17 twin beds to sleep well

Modular and spacious, the twin bed offers a more comfortable alternative, worthy of a large hotel room bed in a double configuration. Very practical, this type of bed can be integrated into any room configuration.

In fact, twin beds are available in widths from 70 to 180 cm. They are available for both adults and children. Installed in a guest room, this type of bed allows to face last minute guests. And in a child's room, it offers enough room for a friend or another sibling.

If you have several children in the same room and lack of space, the twin bed allows you to divide the beds while maintaining a unity in the decoration. They are available as single beds, bunk beds, or trundle beds. Here are 17 selections of twin beds that can meet your needs and expectations.

En Casa 2 places 1

En Casa 2 places

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It is a twin bed made of pine measuring 180 x 200 cm. The price is around 200 euros, with the defects that go with it. The article has a slatted base and a mattress of 200 x 180 cm.

Idimex Ronny 2

Idimex Ronny

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manufactured by Idimex, the set of 2 bunk beds Ronny measures 90 cm x 200 cm each. They are made of solid pine wood, able to support adults. We like the varnished finish. A practical bed, but not exceptional.

JJSFJH 180 x 200 cm 3

JJSFJH 180 x 200 cm

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This model measures 180 x 200 cm and features a solid metal frame that does not require a box spring. Easy to assemble, this item comes with all parts and tools.

VBARV Queen Size 4

VBARV Queen Size

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The VBARV Queen Size has a solid wood structure, but without paint. No risk of allergy for your children. In addition, the material used is resistant to corrosion, parasites, water and insects. An anti-bite strip will even prevent your children from biting the bed.

Evolving twin bed ROS Furniture 5

Evolving twin bed ROS Furniture

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Available in oak, white or pumpkin, this Meubles Ros twin bed offers 94 x 62 cm of sleeping space. It is made from engineered wood and features metal runners with a silent closing system. Attention to assembly!

Kid bedding Mati 6

Kid bedding Mati

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This bunk bed for children is separable into 2 independent beds. Each bed offers a 90 x 190 cm bedding, with wood and MDF bed structure. Safety gates are provided to protect the youngest.

Filoben orthopedic beds 7

Filoben orthopedic beds

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Filoben offers this set of 2 orthopedic metal beds that can be assembled to form a bunk bed. The structure is suitable for both children and adults. Moreover, one of the beds can support up to 120 kg with a height of 150 cm.

Fassoli Shop Bunk Bed 8

Fassoli Shop Bunk Bed

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In the same vein as the Filoben, Fassolia Shop has designed a bunk bed that can be separated into 2 beds of 80 x 190 cm each. In addition to the black offered here, you can specify other colors when ordering. The metal structure is not suitable for adults.

Interbeds Hermes 9

Interbeds Hermes

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The Interbeds Hermes combines a sofa, a single bed, a double bed and 2 storage drawers. It is the ideal solution if you are short of space. To sleep, simply pull the base of the bed out and it will change into a double bed. By adding some soft cushions as a backrest, the bed becomes a sofa!

Weber Industries Swing 10

Weber Industries Swing

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Offering a sleeping surface of 90 x 190 cm, this trundle bed includes a visible bed and another bed hidden in a drawer. The legs of the latter are foldable, which adds to its discretion. The Swing's frame is made of wood with a white finish, as are the two box springs.

Coreme trundle bed 11

Coreme trundle bed

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Measuring 80 x 190 cm each, the beds that make up the Coreme trundle set shine with their robustness. The structure is made of metal and each bed base is made of wood. And the price at which it is proposed makes it very interesting, and this despite the absence of mattress.

Bekker trundle bed 12

Bekker trundle bed

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This light grey trundle bed has 2 beds of 90 x 190 cm each and 2 box springs. The frame of the Bekker is made of particleboard covered with polyester fabric in gray. In total, the set supports 250 kg.

AltoBuy Brodi 13

AltoBuy Brodi

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The AltoBuy Brodi has not only a solid wood bed, but also an additional bed with wheels. It is very easy to assemble and doesn't take up much space due to its dimensions of 209 x 97 x 62 cm.


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