The best curlers in the UK 2023

Want to add volume and beautiful waves to your hair? You need a curler or curlers. In fact, these accessories are anything but old-fashioned. And you'll be amazed at how many celebrities use them to perfect their hair! If you're up for it, check out our guide to the best curlers around.

Spththhpy - Set of 100 perm curlers 1

Editor's Choice

Spththhpy - Set of 100 perm curlers

The best curlers in 2021

Treat yourself to this pack of 100 fun and easy to use curlers. Spththhpy are designed for use at home or in a salon.

15,99 £ on Amazon

With the 100 curlers in this Spththhpy set, you'll have enough to satisfy your needs and those of your loved ones. What's more, they come in 5 different diameters, so you can vary your hairstyle according to the occasion. Indeed, measuring 8 cm long and with diameters ranging from 0.7 to 2.2 cm, you have what you need to curl your hair and obtain the necessary volumes.

Note that these Spththhpy curlers have an excellent non-slip band, no matter what hair you have. In order to make the most of them, you won't need a heater. Beautiful curls will appear naturally, whether your hair is long or short. This will protect the hair from perms made by heating the hair. So, if you want to have your hair enhanced with fascinating curls, opt for these curlers by Spththhpy.

SchwabMarken - Lot de 10 bigoudis en mousse 2

Best cheapest

SchwabMarken - Lot de 10 bigoudis en mousse

The best entry-level curlers

If you need curlers to achieve silky curls, opt for these SchwabMarken professional quality foam curlers.

10,04 £ on Amazon
Besseek - Set of 12 self-gripping curlers 3

Best high end

Besseek - Set of 12 self-gripping curlers

The best high-end curlers

Get perfect curls and volume while caring for your hair with these self-gripping curlers made of plastic and nylon fiber.

43,47 £ on Amazon

Get silky, voluminous curls that are sure to catch the eye with these 12 Besseek hook-and-loop curlers. Made with environmentally friendly yet comfortable materials, they adhere easily to hair without the need for pins or clips. Looking for some wiggle? With these curlers, your wish will be granted. Plus, they don't leave any marks on your hair.

To get the results you want, start when your hair is 90% dry. Then, take the ends of the hair and roll them gently towards the scalp. Finally, when it's time to remove the rollers, do so carefully while holding the curls with your fingers.

Minerva - Set of 42 curlers 4


Minerva - Set of 42 curlers

A great alternative

Minerva offers you this set of 42 comfortable curlers for sleeping and perfect to obtain beautiful curly effects on your dry or wet hair.

11,99 £ on Amazon

These 42 Minerva curlers are made of foam, a material that brings softness and lightness without compromising the effectiveness of the product. Moreover, they do not damage the hair, no matter how often you use them. You can apply them to dry hair. However, it is best to wash and wait until the hair is in the process of drying before rolling up the curlers. These flexible curlers are especially popular for their wearability. You won't feel their presence, even during sleep!

This set includes 42 pieces in 7 different colors and diameters. It is contained in a kit thanks to which, you will be able to optimize your organization. The manufacturer guarantees beautiful bouncing buckles but if you have any concerns, you can contact them by email, they will be happy to help you.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best curlers

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The best curlers in 2021

The best entry-level curlers

The best high-end curlers

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best curlers

Spththhpy - Set of 100 perm curlers 5
SchwabMarken - Lot de 10 bigoudis en mousse 6
Besseek - Set of 12 self-gripping curlers 7
Minerva - Set of 42 curlers 8
Spththhpy - Set of 100 perm curlers
SchwabMarken - Lot de 10 bigoudis en mousse
Besseek - Set of 12 self-gripping curlers
Minerva - Set of 42 curlers
Treat yourself to this pack of 100 fun and easy to use curlers. Spththhpy are designed for use at home or in a salon.
If you need curlers to achieve silky curls, opt for these SchwabMarken professional quality foam curlers.
Get perfect curls and volume while caring for your hair with these self-gripping curlers made of plastic and nylon fiber.
Minerva offers you this set of 42 comfortable curlers for sleeping and perfect to obtain beautiful curly effects on your dry or wet hair.
100 pieces
10 pieces
12 pieces
42 pieces
Number of different diameters
8 cm
24 cm
8 cm
12.7 cm
Rubber and PU foam
Plastic and nylon fiber
0.48 kg
100 g
40 g
32 g

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How to choose your curlers

Over the years, hair curlers have continued to evolve, resulting in variations that meet different needs. Before you buy, consider the following criteria and don't just base your decision on design and color!

