The best combination beds in the UK 2023

When your child is growing up and it's time to switch from a crib to a real bed, a combination bed is a great way to ease the transition. Saving space while creating a cottage feel in the bedroom, a good combo bed will keep your child happy. To find out which one to choose, read our guide to the best combo beds.

Montana - Mezzanine bed 90x200 1

Best value for money

Montana - Mezzanine bed 90x200

The best combo bed in 2021

Win a complete bedroom with the best combination bed of the moment: the Montana. Bed, desk, shelf, small wardrobe, everything is there for your child's pleasure!

560 £ on Conforama

Bleached oak gives this loft combination bed a clean, neutral design to fit a boy's or girl's room. This material also guarantees the sturdiness of this bed which is ideal for children from 6 years old. Especially since the edges are high enough to protect the occupant.

Under the bed, a desk with shelves and drawers is installed to allow your child to have a study corner and storage space for his school stuff and books. The ladder to the sleeping platform leads to a closet for storing clothes and 4 shelves for storing toys and/or shoes.

In all, this wooden combination bed has dimensions of 98 x 205 x 171 cm, for a sleeping surface of 90×200 cm. It is suitable for a mattress with a maximum height of 18 cm to ensure the safety of your child. Moreover, note that the mattress is not provided with the set.

Spike - Lit combiné 90x200 2

Best value for money

Spike - Lit combiné 90x200

The best entry-level combo bed

If you're looking for a cheap combination bed, you won't be disappointed with the Pike. It features a sliding built-in desk and enclosed compartments for storage.

See the price

If the ceiling height in your child's room is not too high, this inexpensive combo bed will fit perfectly. This bed has a high edge for your child's safety and is equipped with a small ladder with 2 boards as steps for safe use.

Under the bed, you have a built-in desk that extends outwards thanks to a sliding mechanism. Right next to it, the manufacturer has integrated a niche-shelf for figurines, trophies, photos and knickknacks. This niche overhangs a small closed cupboard with 2 doors equipped with handle to facilitate its handling.

The set, once assembled, has dimensions of 110 x 206 x 114 cm for a sleeping surface of 90×200 cm. All you have to do is buy the corresponding mattress and install this mixed wooden bed in your child's room.

Bonny - Raised combination bed 90x200 3

Best premium value for money

Bonny - Raised combination bed 90x200

The best premium combo bed

Wood and metal combine to ensure the sturdiness of this combination bed. It has a pull-out desk, drawers, storage compartments and a double door cabinet.

758 £ on But

Fall for the modern and versatile design of this combination bed. This high-end model will find its place in your child's bedroom. Available in white, blue and fuchsia, it will convince you with its sober but lively look thanks to its colorful touches.

A sturdy metal ladder is located at the foot of the bed to access the sleeping platform. The rest of the structure is made of particle board. Two storage compartments are located between the bed and the sliding desk on casters. The desk overhangs a line of 3 drawers. Right next to it, you have a 2-door wardrobe for clothes.

The quality is evident in the fine finish of this top of the line combination bed. It combines everything your child should have in their bedroom. In addition, it has a low height of 116 cm for a width of 96 cm and a length of 207 cm. The bed is designed for a child over 6 years old and can support up to 80 kg.

Alienor Loisirs - Lit combiné avec rangement blanc et marron 4

Most convenient

Alienor Loisirs - Lit combiné avec rangement blanc et marron

The most convenient combo bed

This combination bunk bed will be great when 2 children share the same room. Each one will have its own living space while enjoying a comfortable and secure sleeping surface.

368 £ on Conforama

Gain 2 sleeping spaces in one bed with the Alienor Loisirs bunk bed. Very practical, its use is also safe thanks to the stable steps of the ladder allowing access to the top bunk and the sturdy wood construction of the structure. And we're not even talking about the cosy look of this combined bed!

The set, after assembly, will display dimensions of 164.4 x 208.8 x 131.9 cm for 2 sleeping spaces of 90×200 cm each. The occupants of this combined bed will have their respective spaces dedicated to storage. Indeed, each bed has a shelf separated into several compartments for books, a small bedside lamp and other decorative items.

Although this bed does not come with a desk, the combination of 2 beds + storage compartments is a good one. With this model, your children will be able to share the same room without one encroaching on the other's space.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best combination bed

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The best combo bed in 2021

The best entry-level combo bed

The best premium combo bed

The most convenient combo bed

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Comparison table of the best combination beds

