101 Christmas gifts that will delight your family and friends

Only a few weeks left and Christmas will arrive in style. We are already getting ready to spend wonderful moments with our loved ones. And to make it even more unforgettable this year, don't forget to bring original, fun and warm Christmas gifts. For inspiration, read our list of 101 Christmas gift ideas that are sure to delight your family and friends.

Christmas gift ideas under €20

Sac à langer Calinou

Calinou changing bag

13,60 £ on La Grande Récré

Your child over three years old already has a baby doll? Don't hesitate to offer him this Calinou changing bag. The little bag will allow your little one to carry the little doll's things just like mom and dad do. The bag includes a whole pack of small accessories that will stimulate your child's imagination.

Sterntaler Livre imagier enfant Erik l’âne

Sterntaler Children's picture book Erik the donkey

10,66 £ on Rose ou Bleu

You lack ideas about the next Christmas gifts to give to your child? We recommend the Sterntaler Erik the Donkey children's picture book. Its beautiful pictures will attract attention and awaken baby's imagination. The provision of a strap allows you to take it everywhere you go.



11,99 £ on Amazon

The BIIB BI-CHAM is the perfect Christmas gift for girls under 20 €. The kit contains 21 metal beads, 9 crystal beads, 3 rainbow beads and 15 pendants. With these accessories, the child will let her imagination run wild to create beautiful jewelry.

VTech Ordi Genius Kid

VTech Ordi Genius Kid

14,80 £ on Amazon

The VTech Ordi Genius Kid is the best Christmas gift for little ones. The smart device offers 20 fun and educational activities with progressive levels. The interactive screen displays a wide variety of images supported by over 30 melodies, all in French.

Jeu de correspondance de lettres LET'S GO !

Letter matching game LET'S GO !

11,19 £ on Amazon

The LET'S GO! letter matching game is a game specially designed for preschoolers. It consists of finding the letters that match the names in the picture displayed. Give it to your child at Christmas to keep them entertained while stimulating their spelling skills.

Monster Jam Grave Digger

Monster Jam Grave Digger

15,99 £ on Amazon

The Grave Digger is a faithful reproduction in 1/24 scale of the famous Monster truck from Monster Jam. This is an authentic and official model that your boy would definitely enjoy. The machine uses 2.4GHz radio control technology that allows for interference-free 6-man racing.

Lampe Licorne Pastaco

Unicorn Lamp Pastaco

14,39 £ on Amazon

Amaze your child with this beautiful Pastaco unicorn for Christmas. The toy glows with a thousand lights with several colors that change with the touch of the hand or with the remote control. It can be used as a lamp at night. This gift is suitable for all children from the age of 3 years and will be perfect for little girls from 4 to 5 years.

Baztoy Air Power Football

Baztoy Air Power Football

13,59 £ on Amazon

Your children will be able to play soccer and air field hockey in the greatest safety with the Baztoy Air Power Football. The ball has a flattened shape and has an effective protection against shocks. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery so you don't need to buy batteries regularly.

Kit d’Art GirlZone

GirlZone Art Kit

14,39 £ on Amazon

The GirlZone Art Kit is the ultimate gift set for girls ages 4-12+ for Christmas. The kit contains up to 118 pieces including pencils, pens, oil pastels, paints, erasers, scissors, glues... There's everything you need to become a budding artist.

Nerf Elite 2.0 Blaster Commander RD-6

Nerf Elite 2.0 Blaster Commander RD-6

9,59 £ on Amazon

The Nerf Elite Disruptor 2.0 is the ideal weapon for winning Nerf competitions. The toy is enhanced and can be customized. It comes with Blaster Commander RD-6 cartridges. This Christmas gift will serve as an unparalleled source of fun for girls and boys as young as 8 years old.

Les Trésors de Maman Boîte à souvenirs personnalisée

Mom's Treasures Personalized Memory Box

15,16 £ on Photoweb

This Christmas, give the woman in your life or your mother the personalized Mommy's Treasures box. Made of natural pine wood, the box is a lovely accessory ideal for storing jewelry and other small precious items. Since it has a customizable finish, you can print names, photos or logos on it.

Nocibé Embrasse-Moi Si Tu Peux

Nocibé Kiss Me If You Can

15,96 £ on Nocibé

Give the Nocibé Kiss Me If You Can pack to those who love to look their best, at Christmas and all year round. The pack consists of six liquid lipsticks including long-wearing mattes, glosses and glosses for a mirror effect. This set has been specially redesigned for the Christmas season.

