The best cleaning wipes for glasses in the UK 2023

Anyone who wears glasses will feel annoyed by fingerprints or other stains on the lenses. This year, we have chosen the MOSSLIAN brand Alcoholic Eyeglass Cleaning Wipe as the best eyeglass cleaning wipe. We like it because of its pre-moistened fibers that accelerate cleaning and because of the presence of alcohol in its composition to disinfect. Here is our selection of the best cleaning wipes for glasses.

MOSSLIAN Alcoholic Eyeglass Wipes 1

Best value for money

MOSSLIAN Alcoholic Eyeglass Wipes

The best eyeglass cleaning wipe

This eyeglass cleaning wipe (240 Packs) is alcohol based for a more efficient cleaning of your glasses, but also of your smartphone or tablet screens.

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This cleaning wipe MOSSLIAN for glasses is effective and sure. Its composition contains Alcohol allowing to disinfect your glasses. This one also contains a small pre-moistened fiber. All this makes it possible to carry out a fast cleaning and to eliminate at the same time the oil which is deposited on your glasses. It does not contain any residue. This fiber facilitates and accelerates the cleaning of the lenses in complete safety.

In practice, you only need to unfold the wipe to gently clean the dirt and dust on the lens surfaces of your glasses with your finger in a circular motion. After cleaning, you will have a dry and clean surface.

Pack of 1 Life Art Anti-Fog Wipes 2

Best value for money

Pack of 1 Life Art Anti-Fog Wipes

The best entry-level cleaning wipe

This microfiber cloth designed by Life Art brand is made of high quality, tightly woven microfiber material. It can absorb fine dust, it is very suitable for cleaning your glasses.

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This cleaning wipe is made of the super soft and lint-free material. It is 100% safe and can effectively clean your glasses. This microfiber cloth guarantees better results. It improves your cleaning performance, and does not leave any lint or small dust on your glasses. This product is durable and reusable. It is easy to wash and air dry only, so fast. It can be washed manually with water, without detergent or softener.

This cleaning wipe can be individually wrapped, given its compact size. Each piece of cloth is 14.5 x 15 cm long. Each is supplied individually and carefully wrapped in a clear bag to keep the cloth organized and clean. Its weight is 10 g and its color is 1 Pc Anti-fog.

Nano Anti-Fog Wipes for Glasses 3

Best value for money

Nano Anti-Fog Wipes for Glasses

The best premium eyeglass cleaning wipe

The Nano Anti-Fog Wipes for glasses, ski goggles (10 pcs), lenses and mirrors are like microfiber cloths. They are reusable and have a high-tech defense formula.

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Nano Anti-Fog Eyewear Wipes create an anti-fog layer on the surface and dry quickly preventing streaks or residue from forming. Lenses are brighter and look fantastic. These anti-fog wipes are reusable and moisture resistant. These eyeglass cleaning cloths are made from the silkiest, smoothest and odorless microfiber.

These cloths are also used for windshield, binoculars, camera, mirrors... They are made of two synthetic fibers: polyamide and polyester. Microfiber blends are also often discussed, so 70/30 (70% polyester and 30% polyamide) or 80/20 compounds. The anti-fog cloth is not cleanable, it must be stored and sealed. Replace it if it is dirty or wet.

Ringke Eyeglass Cleaning Wipe 4


Ringke Eyeglass Cleaning Wipe

The excellent

Ringke Eyeglass Cleaning Wipe is alcohol based and also designed for cell phones, cameras... it does not contain any harsh chemicals.

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Ringke Eyeglass Cleaning Wipes are pre-moistened. They contain a gentle antibacterial cleaning solution that kills 99.9% of germs found on eyeglass lenses, smartphones, laptops, cameras... all safely and effectively. It is very easy to use and carry, making it ideal for cleaning dirty lenses and electronic components. The unfolded dimensions are 140 mm x 125 mm. It is pre-moistened and used for deep cleaning of smudges, oil, dust and fingerprints.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cleaning wipes for glasses

Any specific needs?

