The best comforters 240x260 in the UK 2023

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the 240x260 comforter is synonymous with comfort in all seasons and freedom of movement while sleeping. In addition to breathing life into the bedroom, this linen decorates a double bed and makes it significantly more comfortable. Which 240x260 comforter should I choose? Which filling and which cover? We take stock in this buying guide.

Tediber - The incredible comforter 1

Editor's Choice

Tediber - The incredible comforter

The best 240x260 comforter in 2021

This Tediber comforter has a hybrid design with a filling of Dacron microfiber and white duck feathers.

208 £ on Tediber

The Tediber comforter is convincing because it combines the advantages of a natural and synthetic filling. The latter is made up of 120 g/m² of duck down, 80 g/m² of duck feathers and 200 g/m² of Dacron microfiber flakes. It is thanks to all this stuffing that this 240x260 comforter keeps its puffy and ultra-soft aspect, while remaining light and pleasant.

The filling is evenly distributed inside a cotton percale cover, a soft, sturdy material that has a breathable feel. This makes this 240x260 comforter suitable for both winter and summer. Because Tediber cares about allergy sufferers, the comforters and feathers have been washed before undergoing anti-mite treatment. In other words, the Incredible Tediber Duvet is a hypoallergenic 240x260 comforter.

Dodo Niagara - Temperate comforter 2

Best value

Dodo Niagara - Temperate comforter

The best entry-level 240x260 duvet

This 240x260 Dodo comforter is recommended for mid-season. Being synthetic, it is composed of a polyester filling and cover.

43,12 £ on Amazon

The quilted aspect of this Niagara comforter already shows its comfort. Although it is a 240x260 synthetic comforter, a polyester hollow fiber filling, with a density of 300g/m², gives it a plump and soft look. As for its cover, it is exclusively made of soft and plain polyester (white color).

It should be understood that this Dodo 240x260 comforter is designed for mid-season. Indeed, its weight classifies it in the category of comforters for a moderate temperature. If you suffer from any allergies, you should know that the Niagara has been treated with an anti-mite treatment. As for its maintenance, this 240x260 comforter can be washed in the washing machine at 40°C.

Dodo Mont Blanc 3

Best premium

Dodo Mont Blanc

The best high-end 240x260 duvet

A filling of down and goose feathers guarantees the loftiness of this top-of-the-range Dodo comforter where ventilation and softness are the order of the day.

287 £ on Amazon

By testing this 240X260 comforter, we quickly realized that the reputation of Dodo comforters is far from being overrated. If this bedding is so soft, it's because it contains a filling composed of 70% goose down and 30% duck feathers. To avoid allergic reactions in the most sensitive, this stuffing has been treated against dust mites. With a weight of 300 g/m², this Mont Blanc 240x260 comforter is recommended for bedrooms with low temperatures (about 15 to 18°C).

In addition to giving this Dodo premium quality warm comforter a natural loft, its filling ensures good air circulation. Moreover, the cotton percale cover reinforces this characteristic. As for the quilted effect, checkered quilts create beautiful reliefs on the surface of this 240x260 comforter. The brand recommends machine washing at 40° for maintenance, but hand washing is also an option. As for drying, you should avoid the dryer.

Bleu Câlin 4 seasons comforter 4

4-season quilt

Bleu Câlin 4 seasons comforter

A 4-season 240x260 comforter

Two 240x260 separable comforters are assembled to give this 4 seasons model. Soft to the touch, it is a bedding that can be used all year round.

67,12 £ on Amazon

When you open the Bleu Câlin bag, you discover two white comforters, joined at the edges with discreet bows. One is a light 240x260 comforter for summer, the other one offers a tempered warmth for mid-season; the two together will make an excellent warm comforter for winter. Yet the whole set weighs only 3 kg, because the 4-season comforter has a filling of three-dimensional hollow siliconized fibers, patented Isolane.

For the cover, we discover with pleasure the softness of a peach skin effect fabric, designed with polyester microfibers. Of course, this 240x260 4 seasons comforter has not undergone any treatment beforehand, but the polyester has the merit of not being allergenic. In addition, the comforter can be washed as often as you like, as it goes through the washing machine without a problem, but still requires air drying.

