The best colored lenses

Colored lenses are the successor to ordinary eyeglasses and contact lenses thanks to their practicality and their innovative aspect. Discreet, they know how to change your look, whether it's as part of a costume or just to change your look. This buying guide helps you get your hands on the best products.

Winis - Annual lenses for Halloween 1

Winis - Annual lenses for Halloween

7,19 £ on Amazon

Try this pair of uncorrected lenses for the best fit. Usable for one year, this is the most affordable choice that is subject to strict quality control. For less than 10 euros, you have a nice pair in black out.

Meralens – Lentilles de couleur pour cosplay 2

Meralens – Lentilles de couleur pour cosplay

11,99 £ on Amazon

Another model without correction, this product from Meralens is designed to beautify your look as part of a cosplay. The manufacturer is banking on practicality with this model. With the original design, you can dress up as you like. These are opaque lenses that match all natural eye colors.

Freshlook Colorblends with correction 3

Freshlook Colorblends with correction

12,08 £ on Ma Lentille

Enjoy the quality of manufacture of these soft lenses for one month. The box contains two lenses with correction for myopia and hyperopia. The color layers are suitable for light and dark eyes. You will have a natural rendering harmonizing with the color of the iris.

FXEyez - Colored contact lenses without correction for carnival 4

FXEyez - Colored contact lenses without correction for carnival

12,72 £ on Amazon

Dress up your eyes with this vampire eye color. Horror effect guaranteed! These lenses are accessible to anyone looking for something original to stand out. This product has a water content of 45% and comes with a case to keep it clean and sterilized.

Freshlook Dimensions with correction 5

Freshlook Dimensions with correction

29,20 £ on Ma Lentille

Opt for these aesthetic colored lenses with correction. Do you have a problem with myopia or hyperopia? Combine business with pleasure with these high-end lenses with a water content of over 50%. However, the choice of colors is quite limited for the 6 lenses provided.

FXContacts - Vampire Blood colored contact lenses 6

FXContacts - Vampire Blood colored contact lenses

13,52 £ on Amazon

Here, you have red vampire eyes to materialize your singular desires. Add 4 capsules of fake blood to perfect your disguise. You will be sensational with this pair. You should not abuse it however at the risk of succumbing to more or less serious irritations.

FreshTone - Topaz blue contact lenses 7

FreshTone - Topaz blue contact lenses

13,52 £ on Amazon

Without correction, these lenses are used for aesthetic reasons. With their elegant blue color, they can be worn with eyeglasses. They seduce many with their numerous accessories. Users benefit from a 10 ml cleaning solution, a case and an applicator.

Air Optix Colors with corrections 8

Air Optix Colors with corrections

15,60 £ on Ma Lentille

Access to 9 colors promising a natural result. These lenses are intended for one month use for those who want to make a radical change to their face. Made with a dilicone hydrogel material, they ensure a correction of your myopia problems.

Mysalens - Hidrocor colored contact lenses ochre 9

Mysalens - Hidrocor colored contact lenses ochre

15,92 £ on Amazon

Like the other lenses in this line, they come with an applicator. Add to that a rinsing solution and save a few dollars while maintaining the product. The natural effect of these lenses will amaze you whether your eyes are light or dark.

Lenzotica - High coverage contact lenses in grey 10

Lenzotica - High coverage contact lenses in grey

19,96 £ on Amazon

The coverage of these lenses impresses users. It's flawless on both darker and lighter colored eyes. This is because the color of the lenses is intense enough without straying too far from the natural result you'd expect. It's a flexible model that applies with childlike ease.

Buying guide - colored lenses

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How to choose your colored lenses

Colored lenses must be in harmony with your face while taking into account your visual disorders. Here are the essential criteria.

Criterion n°1 : With or without correction

Colored lenses can be used to correct vision problems such as nearsightedness or farsightedness. You can even find lenses with both corrections at the same time. On the other hand, they can have the characteristics of a rigid lens that acts effectively on eyes with a cylinder problem. This is the phenomenon of astigmatism. These models are only available with the recommendation of an ophthalmologist.

Colored lenses are a perfect replacement for eyeglasses. In this case, you can be reimbursed by the Sécu. However, some models are simply aesthetic and do not treat any medical problem.

Criterion n°2 : The color of your eyes

To choose the color, you must consider the color of your eyes first although it is not the only valid criterion. You should know that it is possible to keep your natural eye color while opting for colored lenses.

For those with dark eyes, prefer opaque and light brown colored lenses. The goal is to lighten them by a few shades. There are also brighter colors that won't go unnoticed and will enhance the charm of your face. Moreover, we recommend blue and green for very dark eyes.

