The best 100L compressors in the UK 2023

Compressed air can be used for many different kinds of manual work, both for DIY at home and for professional purposes. In addition to inflating tires, it can be used for cleaning, polishing, painting and much more. Want to have one on hand? Our guide to 100L compressors should help you find what you need.

Scheppach HC100DC 1

Editor's Choice

Scheppach HC100DC

The best 100L compressor in 2021

Scheppach is one of the leading brands in compressors. Powerful, versatile and designed to be easily transportable, the HC100DC has everything to please and be useful.

340 £ on Manomano

With this 100 L compressor from Scheppach, you have everything you need for your domestic work such as polishing, stripping or drilling. If you want to use it professionally, don't worry: it will pay for itself. This model is equipped with a 3 HP 2-cylinder engine, which provides a suction power of 412 L/min. The compressor is equipped with a pressure reducer so that you can work in good conditions.

Air nailers, impact wrenches, paint spray guns - all your pneumatic tools will work as they should with the Scheppach HC100DC multifunctional compressor. Also note the presence of 2 couplings for quick tool change. Finally, you don't have to worry about moving around, as it is equipped with wheels as well as a pull handle. All in all, this powerful compressor is as compact as it is efficient.

Hyundai HC100L-A 2

Best Cheap

Hyundai HC100L-A

The best entry-level 100L compressor

When you buy the Hyundai HC100L-A, you are choosing a 100L compressor that has proven itself to be very capable. This model is suitable for both domestic and professional use.

239 £ on Manomano
Michelin MBV 100-3 3

Best High End

Michelin MBV 100-3

The best high-end 100L compressor

Choose a Michelin compressor with a proven track record among experienced users. Like other 100L compressors from Michelin, this one impresses with its low noise level.

400 £ on Cdiscount

With this remarkable 100L compressor, Michelin has taken into account the needs of users who want to work in the best conditions. Indeed, this model is equipped with a spiral air hose, a device that ensures the connection between the device and the compressed air tool. You'll appreciate the 10 m hose for access to the corners of the garage or workshop without having to move the compressor.

The Michelin MBV 100-3 uses a powerful motor to deliver 240 L/min of air at a pressure of 7 bar, with a maximum pressure of 10 bar. Always with the aim of allowing you to work in the best conditions, you will appreciate the presence of the wheels and the handle of transport thanks to which, you will be able to move it with your suitability, if need be.

Michelin GB100 4


Michelin GB100

A great alternative

Not only does Michelin provide high quality tires, it also gives us the means to take care of them with equipment such as this powerful and quiet 100L compressor.

324 £ on Manomano
Buying guide • November 2023

Best compressor 100L

Any specific needs?

The best 100L compressor in 2021

The best entry-level 100L compressor

The best high-end 100L compressor

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best 100L compressors

Scheppach HC100DC 5
Hyundai HC100L-A 6
Michelin MBV 100-3 7
Michelin GB100 8
Scheppach HC100DC
Hyundai HC100L-A
Michelin MBV 100-3
Michelin GB100
Scheppach is one of the leading brands in compressors. Powerful, versatile and designed to be easily transportable, the HC100DC has everything to please and be useful.
When you buy the Hyundai HC100L-A, you are choosing a 100L compressor that has proven itself to be very capable. This model is suitable for both domestic and professional use.
Choose a Michelin compressor with a proven track record among experienced users. Like other 100L compressors from Michelin, this one impresses with its low noise level.
Not only does Michelin provide high quality tires, it also gives us the means to take care of them with equipment such as this powerful and quiet 100L compressor.
54 kg
53 kg
72 kg
69 kg
Air flow rate drawn in
412 L/min
360 L/min
412 L/min
350 L/min
Maximum operating pressure
8 bar
8 bar
10 bars
10 bar
Speed of rotation
2,850 rpm
2,850 rpm
2,850 rpm
2,850 rpm
Noise level
97 dB
97 dB
74 dB
74 dB

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Buying guide - compressor 100L

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How to choose your compressor 100L

The compressor market offers a wide range of models with a 100L tank. The different models vary in weight, speed and sound levels. These parameters will help you determine which models are best suited to your needs.