The best eyeglass cleaning wipe

The best entry-level cleaning wipe

The best premium eyeglass cleaning wipe

The excellent

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Comparison table of the best cleaning wipes for glasses

MOSSLIAN Alcoholic Eyeglass Wipes 5
Pack of 1 Life Art Anti-Fog Wipes 6
Nano Anti-Fog Wipes for Glasses 7
Ringke Eyeglass Cleaning Wipe 8
MOSSLIAN Alcoholic Eyeglass Wipes
Pack of 1 Life Art Anti-Fog Wipes
Nano Anti-Fog Wipes for Glasses
Ringke Eyeglass Cleaning Wipe
This eyeglass cleaning wipe (240 Packs) is alcohol based for a more efficient cleaning of your glasses, but also of your smartphone or tablet screens.
This microfiber cloth designed by Life Art brand is made of high quality, tightly woven microfiber material. It can absorb fine dust, it is very suitable for cleaning your glasses.
The Nano Anti-Fog Wipes for glasses, ski goggles (10 pcs), lenses and mirrors are like microfiber cloths. They are reusable and have a high-tech defense formula.
Ringke Eyeglass Cleaning Wipe is alcohol based and also designed for cell phones, cameras... it does not contain any harsh chemicals.
Part weight
no precision
no specifics
no precision
4 Grams
Supported devices
Glasses, cell phones, CDs, watches, glasses, iPad, mirrors, screens.
Glasses, tablets, camera lenses, screens
glasses, bathroom mirrors, camera, screens, windshields, binoculars
Cameras, Cell Phones, Glasses...
Cleaning effect
Very good
Very good
Very good
Very good
Number of parts


Not specified

10 pieces
200 packs

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Buying guide - cleaning wipes for glasses

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How to choose your cleaning wipes for glasses

For people who wear a pair of glasses every day, it is important to have good cleaning wipes. Not only are you looking for products that are effective, easy to use and inexpensive, but they must meet all five criteria to provide the desired results.

#1 - A real cleaning solution

Always keep in mind that eyeglass cleaning wipes are worthless when they don't provide you with the appropriate cleaning solution for your particular needs. An eyeglass cleaning wipe should really be able to remove several substances from your lenses, including grease, dirt, oils, bacteria and perhaps more materials depending on you and your active life. If you are unsure about an eyeglass cleaning wipe, consider looking for the background information on the cleaning solution and consider finding out the details about their cleaning capabilities.

#2 - Eliminates scratches


eyeglass cleaning wipe is worthless if scratches appear immediately on your lenses after cleaning. After cleaning with a solution, a good quality cleaning wipe should make your glasses easy to look through without scratches.

#3 - Anti-static

Lenses can regularly become static when rubbed with a cloth during cleaning. If, for example, after cleaning your glasses, you see your hair clinging to the lens, keep in mind that static should not occur at all. Another criterion to consider when looking for a cleaning wipe you can trust for your glasses is anti-static sprays.

#4 - Multi-Usage


is helpful for most people if the eyeglass cleaning wipe they choose actually has multiple uses, making the purchase much more convenient. For example, the same wipe you use to clean your glasses works equally well for a camera lens, a computer monitor, a TV screen...

#5 - Not harmful to your health and that of your children



, the solution you use should not harm your overall health or put a child's health at risk if they get their hands on your bottle of eyeglass cleaning solution. Check out several cleaners online for information or consult your eye doctor for advice on purchasing the right cleaner for your needs.

How do you clean your glasses properly if you don't have a cleaning wipe?

It's important to clean your glasses the right way, to avoid scratches and other damage and to keep them looking good. This is even more important now, as we fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because the coronavirus can survive on some surfaces for days, you may be more vulnerable to exposure when you handle your glasses and touch your face. And bacteria on your nose pads and frames can cause staph infections.

Always follow these important tips for cleaning your lenses and frames.

First, wash your hands with non-lotion soap (or liquid soap) and dry them with a lint-free towel.
Rinse your glasses under a gentle stream of warm water. Avoid hot water, which can damage the lens coating.
Apply a small drop of non-lotion dishwashing liquid to each lens.
Rub both sides of the lenses and the entire frame for a few seconds, including the nose pads and the tips that rest behind your ears. (You can also use a Clorox disinfecting wipe to clean the nose pads and ear tips). A soft toothbrush is useful for cleaning the nasal pads and hinges.
Rinse thoroughly with water.
Gently shake the lenses to remove water.
Dry lenses and frame thoroughly with a clean, lint-free towel (not washed with fabric softener or dryer sheet, which can leave residue).
Remove any remaining marks or stains with a clean microfiber cloth. You can find them at most optical or photography stores. Be sure to clean the cloths frequently with non-lotion dishwashing liquid and water.
For touch-up cleaning when you don't have the above supplies, try individually wrapped, pre-moistened disposable cleaning wipes.