Coffret 4 Produits Mûre Gourmande

Box of 4 products Mûre Gourmande

7,96 £ on Yves Rocher

The Mûre Gourmande 4-product set from Yves Rocher is part of its limited edition Christmas collection. It contains a shower gel, a shower oil, a hand cream and a lip balm all with the sweet scent of the Gourmand Blackberry. This is the perfect Christmas gift for a flirtatious woman.

Mieux manger toute l’année - 2021

Eat better all year round - 2021

15,92 £ on Amazon

There's nothing more delicious than designing a family meal from scratch. This is what you can do with the book Mieux manger toute l'année - 2021. In this book, Laurent Mariotte gives you advice on how to choose the right food and limit waste. Very appropriate for a home cook and a successful Christmas meal.

Tasse à thé BigNoseDeer

BigNoseDeer Teacup

13,59 £ on Amazon

With the BigNoseDeer Tea Cup, prepare your tea in an original, practical and high quality infuser. The beautiful accessory, representing a cat, is made of glass that is both sturdy and ultra-resistant. This Christmas gift will especially delight a woman who loves both tea and feline companions.

Relaxdays 10010182

Relaxdays 10010182

15,78 £ on Amazon

The Relaxdays Russian roulette 10010182 will liven up your parties with friends or family at Christmas and New Year's. The roulette wheel and the shots are included. All that's left is the players and the drinks to make your evening fun and full of atmosphere. To be used in moderation, this original and funny gift is very well suited for a friend!

Hasbro Gaming Qui Est-Ce

Hasbro Gaming - Who Is It?

10,24 £ on Amazon

Play with family and friends the famous deduction game "Who is it?". The game, particularly fun, is accessible from the age of six. It is available in a new French version that will bring the whole family together in great joy. Christmas is approaching and this is the best time to give it to a loved one.

Exfoliant Barbe et Visage BarberClub

BarberClub Beard and Face Scrub

4,80 £ on L'Oréal Paris

Do you, your dad or your brother like to wear a beard? Give them the BarberClub from L'Oréal Paris this Christmas. This scrub removes dirt and dandruff from the beard. The product also acts as an exfoliator on the face. Its action will leave a perfectly maintained beard and a smooth and soft skin.

Hinshark Flocon de Neige 18 en 1

Hinshark Snowflake 18 in 1

8,79 £ on Amazon

For all you handy men and cyclists out there, get the Hinshark Snowflake 18-in-1. This one-of-a-kind multi-tool combines a Phillips and flathead screwdriver, an Allen wrench, a bottle opener, a can cutter and more. In all, there are more than 20 tools on this little accessory.

Eversee 1 park

Eversee 1 park

10,39 £ on Amazon

The Eversee 1 park is the gift that will delight any DIY enthusiast. This magnetic bracelet can hold a wide variety of magnetic tools and materials that you will keep close at hand. Access to the tools will be much easier throughout the DIY sessions.

Aotlet Gants Hiver

Aotlet Winter Gloves

8,79 £ on Amazon

When Christmas comes, winter is in full swing and snow is everywhere. To better protect yourself or a loved one who loves practical gadgets, the Aotlet Winter Gloves are highly recommended. This pair of gloves has the particularity to interact with your smartphone screen while keeping your hands warm during this winter period.

Hongred Cristal

Hongred Cristal

8,79 £ on Amazon

More than just a pen for writing, the Hongred Cristal is a true multi-functional gadget. It can be used as a ruler, spirit level, screwdriver, touch screen stylus and more. It's the perfect gift for the do-it-yourself and multi-functional gadget enthusiast.

Lenski SB-122

Lenski SB-122

15,19 £ on Amazon

This set includes a beanie and tactile gloves, the two most important accessories to face winter the right way. The beanie connected by Bluetooth allows you to listen to your favorite music while protecting you from the cold. The accessory combines the useful with the pleasant, which makes it an excellent gift to give to a music lover.

Chaussons homme Ultraideas

Slippers man Ultraideas

15,99 £ on Amazon

When we say Christmas, we immediately think of winter, snow and cold. It's also a great time to treat your grandpa or dad to some nice slippers. This pair of woolen slippers, for example, will keep the feet comfortably warm. It can be machine washed.

Essuie-tout lavable et réutilisable Bambaw

Bambaw washable and reusable paper towels

9,56 £ on Amazon

Don't worry, even the most eco-friendly will get their share of the cake. Each sheet of the Bambaw paper towel is made of bamboo. It is washable and can be reused several times. Best of all, bamboo has natural antibacterial qualities.

