The best coffee grinders in the UK 2023

A true barista has an excellent coffee maker and above all his own coffee grinder, whether manual or electric. With such equipment, you can sublimate the flavors of coffee and enjoy all its aromas. If you're interested in getting freshly ground coffee, our guide to the best coffee grinders will direct you to the model best suited to your needs.

Baratza Again 1

Best value for money

Baratza Again

The best coffee grinder in 2021

Measuring 11.94 x 16 x 35.05 cm, the Baratza Encore is more than just compact. This coffee grinder is easy to use and clean. It offers a very satisfactory grinding of the beans.

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The Baratza Encore comes with a 40mm stainless steel conical grinding wheel, which makes it even more robust. Thanks to its automatic shut-off function, the unit shuts down instantly when it detects a foreign object. This electric coffee grinder offers up to 40 degrees of grind regulation. Simply turn the bean funnel to adjust it to your needs.

With a grind thickness ranging from 250 to 1,200 microns, the Baratza Encore promises a grind speed of 450 rpm. Despite its excellent price/performance ratio, it is certainly not the fastest grain grinder on the market. However, if you are looking for a solid and consistent grinder, you will be pleased with this machine.

Melitta Molino 1019-01 2

Best value for money

Melitta Molino 1019-01

The best entry-level coffee grinder

The Melitta Molino 1019-01 electric coffee grinder is relatively light, weighing just over 1.5 kg. It has a flat grinding wheel and 17 grinding functions.

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Are you looking for a coffee grinder that is easy to use? The Melitta Molino 1019-01 is sure to please. It is not only affordable, but also easy to clean. The device can be disassembled without difficulty and it can be adapted to many espresso machines. Its ability to grind ingredients other than coffee is among its greatest assets.

The Melitta Molino 1019-01 coffee grinder is highly appreciated by espresso and long coffee lovers. It stands out for its adjustable fineness of grind (on 17 levels) and its compatibility with several types of coffee machines, including filter coffee makers, Italian coffee makers and piston coffee makers. Thanks to its 200g capacity, the bean grinder offers you an adjustable quantity of coffee ranging from 2 to 14 cups.

Baratza 587 Virtuoso+ 3

Best premium coffee grinder

Baratza 587 Virtuoso+

The best high-end coffee grinder

The Baratza 587 Virtuoso+ has unparalleled versatility. Complementary with the coffee machine, it adapts to your desires in terms of grinding quality: a little coarse, very fine, coarse ...

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The Baratza 587 Virtuoso+ has a conical grinding wheel of 40 mm and a variable grinding speed between 1.5 and 2.4 g/s. Its bean container has a capacity of 230 g and allows you to grind large quantities of coffee. The container for the ground coffee has a capacity of 142 g.

The Virtuoso+ is equipped with a control screen to choose the quantity of coffee adapted to your needs. In addition, the variable grind size from 1 to 18 is very practical especially if you want to choose the fineness of the grind. Among its many features, you will surely appreciate its unique control button, its automatic shut-off system or its easy cleaning options.

Hario MSCS-2DTB Skerton Plus 4

Hario MSCS-2DTB Skerton Plus

The best manual coffee grinder

With the Hario MSCS-2DTB Skerton Plus, you don't need access to a power supply to use your coffee grinder. The price and the different levels of grind adjustment are its strength.

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Although minimalist, the Hario MSCS-2DTB Skerton Plus has an unobtrusive design. It is as efficient as it is effective. And for good reason, this manual coffee grinder perfectly fulfills its role of grinding coffee beans to your liking. We like its compact size and light weight, making it easy to carry.

Requiring a little elbow grease, the Hario MSCS-2DTB Skerton Plus hasexcellent stability. The result is even more uniform. The conical ceramic grinding wheel is durable and solid. The drip tray has a screw cap to keep the ground coffee in good condition. You can also easily adjust the degree of grinding. You can grind enough beans to prepare up to 4 cups.

