The 30 best Christmas movies

Gathering in front of the television and watching a good Christmas movie has become a small family ritual on the eve of the Nativity. Sure, there are those who prefer a night out, but nothing beats a cozy night in. You have the classic Christmas movies with Tim Allen like Christmas Madness or animation like The Grinch or more fun like Tom and Jerry.

You can already make your list of feature films so you won't be caught off guard when the time comes. Here is our guide with a non-exhaustive selection of the 30 best Christmas movies.

Comedy - Romantic

Santa Claus is a Scumbag 1

Santa Claus is a Scumbag

7,88 £ on Amazon

On Christmas Eve, Pierre and Thérèse meet at the S.O.S. Distress office to take care of the office. But things turn sour when they receive Josette, a tramp who is in conflict with her companion Félix. A slapstick comedy that will make the whole family laugh out loud. Available on DVD !

A Wreath for Christmas 2

A Wreath for Christmas

11,91 £ on Amazon

A few days before Christmas, Allie Evans, who works as a maid in a chic New York hotel, is fired. To bounce back, she agrees to become the housekeeper of a young girl from a very powerful family. A film in DVD format that will appeal to fans of princess and castle stories.

Super Christmas 3

Super Christmas

5,02 £ on Amazon

On Christmas Eve, Scott Calvin witnesses an unusual accident when Santa Claus falls from a roof. Santa asks him to replace him and after some reluctance, Scott finally accepts, mistakenly thinking that it would only be temporary. A fun DVD movie with a lot of humor to see with your family!

Last Christmas 4

Last Christmas

5,59 £ on Amazon

Kate has made bad choices in the past. Now she's wandering around London with the sounds of bells attached to her boots. Being an elf for a Christmas store is the only job she could get. But meeting Tom will turn her life upside down. A romantic comedy on Blu-Ray that guarantees a good time!

Mom, I missed the plane 5

Mom, I missed the plane

7,95 £ on Amazon

The McCallister family flies to Paris for the Christmas vacations. On the plane, young Kevin's parents realize that he is not there. Staying at home, the little boy takes his courage in both hands to prevent 2 burglars from stealing valuable objects. In DVD format, this hilarious film will make young and old smile!

Belle's Christmas 6

Belle's Christmas

5,73 £ on Amazon

Christmas is fast approaching and Isabella must absolutely conclude the sale of a magnificent estate belonging to a demanding owner. Far from her native California, the young woman begins to feel for him. But the arrival of a suitor will complicate everything. A Christmas movie, a perfect DVD to spend time with friends!

Mom, I missed the plane again 7

Mom, I missed the plane again

7,19 £ on Amazon

The McCallister family goes to Florida for the holidays. Once arrived at the airport, young Kevin gets on the wrong plane and flies to New York. With his parents' credit card, he will stay in a luxurious hotel. A film that will make youngsters and adults alike die laughing. To be discovered in DVD format!

A crazy Christmas 8

A crazy Christmas

12 £ on Fnac

Enough is enough! Luther Krank and his girlfriend Nora don't want to celebrate Christmas anymore and prefer to go on a cruise to the Caribbean. The neighbors are furious because the neighborhood will have no chance to win the Christmas decorating contest if the Krank house stays the way it is. Available on DVD!

The Toy Run 9

The Toy Run

6,39 £ on Amazon

Howard Langston is a busy father. He even forgot to buy the Turbo Man toy for his child as Christmas Day is coming soon. He then tries to find this toy that everyone wants. A nice comedy full of twists and turns available on DVD.

Love Actually 10

Love Actually

5,55 £ on Amazon

A film in which romance, love at first sight, Christmas party and jealousy are mixed together. The Prime Minister in the person of Hugh Grant who falls in love with one of his collaborators, a writer on the verge of depression who meets love unexpectedly... all this in Blu-Ray and DVD!

The Holiday 11

The Holiday

4,78 £ on Amazon

When two women who don't know each other decide to swap houses for the Christmas holidays and find love on their own... but a love that could end in failure unless they change their address. A hilarious and romantic film starring Jude Law, Kate Winslet and the lovely Cameron Diaz available on DVD!

The Fir Tree has Balls 12

The Fir Tree has Balls

7,92 £ on Amazon

Clark Griswold has decided to honor Christmas traditions: baubles, a hand-cut tree, an invitation to the family, but when the jinx is on you, the party becomes a nightmare. A comedy directed by Jeremiah S. Chechik and available on DVD!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 13

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

5,60 £ on Amazon

Not a very conventional choice, but it's always nice to see Willy Wonka the little Charlie when he wins a Golden Pass to visit the famous magic chocolate factory where everything is edible... with some reservations. A movie on DVD that you should definitely watch with your kids on Christmas Eve.

Animated film

The Strange Christmas of Mr. Jack 14

The Strange Christmas of Mr. Jack

9,12 £ on Amazon

In the town of Halloween, Jack Skellington, the "King of Pumpkins" is in charge of the celebrations. However, he gets bored and longs for something else. In the forest, he fortuitously discovers the city of Christmas. Amazed, Jack decides to take Santa's place. An entertaining Blu-Ray movie with characters

Mission Adventures of the Christmas Family 15

Mission Adventures of the Christmas Family

7,11 £ on Amazon

Santa Claus, with the help of his elves, has finished distributing the toys to all the children. All except one! It's a child whose gift was forgotten by his father during his many trips. It is Santa's youngest son who is entrusted with the delicate mission of delivering it!

