opening it completely. In fact, the sun's ultraviolet rays could damage the sleeping bag's materials, whether it's made of synthetic fibers or down.

Wrap yourself completely in your double sleeping bag

During the winter, the comforter is the main thing to protect yourself from the cold. Very little used, the double sleeping bag can be the solution to keep you really warm. With a zipper system, the bag helps fight off drafts. Warm up and enjoy your time together by enjoying each other's body heat and wrapping yourself completely in it.

Wear socks and a hat

During a camping trip, you may be faced with wind or adverse weather conditions. Take along and wear socks for your feet as well as a hat for your head to properly enjoy the gracious warmth inside the sleeping bag. Have soft, comfortable nights like those in your real bed.

Don't forget your pillow

For added comfort, bring a pillow with you. Otherwise, take advantage of double sleeping bags with built-in pillows. You won't need to bring pillows in this case, in addition to the many camping essentials for comfort.

Always carry a sleeping bag sheet

Know that a sleeping bag does not produce heat. It only retains heat from your body. So use a sheet before sliding into the sleeping bag. Choose a silk sleeping bag sheet. It will only optimize the heat inside.


How to sleep peacefully in a double sleeping bag?

This starts with the right choice of sleeping bag and especially the filling. To get a good night's sleep in a double sleeping bag, air it out for a few dozen minutes before you slip into it. You can also optimize the experience by using a silky sheet and a fairly comfortable pillow.

How to maintain a double sleeping bag?

To maintain a double sleeping bag, you'll need to air dry it from time to time. It will also need to be cleaned. If you have opted for a bag filled with feathers or down, it is best to proceed with machine washing on a delicate program. If the filling is synthetic, you can machine wash it at 30°.

Which down is best on a double sleeping bag?

The filling of your double sleeping bag is made of down or synthetic fibers. Choose based on bulk and your needs. If bulk is not an issue and there is no risk of the bag getting wet, goose down fillings will work fine. If you need a small footprint and risk the bag getting wet, go for synthetic down fillings.

Which filling is suitable for a double sleeping bag for camping?

If you are going camping, go for goose down fillings. If you're going camping, choose bags filled with goose down because it's more insulating than synthetic down. Goose feathers are the best fillings available right now. They are used in bags for mountaineering and for activities in areas with harsh weather conditions. You can also use duck down.


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