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Best comforter 240x260

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The best 240x260 comforter in 2021

The best entry-level 240x260 duvet

The best high-end 240x260 duvet

A 4-season 240x260 comforter

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Comparison table of the best comforters 240x260

Tediber - The incredible comforter 5
Dodo Niagara - Temperate comforter 6
Dodo Mont Blanc 7
Bleu Câlin 4 seasons comforter 8
Tediber - The incredible comforter
Dodo Niagara - Temperate comforter
Dodo Mont Blanc
Bleu Câlin 4 seasons comforter
This Tediber comforter has a hybrid design with a filling of Dacron microfiber and white duck feathers.
This 240x260 Dodo comforter is recommended for mid-season. Being synthetic, it is composed of a polyester filling and cover.
A filling of down and goose feathers guarantees the loftiness of this top-of-the-range Dodo comforter where ventilation and softness are the order of the day.
Two 240x260 separable comforters are assembled to give this 4 seasons model. Soft to the touch, it is a bedding that can be used all year round.
Feathers, down, synthetic microfibers
Hollow polyester fibers
Goose down and duck feathers
Three-dimensional Isolane fibers
Cotton percale
Cotton shroud
Polyester microfibers
Dust mite resistant and anti-allergenic
Machine washable at 40°C
Machine washable at 40°C
Machine washable at 40°C
Machine washable at 40°C

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Buying guide - comforter 240x260

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How to choose your comforter 240x260

Even if the concern of the dimensions does not arise anymore since you want a 240x260 comforter, you still have to observe some criteria to make the right choice.

#1 - Comforter 240x260 : natural or synthetic filling ?

As you should know, a 240x260 comforter consists of a filling and a cover. It is precisely according to the nature of this filling that we distinguish the natural 240x260 comforters from the synthetic ones. The test carried out by Que choisir confirms that there is no difference between these two variants, but that it is mainly a question of preference.

  • The 240x260 natural comforter is filled with duck or goose down. With an infinite softness and an airy aspect, the down must make up 70 to 90 % of the filling to claim a good quality.
  • The 240x260 synthetic comforter has a polyester fiber filling and is more suitable for people with allergies. It is known to be insulating and light.

#2 - The grammage of the comforters 240x260 ?

The weight defines the lightness of the 240x260 comforter you choose. In natural fill models, the more down they contain, the lighter they are. For 90% down, for example, the weight is around 180 g/m². For a 240x260 winter comforter, a minimum of 270 g/m² is required.

A synthetic 240x260 comforter with the same thermal value as its natural counterpart weighs more: between 200 and 250 g/m² for a summer cover and between 300 and 450 g/m² for a winter comforter. Warm 240x260 comforters can reach 500 g/m².

#3 - Double season or 4 seasons comforter 240x260 ?

The weight of a 240x260 comforter is a good indicator of its use. Models with a low grammage are made for spring and summer. When they are heavier, it means that 240x260 comforters are made for the cold season. However, today there are 4-season comforters, which can be used almost all year round, and combine lightness with cooling or warming power.

#4 - The cover of the comforter 240x260

Whatever the filling, the cover of the 240x260 comforter is usually cut from natural materials. While cotton (organic or not) remains the preferred choice of manufacturers, others try a cotton-polyester blend, a wool or bamboo viscose cover.

Even though 240x260 comforter brands rarely put the number of threads/cm² on the comforter label, you should know that a minimum of 120 to 150 threads/cm² is needed to effectively hold natural down; and about 90 threads/cm² for synthetic filling.

#5 - The treatment of the comforter 240x260

Difficult to prove the actual existence of any treatment performed on the cover or stuffing of a 240x260 comforter, but manufacturers often indicate that they have performed hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-mite treatments on the filling and/or cover. Nevertheless, in some cases, you can easily feel the little capsules of essential oils that act as insect repellents and, sometimes, as an allergy treatment (eucalyptus, lavender, etc.)

#6 - The design

The last criterion to consider is the design of the 240x260 comforter. In addition to the variations in different colors, you will also find plain models and printed versions. Sometimes, 240x260 comforters are adorned with embossed patterns, beautiful calligraphic messages or even some original details. Because this criterion is purely subjective, it is up to you to choose according to your tastes.

How to wash a 240x260 comforter

In principle, how to clean a 240x260 comforter is already stated on the label. Nevertheless, if you have invested in a natural model, you should know that you will only have to wash it two to four times a year, at most. Rest assured, because this will not affect hygiene: this is one of the many advantages of a natural filling.

For the 240x260 synthetic comforter, however, regular cleaning is required, as polyester fibers do not have the same virtues as down. At least it goes through the washing machine without a problem, provided it is spacious enough to accommodate it.

Here are some rules to follow when washing a 240x260 comforter:

  • Always follow and strictly adhere to the instruction on the label.
  • If the weight of your 240x260 comforter exceeds the capacity of your washing machine, never force it into it.
  • Whether natural or synthetic, a 240x260 comforter can be washed with water at 40°C, maximum.
  • As much as possible, avoid the tumble dryer and prefer to air dry, away from the sun, especially if the 240x260 comforter enjoys different treatments.