Christmas gift ideas under €50

Lego Couronne de Noël 2-en-1

Lego Christmas Wreath 2-in-1

27,99 £ on Lego

The mythical brand Lego offers you this magnificent Christmas wreath. It will not only embellish your home. The wreath is a real playful piece that you will assemble with your children. A nice Christmas gift that you can reuse next year. You can give it to yourself or to your child!

Lexibook Cyber Arcade Pocket Pat’ Patrouille

Lexibook Cyber Arcade Pocket Pat' Patrouille

23,99 £ on But

Introduce your children to gaming with the Lexibook Cyber Arcade Pocket Patrol. This small console is equipped with a 1.8-inch color LCD screen. It also comes with no less than 150 arcade games, including 10 Paw Patrol titles that will certainly excite children from 6 years old.

Buki 5404 Professional Studio Nail Art

Buki 5404 Professional Studio Nail Art

23,99 £ on Amazon

The Buki 5404 is the perfect gift to give to young nail art enthusiasts. This set is an entire manicure studio for kids. It includes nail polish, a dedicated space to properly cradle the finger while applying nail polish, and instructions for a successful manicure. This gift is suitable for children from 8 years old.

WisFox Boite Surprise

WisFox Surprise Box

19,07 £ on Amazon

The WisFox Surprise Box is well named. The box looks totally ordinary. However, when you open it, it holds some nice surprises. Put photos on its 6 sides, 5 layers and 12 pockets. This wonderful gift will show your love for your little ones at Christmas.

Bouteille isotherme YourSurprise

YourSurprise Insulated Bottle

18,36 £ on Yoursurprise

The YourSurprise Insulated Bottle, which can be personalized at will, allows you to keep a warm drink close to you during this winter season. Print your child's name, face or logo on the body of the bottle to make it an original and practical Christmas gift. Here, practicality rhymes with preservation of the environment.

Kit couverts enfant gravé

Engraved children's cutlery kit

19,92 £ on Cadeaux

Give newborns and babies this original and authentic Christmas gift. A cutlery set consisting of a knife, a fork, a soup spoon and a teaspoon. Each piece is decorated and the personalized box will be engraved with the name or logo of your choice.

Composition des îles et sa Boîte Cadeau Dorée

Composition of the islands and its Golden Gift Box

23,96 £ on Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher's Island Composition and Golden Gift Box contains several items such as a shower bath, a body/hair mist and a body lotion, all packaged in an elegant golden box. The perfect gift for a woman who likes to take care of herself.

Coffret de Noël Glam Side Of The Moon

Glam Side Of The Moon Christmas Gift Set

24,76 £ on NYX Cosmetics

The Glam Side of The Moon Christmas Gift Set is the Christmas gift that every fashionista loves. The makeup kit consists of a Shadow Utopia palette, On The Rise mascara and Suède Matte lipstick. This is the set to have to look glamorous at all times.

Kit Epilation Vert Peaux sensibles

Green Hair Removal Kit for Sensitive Skin

18,14 £ on Beautycoiffure

Hair removal is a delicate operation, especially on sensitive skin. The Green Hair Removal Kit for Sensitive Skin is designed to make this step as painless as possible. The pack makes an excellent gift to give to a special lady at Christmas.

Coffret-cadeau Spa BFFLove

BFFLove Spa Gift Box

26,39 £ on Amazon

Pamper your body as if you were at the spa with the BFFLove gift set. The set contains 10 beauty and wellness products made from natural ingredients. Each product will do your skin good and bring a light orange, soft and pleasant scent. Also suitable for a woman you cherish!

Bougie parfumée McNory 8pcs

McNory scented candle 8pcs

17,35 £ on Amazon

Scent your Christmas party with the McNory kit, each of the 8 candles has its own scent, made from natural plant oils. A room can burn for 15 to 18 hours. In addition to leaving a pleasant scent throughout the house, this candle kit has a beautiful decorative look. A gift idea for women that rarely disappoints!

Boîte à bijoux Songmics

Songmics jewelry box

34,39 £ on Amazon

Keep your jewelry safe and handy in the Songmics jewelry box with glass lid. Its elegant aesthetic will decorate your home. Its velvet lining will take care of your jewelry spread over three levels. This practical decorative object will make a very nice and original Christmas gift for a mother, a grandmother or a daughter.