#1 - Airflow

The air flow rate is expressed in L/min (liters per minute). This is the most important criterion for evaluating the performance of the device. The higher the flow rate, the more work you can do. If you're going for a high-capacity compressor, it's a good idea to have the airflow rate match that capacity. Generally speaking, a 400+ L/min model will do just fine.

#2 - Energy

Generally speaking, compressors for professional use run on heat energy. So, if you need a unit that will be used intensively, opt for these models. On the other hand, if the use will be occasional and for domestic work, the electric versions will suit you perfectly.

#3 - Lubrication

The 100 L compressors are classified as high-capacity units, which necessarily implies high power. And power requires regular maintenance to prolong the life. So, if you choose this type of unit, it's best if the compressor is equipped with an easy-to-access and easy-to-use lubrication system.

#4 - Transportability

Compressors with a 100L capacity are heavyweight units and are not intended for frequent travel. However, it is almost certain that at some point you will have to move your unit. Also, make sure that this device is equipped with an ergonomic handle as well as solid wheels. Also from this perspective of moving, consider opting for the lightest model.

#5 - Brand

Generally speaking, you should favor compressors produced by companies that have proven themselves in the business. If a model has the essential features but the brand name doesn't speak to you, consider continuing your search for products from recognized brands such as Scheppach, Mecafer, Michelin or Black&Decker.

Maintenance of a 100 L compressor

With the constant flow of air through a compressor, this device tends to accumulate impurities, hence the presence of a filter. In order to prolong the life of this device, this filter must be cleaned regularly. To do this, it must be removed and blown out. You should also remember to check the oil level, if your device works with this vital element for the operation of the pistons and the crankshaft. The dipstick is located at the bottom of the crankcase.

Then, remember to drain the water in the tank, otherwise you are exposing yourself to condensation. Finally, consider cleaning and lubricating the equipment you use with your compressor, such as the sander or paint gun, which also have a tendency to collect dirt.

The different types of 100L compressors

The 100 L compressors available today can be classified into 2 categories: twin-cylinder and single-cylinder. Focus on the respective characteristics of each type:

100 L twin-cylinder compressor

The 100L twin cylinder compressor is the most popular model today, especially among professionals. Due to the power and air reserve of this type of equipment, they are used in mechanical work, bodywork, painting and many other areas.

The presence of the 2 cylinders arranged in stages allows the device to deliver a flow exceeding 300 L for a pressure higher than 13 bars. This type of device has no equal in terms of performance. However, to get one, you have to pay for it because it is much more expensive than single-cylinder models.

100 L single-cylinder compressor

The single-cylinder compressor is also very common and the most used among individuals. They are often lighter, easier to transport and provide sufficient performance for small household jobs such as inflating tires, painting or polishing furniture.

Typically, these units are equipped with motors ranging from 1.5 to 6.5 horsepower. While 100L single-cylinder compressors are more affordable and easier to move, they offer less power and, therefore, less performance than twin-cylinder units. So, since you should always think big, if you can afford it, you should choose twin-cylinders over single-cylinders.

100 L compressor or 200 L compressor?

Compressor 100 L

100 L compressors are already among the larger capacity models and offer sufficient performance for professional use, especially for twin-cylinder models. This class of compressors is more affordable than the 200 L models and are easier to move. On the other hand, they are somewhat limited in their field of application, at least in comparison to the 200 L models.

Compressor 200 L

With a 200 L compressor model, you have everything you need to work with peace of mind without fear of running out of compressed air. Indeed, this type of device offers exceptional power and a large capacity tank, sufficient for intense work, whether on a construction site or in a garage. On the other hand, it will be necessary to work together to move it because it weighs 90 kg on average.


It all depends on how you want to use it. If you need maximum capacity and performance for professional or intensive use, opt for a 200 L model. On the other hand, if you need a device with decent performance for professional use, the 100 L will be more than enough.

Why buy a 100L compressor?

For inflation

Compressed air is mainly used to inflate the wheels of a car, a bicycle or a balloon. It can also be used for an inflatable pool. Note that for a bicycle, 3 bars of pressure are needed and 2 for the trails. You should also limit yourself to 3 bars if you inflate the wheels of a caravan. In all cases, follow the manufacturer's instructions to obtain the ideal pressure.