The different types of comforters 240x260

To distinguish between 240x260 comforters, we will differentiate between those with a down filling and those with a synthetic filling.

240x260 down comforter (and feather comforter)

Also known as a 240x260 natural comforter, it guarantees a warm night's sleep in your bed. Indeed, it is composed of a generous filling of goose and duck down, combining thermal performance and lightness, and a soft fabric cover (usually cotton). The quality of this type of 240x260 comforter is measured by the percentage of down it contains: while 70% is the minimum required, some models go up to 90%.

The main advantage of a 240x260 comforter lies in the insulating properties of the filling: it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition, down is a natural material with absorbent properties, which is a good point for hygiene. However, it is not recommended for people suffering from allergies and its maintenance is not easy (hand washing and air drying). Fortunately, the 240x260 natural comforter can only be cleaned twice a year.

Synthetic 240x260 comforter

The 240x260 synthetic comforter immediately attracts by its price: it is significantly more affordable than its natural counterpart. This is due to its synthetic filling, usually composed of polyester fibers (Quallofil Air, Hollofil, Cyclafill, etc.). The more air these fibers can hold, the lighter and cozier they are. In any case, it is the best choice for people suffering from allergies.

If you compare two 240x260 comforters with the same thermal performance, the synthetic version has a higher weight, but this is not very disturbing, especially when you are looking for a warm comforter for the winter. On the other hand, in summer, you risk to sweat a lot! Another disadvantage of the 240x260 synthetic comforter is that its life span is shorter than that of a natural version. At least, its maintenance remains easy, because it passes in the washing machine.

Comforter 240x260 or comforter 260x240 ?

What is the difference between a 240x260 and a 260x240 comforter? Of course, there are already differences in size, but what does that imply?

Comforter 240x260

The 160x200 queen size bed has replaced the 140x190 bed as the new standard for double beds. This means more space in the bed and more independence in sleeping, but it also requires larger bed linens. The 240x260 comforter has become the standard comforter size for a queen size bed.

Such dimensions already allow for more freedom of movement, as there is an 80 cm margin for fallout and to allow those who move around a lot in their sleep to stay covered.

Comforter 260x240

The rule is always the same when it comes to bedding: the width remains less than the length; the 260x240 comforter is the exception that proves the rule. A length of 240 cm is more than enough to cover an individual, even for a very large person. On the other hand, a width of 240 cm would not be enough to cover a 3-seater bed if the people sleeping in it move around a lot during their sleep.

The 260x240 comforter was created for this very reason and differs from the 240x260 comforter only in its dimensions. And then, you just have to reverse their orientations to make a 240x260.


To decide between the two, simply refer to the size of the bed. If you have a standard double bed (queen size bed), a 240x260 comforter is still the most appropriate.

Why buy a good 240x260 comforter?

A good 240x260 comforter will keep you warm on cold winter nights and cool when the sun returns. What other reasons are there for buying a good 240x260 comforter? Let's elaborate on that in the following lines.

A 240x260 comforter for better comfort

If the 240x260 comforter is considered the standard size compatible with a queen size bed, it is because it promises comfort and sleeping independence. Indeed, you can turn and turn without disturbing your partner who will always remain covered in this cozy bedding very spacious.

The 240x260 comforter is available for all seasons

One of the many advantages of a 240x260 comforter is that it is available for winter, summer and even 4 seasons. To make the difference, you must refer to the weight. A 240x260 natural comforter with 180 g/m² is made for summer while a model higher than 250 g/m² is made for winter. In the synthetic version, a 240x260 winter comforter can be up to 400 to 500 g/m², while summer comforters are around 300 g/m².

If it's made of down: a combination of lightness and warmth

If you choose a 240x260 down comforter, you will benefit from the lightness, softness and insulating properties of this natural material. In winter, you will feel warm and in summer, you will feel cool. In addition, the goose and duck down in a 240x260 comforter is breathable, healthy and hygienic. That's why you only have to wash it twice a year, 4 times at most.

If it is synthetic: durability

The 240x260 synthetic comforter is a good alternative to a natural version. When you suffer from allergies or sneeze at the slightest exposure to feathers, the synthetic choice is essential. In addition to being durable and easy to maintain, the 240x260 synthetic comforter offers the same comfort and softness as a natural version, even though it has a higher weight.