Montana - Mezzanine bed 90x200 5
Spike - Lit combiné 90x200 6
Bonny - Raised combination bed 90x200 7
Alienor Loisirs - Lit combiné avec rangement blanc et marron 8
Montana - Mezzanine bed 90x200
Spike - Lit combiné 90x200
Bonny - Raised combination bed 90x200
Alienor Loisirs - Lit combiné avec rangement blanc et marron
Win a complete bedroom with the best combination bed of the moment: the Montana. Bed, desk, shelf, small wardrobe, everything is there for your child's pleasure!
If you're looking for a cheap combination bed, you won't be disappointed with the Pike. It features a sliding built-in desk and enclosed compartments for storage.
Wood and metal combine to ensure the sturdiness of this combination bed. It has a pull-out desk, drawers, storage compartments and a double door cabinet.
This combination bunk bed will be great when 2 children share the same room. Each one will have its own living space while enjoying a comfortable and secure sleeping surface.
High edge
High edge
High edge
High ledge on top bed
Fitted mattress
90×200 cm
90×200 cm
90×200 cm
90×200 cm
Armoire + desk + drawer + shelf
Niche + sliding desk + small 2-door cabinet
Cabinets with 2 doors + sliding desk + compartments + drawers
2 beds + compartments on both levels
Wood and metal

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Buying guide - combination bed

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How to choose your combination bed

To ease the transition from a toddler bed to a real bed, you need to choose the best combination bed that will convince your child. How can you be sure that you have chosen the right one in this case? Here are some criteria that should help you.

#1 - Security

Because your child's safety is more important than anything else, this criterion must be at the heart of your concerns. Access to a combination bed is always via a small ladder, so make sure that the steps are non-slip. Then, the bed must have safety barriers with a height of at least 18 cm above the top of the mattress. These precautions are necessary so that your child does not risk anything while sleeping.

#2 - The comfort

A minimum, a child must spend 8 hours in bed; so he needs maximum comfort. In addition, you should opt for a sturdy box spring and a firm mattress so as not to hinder the proper development of his bone system. If the combination bed of your choice comes with a mattress, remember to check the density of the latter: a strict minimum of 25 kg/m³ is necessary, but as much as possible, choose a density greater than or equal to 70 kg/m³.

#3 - The practical side of the furniture

In essence, a combination bed is a solution for saving space in the bedroom. In this sense, it is expected to be practical and functional. Generally speaking, it combines the bed and the desk: the bed platform is placed high up and underneath, there is a small desk where the child can work. If you want to bet on a combination bed with storage space, you will find models that are equipped with shelves and small dressers. You'll also find combination bunk beds where each platform will have some shelves for storage. This solution is necessary if you have 2 children sharing the same bedroom. This way, they will each have their own spaces.

#4 - The material


the combination bed is meant for children, hygiene is not to be minimized. In this sense, you will need to choose materials that are easy to clean and do not retain viruses, microbes and bacteria. Limit your choices of material to 2: wood, presented in the form of particle board to facilitate the hygienic treatment of the surface, or metal, which is recommended only from pre-adolescence.

#5 - The design

Give your child the desire to go to bed without making it difficult for you. To do this, choose a design that matches him. Thanks to particleboard, wood combo beds come in different colors and shapes to charm your child. You can even let him/her choose the model of combination bed that he/she likes; if he/she is old enough to leave the crib, your little one can choose the masterpiece of his/her bedroom.

What is a combination bed and how do I maintain it?

As the name suggests, a combination bed is a bed combined with other bedroom furniture. Its main purpose is to save more space in the room upstream, and save you the purchase of other furniture downstream. To do this, the combination bed exploits the height of the bedroom so that the space below is not wasted.

Combination beds come in almost any size from 90×200 cm. Hence its ubiquity in the children's room. They are designed for one person only, unless another bed is arranged under the high platform. In this case, it is called a combined bunk bed. However, the name "combined" will only be deserved if the furniture is equipped with at least some storage space.

As for its maintenance, it could not be easier. Regular dusting is enough to keep the structure looking like new. If you have chosen a particleboard combination bed, the surface can be cleaned and disinfected to eliminate any bacterial and allergenic agents.

The different types of combination beds

Combination beds differ from each other in the type of combination they offer. Some are equipped with a desk, others have built-in storage space, and still others even have 2 beds.

The office combination bed

The principle of a desk combination bed could not be simpler: the platform where the bed base is located is raised so that a desk can be placed underneath. This way, you save more space in your child's room by making more use of the room's height. This is why the height of the ceiling must be taken into consideration so that the occupant of the bed can stand up without hitting his head.

Typically, the built-in desk under the box spring has a few shelves and sometimes even small storage spaces for books and notebooks. You can say goodbye to stuff lying around. When buying a combination bed/desk, also consider the height under the mattress. Your child should be able to stand up properly and still have a margin of about 10 centimeters.

The combined bed with storage


combination bed with storage is a more designer variation of the wardrobe bed. You have storage space either on the shelves that come with the bed or in the actual bed elements, such as the steps on the staircase that leads to the sleeping platform. The combination bed with storage can also be accompanied by office furniture. If so, you gain a complete bedroom!

The space under the bed is always used wisely to save space in your child's room. Note that the combination bed with storage can be more imposing than other models, especially if the storage spaces that accompany it are not located below the bed base. In this case, you'll need to revise the area provided for the bed upward.