It is also important to make sure you DO NOT clean your glasses with the following items, which can damage and scratch them:

Your clothing
Your saliva
Household glass or surface cleaners.
Paper towels, napkins, tissues or toilet paper

The different types of cleaning wipes for glasses

Proper care of your glasses will not only lead to better vision. It can also extend the time your glasses can be used before they are valued or discarded. And improper cleaning can damage them. Here are the different types of cleaning wipes you can use.

Alcohol-free disposable wipes

You understand how embarrassing it is to wear foggy glasses. After putting on the mask, playing sports, drinking a hot cup of beverage, the fogging on your glasses hinders your vision. The solution to this problem is the use of alcohol-free cleaning wipes that are effective in preventing the formation of fog on the lenses. When traveling, alcohol-free, pre-moistened disposable lens wipes are recommended for cleaning your glasses. However, they do not remove viruses from the lenses. In practice, you simply open the bags and use them.

Disposable wipes with alcohol


alcohol-soaked wipes should not leave marks or scratches. The COVID-19 pandemic proved to the world the importance of hand washing. But that's not the only reason to ensure good hygiene. Other simple hygiene rules are imperative to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. Your glasses, which are in close contact with your mouth, skin, eyes and nose, are also exposed because you handle them frequently.

A recent study confirmed that all eyeglasses are infected with bacteria. While your eyeglasses provide extra protection against contamination of your eyes, it is important that you disinfect and clean your glasses regularly with alcohol wipes to avoid potential risks.

Ultrasonic eyewear cleaner or Eyewear cleaning wipe

Ultrasonic cleaner

Nowadays, the use of ultrasonic cleaner is considered the most effective and modern method in the process of precision cleaning. In the field of optics, no trace can resist the ultrasonic cleaning, the efficiency is high, and there is no risk of damaging either the lenses or the frames. Ultrasound can clean all lenses and frames without leaving any marks or stains. The cleaning time is very fast and can be adjusted according to the model and the condition of the equipment to be cleaned. The use of a small amount of chemical reagents at low temperature during the cleaning process makes the investment worthwhile.

The cleaning of glasses with ultrasound requires a typical detergent and an ultrasound tank. This makes the cleaning more expensive. Some types are inconvenient because they do not have switches. This means you have to plug and unplug them to turn them on and off.

Eyeglass cleaning wipe

These wet wipes are versatile. Apart from eyeglasses, they can also be used to clean various optical equipment such as binoculars, magnifying glasses... Their unique formula can dissolve grease and dirt in just a few seconds, then leave a bright shine.

Compared to their traditional counterparts, wipes are expensive. They are polluting because they create waste.


Choose the ultrasonic cleaner if you want to remove dirt from small, hard-to-reach corners of the glasses. The micro-bubbles produced during cleaning dissolve the dirt and clean the lenses optimally.

Do you want to have perfect vision without worrying about dirt build-up? If you wear glasses, it can become your habit to clean the lens from time to time. With a cleaning wipe, you can access a suitable formula for effective cleaning.

Why buy an eyeglass cleaning wipe?

Very effective

It is good for wiping, because it cleans the surface of your glasses in depth in a short time, without leaving traces or scratches. It does not risk to damage it, because the cleaning wipe maintains scrupulously the lenses of your glasses. It also allows to preserve the integrity of the correction which is offered to you.

Very economical

With an eyeglass cleaning wipe, you can save money because it is reusable. This means that it can be repeated several times, because it is washable and the effect remains the same, so you don't have to buy it every time you need it.

Beautiful and practical

Compared to other similar products, eyeglass cleaning wipes have a super absorbent capacity and a strong decontamination capacity. This makes them have the power to clean your glasses ecologically. In addition, they are easy to wash, won't shed hair, won't produce bacteria, won't hurt the surface of the object, can be sterilized by high temperature steam 121c, it is beautiful and convenient.


If you need to clean your glasses quickly, don't be tempted to use your sleeve, scarf or other things, because these things often leave dust particle or dirt on the lenses. Instead, use the eyeglass cleaning wipes, as they are specially made from imported super fine fiber raw materials, which have excellent decontamination rate and long-lasting effect.