The 240x260 comforter is available in a wide range of prices

The 240x260 comforter comes in a wide range of prices to suit all budgets. If you want a cheap 240x260 comforter, you can easily find a synthetic model with a natural fabric cover. If you go upmarket and add a few dozen euros to your budget, you can get a natural 240x260 comforter with over 90% down filling.

The best brands of comforters 240x260

In our opinion, the best brands of comforters 240x260 in 2022 are :

Bleu Câlin

Proudly wearing the label of sleep specialist, Tediber designs the best 240x260 comforters, plump and generously stuffed with down and feathers.

Since its inception in 1937, the French brand Dodo has been designing original blankets, pillowcases and linens of all kinds. When it started designing 240x260 comforter, the success was immediate considering the quality offered.

Since 1925, the 240X260 Bleu Câlin comforters have conquered the hearts of French households. Products 100% made in the UK, offered at very attractive prices; this is what makes this brand special.

At Mohap, the focus is on design. Sure, the brand designs cheap 240x260 comforters, but it's best known for its pretty patterns and stripes.

More known for its mattresses than its bed linens, Emma offers high-quality comforters that deserve attention. Unfortunately, the brand does not sell 240x260 comforters.

What is the price for a comforter 240x260

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

40 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 300 £
more than 300 £
Price range diagram


To change a 240x260 comforter cover

By definition, the cover of a 240x260 comforter is the fabric that encloses the filling. It cannot be replaced, however, you can choose to cover the whole thing with a 240x260 comforter cover. The cover can be changed as often as you like and it is easy to maintain.

To put on a 240x260 comforter cover

There are many tricks to quickly put on a 240x260 comforter cover. The easiest one is to spread the cover on the bed by putting it upside down. You then lay the comforter on it and roll it up (from the top to the close). Then, unroll the cover on the right side: the comforter will be inside. All that's left is to pat your comforter to spread it out well: this is the burrito technique.

To properly clean a 240x260 duvet

When making your bed in the morning, remember to shake and pat your 240x260 comforter to remove any dust that may have embedded itself. Then, for the actual cleaning, always follow the washing and drying conditions on the label. If possible, clean natural 240x260 comforters at a laundromat or wash them by hand. For synthetic models, put them regularly in the washing machine on a cycle lower than 40° and prefer to air dry.

To remedy a 240x260 comforter that loses its feathers

In principle, a 240x260 natural comforter should not lose its feathers, its down more precisely. If it does, check the seams of the cover or its structure, as down leakage indicates a break in the cover. Simply sewing up the torn area will stop the leak. If you feel the cover is becoming brittle, use a 240x260 comforter cover.

To give the 240x260 comforter some fluff

When cleaning the 240x260 comforter, the best way to give it loft is to put 3 tennis balls in the drum. The balls will shake the comforter and fluff it up. On a daily basis, take the time to shake it vigorously so that the air seeps into the synthetic fibers and the feathers and down return to their natural shapes.


What size comforter cover for a 240x260 comforter?

A 240x260 comforter requires a cover with the same dimensions so that the two elements fit together perfectly. The cover can be changed as often as you like and is recommended to extend the life of the cover. Know that there are many tricks to put the cover on the comforter easily and quickly.

How much does a 240x260 comforter weigh?

The weight of a 240x260 comforter varies depending on whether it is natural or synthetic. Given its filling of goose or duck down, a natural comforter is lighter. Synthetic comforters are heavier, with an average weight of 300 g/m². Note that for two 240x260 comforters with the same thermal performance and insulation, the natural version is still lighter.

Which way to put a 240x260 comforter?

In principle, 240x260 comforters already have indications on the part that is on top. This can be a hem on the edges or a label placed on the bottom (at the foot of the bed). If this is not the case, note that the side that is 260 cm should be spread along the bed while the 240 cm side follows the width.

What density for a comforter?

The density of a 240x260 comforter refers to the grammage of its filling, but also to the number of threads per cm² of its cover; these are among the criteria to observe when choosing a 240x260 comforter. In the natural version, the average density is estimated at 180 g/m², compared to 300 g/m² for synthetic comforters.


Note: Below are some of the sources we have consulted in writing this article. Links to other sites are not continuously updated. It is therefore possible that a link may not be found. Please use a search engine to find the desired information. See more


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Tediber - The incredible comforter 9
Tediber - The incredible comforter
Dodo Niagara - Temperate comforter 10
Dodo Niagara - Temperate comforter
Dodo Mont Blanc 11
Dodo Mont Blanc
Bleu Câlin 4 seasons comforter 12
Bleu Câlin 4 seasons comforter


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