The bunk bed with storage


2 children share a room, a bunk combination bed with storage becomes essential. Like a classic bunk bed, the sleeping surfaces overlap, but their orientations can vary. For the combination, this type of bed integrates storage spaces at the 2 sleeping platforms. Generally, this takes the form of a shelf divided into different compartments so that each occupant can have their own personal space.

If the layout of the lower bed allows it, the bunk bed can be equipped with a desk under the platform. This type of bed is very practical for room sharing, but it has a higher height than the 2 previous variants. Also, if the beds are arranged perpendicularly, the structure will take up more space in the bedroom.

Are there 2-seater combination beds?

Because the bed is placed high in a combination bed, it is mainly found with dimensions 90x200 cm. Even for bunk beds, the top beds are always designed for one person.

Combination bed or mezzanine bed?

These 2 types of beds follow the same principle: they exploit the height of the room by raising the bed to take advantage of the space below. But which choice would be better?

The combination bed

The combination bed includes all types of beds where the platform for the slatted base is placed high up so that the floor space can be used. The way in which this bed is used varies from one model to another: there can be small storage cupboards, desk furniture, shelves or even armchairs.

The main advantage of a combination bed is that it combines all the elements needed in a bedroom into one piece of furniture. Not only does this eliminate the need to buy other furniture, but it also gives you the opportunity to arrange the remaining space as you see fit.

And don't forget that combination beds cater for all tastes: from fairytale-like to elegant. Thanks to the particleboard used in their design, manufacturers are very creative in incorporating different design elements.

The mezzanine bed

The loft bed works in the same way as a combination bed: the bed is placed high up to make use of the space below. It is equipped with a ladder to facilitate access to the bed itself.

A loft bed generally does not have any furniture associated with it; you will only have the structure with the bed raised. It is up to you to arrange the space under the bed as you see fit. Certainly, this gives you more room to maneuver when it comes to bedroom design, but you need to find the furniture that will match the bed structure.

What we like most about the loft bed is that it comes in a double size, with dimensions large enough to accommodate two heavy people. Of course, this requires a robust material like wrought iron or solid wood for the safety of the occupants.


Both types of bed are based on the same concept. While the mezzanine bed gives you more room to manoeuvre to arrange the space under the bed as you wish, the combination bed comes with all the associated furniture to make things easier for you.

To decide between these two types of beds, which are not only practical but also save space in the bedroom, answer this question: do you want more freedom in terms of decoration or do you want everything in one go?


Find the right height for the combination bed

When buying a combination bed, first check its height: does it fit in the bedroom? Is there enough space between the bed platform and your ceiling? Next, take care to check if the height under the bed allows your child to stand upright in case it is a combination office bed.

Determine the right dimensions



in mind that for any bed with storage, including the combo bed, you should always consider the dimensions of the storage accessories when deployed. If your combination bed has cabinets, drawers, or built-in desks that need to be pulled out, consider these details to determine if the furniture is right for your home or not.

Observe the minimum age for a combination bed!


combination bed can be used from the age of leaving the crib, around age 6. However, pay attention to the safety features that the combination bed is equipped with: it needs a high enough ledge to prevent falls. If your child is experimenting with a high crib for the first time, don't hesitate to choose a crib with a ledge with a high enough height.

Ladder or stairs for a combination bed? Choose according to the age of your child


you're looking for a combo bed for children under 12, prefer stairs as a means of access to the sleeping platform. Plus, these stairs usually have compartments where you can store a few personal items. Beyond that age, you have a choice between a ladder or stairs.

Prefer the 90×200 combination bed


avoid changing beds too frequently, opt for a 90×200 cm combination bed. These are the dimensions of a standard single bed, so even if your child grows, he or she can still sleep in it.


What is the best combination bed?

The best combination bed depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

What is the price of a combination bed?

The price of a combination bed varies from one model to another. In our comparison you will find a cheap combination bed, a top-of-the-range combination bed, a combination bed that offers the best value for money and a practical combination bed at a reasonable price.

Can a combination bed be customized?

Indeed, you can customize your combination bed to the image of its occupant. The manufacturers only offer you the frame, the associated furniture and possibly the mattress. It is then up to you to decorate it as you wish.

Which mattress for a combination bed?

To choose the right mattress for the combination bed, you should first check the sleeping surface and buy the corresponding mattress. Next, check the density and firmness of the bed, as the comfort of the occupant is at stake.

What is a combination bed?

A combination bed is a bed combined with other furniture: a bed combined with a desk, a bed combined with storage space, a bed combined with another bed, etc.


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Montana - Mezzanine bed 90x200 9
Montana - Mezzanine bed 90x200
Spike - Lit combiné 90x200 10
Spike - Lit combiné 90x200
Bonny - Raised combination bed 90x200 11
Bonny - Raised combination bed 90x200
Alienor Loisirs - Lit combiné avec rangement blanc et marron 12
Alienor Loisirs - Lit combiné avec rangement blanc et marron


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