#1 - Curler size

The size is the main element to consider regarding a curler. You must choose the length corresponding to the volume of your hair. But the most important criteria is the diameter. This one counts, because it will determine the type of curl which will leave at the end of the operation. In order to vary these curl sizes, it would be wise to opt for rollers of various diameters.

#2 - Curler type

Actually, there are 2 main families of curlers: standard and heated. Heated curlers are very popular because they produce stunning results. However, some users prefer the standard models because they preserve the quality of the hair. Again, it would be wise to have both types of curlers and alternate their use.

#3 - Hair type

Curlers are made of many different materials and these correspond to various hair types. If the heated rollers are particularly effective for thick hair, the standard models are perfectly adapted to fine hair. So, before you buy the curlers, take the time to see if you have thick or thin hair.

#4 - Curler materials

The majority of the curlers on the market right now are made with ABS plastic or foam. While ABS plastic models are more durable while being particularly effective, foam ones are more comfortable and very manageable. Again, you should have both types of curlers. Use the plastic ones for daytime operations and the foam ones if you plan to sleep with your rollers.

#5 - Brand

Many brands of hair curlers have invaded the market today, which has given consumers a wider choice. In order to avoid surprises and receive compliant assistance in case you have problems with your curlers, prefer brands with a proven track record such as Minerva, Spththhpy or Babyliss. They are the references in this field.

How to use the different curlers ?


Perfect for styling wet hair, classic tulle curlers are secured with a pick. They allow you to obtain a satisfactory result, but require patience.


Rollers with a velcro roll are attached with a flat clip and used on dry hair while blow-drying. These models are easy to use, even with short hair. However, they can pull hair when removed.

Foam curlers

Foam curlers are used like the previous models. They are soft and are designed to let the hair rest while you sleep. In fact, while remaining effective, they optimize the comfort of users.

Heated curlers

Heated curlers are easily applied to dry hair and their effect is guaranteed after a dozen minutes before removing them. The result is often stunning, but exposes the hair to certain risks, which requires the use of a protective serum.

The different types of curlers

You can choose between 2 types of curlers: standard curlers and heated curlers. Here are the characteristics and advantages of each type:

Standard curlers

In recent years, standard curlers have fallen out of favor with more modern devices. However, they are beginning to regain the confidence of users, who appreciate their ability to generate silky, natural curls without heating the hair. Thus, these rollers have the advantage of being as effective as the heated ones.

If you want to get results quickly, opt for the standard tulle or scratch models. While standard curlers produce satisfactory results, you have to admit that they are not as quick to act as heaters. In addition, some models are difficult to hook, which can be annoying when you don't know the right technique to use it.

Heated curlers

Heated curlers appeared late. They have the advantage of being effective, especially for thick hair. There are ceramic and velvet models as well as those incorporating ionic technology, which are the most popular at present. This type of curler has the advantage of being effective, and this very quickly.

Heated curlers have everything to please because they offer a comfortable wearing experience while promising perfect results by generating impressive curls. However, many users do not appreciate the use of heat, as it is not very recommended for the health of the hair. This explains the fact that standard curlers are still the most requested by consumers.

Curlers or curling iron?


The curler is the traditional accessory used to obtain curls and increase the volume of the hair. Practical because it can be used at home, there are classic ones as well as heated ones, the latter quickly effective. If this accessory is particularly effective, its use takes time and many users must be patient. Indeed, it is necessary to wear the rollers for a long time to achieve its objectives. This explains the decline in popularity in recent years.

Curling iron

The curling iron has become very popular. Indeed, it answers perfectly to the request of a clientele pressed by time and which cannot allow itself to carry rollers during 24 hours to obtain curls. This accessory allowing to save time and efficiency, generates nevertheless irreversible consequences on the hair. Indeed, the heat deteriorates more quickly the quality of the hair. This explains why many users prefer to use standard curlers when they can afford it.


It all depends on your preferences and your time and financial possibilities. If you have time to wait for the standard curler rolls to kick in, you're better off with these accessories. If you are in a hurry and need to get volume and curls quickly, it is better to have a curling iron at hand. The best option would be to have these 2 accessories while preferring the standard curlers when you can afford them.

Why buy curlers?

For curling hair

Curlers are mainly used to shape the hair. By correctly applying the foam or ABS plastic rollers, a curling effect is obtained as if one had used a modern curling iron. Moreover, this will have been achieved without exposing the hair to heat, a phenomenon that deteriorates it rather quickly.