Coffret cadeau femme naturel & bio Bionoble

Natural & organic gift box for women Bionoble

31,98 £ on Amazon

Make your mother or the woman in your life happy by offering her the Bionoble Natural & Organic Women's Gift Set. This set consists of a bottle of organic castor oil, a bottle of organic argan oil and a bottle of organic jojoba oil, perfect for the maintenance and growth of hair.

Easehold DJZ006GR

Easehold DJZ006GR

23,99 £ on Amazon

Make all your makeup and beauty routines a success with the Easehold LED mirror. These three adjustable sides provide optimal lighting for all areas of the face. The mirror is also placed on a 180° rotating base. Choose this Christmas gift for makeup fans, whether they are novices or professionals.

Coffret-cadeau homme Bellos

Bellos gift box for men

21,52 £ on Amazon

Looking for a classic Christmas gift for a special man? The Bellos Very Good Men's Gift Box will do the trick. Not exceeding 50 €, this box contains a high precision quartz movement watch, a lamp, a pen and a sublime wallet in black color.

Set Barbecue Poligo 21 pc

Poligo Barbecue Set 21 pc

27,19 £ on Amazon

The Poligo Barbecue Set consists of 21 pieces specially dedicated to barbecue. Each piece is made of high quality stainless steel. The set can be easily stored in a nice compact box. Give this gift to a barbecue lover, he will be delighted.

Saveur Bière - Kit de brassage débutant

Beer Flavor - Beginner Brewing Kit

39,92 £ on Amazon

This gift is sure to please any beer lover. Indeed, the beginner brewing kit includes everything you need to brew your beer properly at home. The kit comes with instructions in French to help each user succeed in brewing a delicious beer.

Boxiland - Pack de 12 bières d’Allemagne

Boxiland - Pack of 12 beers from Germany

25,52 £ on Amazon

This is one of the best Christmas gifts to give to a beer lover. Boxiland has developed this pack which contains the 12 best beers of Germany accompanied by brochures about their origins and tasting tips. The whole package is packed in a beautiful box.

Stepper Athlitech

Athlitech Stepper

39,99 £ on Go-sport

Yes, pleasing an athlete has never been easy. However, you can find a gift that is both enjoyable and beneficial, such as the Athlitech Fitness Stepper. This device helps to work all the muscles of the lower body without leaving your home. It is suitable for everyone thanks to its different levels of adjustable difficulty.

Legging taille haute The North Face

The North Face high waist leggings

36 £ on The North Face

We like to offer to ourselves and to our loved ones clothes for Christmas. The North Face 7/8 New Flex high waist leggings will delight those who love sports and especially fitness and running. These high quality leggings are the ideal garment to wear when practicing these disciplines, in the gym or at home.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

39,99 £ on Xiaomi

Are you looking for a cool and original Christmas gift that would please a sportsman and an electro gadget lover? Don't look far! The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 features a 1.56-inch screen, 30 sport modes, a heart rate monitor in addition to SPO2Tracking and a 14-day battery life.

Biseoamz réveil enceinte Bluetooth

Biseoamz Bluetooth speaker alarm clock

29,59 £ on Amazon

The Biseoamz Bluetooth speaker alarm clock has all the usual features of a regular Bluetooth speaker. It also serves as a bedside lamp, an alarm clock and a white noise machine that helps you get to sleep. It will nicely decorate a teenager's bedroom or an electronics fanatic's bedroom.

Stylo magnétique Kiptop

Kiptop magnetic pen

21,07 £ on Amazon

More than just a pen for writing, the Kiptop Magnetic Pen is able to stimulate your imagination. Create a wide variety of designs by bending its small magnetic tubes. It makes a great anti-stress gift to give with love to a friend, a child or a parent.

Fournisseur d’accès Internet Orange

Orange Open 70GB Fiber

23,99 £ on Orange

Christmas is the ideal occasion to install an optical fiber. In this sense, Orange offers you the Limited Series Open 70 GB Fiber. This subscription gives access to 70 GB of Internet per month, unlimited calls and SMS in the UK, in the DOM and in Europe. Give this great gift to a parent who lives far away, a teenager or to yourself.

Bonsaï Carmona (6 ans)

Bonsai Carmona (6 years)

33,52 £ on Gammvert

A family member or friend is passionate about traditional Japanese arts? Give them the Carmona Bonsai from Gamm Vert. It is a rather small but majestic 6 year old tropical tree. Its aesthetics stand out with its shiny leaves, red berries and white flowers with a strong decorative aspect.

