The best comforters in the UK 2023

The comforter remains a very important element to have a small cozy nest at night. It brings you softness and lightness to allow you to sleep comfortably. Indeed, a good comforter will ensure you a quality sleep. But between synthetic, all season or natural comforter, which one to choose? Here are the criteria to consider to help you find a model adapted to your needs.

My Lovely Bed 4 seasons 1

Best value for money

My Lovely Bed 4 seasons

The best comforter in 2021

You won't be able to resist this comforter! Despite its synthetic fiber filling, the feel is undeniably similar to a natural comforter. We recommend it if you are looking for a soft, elegant and comfortable model.

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Here is a 3-in-1 separable comforter to seduce you. In summer, the comforter with a density of 200 g/m² will be very useful. On the other hand, when the mid-season comes, use the 300 g/m² one. Together, they will keep you warm during the cold winter nights. Its envelope is entirely made of microfiber for more softness.

The filling of the My Lovely Bed 4 seasons is made of hollow fiber for softness. It is also very insulating, which guarantees you warm and comfortable nights. In terms of maintenance, this exceptional comforter is machine washable at a temperature of 30°C. This will save you from the sometimes tiring manual cleaning. Easy to store, it comes with a zippered carrying bag.

Hypnia Spring/Summer Duvet 2

Best value for money

Hypnia Spring/Summer Duvet

The best entry-level duvet

Soft and light, these are the words that best define this Hypnia comforter. It is filled with hypoallergenic and hollow fibers while remaining anti-mite. It is the ideal to cocoon the night!

29,60 £ on Hypnia

Hypnia is a brand known for the quality of its products, and this comforter proves it. It is ultra-light thanks to its hypoallergenic hollow fiber filling. Its weight of 200g/m² will allow you to enjoy an extreme softness for well-deserved nights of rest. Moreover, this model is treated anti-mite and anti-bacterial, which makes it a comforter suitable for both children and adults.

The fabric is also breathable to avoid heat accumulation and maintain a good body temperature in summer and spring. Its microfiber polyester cover will envelop you in an unparalleled softness. As for its maintenance, this comforter is machine washable at a temperature of 30°C. You will have no trouble maintaining it.

Hanskruchen Premium de Luxe

Best premium value for money

Hanskruchen Premium de Luxe

The best high-end duvet

If you're environmentally conscious, there's no better way to sleep than with a natural comforter like the Hanskruchen Premium de Luxe. Made in Germany, this simply perfect model is made of goose down and feathers.

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Comforter Simba Hybrid Stratos 3

Best comfort

Comforter Simba Hybrid Stratos

The best value duvet

This comforter is what you need for your little nest at night. Its thermoregulatory technology will allow you to enjoy an optimal temperature to fall asleep like a baby.

92 £ on Simbamatelas

This Simba Hybrid comforter is designed with an advanced technology called Stratos, similar to that used in the manufacture of space suits. In fact, it incorporates an active thermoregulation system to keep your body temperature ideal in all seasons. The heat of your body will be stored in winter while it will be dissipated to avoid being too hot in summer. As for the cover, it is ultra-soft to offer you an exceptional comfort at night.

This model is available in 4 sizes: 140 x 200 cm, 200 x 200 cm, 240 x 220 cm and 260 x 240 cm. As for the filling, it is made of 100% Simba-Renew fibers. These come from recycled materials and certified 100% GRS. Moreover, they are more efficient than down filling, thanks to a superposition of tiny siliconized and extra-soft fibers. You can machine wash this comforter at a temperature of 40°C. This is a light, comfortable and easy to maintain comforter, what more could you ask for ?

Emma Duvet 4

Emma Duvet

The most comfortable comforter

The Emma comforter combines comfort and breathability. It is soft and light for an exceptional comfort at night. Moreover, its microfiber fabric will give you a pleasant feeling of softness every night.