To wave the hair

If we want to obtain a wavy effect, curlers can also be of great help. We can use models of different sizes to vary the waves created, but we must be careful because this can generate an atypical hair. To do this, it is wiser to seek the intervention of a good hairdresser.

To obtain hair volume

One of the reasons for using curlers is to give volume to hair that lacks it. This practice has been used for centuries and has always produced results, regardless of hair type or length. So if you feel that your hair lacks volume, try using curlers regularly, you will be amazed at the results.

For curling hair

The curlers are also the faithful allies of those who want to have a curly hair. To do this, simply line up the rollers from the forehead to the nape of the neck and from the top of the head to the temples. If you do this, consider using serums or other products that will speed up the process.

To soften natural curls

To keep your natural curls or waves soft over time, take the large rollers and stretch the strands around it. After doing so, you will see that your hair will keep its curls while becoming more flexible and relaxed.

The best brands of curlers

In our opinion, the best brands of curlers in 2022 are :


Don't be fooled by the name of this brand, which may seem unpronounceable, because it is a reference in the world of hair and beauty care. It produces, among other things, acrylic nail powder, nail forests, hair care caps and, of course, much sought-after curlers.

Minerva is a company that specializes in the design of trace-letter rulers. It is also among the references in hair straighteners and curlers.

Besseek curlers are among the most sought-after rollers today. Apart from this accessory, this company also produces decorative design objects such as candle holders and balloons.

Babyliss is a must-have brand in the hairdressing sector. Apart from its straightening and curling irons sold worldwide, it also produces heated curlers that are very much in demand today.

The American brand Remington was born in 1937. Specialized in electro beauty products, it has produced heated curlers that are very much in demand right now.

What is the price curlers

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 40 £
more than 40 £
Price range diagram


Vary your wraps

Depending on the result you want, vary the way you curl your strands. If you want your hair to be fully curled, you should curl it all the way to the roots. If you want your roots to stay smooth, stop at the ears and if you want to curl only your ends, stop after 2-3 wraps.

Be careful with long hair

If your hair has a good length, start wrapping from the middle of the strand. Then, take the ends and continue the process until you reach the height you want to curl. In any case, remember to stretch your hair properly until you are satisfied.

Vary the diameters of the rollers

If you want to have curly or wavy hair that combines style with elegance, consider varying the diameter of the rollers you use. Alternate between large and small rollers and you'll have a variety of curls in terms of thickness. This will give you a particular style. Don't hesitate to repeat this process until you're satisfied.

Use styling products

Paired with high-performance curler rollers, these products work wonders. For example, a styling wax will accentuate some of the strands while a volumizing powder will give your hair fullness. Finally, a little hairspray will help your curls and your hair in general last longer.

Apply a styling mousse!

After washing and then drying your hair and before you start rolling the strands, take some styling mousse and apply it. Next, make a parting in the middle or side of your head and then separate. Once this is done, you are ready to roll your hair up strand by strand.


How do I sleep with curlers?

Sleeping with curlers will allow you to optimize its effects and reduce the time spent on the operation. However, you should place a shower cap on your head, taking care not to disturb the rollers. Try as much as possible to sleep with your cheek against the pillow so that the formation of curls and waves is not interrupted.

Can I use curlers on dry hair?

It depends on the curler in question, but in general, yes, you can roll dry hair perfectly. However, curlers work best with hair in the drying phase. So, in order to optimize the action of this accessory, you should wash, rinse and then wait until the hair is 90% dry before applying the curlers.

Can I get curly hair without products?

Yes, that's what curlers are for. This accessory allows you to achieve this effect, as long as you do it correctly. To get curly hair, opt for thin rollers and apply as much as possible to your strands. Your hair will curl naturally, but it must be said that some fixing products are still recommended to make the effect last.

What are the alternatives to curlers?

In principle, a curling iron produces the same effects as curlers, if not much better results on the hair. However, the heat generated can cause irreversible damage to the hair. If you don't like either, opt for homemade solutions. Any tube will do, including toilet paper rolls.


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Our selection
Spththhpy - Set of 100 perm curlers 9
Spththhpy - Set of 100 perm curlers
SchwabMarken - Lot de 10 bigoudis en mousse 10
SchwabMarken - Lot de 10 bigoudis en mousse
Besseek - Set of 12 self-gripping curlers 11
Besseek - Set of 12 self-gripping curlers
Minerva - Set of 42 curlers 12
Minerva - Set of 42 curlers


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