The best dog leashes in the UK 2023

Unlike a cat, a dog loves to go for daily walks. But in order for you to take your dog for a walk while ensuring its safety and that of passers-by, it is essential to use a leash. In fact, the law in the UK requires that dogs be kept on a leash when walking in urban areas and on public roads. Having trouble choosing the right model? Find the perfect dog leash with our complete guide.

Laisse flexi New Classic S pour chien

Editor's Choice

Flexi New Classic S dog leash

Best dog leash in 2021

This retractable leash is very well suited for dogs up to an average of 12 kg, but also dynamic dogs of 8 kg max. It can reach a length of 5 or 8 m depending on the model.

7,99 £ on Zooplus

With the help of the strap or the retractable cord, your dog can enjoy maximum freedom during your walks. Already, note that the Flexi New Classic S Dog Leash comes in 3 versions, including the 5m cord, the 5m strap and the 8m cord. Whether it's one or the other, the accessory will unwind and rewind automatically.

The Flexi New Classic S dog leash has an elegant style. It is perfect for dynamic dogs (up to 8 kg) and calm dogs up to 15 kg. No risk of the leash dragging on the ground. Best of all, it can be locked by using the stop button. The short-stroke braking system allows you to control, command or bring your dog back with a simple push. Other practical accessories can complete the package, but they are optional. You will have for example the multi-box or the bags for excrements/trash, the LED lightning system...

Laisse Hunter Ecco Sport

Best cheapest

Ecco Sport Hunter Leash

Best entry-level dog leash

Looking for a dog leash that can adapt to all seasons? Choose the Hunter Ecco Sport. Flexible and very light, this classic model does not fear humidity or dirt. It's easy to care for because of its quality nylon composition.

2,39 £ on Zooplus

The Hunter Ecco Sport was designed with high quality nylon. That's why it has a very good resistance and an incomparable longevity. Strong, soft and flexible, this dog leash can be used both in summer and in winter. It is available in two versions: the classic model and the adjustable model. The simple leash is 110 cm long and has a strap. The size L, which can be adjusted in 3 positions, is 200 x 1.5 cm.

Its affordable price is not only attractive to everyone. This nylon dog leash is also easy to clean. It fits comfortably in the hand and provides excellent comfort for both the owner and the dog. With such equipment, training your dog has never been so easy. In addition, you have enough length to walk your dog with ease on the street.

Pecute PTL-WB02

Best high end

Pecute PTL-WB02

Best premium dog leash

When you are a sportsman and have a dog, a leash like the Pecute PTL-WB02 is a must. Capable of withstanding a load of up to 110 kg, it effectively absorbs shocks.

21,75 £ on Amazon

Do you often leave early in the morning to go jogging, biking or walking, leaving your dog at home alone? Get the Pecute PTL-WB02 leash and let him accompany you. Designed especially for active owners, this model has a large breathable pocket at the waist. This pocket not only holds your belongings, it can also reduce your stress level and protect your back. Bottles, smartphones, bank cards, keys... will easily find their place there.

The strap adjusts from 63 to 122 cm, making it suitable for all sizes. The best part is that you don't have to hold the leash in your hand, as is the case with the simple models. Also, it converts to a double leash in a jiffy. Its two handles coupled with the double spring stainless steel clips guarantee optimal control of a dog weighing up to 100 kg. Do you like to walk at night? Don't worry! The leash and pouch are equipped with bright reflective threads for better visibility.

Laisse réglable et rivetée Heim

Excellent choice

Heim adjustable and riveted leash

Best adjustable dog leash

Durability is the watchword for this dog leash. Made of cowhide, it is soft and greased. Adjustable on 3 levels, the leash offers maximum security to the owner and the dog.

11,99 £ on Zooplus

Pleasant to hold, the Heim Adjustable Rivet Leash is made of soft, greased cowhide. This material promises incomparable sturdiness and resistance, regardless of the season. It features reliable hardware with long-lasting rust protection and 3 levels ofadjustment. Its unique character is due to its handmade design.

The Heim Adjustable Rivet Leash is primarily intended for all dog owners who are very demanding on quality. It can be used in everyday life, but also during training and education sessions. Does your four-legged friend have a tendency to pull on his leash? With this sturdy and practical accessory, you will be more easily obeyed.

Laisse double pour chien Youthink

Double leave

Youthink double dog leash

Best double dog leash

Equipped with an anti-wrap system, a trash bag holder and 2 handles, the Youthink double dog leash is a true example of practicality. It's ideal for jogging, walking or running with two dogs.

19,19 £ on Amazon

If you own two dogs, this Youthink double leash is highly recommended. It can extend up to 2 meters and still give your dog the maximum range of motion. It's easy to connect to your dogs' harnesses. The leash can support a total weight of 120 kg (60 kg per dog) and is made of durable nylon to withstand heavy use.