Christmas gift ideas under €100

Ravensburger Puzzle 3D Château de Poudlard 11259

Ravensburger 3D Puzzle Hogwarts Castle 11259

47,99 £ on Ravensburger

Does your little one have a special affection for the Harry Potter saga? Give him this splendid 3D reproduction of Hogwarts castle. The puzzle is made of no less than 450 sturdy plastic pieces. Each of these pieces is numbered and comes in various shapes for maximum stability.

Ideapark Robot Dog Toy

Ideapark Robot Dog Toy

53,37 £ on Amazon

Do you have a child's soul inside you or do you just want to please your child? In that case, the Ideapark Robot Dog Toy will be the perfect Christmas gift. Designed for toddlers from 3 years old, this remote controlled toy has the ability to move forward, stand upside down, do push-ups, sit down and even interact with you.

Jeu de Pinball arcade

Pinball arcade game

47,96 £ on Lavantgardiste

Are you nostalgic or do you want to share your childhood passion with your child? This arcade pinball game will make a great Christmas gift. Measuring 44 x 34 x 9 cm, the toy runs on 3 AA batteries and features vibrating bumpers, an electronic score counter and several flashing lights.

LOL Surprise OMG Famille Bon Bon

LOL Surprise OMG Family Good Good

66,37 £ on Amazon

Your little girl has collected all the LOL Surprise dolls but is missing the super Candylicious. To make her happy, wrap up this exclusive LOL OMG set in a nice gift box. In addition to the big doll, there will also be various accessories, the pet and the inevitable LIL.

Télescope enfant + trépied Buki

Children's telescope + tripod Buki

46,32 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

In order for your child to get a closer look at the stars and learn about astronomy, buy him a telescope like this one. This model comes with a 89 cm tripod, 2 interchangeable eyepieces of 4 and 20 mm, a 6 x 25 mm finder lens and a Barlow lens with 2.3X magnification.

Eco Wood Art Tank T-34-85

Eco Wood Art Tank T-34-85

47,96 £ on Planet-puzzles

The Eco Wood Art Tank T -34-85 gives your little one the opportunity to recreate a 3D version of one of the iconic vehicles of the two world wars. Featuring up to 965 wooden puzzle pieces, the whole set is approximately 33 x 12.8 x 9.5 cm. But be careful! Do not let a child under 3 years old play with the pieces.

Cuisinette design en bois FSC

FSC wood design kitchenette

63,99 £ on Vertbaudet

Does your 3 year old have a passion for cooking? Help him become a real chef by giving him this FSC wood design kitchenette. Equipped with an oven, a sink, a cupboard, a shelf, a cooking plate and various other wooden accessories, this ecological toy will help develop his imagination.

Draisienne en bois

Wooden Draisienne

55,96 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

This wooden draisienne has an adjustable saddle on 3 levels. Its rubber wheels perfectly absorb the roughness of the road. Ideal for learning to ride a bike, this model without pedals ensures better balance, easy handling and a comfortable ride for all little ones from 3 years old.

Escapade avec dîner romantique à vivre à 2 pour Noël

Christmas getaway with romantic dinner for two

64,73 £ on Smartbox

A nice surprise! Offer your other half a getaway for two in a charming establishment in the UK. The 2-day stay will be concluded by an unforgettable tête-à-tête. The offer includes a breakfast and promises you intense moments of relaxation as well as gastronomic discoveries.

Coffret Scandal Jean Paul Gaultier

Scandal Jean Paul Gaultier box set

51,30 £ on Marionnaud

This year, Christmas will be even more magical for the woman in your life. The Scandal set by Jean Paul Gaultier consists of a Scandal eau de parfum in a 50 ml bottle, with a beautiful honey chypre scent that is both sensual and addictive. It is accompanied by a 75 ml body lotion.

Set de Poker Premium - Dead Man’s Hand

Premium Poker Set - Dead Man's Hand

55,96 £ on Lavantgardiste

This Dead Man's Hand set will impress any poker fan. Packaged in an 18.6 x 21.6 x 7.5 cm wooden box, the matte black deck comes with 100 personalized poker chips and an engraved metal dealer chip. It's sure to liven up any Christmas party!

Gourmette gravée Homme en Argent poli

Engraved silver cuff bracelet for men

63,92 £ on Cadeaux

For sure, your Jules, your father, your brother, your son or your father-in-law will look good with this engraved 20 cm long bracelet on his wrist. A true symbol of masculinity, this polished silver jewel can be personalized as you wish. You can for example put his first name, his name or a message of love on it.