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Best coffee grinder

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The best coffee grinder in 2021

The best entry-level coffee grinder

The best high-end coffee grinder

The best manual coffee grinder

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Comparison table of the best coffee grinders

Baratza Again 5
Melitta Molino 1019-01 6
Baratza 587 Virtuoso+ 7
Hario MSCS-2DTB Skerton Plus 8
Baratza Again
Melitta Molino 1019-01
Baratza 587 Virtuoso+
Hario MSCS-2DTB Skerton Plus
Measuring 11.94 x 16 x 35.05 cm, the Baratza Encore is more than just compact. This coffee grinder is easy to use and clean. It offers a very satisfactory grinding of the beans.
The Melitta Molino 1019-01 electric coffee grinder is relatively light, weighing just over 1.5 kg. It has a flat grinding wheel and 17 grinding functions.
The Baratza 587 Virtuoso+ has unparalleled versatility. Complementary with the coffee machine, it adapts to your desires in terms of grinding quality: a little coarse, very fine, coarse ...
With the Hario MSCS-2DTB Skerton Plus, you don't need access to a power supply to use your coffee grinder. The price and the different levels of grind adjustment are its strength.
40 levels of grind setting
Affordable price for all
Uniform grinds
Ceramic tapered wheels
Sturdy design with stainless steel grinding wheel
Easy disassembly
Ideal for heavy-duty use
Large capacity
Right price/quality ratio
Easy to handle and practical
Very quiet
Easy-to-use handheld model

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How to choose your coffee grinder

Are commercial coffee pods and ground coffee expensive? In this case, nothing beats a coffee grinder. Its main role is to grind the coffee beans according to your wishes. And to make the right choice, you must pay attention to several important factors.

#1 - Depending on your type of coffee maker

If you have a plunger coffee maker and are an occasional drinker, prefer a blade coffee grinder. The beans will be coarsely ground so there is less of a grind deposit at the bottom of your cup. Conical grinders are also suitable for frequent use throughout the day. The blade grinder is suitable for filter coffee makers, among others. Indeed, it offers a grind allowing an optimal extraction of all the aromas. Thanks to the brewing system of this coffee machine, the result will only satisfy you. A conical or flat grinder will do the trick if you fine-tune the grind and adjust the setting correctly.Finally, the grinder is ideal for those who own an espresso machine. The grinding efficiency ensures an excellent fineness of grind. With flat grinders, you will benefit from a durable and quiet device.

#2 - The grinding mechanism

The result you want to achieve depends on the grinding system of your coffee grinder. You can choose between a rotary blade grinder, a conical grinder or a flat grinder. The ground coffee obtained with a blade mill is quite coarse and irregular. It is best suited for a filter coffee machine, especially since the blades often heat the beans, altering the flavor of the drink. If you want to preserve the aroma of the coffee beans, you should use conical grinders. Instead of chopping the beans, the machine will crush them to give you the finest grind. If you are an espresso lover, choose a flat grinder. It tends to grind the beans slowly and quietly.

#3 - The materials

The quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process has a significant impact on the freshness of the ground coffee. The rotating blades are usually made of stainless steel while the models with grinding wheels can be designed with steel, titanium or ceramic. However, we recommend that you choose a coffee grinder with ceramic wheels, as it does not overheat the beans during the grinding process. This material has the particularity of preserving the aromas while remaining quiet. Its durability and sturdiness are no longer in question.

#4 - The features


possibility of adjusting the degree of grinding of the beans is among the most important features. The number of levels varies from one model to another. On the most basic models, you will discover an adjustable lever or knob system

. On the other hand, modern and sophisticated models can offer up to 40 levels. Some models of coffee grinders with blades have indicator lights to let you know when the desired consistency has been reached. In addition, you will have a cup number selector function to adjust the amount of beans to be ground according to the number of cups of coffee to be prepared.

#5 - Design and size

Have a preference for a compact model if you plan to store your coffee grinder after each use. It is worth mentioning that a grinder for domestic use comes, in general, with a 40 mm blade on average. If you are going to use the machine on a daily basis, you should choose a designer coffee grinder that can take up a fixed place on your work surface. Of course, the choice of machine also depends on its capacity and the number of cups of coffee to be prepared.

"Would trade coffee grinder for coffee in Moulins." - From Pierre Dac

How a coffee grinder works

The coffee grinder is equipped with a bean container, also called a hopper, blades or grinding wheels and a motor for electric models or a crank/lever for manual grinders. The grinding process differs depending on the model. While the blade mill is made of stainless steel, the grinding wheels (flat or conical) are made of steel or ceramic.

Thanks to today's innovative technologies, it is now possible to grind coffee instantly or in advance, as desired. If the machine prepares the grind in advance, it will store it until you decide to activate the lever to deliver the ground coffee. On the other hand, models with a timer grind the beans on demand with the perfect amount of coffee to fill the filter. It is important to note that coffee ground in advance will quickly lose its aroma and flavor.

The different types of coffee grinders

There are a multitude of models of coffee grinders available in the market. However, to make your task easier, it is possible to categorize them in the simplest way: manual or electric.