Very affordable

In the market, you have a wide choice regarding their price, because they are very affordable. In addition, they come in different colors and shapes, perfect for cleaning your glasses.


Five simple steps to care for eyeglass lenses

1-Put them in an appropriate case2-Handle them carefully, remove them, while holding them by both temples 3- Check and adjust your frames regularly4 -Avoid putting the glasses lenses on their front (outer) sides 5- Above all, do not expose them to heat sources (e.g. in the sun, in hot water....).

Clean your glasses with antistatic sprays

Nowadays, many brands have designed optical cleaning products that need to suit the eyeglass lenses and constantly adapt to different treatment methods, including the most advanced treatment methods such as blue light. For professional cleaning, please combine the effectiveness of spray cleaner with the precision of microfiber cloth.

Clean your glasses with the microfiber

To clean your glasses, opt for microfiber chamois cloths which are a great option. The microfiber is an effective way to remove all grease and their traces or even to dry the glasses. With this in mind, be aware that anti-static sprays effectively clean your glasses without damaging them. Here are the steps to follow to effectively clean your glasses with antistatic sprays: Step-1: Spray a liquid optical cleaner on each lens (outside and inside).Step-2: Use the microfiber to clean the lenses with small circular movements. Your glasses will become spotless after wiping the lenses until the product is completely absorbed.

Clean your glasses with wet wipes

Droplets of water, dust, fingers... all these little annoyances will settle on your glasses and disrupt your daily vision. The first instinct is usually to wipe the glasses on a corner of the T-shirt or with the first cloth you can get your hands on. This is very convenient for the moment, and you will see better results, but over time, minor scratches will appear and affect your correction. For these reasons, opt for the eyeglass wipe which is easy to use, fast, effective and above all safe for your glasses. To clean the lenses of your glasses, first, you unfold the wipe. Conveniently, you pinch the lenses and make a small circle to clean them. Then you let the lenses dry.

Other tips for keeping glasses intact for a long time

If you wear your glasses on your neck or nose, you should avoid putting hairspray on your hair. In case this happens due to carelessness, wash your glasses lenses immediately with liquid soap. If your lens fogs up when you enter a heated room in winter, remove the frame and wait for the fog to clear.


What is the best eyeglass cleaning wipe?

The best eyeglass cleaning wipe depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find the best products out there.

Why is it essential to take care of your lenses?

If you take good care of your eyeglass lenses, you can maintain the integrity of the correction provided to you. In this way, you can improve your daily safety and comfort. In addition, an inappropriate cleaning tool can damage eyeglass lenses. Small scratches, even invisible ones, can lead to a reduction in your vision. Regular use of inferior products can lead to progressive deterioration of the glasses over time and cleaning.careful cleaning of the lenses is essential to enjoy good vision regardless of the circumstances. It also extends the life of the lenses.

What should you not do when cleaning your glasses?

Towels, handkerchiefs, clothes, paper towels are materials to be avoided, they will interfere with your glasses (sanding effect). In addition, they bring dirt back onto the lens and produce micro-scratches by dragging the dirt from each side of the lens. Over time, the lens will appear polished and lose its performance. Abrasive cleaner and glass cleaner are classified as aggressive cleaners and can damage the surface of the frame as well as the lens components. We do not recommend the use of washing-up liquid for the skin, as it usually contains balsam, which can leave marks on the lenses of the glasses. Lenses made of plastic can be damaged by the alcohol contained in eyeglass cleaning cloths. Lenses made of plastic can be damaged by the alcohol in eyeglass cleaning wipes. Dishwasher detergent will scratch the lenses.

What is the useful information about eyeglass cleaning wipes?

These moist microfiber cloths offer the best cleaning effect without scratching. The structure of these wipes is very fine, which ensures a fine cleaning regardless of the types of glass.These cleaners are harmless, their compositions do not contain any artificial fragrances or corrosive materials. They can be used on the road, in the office and at home.

Why clean glasses with adapted wipes?

Unlike tissues and paper towels, wipes impregnated with cleaning products are made of ultra-fine fibers to avoid scratching glasses.


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MOSSLIAN Alcoholic Eyeglass Wipes
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Pack of 1 Life Art Anti-Fog Wipes
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Nano Anti-Fog Wipes for Glasses
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