Making the most of impact wrenches

The impact wrench, also known as a pneumatic debonder, is a tool used to screw or unscrew the most resistant bolts and nuts. Essential for removing car tires without too much difficulty, this tool works wonderfully with compressed air, hence the need to have a powerful compressor.

For painting

There's nothing like a paint gun to reduce the time and energy spent on this task. Since this tool requires compressed air, a compressor is a must. Whether you're painting industrial, decorative or artistic, you're good to go when you have a high-performance 100L compressor.

For sandblasting

Sanding is the process of stripping surfaces to be painted. It reduces or removes rust and/or remaining layers of paint to polish the elements. It is also used to deburr metal parts. Like the other processes mentioned above, sandblasting requires the use of compressed air.

For various jobs

In addition to the above-mentioned operations, compressors can also be used for a variety of other jobs, including grinding to round off a corner of a board, chiseling to break up concrete, precision drilling, blowing and many others. With compressors, you can do these jobs with ease and speed.

The best brands of 100L compressors

In our opinion, the best brands of 100L compressors in 2022 are :


Scheppach is a brand that produces modern and practical equipment under the slogan "good working". With more than 90 years of experience, it is one of the current references in the field of 100 L compressors.

Michelin is no longer to be presented in the tire sector. World leader in the sale of car tires, the brand also provides tools for their maintenance, such as 100L compressors.

Mecafer produces various tools such as generators, gardening tools or welding sets. This brand is also one of the references in terms of air compressors.

Hyundai Power Equipement is a French SME that was founded in 1990. This company exports its air compressors and other gardening and DIY tools throughout Europe including Belgium and Spain.

Black+Decker is a popular brand among DIY professionals and enthusiasts. Known for producing power tools such as drills and screwdrivers, its merger with Stanley in 2010 created a global giant that has become a benchmark in the tool industry.

What is the price for a compressor 100L

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

250 £ to 400 £
400 £ to 500 £
more than 500 £
Price range diagram


Wear protective gear

When using your 100 L compressor, remember to wear the proper personal protective equipment. This includes protective eyewear, gloves and, for particularly noisy equipment, ear protection. Depending on the type of work to be done, you may also need to wear a mask.

Change oil regularly

To prolong the life of your 100L compressor and to ensure that it doesn't fail you at the worst possible moment, remember to check the oil level as regularly as possible. In general, this should be done after 100 hours of use, i.e. every 2 weeks for professional use.

Remember to maintain the 100L compressor

Also in order to prolong the life of your 100 L compressor, you should consider bleeding the condensation at least once a week. Then, also consider cleaning the air filter and this, as regularly as possible. By doing this, your compressor should be operational for a few years.

Perform annual overhauls

Even if you feel your compressor is working normally, it would still be wise to do some servicing because you are never safe from neglect. Also, have your compressor serviced at least once a year so that it can still be used in later years.

Reduce noise levels

If your compressor is making a little too much noise for your liking, you can tinker with a small setup that will tone it all down. All you have to do is install a small waterproof box connecting the air inlets of the 2 cylinders. This box will serve as a sound trap. This device has been proven to work, and you may even find similar ones on your device.


How often should a 100L compressor be serviced?

Maintain it as regularly as possible. Clean the filters and check the oil level after each use. Also consider having the various parts checked once every 6 months or at least every year. Finally, a general overhaul every 4 to 5 years will help you extend the life of the compressors.

How often should the air filter be changed?

The compressed air wire should be cleaned after each extended use of the unit. If you follow this rule, the filter may last more than a year before it needs to be changed. Generally speaking, the life of this part varies from 6 to 12 months depending on the range and use of your 100L compressor.

How much air flow is needed for painting?

To spray paint with air from a compressor, you need to have a minimum air flow of 150L/min. For professional use, a minimum of 300 L/min is best. All in all, 100L compressors will perfectly meet your painting expectations.

Does the 100L compressor produce carbon monoxide?

No, this type of device does not produce carbon monoxide. However, it is important to note that the compressor compresses the air in the room. So, if the air is loaded with carbon monoxide, it stands to reason that the air produced will contain carbon monoxide. So, be careful with the ambient air if you are working in an enclosed area.


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Scheppach HC100DC
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Hyundai HC100L-A
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Michelin MBV 100-3
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Michelin GB100


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