MARS Cosmo 43 %

MARS Cosmo 43

47,92 £ on Whisky

Cosmo 43% is a perfect blend of Scottish single malt and Mars. As fine as it is heady, it offers you classic notes of cherry brandy, Williams pear and malt. A hint of red and black fruit flavours add the finishing touch. A great gift for a family Christmas dinner!

Taittinger coffret Paradoxe Prestige Brut + 2 flûtes

Taittinger Paradoxe Prestige Brut + 2 flutes

60 £ on Millesima

Champagne symbolizes festivity. And to mark your Christmas party, this sweet blend of chardonnay and pinot noir is sure to shine on your table. It releases an intense and aromatic taste of fleshy fruits that combines elegantly with a note of vanilla and honey. To be enjoyed with the family and in moderation!

Kodak PM 220 MINI 2 PK

Kodak PM 220 MINI 2 PK

79,99 £ on Amazon

This mini printer will make a nice Christmas gift for a teenager or selfie lover. It shoots 2.1 x 3.4 inch photos from an iOS or Android mobile device. The convenience of the wireless mode makes sense here. Just press the NFC One Touch button to launch the Kodak printer photo app.

Hopvision T21

Hopvision T21 video projector

63,99 £ on Amazon

Watching movies, series and video clips in 1080p on a very large screen becomes possible with the Hopvision T21 video projector. Easy to install and equipped with a 5000 lumens lens, it will make an excellent gift for a 16 to 17 years old boy who loves high-tech and audiovisual devices.

Krups Nespresso Vertuo Next YY4801FD

Krups Nespresso Vertuo Next YY4801FD

79,99 £ on Amazon

This capsule coffee machine uses centrifugal technology to extract coffee in an optimal way. Despite its compactness, it offers up to 5 cup sizes. In addition, you will receive a discovery box with 40 Nespresso coffee capsules (Stormio, Chiaro, bio and Colombia). Give it as a gift to a coffee lover.

Honeywell HYF290E4 QuietSet

Honeywell HYF290E4 QuietSet

58,94 £ on Amazon

Has your friend or relative always wanted a pedestal fan, but never had the chance to buy one? Give them the Honeywell HYF290E4 QuietSet. This powerful, quiet, high-performance model promises a maximum airflow of up to 2.5 m/s. Thanks to its oscillation function, it swivels to a maximum angle of 80°.

Bomann Grill à Kebab

Bomann Grill at Kebab

79,96 £ on Lavantgardiste

Do you have an aspiring chef in your family or among your close friends? Perhaps that person would like to receive this beautiful Bomann kebab grill as a Christmas present. He or she will be able to perfect his or her grilling techniques and prepare tasty meat, poultry or chicken dishes for you.

Comme j’Aime Basic

How I Love Basic

97,25 €/week on Commejaime

One of your loved ones has a few pounds to lose, but can't manage it on his own? First, let them enjoy themselves during the holidays! Then, give them the gift of this wonderful program that will allow them to shed those extra calories without frustration.

Snailax SL-262P

Snailax SL-262P

45,59 £ on Amazon

This massage cushion will be quickly adopted by a loved one with muscle pain, tension problems or high stress levels. Its 100% polyester fabric cover provides unparalleled flexibility and comfort. It will relieve muscles and joints thanks to its 6 massage points.

Plaid chauffant électrique Confort Zone

Comfort Zone electric blanket

71,20 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

In this winter period, this heated plaid will immediately seduce your spouse, your dad or your mom. With a power of 180 W, it supports a long use between 1 to 9 hours. The heat will spread evenly because of its cozy fleece while remaining constant. The blanket is machine washable at 40°C or hand washable.

HoMedics Massage des Pieds Shiatsu

HoMedics Shiatsu Foot Massage

57,56 £ on Amazon

The person who will receive it will have to benefit from all the advantages of this foot bath. The program allows to relax/soothe the tendons, to make a heating massage, to relax the aching muscles, to improve the blood circulation... Note that the whole sole of the foot will be well covered by the 6 rotation nodes of the device.

Aminzer IPL

Aminzer IPL

49,63 £ on Amazon

The Aminzer IPL Hair Remover prevents hair growth by destroying the structure of the hair follicle. It is particularly effective on dark skin and brown/black hair. The manual mode gives the possibility to treat delicate areas such as underarms, bikini area and lips.