This model is equipped with a 360° anti-tangle buckle to limit the risk of folding. It also includes 2 ultra-comfortable padded handles to help you guide and control your dogs. To avoid possible hand injuries, these handles will be delivered with a soft sponge. On the rope, you will find a garbage bag dispenser attached via hooks and velcro.

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Best dog leash

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Best dog leash in 2021

Best entry-level dog leash

Best premium dog leash

Best adjustable dog leash

Best double dog leash

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Comparison table of the best dog leashes

Laisse flexi New Classic S pour chien
Laisse Hunter Ecco Sport
Pecute PTL-WB02
Laisse réglable et rivetée Heim
Laisse double pour chien Youthink
Flexi New Classic S dog leash
Ecco Sport Hunter Leash
Pecute PTL-WB02
Heim adjustable and riveted leash
Youthink double dog leash
This retractable leash is very well suited for dogs up to an average of 12 kg, but also dynamic dogs of 8 kg max. It can reach a length of 5 or 8 m depending on the model.
Looking for a dog leash that can adapt to all seasons? Choose the Hunter Ecco Sport. Flexible and very light, this classic model does not fear humidity or dirt. It's easy to care for because of its quality nylon composition.
When you are a sportsman and have a dog, a leash like the Pecute PTL-WB02 is a must. Capable of withstanding a load of up to 110 kg, it effectively absorbs shocks.
Durability is the watchword for this dog leash. Made of cowhide, it is soft and greased. Adjustable on 3 levels, the leash offers maximum security to the owner and the dog.
Equipped with an anti-wrap system, a trash bag holder and 2 handles, the Youthink double dog leash is a true example of practicality. It's ideal for jogging, walking or running with two dogs.
Plastic, nylon
Nylon/polyamide webbing
Ox leather
5 to 8 m
110 cm/200 cm
Up to 250 cm (adjustable from 63 to 122 cm)
240 cm
2 m
160 g
481 g
400 g
Maximum dog weight
Up to 15 kg
Up to 110 kg
2 x 60 kg
LED Lighting System
Reflective seams
Reflective seams

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How to choose your dog leash

It is not always easy to choose the right leash for your dog because of the multitude of models currently on the market. That's why we are going to help you by showing you the 5 most important criteria to consider.
choisir laisse pour chien

#1 - Usage

Don't rush to the first model, first determine the use of the future dog leash. Indeed, a short leash will not have the same advantages as a long leash. To get an idea, here is how to find the best accessory:

#2 - Length

#3 - Material

#4 - Fixed or extendable leash ?

#5 - Handle

#6 - With or without reflective seams ?

#7 - Carabiner

How to use a dog leash?

avis laisse pour chien

There's no doubt about it! Our dear canine friends love to go for walks. They won't spend all their time cooped up in a kennel or slumped in a basket. To ensure that you always have control over your pooch during outings, it is imperative that you know how to use a leash. Follow the advice of our experts:

Preparing your dog

Walking your dog requires a certain amount of time to learn, depending on his age and breed. You can't take your dog on an outing unless he's already used to wearing a collar, harness or leash. Use the device at an early age, even if it's at home. The pet should feel confident, not constrained.

Choose the right place for a first outing

The learning process should be gentle and progressive. Start by walking him on a leash in the living room, then in the yard or garden before venturing out into the streets. However, choose a quiet and less noisy place, otherwise the canine may be disturbed. He may not follow your directions, which is considered disobedience.

Hold the leash in the right hand

Want your dog to walk on your left side? Hold his leash in your right hand and vice versa. In this position, you'll be able to pet him or praise him. Don't change your dog's position while walking, as this will confuse him. Make sure he walks beside you, not in front of you. Make sure his head is level with your lap.

Set the right pace

Once outside, you'll need to walk at a steady pace. Hold the strap firmly while leaving some slack in the middle. If your dog tries to run away or chase another animal, pull on the leash to bring him back easily. Of course, don't forget to pet his head when he obeys you and walks in short, quick steps near you.

The different types of dog leashes

The leash comes in different materials, designs and colors. This makes it difficult to choose the right leash for your first purchase. To simplify your search, we have classified them according to their functionality. You can choose between a classic, retractable, adjustable, multiple and bike (or canicross) model.

Classic dog leash

Laisse classique pour chien

The most common model, the classic leash will come in handy for daily walks or for basic training. Most are made of nylon or leather. Some are made of other materials such as rubber or cotton. Of course, they are not the most durable. That's why they are not very common.

The standard leash has the strength to effectively restrain an adult dog. It is just as light to fit a puppy. On average, this type of model measures between 1 and 2.5 meters, the right length to give you good control over your pet and provide optimal freedom of movement.