Manual coffee grinder

Peugeot is a reference when it comes to manual coffee grinders. However, over the years, many brands and new shapes have appeared. The principle of operation of a manual coffee grinder is simple. All you have to do is operate a lever, usually located on top of the machine, to grind the coffee.

The main advantage is that it is economical and practical. This type of coffee grinder is affordable and does not require electricity, making it easy to transport. The lightest ones are made of plastic while others are made of treated natural wood. French press or Bialetti

, the manual coffee grinder is well suited for filter coffees.

Electric coffee grinder


by an electrical outlet, this type of coffee grinder is the result of the imaginative mind of Jean Mantelet, founder of the Moulinex brand. It offers a wide variety of grind fineness adjustments

(via notches or a numbered calibration mechanism). With such equipment, you will not have to make any effort to grind your coffee beans every morning.

The electric coffee grinder is relatively more expensive than a manual model. However, the investment will be quickly amortized thanks to the efficiency and performance of the device. As it is much noisier, it is preferable not to use it very early in the morning at the risk of disturbing your neighbors.

Coffee grinder with blades or wheels?

Coffee grinder with blades

In terms of design, the coffee grinder with blades is of unbeatable aestheticism. Despite this, the grind size will not be adjusted precisely and it lacks homogeneity. It is therefore quite complex to vary the extraction methods since the device will slice the beans instead of grinding them. You will end up with a grind of irregular sizes mixing the finest with the coarsest. The coffee grinder with blades is not very bulky and is generally sold at a relatively low price. In addition, the resulting grind is specifically intended for filter coffee makers.

Coffee grinder with wheels

In contrast to the blade mill, the grindstone mill actually grinds the grain, which ensures a uniform grind. Flat millstones provide a fresh, uniform grind. They work very quickly and are very quiet. Almost no ground coffee will get stuck in the grinder. However, the flat grinder is quite bulky and expensive. The advantage of the conical grinder is that it gives you excellent grinds due to its slow rotation speed. In addition, these grindings do not risk to overheat the motor of the device.


If you are going to brew coffee with a filter or plunger coffee maker, models with blades, often made of stainless steel, are an excellent choice. The same goes for models with conical and flat grinding wheels. However, if you are using an espresso machine, we recommend that you choose a grinder with conical wheels. The flat grinder is ideal for making Turkish coffee.


Be careful with ceramic grinding wheels

Ceramic grinding wheels lose their performance when worn. Make sure your beans are free of particles and stones before loading them into the machine. Remember to change the grindstones if you notice a slight difference in the taste of the coffee or if the quality of the grind has changed.

Avoid pre-grinding your coffee beans

Grounded coffee deteriorates more quickly compared to whole beans. Therefore, it is best to grind them only when you want to get your coffee fix. This is to fully enjoy its flavors, aromas and taste.

Store your coffee beans in the best conditions


store your coffee beans properly, use an airtight container and place it in a dark place. They are not at risk of oxidation or dehydration. Avoid as much as possible the refrigerator, the glass container and especially the sunlight.

Clean your wooden coffee grinder properly

Use an ultra fine sandpaper to properly maintain your wooden coffee grinder. Rub it gently following the direction of the wood grain. Using a cloth, remove any remaining dust and varnish. The colorless polish will keep your wooden grinder looking great. Finish the process with a polish on the case.

Maintain the coffee grinder at the right time

Although it is customary

to clean your coffee grinder after each use, a major maintenance should be done every 3 months especially if you are a heavy coffee drinker. In the case of occasional consumers, maintenance will be done as soon as you notice an anomaly in the speed or quality of the grind.


What is the best coffee grinder?

The best coffee grinder depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

Do all coffee grinders have a grind setting?

This feature depends on the type of model you choose. Some coffee grinders offer the possibility to adjust the grind on several levels while others do not allow you to do so.

What is the minimum power required to obtain a satisfactory grind?

As a minimum, you will need a power of 100 W. However, a more powerful model is necessary if you plan to grind other types of seeds on a regular basis.

What is the ideal capacity for a good coffee grinder?

The capacity of a coffee grinder varies between 50 and 400 g. You should know that with a capacity of 200 g, you can make up to ten cups.

How do I clean the plastic parts of the coffee grinder?

The plastic parts are dishwasher safe, at least if they are removable. Do not hesitate to clean them beforehand to get rid of the coffee residue before placing them in the machine.


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Baratza Again
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