Balimo Blanc 6 L

Balimo White 6 L

54,39 £ on Amazon

Pets are also entitled to their share of gifts. This Christmas, you can give your dog or cat this 6L automatic food dispenser. Equipped with a programmable timer and LCD screen, the device is able to deliver the ideal portion of meal at the indicated time.

Christmas gift ideas over €100

AirPods 3ᵉ génération

Apple AirPods 3ᵉ generation headphones

159 £ on Apple

Those who like new things will be enchanted by these 3ᵉ generation AirPods earphones. The MagSafe technology provides them with ultra-fast charging so that the user can enjoy an improved battery life of 6 hours. The must-have is the ability to engrave numbers, a message or an emoji on the Airpods.

Kindle Paperwhite 8 Go

Kindle Paperwhite 8GB

87,99 £ on Amazon

Teens aren't really interested in physical books anymore, much to the dismay of parents. To encourage your kids to take up this fun and highly cerebral activity, choose the Paperwhite 8GB e-reader. Thin and light, it takes advantage of a 300 dpi screen without glare and an IPX8 protection rating.

OnePlus Nord

OnePlus North

295 £ on OnePlus

This OnePlus Nord smartphone will make a teenager or an adult happy this Christmas. It features a powerful 48MP sensor, 12GB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor. 4 cameras are located on the back. The Nightscape feature ensures clear and sharp images even in low light.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

143 £ on Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite stands out with its slim body that makes it light and easy to hold. Equipped with a quad rear camera sensor, 3GB of paired RAM, 32GB of expandable internal storage and a powerful 5100mAh battery, it will appeal to both teens and adults.

Logitech G Pro X sans fil Lightspeed

Logitech G Pro X Wireless Lightspeed

159 £ on Logitech G

This wireless headset will be the best ally of video game lovers. With a range of more than 13 m, this model offers an autonomy of about 20 hours. The 6mm Blue Voice microphone is removable and includes a noise cancelling feature. The headphones have memory foam pads for maximum comfort.

JBL Partybox 110

JBL Partybox 110

303 £ on JBL

The JBL Partybox 110 will satisfy a fan of powerful sound. Its dynamic LED lighting will add to the holiday atmosphere with deep bass and a 12-hour battery life. It's easy to move from place to place, even by your heated pool.

Lovebox connectée

Connected Lovebox

95,99 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

This connected lovebox is basically for anyone who can't stay after the holidays. It's a bamboo wood box adorned with a red heart that works through a free downloadable app. When a loved one sends a message, the pretty heart will spin until the lid opens.

Withings ScanWatch

Withings ScanWatch

224 £ on Withings

Capable of lasting for 30 days without requiring any recharging, the Withings ScanWatch will serve as both an electrocardiogram and an oximeter. These are not its only functions. It also has a sleep tracking function and automatic activity detection. Ideal for those who like to take care of their health.

Dyson Corrale

Dyson Corrale

399 £ on Dyson

Treat the woman in your life to this Dyson Corrale straightener. Thanks to its 2 curved plates made of copper and manganese alloy, there is no risk of damaging the hair. Moreover, it can be used in wired or wireless mode with about 30 minutes of autonomy.

GHD Coffret d’exception

GHD Box of exception

311 £ on GHD Hair

Does your friend, your mother, your mother-in-law or your sister travel often? This exceptional set from GHD will undoubtedly be a must for her. It is composed of 6 essential elements, namely a mini BodyGuard heat protection spray, a flat brush, a GHD Styler Unplugged straightener and an ergonomic folding hair dryer.

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic

116 £ on Ray-Ban

We understand that! It's not really the time to give sunglasses. But this model is so famous that even famous artists have been seduced. The woman or man who wears these Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic will be uniquely elegant. For sure, he (she) will not go unnoticed.

Écharpe Burberry à motif Vintage check

Burberry scarf with Vintage check pattern

312 £ on Galerieslafayette

The man of the house deserves the best for Christmas. So why not give him this classic 100% cashmere scarf for the occasion? With a vintage check pattern, this model will go with all the outfits of the season like a leather jacket, a blazer, a trenchcoat...

Coffret Noël absolue crème fondante

Christmas Gift Set Absolute Melting Cream

157 £ on Lancôme

This set contains a 15 ml and 60 ml Absolue melting cream, a 15 ml Absolue rich cream, a 5 ml Absolue eye care and a 5 ml Absolue eye serum. With these moisturizing, nourishing, revitalizing and regenerating products, dry and sensitive skin will easily regain its radiance during this holiday season.