If you have lighter eyes, almost any colored contact lens will suit you. However, we recommend colors that are slightly darker than your eyes. And for gray eyes in particular, blue lenses are sure to appeal. More than a few are turning to this product to have these fancy lenses that feature unique and fashion-forward designs.

Criterion n°3 : Your skin tone

It's not just eye color that matters, it's also your skin tone. If colored lenses don't match with the latter, then you can say goodbye to the long-awaited natural result.

With this in mind, keep bright colors like blue, purple or gray lenses on light skin. Neutral skin tones suit a variety of colors from honey to green to brown or gray. Darker skin tones prefer light lenses that can contrast perfectly with the skin. Honey, hazelnut or light blue are therefore welcome.

Criterion n°4 : Daily lenses or monthly lenses

Colored lenses come in two categories: daily and monthly. This criterion concerns their lifespan.

The daily lenses are intended for a single use. They should be discarded at the end of the day. They are perfect if you are still in the fitting stage. This way, you won't be bothered by various maintenance.

This is not the case with monthly lenses, which require special care products. However, the latter are much more economical and the color choices are vast.

Criterion n°5 : Your hair color

Your hair color influences the choice of colored lenses. People with blonde hair are lucky, as all colors just look great on them. Although, purple and green lenses are the best for this case. Make way for hazelnut or brown lenses on brown hair. What to give a harmonized look. Bright colors are, as for them, appreciated with red hair.

Custom colored lenses, kézako?


When it comes to colored lenses, it's easy to get lost with the countless options available. Fortunately, brands are coming to limit the choices for the happiness of users wishing to combine health and aesthetics. From this comes the concept of personalized, custom colored lenses. This offers the possibility, to the latter, to order a very specific tint. To the carefully selected patterns is added a tone perfectly in line with the needs of each.

This option applies to both corrective and decorative lenses. This allows manufacturers to sell them without a prescription. The advice of these professionals is appreciated when defining the color. Indeed, they use a mixture of tones and shades to have a result without equal and close to natural. Moreover, opticians sometimes prescribe custom colored lenses to help their patients conceal certain visual defects.

And in athletes, they're just as much an undeniable asset. Manufacturers manage to customize lenses to optimize users' vision. They work better at visual elements like reflection or contrast.

The different types of colored lenses

Colored lenses are differentiated by their tint and its effect on the natural color of the eyes.

Colored lenses with a light tint

These lenses always have a light tint, often blue or green. These lenses do not change the color of the eyes. The purpose of this light tint is to make them easier to put in. This is why they are quite light compared to other colored lenses. They have a corrective capacity for various vision disorders.

If you're looking to really change your look, this is definitely not the option for you. Light tinted lenses are very discreet and true to the natural appearance of your eyes.

Colored lenses with an enhancement tint

Enhancement tinted lenses focus on the natural look while making a slight change to your natural eye color in a way that enhances it. In effect, the tint here is a tad darker. This is the ideal type of colored lenses for light eyes.

The effect is a somewhat intense result compared to normal without being extravagant. As the name implies, enhancement tinted lenses refine the look.

Colored lenses with an opaque tint

Opaque tinted colored lenses make a real change to the color of the eyes. The goal is to change the look of the eyes with bright or light colors, depending on your taste.

A wide range of colors is available to you whether your eyes are dark or light. These are the lenses for those who need a more intense touch. Non-transparent, they have no trouble hiding the colors of naturally dark eyes.

Fancy lenses

Fancy lenses are not designed to correct vision defects. They often accompany a themed costume and are eccentric. In addition to very bright colors, there are special effects for this type of colored lenses. Nevertheless, you must have a good reason to wear them. It is very rare to see them in everyday life, as they are meant to complete a particular look.

Colored lenses or conventional contact lenses

Colored lenses

Colored lenses are very rich in choices. Apart from medical reasons, people are attracted to this option because of its aesthetic appeal. Colors are available in bright and clear.

Apart from that, there are the fancy lenses that are becoming more and more popular and easily accessible to the general public. But it must be said that the frequent wearing of these fashion accessories is not without risk. In addition, they are not recommended if you have vision problems, unless of course they are colored corrective lenses.

Classic contact lenses

Regular contact lenses are a simple and aesthetic choice. They replace glasses that tend to be out of fashion. Contact lenses address vision problems while adapting to all styles and tastes. However, they remain a solution to these problems and no more.

Classic contact lenses do not necessarily improve eye color.


Both colored lenses and regular contact lenses are more popular than glasses. They improve vision, but they go beyond that. And colored glasses offer that little bit more than their counterparts.

With the different shades available, you can play with your natural eye color. But their status as a fashion accessory does not spare them the same maintenance concerns as purely corrective contact lenses.