37,92 £ on Emma

If you've always wanted a versatile comforter, this is the one for you. Designed by Emma, it is suitable for both summer and winter thanks to its thermo-regulating microfibers. Yes, it cools you down in the summer and keeps you warm in the cold seasons. You will only need one comforter all year long. Moreover, this model is machine washable at a temperature of 60°C. No more stains and dirt on the fabric!

This Emma comforter is also certified Oeko-Tex class 2, guaranteeing its quality. As for its cover, it is made of 100% Polyester microfiber for an unequalled softness at night. This material also brings a very pleasant softness and a lightness of the most appreciable. And thanks to the anti-mite and anti-bacterial treatment, you will enjoy a healthy bedding in all circumstances. A pure happiness.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best comforter

Any specific needs?

The best comforter in 2021

The best entry-level duvet

The best high-end duvet

The best value duvet

The most comfortable comforter

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Comparison table of the best comforters

My Lovely Bed 4 seasons 5
Hypnia Spring/Summer Duvet 6
Hanskruchen Premium de Luxe
Comforter Simba Hybrid Stratos 7
Emma Duvet 8
My Lovely Bed 4 seasons
Hypnia Spring/Summer Duvet
Hanskruchen Premium de Luxe
Comforter Simba Hybrid Stratos
Emma Duvet
You won't be able to resist this comforter! Despite its synthetic fiber filling, the feel is undeniably similar to a natural comforter. We recommend it if you are looking for a soft, elegant and comfortable model.
Soft and light, these are the words that best define this Hypnia comforter. It is filled with hypoallergenic and hollow fibers while remaining anti-mite. It is the ideal to cocoon the night!
If you're environmentally conscious, there's no better way to sleep than with a natural comforter like the Hanskruchen Premium de Luxe. Made in Germany, this simply perfect model is made of goose down and feathers.
This comforter is what you need for your little nest at night. Its thermoregulatory technology will allow you to enjoy an optimal temperature to fall asleep like a baby.
The Emma comforter combines comfort and breathability. It is soft and light for an exceptional comfort at night. Moreover, its microfiber fabric will give you a pleasant feeling of softness every night.
Wash temperature
Hollow fiber
100% Polyester Hypoallergenic hollow fiber
90% down, 10% feather
100% Simba-Renew Fibers
100% Polyester microfiber
All seasons
All seasons
4 seasons
200 gsm for warm seasons, 300 gsm for mid-season, and 500 gsm for winter nights
210 g/m²
30 °C
Washable at 30°C
60 °C
Machine washable at 60°C
100% microfiber
Polyester microfiber
100% cotton
Outer side : Stratos cotton/ Inner side : durable BCI cotton
100% Polyester

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Buying guide - comforter

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How to choose your comforter

To enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep, the choice of your comforter should not be taken lightly. Here are the criteria to take into consideration before any purchase.

#1 - The size

The size of the comforter depends on the size of the bed (single, double, king size, etc.). For more comfort and freedom of movement, it is advised to always choose a comforter size larger than the mattress with a minimum of 30 cm of overhang on each side of the bed. For a 140 x 190 mattress, for example, prefer a 180 x 200 comforter.

#2 - The weight

This criterion indicates the weight of the comforter filling. For a temperate comforter, for example, it averages 180 g/m², while for a warm or very warm comforter it can go beyond 500 g/m². The weight varies according to the size of the comforter. A 180 g/m² comforter measuring 200 x 200 cm will be heavier than a model with the same weight, but measuring 140 x 190 cm.

#3 - The warmth

Buying a comforter cannot be dissociated from the search for good thermal comfort. Before jumping in, try to find out if the bedroom is well heated or not. In addition, take into account how you feel about the heat (cold or not). According to this information, it only remains to choose your comforter by taking into account the heat indexes which generally go from 1 to 4: 1 being the equivalent of a temperate comforter, against 4 for a very hot comforter. When in doubt, opt for the 4-season comforters.