Retractable dog leash

Laisse rétractable pour chien

With this type of model, you will have the opportunity to vary the length of the leash according to your dog's needs. It works like a tape measure except that instead of metal tape, you'll have a nylon strap or cord available. In most cases, the latter can extend up to 8 to 9 m.

The retractable leash or retractable leash incorporates a length locking system at the ergonomic handle. You are free to choose the most suitable length according to the degree of freedom you wish to give your dog. The accessory extends or retracts automatically. However, it is forbidden to use it in one of the following cases:

  • The dog is still learning to walk on a leash
  • The dog is not obedient (it does not come back when you call it or stop when you ask it to).
  • The dog frequently pulls on the strap.

Adjustable dog leash

Laisse ajustable pour chien

The adjustable leash is halfway between the standard leash and the retractable leash. As the name implies, it can be adjusted to any length you want. Generally, the process is very simple. Simply add or remove loops to vary the length(up to 10 to 15 m).

Designed for owners who care about the well-being of their canine companion, this type of leash can be used in different situations. You will avoid buying several leashes. For example, you can shorten it during training sessions or lengthen it for long walks.

Multiple dog leash

Laisse multiple pour chien

The multiple leash can be double, triple, or even more. Other straps can be attached to the coupler, giving you the opportunity to attach multiple dogs to one leash. It is very effective, practical and useful, and it meets the requirements of those with well-trained dogs.

The accessory has a single handle to which 2 or more cords or straps are attached. As it will undergo the strength and weight of more than one dog, its build quality and sturdiness will be higher compared to standard models.

Belt leash (for canicross or caniVTT)

Laisse pour vélo

The bike leash, leash belt or canicross, is recommended to you if you regularly practice outdoor physical activities (hiking, jogging, walking, cycling...). The equipment usually comes in the form of a belt with a long cord added to it. This cord can be detached so that you can attach it to the frame of your bike or turn it into a multiple leash.

The bike leash is easily adjustable. This way, you can adjust the distance between your 2-wheeler and your dog. Using such an accessory, however, requires some training. The first few days, it is quite complex to use.

Dog leash or harness?

Dog leash

The leash and the dog are inseparable. The reason is that you cannot walk your furry friend without this accessory. It also allows you to teach him to walk, to take him hunting and to control him without hurting him. In general, the leash consists of a +/- long rope and a carabiner or a clip. The clip makes it easy to connect the leash to the collar or harness.

With the help of the leash, your dog will accompany you wherever you go. Its use is mandatory in crowded places such as the park, public garden ... Nevertheless, it must be understood that it will not replace a dog training proposed by a professional.

Dog harness

The dog harness has a definite advantage. This equipment limits the risks of compression in the dog's trachea. It takes different shapes and can be attached to the back or the chest. The accessory can be used for a variety of activities, from canicross to dog training to daily walks.

There are several types of harnesses for dogs, such as the ceremonial harness, the water working harness, the harness for guide dogs, the harness for large and small dogs or the anti-pull harness... As for sled dogs, they require a special type of harness called "mushering", respecting their morphology without restricting their movements.


The leash can be attached to both a harness and a collar. For your pet's well-being and to help him get used to the different accessories, it is preferable to have all three. This way, you will have the choice of the appropriate equipment depending on the duration and location of your next walks. It is important to note that the harness is strongly recommended for puppies and small dogs because of their fragility. The same is true if you are doing canicross (a type of sport that combines trail running, outdoor walking and running). The leash/collar combination works very well with learning to walk.

Why buy a dog leash?

pourquoi acheter laisse pour chien

A mandatory accessory in public places

According to French law, a dog must be kept on a leash at all times. The law remains the same whether you live in the city or in the country, whether you decide to walk near a field or in a small remote village. The use of a dog leash is not only mandatory, but also very practical, especially if your dog is classified as a category 1 or 2 (dangerous). In case your canine friend walks without a leash in urban areas, you are liable to a fine.

Easy to shorten

No matter what type of leash you have, it is always possible to shorten it to make it comfortable. Adjustable models are easy to use. Usually, they can be adjusted to 3 levels with the help of rings. In the case of the classic leashes, it is enough to wrap it around the hand and wrist according to the desired length.

Optimal control over your dog

A leash allows you to discreetly control your dog without having to get in the way. You can keep your dog close to you while giving him more freedom of movement. Moreover, he will be more receptive to your commands and your voice. If he tries to run away or go too far, just call him and pull on the leash to keep him from going over the line.

A true bond between you and your dog

It works both ways! The leash creates a strong bond between the dog and its owner and helps the owner to educate his pet. With this accessory, one will be more apt to listen to the other. You just have to use it regularly and make sure that these moments are privileged. Learning commands, from the simplest to the most complex, will become child's play.