The Grinch 16

The Grinch

5,60 £ on Amazon

In Whoville, we like to celebrate. And when Christmas comes around, preparations and celebrations are in full swing. But all this noise and activity is a real nuisance to the lonely Grinch. The Grinch has no other idea than to steal Christmas in order to regain his peace of mind. An animated film where children are sure to find the spirit of Christmas.

The Digital Star 17

The Digital Star

4,79 £ on Amazon

Bo, a little donkey dreams of adventures far from the boring activities of the village. One day, he decides to leave and meets Ruth the sheep and Dave the dove. This trio is joined by other farm animals and three camels. All of them start to follow the Star. A funny story to be discovered on DVD, ideal for the

The wonderful secrets of Santa Claus 18

The wonderful secrets of Santa Claus

7,99 £ on Amazon

Nicolas is still an infant when he is taken in by immortal creatures. The child will be raised in an enchanted forest and later returned to the human community. A great story and a DVD movie to watch with your family.

Mickey's Christmas 19

Mickey's Christmas

5,90 £ on Amazon

On Christmas Eve, the ghost of Jacob Marley appears to Ebenezer Scrooge who is his former partner. The ghost tries to convince Ebenezer to change his behavior towards others. The next night, three ghosts representing past, present and future Christmases visit him. A film that will delight fans of Disney characters.

The Santa Claus Apprentice and The Magic Snowflake 20

The Santa Claus Apprentice and The Magic Snowflake

9,28 £ on Amazon

At the age of 7 Nicolas has become Santa Claus, no less! Will he be able to meet the challenge? There are only two days left before D-Day, but the little boy is already facing a big problem: the magic of Christmas is disappearing little by little and he is no stranger to this. Will he manage to save Christmas? A film on DVD for the little ones!

The Five Legends 21

The Five Legends

5,60 £ on Amazon

Follow the adventures of a group of 5 heroes with incredible powers. Led by the impetuous and rebellious Jack Frost, they are forced to unite in order to preserve the dreams of children. A beautiful story to enjoy with your family. Find this movie on DVD.

Tom and Jerry - Christmas Eve 22

Tom and Jerry - Christmas Eve

6,79 £ on Amazon

Even at Christmas, the best enemies Tom and Jerry don't do each other any favors. They never stop playing gags. Tom has many setbacks while Jerry uses all the tricks in the world to tease him. A DVD to have at home to laugh with friends or family.

The Express Pole 23

The Express Pole

4,90 £ on Amazon

A thrilling film full of twists and turns in which you will find yourself immersed in a fast-paced journey. The Pole Express is a film directed by Robert Zemeckis that is both magical and beautiful with Tom Hanks as the main character. Available on DVD and Blu-Ray!

Dramatic - Thriller

The Christmas tree 24

The Christmas tree

4,71 £ on Amazon

In the middle of the sea, a plane explodes over a boat and drops a bomb with a parachute. Laurent, who was immersed in the water, was unharmed, but Pascal, his little boy, suffered the effects of radiation and became leukemic. The child has only a few months to live. A very moving film available on DVD.

Merry Christmas 25

Merry Christmas

7,85 £ on Amazon

The war of 1914 forces millions of men to mobilize to go to the front. In Germany, Nikolaus Sprink, a famous tenor of the Berlin Opera, has to give up his career and love. On the other hand, Jonathan and William, two Scottish brothers accompanied by a priest, leave their native country for the war.

Miracle on 34th Street 26

Miracle on 34th Street

8,79 £ on Amazon

It is a few days before Christmas and Doris Walker decides to hire an old man, Kris Kringle, to act as Santa in her store. But the problem is that he claims that he is the real Santa Claus. A Blu-Ray movie to watch for all those who do not believe in Santa Claus!

Life is Beautiful 27

Life is Beautiful

20,80 £ on Amazon

After losing a huge sum of money that was supposed to be deposited in the bank, a man who inherited his family's company is contemplating the worst on Christmas Eve. But an angel, who would have to prove himself to get his wings, will help him overcome his problems. A moving Blu-Ray movie for the whole family!

Family Man 28

Family Man

11,99 £ on Amazon

Jack and Kate are madly in love with each other, but when Jack decides to take a job that would allow him to fulfill his family, he didn't hesitate for a second. Then comes remorse after he realizes he's lost everything. But will life give him a chance to put it all back together?

Black Christmas 29

Black Christmas

7,19 £ on Amazon

A Christmas vacation that turns into a horror! The story takes place on a university campus. A group of girls decide to spend Christmas together, to party, but a serial killer is on their tail. Riley and her girlfriends are not going to let this happen and do everything they can to catch the individual. For those who love thrills and spills!

Watch Out 30

Watch Out

5,38 £ on Amazon

A sexy babysitter who has more than one trick up her sleeve! Ashley is in charge of babysitting Luke, a 12-year-old boy on Christmas Eve. But all is not going to go as planned when burglars try to attack them. The kids decide to fight back against anyone who tries to harm them. For ages 12 and up!


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