Beware also of the risks related to the health of the eyes. It's best to seek the advice of a specialist before choosing your colored lenses.

Why buy (good) colored lenses?

Change your look

Colored lenses are much more than optical instruments. They are also undeniable beauty assets. They fit perfectly into the trend with their ability to accentuate the wearer's charm thanks to their varied colors. So you can have a favorite color for every day of the week.

Some lenses are available without a prescription

You don't necessarily need a prescription to get colored lenses. This is the case when they are used for cosmetic purposes only. You can easily find them online or in specialized stores. Corrective lenses are therefore only sold with a prescription. But in all cases, the approval of a health professional is highly appreciated.

Easy to remove

The main argument for lenses, whether with or without a prescription, is their ease of use. This includes, of course, removal at night. Colored lenses are removed in the same way as regular lenses. Nothing too complicated! You just need to have a good hygiene to avoid infecting your eyes.

For easy care

Don't be intimidated by contact or colored lenses. These objects require strict, but not complicated, care. Daily lenses are not concerned, because they are disposable models. Anyway, you only need a few specific products to get rid of all the dirt accumulated during the day.

To dress up differently

Fancy lenses give you the opportunity to live in the skin of any character you want during themed events. You can imitate most of your manga heroes with the right costume. You can find on the market lenses with different designs: vampire, alien, fantastic animal. You can even imitate fictional or manga characters with these accessories.

⚠️ Disinfect your colored lenses!

Clean your colored lenses with specific rinsing solutions. After washing, store them in a case to keep them away from bacteria and other dirt.

The best brands of colored lenses

In our opinion, the best brands of colored lenses in 2022 are :


This brand is very well known in the market of fancy colored lenses. FXContacts lenses have their place at theme parties with their bright colors that guarantee a daring style. Between the intense reds and yellows shades offered, there's no room for everyday wear.

ColorVue is pretty versatile with light, natural tints. Made with hydrogel materials, the brand's lenses are safe for the eyes. They are monthly for the most part and are accessible at a good price.

This is the French brand not to be missed if you are looking for safe and quality colored lenses. You can find on its site lenses with and without correction. A specialist in this field, Mood also offers other lens care products such as cleaning solutions and cleaning tools.

Freshlook prioritizes the comfort of its colored lens users. They do not block oxygen to the detriment of your eyes. They do not alter the user's vision. This brand has a large choice of colors apart from comfort and correction of visual disorders.

A new brand on the market, Glamlens offers you colored lenses with authentic tints and with silicone hydrogel. Easy to use, they have nothing to envy to the competition's products. This brand is one of those that offer high quality lenses.

What is the price colored lenses

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

6 £ to 14 £
14 £ to 28 £
more than 28 £
Price range diagram


Lenses are personal accessories

It is strictly forbidden to borrow someone else's lenses or to give your own lenses to others. Moreover, it is impossible to proceed to a fitting at the time of purchase. We prefer to avoid all risks of infection.

Replace them regularly

Whatever model of lenses you have, respect the duration of use. If it is a daily product, then do not wear it again the next day. Monthly lenses, on the other hand, need daily care to be reused.

Lenses and eye infection don't mix

As soon as your eyes show suspicious symptoms like redness or itching, stop using colored lenses and visit an ophthalmologist to see if it's okay to continue wearing them. Your lenses may need to be replaced with glasses.

Try different colors

Don't be discouraged if you don't like the first color the way you planned. You may go through several colors before you land on the one that is most rewarding for your eyes. Broaden your experience.

Colored lenses and makeup

Are you one of those people who wear makeup every day? No worries, you just need to adopt the right practices. Eye makeup should be applied after inserting lenses and removed before taking them out. Prefer waterproof products.


How do I put in my colored lenses?

Take the first lens on the tip of your index finger so that the hollow part in the middle is facing up. Next, pull your eyelid down and bring the upper eyelid up to get better access to the cornea. As soon as it's affixed there, close your eyes very gently and blink them so that the lens will stay in place.

Are colored lenses compatible with glasses?

There's no need to wear both colored lenses and prescription glasses. However, there are special cases where both helpimprove vision. Presbyopes feel this need in certain situations, such as for reading. In this case, there is no worry about wearing them at the same time.

How do I use colored lenses?

Hygiene rules are essential to use colored lenses properly. In addition to that, you must respect the duration of use. That's pretty much all the obligations to comply with. Unless it's a corrective model, it's not a good idea to wear colored lenses every day.

Do I need to take out my lenses before sleeping?

If you're going to bed at night, it's best to take your lenses out. However, if it's a short nap for a few minutes, then you can keep them in. Eyes that have been closed for hours are starved for oxygen. This is why they are not recommended at night. This applies to colored lenses, but also to regular lenses.


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