#4 - The wrap


cover is used to properly contain the down and fibers in place in the comforters. Made of silk, cotton, or even bamboo, it must be well woven to avoid tearing when machine washed, and to guarantee a good longevity to the comforter. The density of weaving depends on the number of threads per cm². As an indication, the density of weaving for a natural comforter must be between 120 to 150 threads/cm², against 90 cm/m², even more, for a synthetic comforter.

#5 - The filling

Synthetic or natural, the filling is to be chosen according to your tastes, your health condition (allergies), your budget, and the ease of maintenance of the comforter.

Maintenance of a comforter

To keep a comforter in good condition for a long time, a visit to the washing machine every 4 to 6 months is recommended. On the other hand, given the sensitivity and fragility of babies, their comforters must be cleaned regularly. Generally, care instructions are specified on the comforter's label so that users do not make mistakes about the most suitable cleaning. For natural comforters, hand cleaning is preferred.

For the washing itself, use a mild detergent, and opt for a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C in machine. For drying, the best option is to air dry or use the "delicate" program if you use a dryer. You have three options for cleaning your comforter:

  • At the machine

Check if your comforter can go through the washing machine, taking into account its size. 140 x 200 cm or 200 x 200 cm comforters can go through a 5 kg machine very well. However, be careful not to fill the drum to the brim to prevent your comforter from becoming too waterlogged. In order not to end up with a shrunken comforter, a temperature not exceeding 30°C is recommended for natural comforters, and a maximum of 40°C for synthetic comforters.

  • At the dry cleaners

This option is ideal for large comforters that exceed 240 x 220 cm, or for natural comforters that require delicate care.

  • By hand

Generally, this type of washing is recommended for natural comforters. To begin, soak the comforter in a bathtub filled with a mixture of water and mild detergent, and rub gently. Let it drain on its own to dry. If this takes too long, you can always opt for a tumble dryer on low heat.

Good to know

The life span of a comforter is generally 5 to 7 years.

The different types of comforters

It is possible to classify comforters into two main families: natural comforters and synthetic comforters.

Natural duvets

Generally filled with down mixed with bird or duck feathers, these comforters are known for their extraordinary inflating properties. With their thermoregulatory character, their lightness and their longevity, they ensure an optimal comfort, far from perspiration while keeping you warm.

Natural comforters can also be filled with silk to provide excellent thermal comfort and unparalleled softness to the touch. Natural bamboo fillings have also become popular in recent years. Their absorbent, odor-neutralizing and antibacterial properties are sure to make your nights very comfortable. However, the main drawback of natural comforters remains their complex and expensive maintenance.

Synthetic comforters

Synthetic comforters are usually filled with polyester or cellulose flakes. They have the advantage of being easy to care for, and prove to be allergy-free. However, unlike natural comforters, they are not thermoregulatory. This can result in night-time perspiration peaks for the user.

Things to remember

Feather comforters are not for everyone as they can cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis in sensitive individuals.

Comforter or blanket?


The comforter is a bedding article made of a soft envelope filled with down or synthetic materials. The advantage of comforters is that they offer a wide choice of comfort (filling, degree of warmth, etc.), an interesting thermoregulatory capacity, and ease of storage of the bed in one go.

Apart from that, they are also decorative thanks to the varieties of covers with or without patterns, matching with the pillows. However, they can't be washed regularly, and therefore require the anti-dust mite option for those with allergies. Machine washing is also quite complex because it takes up a lot of space in the washing machine.


A blanket is a bedding item that is placed over the sheets and has heat retaining fibers. Blankets have the advantage of being softer and thinner and are available in many colors on the market. Since they can be washed regularly, they are ideal for people with allergies.

However, the variety of materials (wool, fleece or microfiber) and the weight of the blankets are limited and the patterns and colors of the blankets are less fancy than those of the comforter covers. Also, with a blanket, a good bed tidy takes time.


In conclusion, the choice between comforter and blanket depends on your needs, your budget, and your sensitivity to heat and dust mites.