Reasonable prices

The leash is certainly one of the most affordable dog accessories. Prices range from 2 to several hundred euros. In addition to the practical and functional aspect, the price of the leash usually increases according to its small additional options. This is the case of leashes with shock absorbers, double leashes and adjustable on 4 positions or leashes decorated with Swarovski crystals.

The best brands of dog leashes

In our opinion, the best brands of dog leashes in 2022 are :


Pecute is a Chinese brand expert in the field of pet supplies. It designs and markets various dog and cat accessories such as baskets, combs, clippers, bowls and leashes. Inexpensive compared to the competition, its items are primarily intended for individuals.

Hunter brand products are not only of good quality, they are also very functional. With a stylish design, each accessory, including dog leashes, shows remarkable reliability. It also ensures the safety of your four-legged pets.

Flexi is no longer to be introduced if you are familiar with the animal world. Its articles, presenting an incomparable quality/price ratio, have followed a very rigorous manufacturing procedure. Moreover, let us specify that the firm uses essentially quality raw materials to offer the best to its customers. Present in more than 90 countries around the world, the brand is now considered one of the most appreciated in the field.

Heim is a German manufacturer of high quality pet accessories. It makes use of various carefully chosen materials to handcraft all of its products. This makes each leash and collar unique, ensuring a longer life.

A little-known brand, Youthink offers its customers a wide range of specific items for dogs and cats. It markets backpacks, travel bags and shoulder bags simplifying the transportation of your pets. There are also portable water bottles, anti-splash bowls and of course leashes of all kinds. Although its prices are affordable, the quality of its products will surely not leave you indifferent.

What is the price for a dog leash

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

2 £ to 9 £
9 £ to 15 £
more than 15 £
Price range diagram


Don't leave your dog more than 100 m away from you

A dog shall only be allowed to roam freely in the home and within a yard or garden. Beyond that, the animal must wear a leash and be within 100 m of its owner. If he wanders around town without your supervision, he will be seen as a stray. And like any stray dog, it will be taken to the pound immediately.

Avoid "anti-leash" behaviors

Difficult to attach a leash to a collar or harness for the first time. If the dog struggles, remove the leash and try to get him used to it first. Think he's had bad experiences with a leash? Little by little, associate the accessory with positive emotions and avoid recreating his discomfort as much as possible.

The ideal age to put a leash on your dog

The sooner the better, but in principle, it depends on the breed of dog. However, training should begin at the age of 3 months not without following some basic guidelines, especially for purebred dogs. Keep in mind that you absolutely must educate him before he reaches 40 kg.

Avoid retractable leashes during training

The retractable leash would not be suitable if you want to teach your furry friend to walk. The variation in length of the equipment will confuse him, making training more difficult. For proper training, it is best to use a standard leash. You can pair it with a harness so you don't have to compress his windpipe or cause neck pain.

Train your dog to obey you off-leash

What better way to teach the dog to follow you than to put a leash on him. Try this trick at home, without leaving your yard. Hold snacks in your hands without giving them to him. Invite him to walk away, but don't let him out of your sight. Call your dog back afterwards. When he comes back to you, offer him treats to congratulate him.


How to make a dog leash?

To make a DIY leash, you'll need about 2 m of braided cotton rope with a diameter of 10 to 12 mm, a carabiner, leather scraps, sewing thread and a needle. If you want a colored leash, bring dye, household gloves and 2 basins. Start by cutting the rope to the desired length, adding 50 cm for the loop and 30 cm for the knot. Put tape on the ends so that the rope can't unravel or fray. Here you can color it as you wish and let it air dry. Then form the loop and the knot, making sure to sew all the connection points. Hide the seams by using the leather scraps.

How to put a dog leash?

As with putting on a collar or harness, you must stand behind the dog. This will calm him down and make him less nervous. Attach the leash while stroking his head or back. If he twists or chews on the leash and pulls on it, stay still. When he sees that you are unmoved by his behavior, he will eventually calm down. That's when you can reward him.

What length leash for a dog?

There are leashes ranging from 50 cm to 20 m, each designed for specific needs. The 50 cm leashes are mainly for training purposes. The 1m leash is useful for walks, while the longer leashes allow your dog to roam freely in open spaces. As for the retractable leashes, you can only use them if your pooch has learned to walk well.

How to make my dog walk on a leash?

To get him to walk on a leash, teach him to get used to wearing the accessory. Practice and walk the dog daily for about 30 minutes. Let your dog loose before you put a leash on him. Don't hesitate to change directions frequently. And most importantly, have patience. If you fail, try again. It's not the end of the world.


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Laisse flexi New Classic S pour chien
Flexi New Classic S dog leash
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