Brother FS40S

Brother FS40S

184 £ on Laredoute

A budding sewer in the family? Put this Brother FS40S sewing machine, adorned with a little red ribbon, under the tree on Christmas Eve. Its features will please the recipient. They will enjoy 40 stitches, 5 automatic buttonholes in one step, various decorative stitches (fancy and embroidery)...

GoPro HERO10 Black

GoPro HERO10 Black

344 £ on GoPro

The GoPro HERO10 Black is the brand's most advanced action camera to date. It embeds a GP2 processor, which allows to record videos in 5.3K. The FPS will be multiplied by 2 while the photo sensor is 23 MP. The extreme sports addict who will receive it for Christmas will jump for joy... to the ceiling!

Harley Benton JB-75MN NA Vintage Series

Harley Benton JB-75MN NA Vintage Series

114 £ on Thomann

A fine music lover is sure to appreciate this lovely gift: a Harley Benton JB-75MN NA Vintage Series guitar. The musical instrument features 4 strings, an American ash body, a screw-in maple neck with a Roseacer band, a maple fingerboard and 20 frets.

Hauck T-90105

Hauck T-90105

141 £ on Amazon

The ultimate Christmas gift, this go-kart will delight a child of at least 4 years old. He will have a great time while working on his coordination. Is that all? No, not really, because your little one will be able to put himself in the shoes of world karting champions such as Pierre Gasly or Emilien Denner.

Potensic GPS T25 FPV

Potensic GPS T25 FPV

160 £ on Amazon

This drone is designed for both adults and children. A silver aluminum case will be provided with the purchase for its storage or transport. It has a 2K HD camera and several operating modes, including headless mode . With the help of its dual GPS, the device will be able to remain stationary, even under the influence of wind.

Homcom Moto Cross 52-0018

Homcom Moto Cross 52-0018

87,20 £ on Amazon

There's no doubt about it, your toddler wants to be an adventurer, just like you. And to make it possible, equip him with an electric motocross bike such as the Homcom 52-0018. The practice is perfectly safe especially since the device remains stable via its removable side wheels. The bike can reach a speed of 2 km/h.

VTech Storio Max XL

VTech Storio Max XL

116 £ on Amazon

Your child won't know that the Vtech Storio Max XL will be under the tree on December 24. This 7-inch tablet is distinguished by its thematic, educational and fun features. It includes 20 applications focused on intellectual development and learning.

Tipi réversible Géronimo

Reversible tepee Geronimo

83,20 £ on Vertbaudet

This Christmas gift is sure to be a hit with the little ones. They already love teepees... and even more so when the teepee in question is reversible. The idea is that your little one can choose between two printed sides, one with stripes and the other with patterns. As if that wasn't enough, the manufacturer adds 2 little tassel garlands.

Dino Bikes 416 jaune fluo 16p

Dino Bikes 416 fluorescent yellow 16p

120 £ on Go-sport

Your child has often asked you for it. Now it's time to grant his wish, Christmas being a great opportunity to give him a bike. The Dino Bikes is equipped with wheels to better stabilize the unit. The 2-wheeler features a sturdy frame, 16-inch pneumatic wheels and an adjustable seat.

We Go Board Original Blanc

We Go Board Original White

151 £ on Wegoboard

The Original, the one and only! Equipped with puncture-proof 6.5-inch wheels, this model has won many hearts. Its speed, lightness and practicality will whet the appetite of new adventurers, young and old. And for maximum convenience, a carrying bag and remote control will accompany it upon delivery.

Ultrasport Trampoline de jardin

Ultrasport Garden trampoline

141 £ on Amazon

Although it can't be installed right away, this garden trampoline will make a good Christmas gift. Strong and stable, this model can support a maximum load of 100 kg. It is equipped with a polypropylene jumping mat and 36 galvanized steel springs. A must-have for the first day of spring.

Kingcamp Sorrente

Kingcamp Sorrento

160 £ on Go-sport

For a camping fan, the essential Christmas gift is surely this tent from Kingcamp. It will accommodate a small family, up to 4 people, and includes two bedrooms and a living room. In addition, its tunnel shape will give it a better stability.

Wonderbox Joyeux Noël Exception

Wonderbox Merry Christmas Exception

120 £ on Wonderbox

This stay for 1 or 2 persons is perfect for your parents or your other half. The offer is valid until January 31, 2025. To spend an exceptional Christmas, for a weekend, you can choose among the 11,700 activities available: a gourmet dinner for two, a helicopter flight, a stay at the spa of a 4-star hotel...


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