For a baby, turn to comforters made of natural fibers appreciated for their breathable properties and to guarantee a good temperature regulation in any season.

Similarly, if you are looking for comfort, good thermal protection and softness, the comforter is for you. On the other hand, if you can't stand the heat, a blanket is more suitable.

Why buy a comforter?

Ideal for cold winter nights

The main purpose of comforters is to keep you warm and comfortable all winter long. If you are particularly cold, choose a comforter that has the highest possible loft, providing an excellent layer of insulation.

And even for the summer

Sure, you might think that soft, warm comforters are only suitable for cold winter nights, but that doesn't always have to be the case. Today, there are a variety of comforters with low tog ratings that are light and breathable for summer use. Natural fibers, such as cotton or bamboo, are ideal for hot weather because they can absorb excess moisture and allow your skin to breathe.

Elegant and refreshing for a room

Instead of undertaking an expensive renovation project, you can instantly refresh your bedroom with beautiful bedding. Dressing up a bedroom with decorative comforters is a trick used by savvy designers to instantly liven up a room and turn the bed into a design element. Plus, you can change your covers as often as you like and create a whole new room every time.

Heat Control

You can choose the bedding according to the comforter provided by the heater. The heat received depends on the material of the blanket. Cotton is perfect for a cooler effect. If you want more warmth, you should choose vanilla.

Suitable for everyone

So, sure, feather or down models provide unparalleled comfort, however synthetic models also have undeniable advantages. As a result, your comforter will always look as comfortable and keep you as warm no matter what it's made of or what season you use it.


Scrupulously follow the manufacturer's instructions.

The materials that make up a comforter differ from one model to another. It is therefore advisable to always be informed about the different characteristics of a comforter to prevent any misuse or treatment. The substances to be preferred and to be proscribed must thus be well known to keep the comforter in excellent condition for a long time.

Store your comforter in its cover after each use.


prevent your comforter from getting dirty, always store it in its cover when not in use. This will not only prevent wear and tear on your comforter, but also the invasion of dust mites.

Learn how to remove stains from your comforter.


your comforter has been accidentally stained while still clean, you don't have to wash it completely. To do this, shake the comforter to gather the filling at the bottom, and rub the stained area with a mixture of water and mild detergent. You can also apply a mixture of baking soda and water to remove the stain. Whether you use the first or second method, allow a few minutes for the mixture to work before rinsing. You can then let your comforter air dry.

Prepare before washing.


precautions should be taken before proceeding to wash your comforter. First, remove the comforter cover. Then check the label to make sure your comforter is machine safe, and to find out what temperature to wash it at. Also, the label will tell you if your comforter requires a specific type of detergent and if it can be tumbled. Finally, check your comforter for any holes or open weaves. If there are, consider sewing them up to prevent the filling from escaping from the comforter during washing.

Think about airing your comforter well.


the comforter at least once a day allows the comforter to regain its loft, but also disperses any dust that may have stuck to the comforter. To do this, start by shaking the comforter well over the bed. Then, hang it on the bed frame or on a door to remove any moisture and dust that may have accumulated during the night. Finally, expose your mattress and sheets to the air. Don't forget to air out the room by opening the window for a few minutes to renew the air.


What is the best comforter?

The best comforter depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

Can I use bleach to disinfect my comforter?


active ingredients in bleach can damage the weaves of a comforter, shortening its life, even though they are effective against dust mites. If you really want to use bleach to disinfect your comforter, be sure to put just a few drops of it in your laundry.

Can I use a vacuum cleaner to dust my comforter?


vacuuming is to be avoided. It deteriorates the comforter cover. On the other hand, you can brush your comforter from time to time to remove residues and evacuate dust.

When should I put a comforter on my baby?


comforter is recommended for a baby only from the age of 2 and not before. This is the age when baby starts to move around.

What should I choose for baby: comforter or blanket?


comforter is best suited for babies because it is warmer and more comfortable to make a warm and cozy little cocoon for your little one



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